Thursday, March 17, 2016


I used to play bowling a lot before I got married. After 8 years, here we were again. This time with kids. 

Although most of the time bowl went into gutter, kids enjoyed it and want to play it again. 

Sophie's handwriting

These are some of Sophie's handwriting. She is trying her best to use phonics to make the word. 

We will just need to go through with her again, day by day. 

Straight Hair

As a human being we always envy for what we don't have. Then only we realize what we have actually enough and great. 

Similar to Sophie, she always envy at others with straight hair. Although, she gets so many compliments about how nice her hair is, she still wants to try having straight hair.

Just like many other girl who love Taylor Swift, she made comment how straight Taylor's Swift hair is in most of her recent video. Then, one day we showed to Sophie, that Taylor's natural hair is curly, and she had her hair straighten.

So last weekend, I brought her to the saloon. In fact, that was Sophie first saloon experience. Here she is. 

She had hair washed for the start. 

Hair all wrapped before the drying began.

Look, how curly her hair is.

Iron permed.

The result. 

Happy with straight hair.

Because of the humidity and Sophie played outside in the evening, her straight  her only last a day. 

It is all good experience to her. For my hubby and I we love her natural hair. Adam loves her straight hair. What ever is it, we said to her to love her for who she is. And she can always style her hair hair when she grown up. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Sewing box

I It is always nice to be in KL during Chinese New Year. This is what we did every year when we lived in Penang. Less traffics than usual. 
However, this year I feel so many people are still around in KL not going back to the hometown. Probably due to bad economy nowadays. I don't know, just my observation.

Anyway, this morning we tagged along J to our nearby shopping mall. Sophie and I went to Daiso and bought some of craft stuff. We wanted to make sewing box. 

Nothing expensive, I used adhesive cloth to wrap the box. Then with glue gun I put decorative lace, and Sophie added adhesive ribbon. 

Then using glue gun I paste woven tape with her name embroideried on the box.  
I gave her some buttons, pin and sewing kits which she can put on the top compartment. I gave her very big needles with big hole. 

While inner compartment I put bigger size art craft. 

She is very happy with it. And I think this kit will make a very good party pack for bigger kids like more than 7 years old.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Alarm didn't work

"Mum, wake up! Why didn't you come to my room", Adam woke me up.

"What time is it now?" , I couldn't find my glasses.

"6:51", Adam replied.

"What!!!!???? We are super late!".

Adam jumped into shower. I woke Sophie up and she didn't whine as usual. That 40 mins extra sleep did good to her I supposed. I usually wake up at 6, and then wake kids up at 6:15. 


(There were so much things going in between)

Phew!!!..We reached school at 7:36 am.  (Kids start at 7:45am)

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Inline skating

PI sat down with my kids asking what they want to do for their extra-curriculum activity. Sophie said she wanted to do singing because she wants to be like Taylor Swift. 

Funny isn't she. We are fine if she wants to become singer and  love her idea for a new challenge. But we figured out, how about she learnt how to read first. 
So we promised her she can do vocal on the next term, and at the same time encourage her to do more reading.

Because Adam is going for inline skating this year, so she decided to follow Adam. In fact she also followed Adam in the other seletctive activity. 

Here they are, yesterday started the class. As usual Sophie is the smallest in the class, perhaps the youngest. 

Adam usually will not have problem with any kinds of sports activity. I was so nervous if Sophie couldn't stand up and she will give up. 

But, it turned out she could do it slowly, and had been talking about it since then. 
Hopefully the interest last long. 

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Soph's village

While the boys went out for guitar lesson, Sophie and I spent our girl only time, of course making art and craft. Other than playing minecraft with her brother, she definitely loves art and craft. 

So today we made a barn playset 

We used shoebox, felt, cardboard, toilet roll, some coloured and decorative paper. While Sophie in charge all the animals using play dough. 

I helped out in cutting, and Sophie decided where to put things together. 

What impressed me is her playdough work. I didn't buy help her, but when she started making it, her idea kept flowing to make more and more.

These are two ladies with pizza and bread.

Piggy in the mud.

Duck and ducklings in the pond. This is my favourite.

Chicken nesting on the egg and a chick. 

She had been playing with it today, in the car. I just need to find a way how to make it easy to be carried around.