Sunday, December 28, 2008

Great 2008!

2008 is a great year for me, a lot of things happened and I am grateful for what I am having now. I met my husband in 2006 and we got married february this year, and 9 months later we were given a wonderful gift and I can't describe how grateful & happy I am. Lovely husband, son, house, car & not forgetting lovely cats!!!

Hope 2009 is good as 2008!  

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Minced Pie The making

Minced Pie is traditional dish/kuih must have during christmas. We are having Sirap B's bro and his girlfriend from OZ to celebrate christmas this year in Malaysia. You can get minced pie easily in cold storage, but since we are last minutes people, we couldn't get any. (The truth is Sirap B and I have finished a few boxes of minced pie, that we bought earlier before they come) 

Therefore, we planned to make the minced pie ourselves. 
Here are the ingredients, fo
r pastry. Floor, icing sugar, butter, Castor sugar and pinch of salt. 
And for the filling you can just get any minced meat on the shelves, actually it is mixture of fruits & sugar. (Taste similar to acar tahun org. melayu kawin, therefore don't ever think about 
making the filling, because it is troublesome)
Here is what we got, Robertson's.
Then have your husband to blend the pastry ingredient. Need bigger hand to for easier uli2 work. Faster!
Fill pastry with minced meat then cover the pastry and brush with whisked egg. Bake for 20 minutes in the 180 degree C.

Finally, put on the rack and let it cool down for a while before serving. (It will burn your tongue if you eat immediately.)
Serve with dust of icing sugar. 

Lastly, it will be nice if having someone to do the washing up and you can sit back and relax enjoying the minced pie... Don't think we can wait till christmas again. 

Thanks babe for making us minced pie!!!!  

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I need a bigger desk

I need a bigger table to put all the craps and junks in my working station... I hope one day I can find income by working from home all the time, and at the same time to take care our son... Through the window next to me there is quite space which I plan to do something. But I haven't got any idea and time yet... initial plan to make a small garden and having plants such as lemongrass etc but I think it will die quickly because of the direct sun ... So may be I will build Adam's playing area, will see... Need to consider safety because our courtyard is open air from third floor and Adam may climb onto it :-)

A lot of my friends think that I will not be back to work after the maternity leave. Of course I would love to, spending my full time dedicate to Adam and Sirap B. One day but not so soon... I love my job, it keeps my mind thinking and challenging. Besides, this is only our first son. Can you imagine if someone has many children and still work, and some of them are single parents... I shouldn't complaint much. I need to be more organized in juggling my time. Sometimes, I envy to those people who are living nearby with their parents or in law, because they get the help from them, because ours are miles away. But, I am so grateful that I got all the supports from my husband helping me raising Adam. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas to All Friends

Sent this card to family and friend in KL. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mc Gong Xi is back

Prosperity burger just back. This time they have double burger, and as usual curly fries. But...
The large size of set meal is RM18. Don't you think it is expensive. It is 3 time price my nasi kandar meal in Subaidah nearby. Price of oil reduced now, I haven't fill up the gas almost 2 months because I am rarely drive my car nowadays. Sirap B used to fill up gas for almost RM200 full tank in his car, and today was only RM130... 

Other update about us. We just found a day care center which we are happy about it. The center is just nearby and we got dedicated person to take care of Adam. Although, we heard bad thing about nursery we don't know how true is it. I asked a lot of friends who sent their kids to day care and they are happy about it as well. We can send Adam anytime, the fact that my work is flexible and Sirap B is working from home except when he is traveling we thought this is a good place to send Adam to. One of Sirap B's friend in OZ just purposely send their kids to day care 2-3 days a week although his wife isn't working. It is good to have the kids to play with other kids. I know Adam is still baby but, it gives myself  a start as well to let him be apart from me for a while. Of course we will take care of him at night... Looking forward :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas shopping...

I love shopping so much ;-)...I bet every most lady is the same. Lately my hubby loves to join me for shopping. He could even wait for me to try the clothes, looking for bags and shoes. These are all because of he got something else to do while waiting for me :-)

We have been doing shopping for a while, since Sirap B's brother and his girlfriend will be here during christmas. 

We got a few presents for them and mainly 

are junks :-)

And ELMO LIVE for Adam, since it is the IN thing this year for present. Adam won't be able to play yet since it is for 18+month... we both played with it and loving it. It is fun toy to play with. Elmo can talk :-)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

We are feeling much more better...

I am feeling relief and much more better now, I know we sound so cruel but what we did is for our own good and best for Adam. We finally fired our maid... It doesn't need explanation. I know all my family member agree with our decision. We think we had enough, and we know it will make our life busier but we know this is the best for us.  We decided from now on, if we ever hiring a maid again we have to find the daily, not the live in one. 

We are happier than we were when we had maid... although we have to do our own laundry and wash our dishes, and I am enjoying it... 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

At home

At home alone again nursing Adam. Sirap B is driving down to KL to sign paperwork for selling armanee terrace. Hooray! Finally... Just finished bath Adam in wash pod. It is a tub where baby feel like being in womb. Both my mom and in law don't agree with the idea we bath him in this tub... but we found it Adam loves it so much... he is quite whenever we bath him. 

I am going downstair in a while to try out little big planet, since Sirap is not around. Advance xmas present  to him, PS3... He paid it first since he can't wait until xmas... :-P 
Sirap B always asks me what do I want for x-mas...  I am not sure though... Here is the list by priority dear if you would like to buy me :-P
1. SK2 
2. Wii Fit
can't think anymore! 
One will do :-)

Some people may get wrong idea if I am celebrating x-mas... I do, because it is Sirap B family tradition which I am fully respect and that is the moment they are getting together. This year, his brother from Australia will be coming for x-mas therefore, we are going to make something nice... :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thing that worry me so much all the time...

Felt really exhausted today for waking up early at 6AM, fed my baby, leset2 on the bed and  organized... We had doctor appointment at 10:30AM. Previous doctor visit, it took us 2 hours to get ready. Today we managed to do within less than hour, bath Adam, fed him and get ready to hospital. 

Adam is 4.5KG today. When my parents were here, it worried me because I felt my breast milk didn't supply as much as Adam's demand. In 3 hours was able to produce around 100ml and Adam's fed almost 50~100ML in every one or 2 hours. Apparently, baby is having growth spurt and demands more than usual needs during that time and often happens in 3rd week or 4th week. Most of the time I expressed my breast milk, therefore I kind of able to measure how much Adam's drink per day. 

Today, when visited doctor, we had a question how much baby needs to drink in a day. And he gave useful tips. 

Formula of min baby needs to be fed = baby's weight    x    150    (ML)

So in this case, Adam's weight is 4.5, he needs at least 675ML (~24oz)
Another tip is about increasing volume of baby milk needs, how do we know he gets enough in one feeding. If we start feeding at 3.5oz, the next meal give him 4oz, and continue alternately. Often he will leave the 0.5oz when he drink 4oz. When he start to finish the 4oz, then increase with 4oz, 4.5oz & 4oz, alternately. 

I googled online about how to increase breastmilk, there are a lot of resources saying the fenugreek (biji halba) is one of remedy. Most of the book mentioned the milk is producing based on what baby needs. The more milk come out the soonest it gets replenish. Therefore, nursing baby more frequent is good idea. It will be a bit tiring but, pumping is one of the option for busy mother. 

About the fenugreek, I am not how true is this. When my parents were here, I didn't take any Nasi Kandar (Any indian food) at all, since they are not fan of Nasi kandar, so I din't produce much. But later on when they go home I ate curry almost everyday and I feel that my milk produced more. I a
m not sure if this is co-incidence or, the fenugreek's myth is true. What I know is most of Indian foods has fenugreek in it... 
If this is true I bet Indian lady must produce more milk than any other ladies in the world. :-)

Since we use bottle to feed him, we tried a few type of bottles and see which one is good for him. The only problem with bottle is we got to burp him after the meal. 

Today we bought this bottle to try out. Apparently it is good since the air will not flow into baby's mouth as air bubble flow  into the tube inside the bottle. More details.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adam's passport pix

This is Adam's passport picture... will use this up to 2-3 years.... 
Serious face

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From Kose Sekisei to SKII

Been wondering should I start buying SKII product... since my Kose product is finishing... One point my friend YY followed me for buying Kose product and I have most of the Sekisei range. Her skin is getting better, now she just changed to SKII... so may be I think it is about time... Since I am 30 ++ :-P...

Crafty & suxx Network!

The crafty shop nearby is closed. And pretty sad that I am not able to get the supply as quickly as I can. They still run the other shop on Burma Road. I guess the return and shop rental wasn't really worth it.  A lot of my favorite shop in Island Plaza moved to new wing of Gurney plaza. I love to shop in Island Plaza because it is pretty convenience for parking and just less than a kilometer from home. I would say I can walk to the plaza if I want. 

The wireless network at home is screwed up. It was simply unable to find the airport extreme router IP address and I need my IT guy to fix the network. Right now I'm on direct ethernet connection to the modem and hate it because I can't connect from my laptop or Ipod... Have to climb to level 3 to get connected. I wish I can sit down longer to look at what went wrong, but not while my parents are here and my boy needs his mommy moo moo more! My boy is getting bigger and most of his newborn clothes are not easy to be worn anymore. 

** Congratulations to my brother and SIL for having newborn baby girl. This is their second child after had a boy in 2006.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I took this picture for Adam's passport... But the immigration officer rejected it, because the background is not blue enough... End up, had to take in the Kodak shop nearby. And the picture is a bit serious!!!!.... 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

this week

Sirap will be going to japan for trade show from tomorrow. My parents will be here so, don't feel so  bad at all.  Hope we can join him next year, and can visit disneyland again... or Disneysea since I haven't been to there yet. I don't like to change baby nappy... :-P I think i probably have done 50... and Sirap has done 200+... hehehe... but i like to dress baby though!...  

bugaboo just released a new design by paul frank, I like it, but don't think sirap will agree, too fancy. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going for trips next year

We are planning for few trips next year, therefore we need to make Adam a passport. Went to Malaysia immigrations website to get requirement details. But thinking that Malaysia websites often lack a lot of informations, then I decided to give a call to Georgetown immigration center and the officer was very helpful. 
Although Adam is Malaysian because mother is,  and father is not, in summary we need to provide:-
1. Child Birth Certificate for identification and copy 
2. Father's passport detail page & visa for identification and copy 
3. Mother's IC for identification and copy
4. Marriage certificate for identification and copy
5. Baby passport picture with blue background...

During the application mother must go with baby. 
The fee is RM150 since children below 12 years old get half price, and this is valid for 5 years with 32 pages. The processing should take less than 2 hours, and the passport will be received in the same day after 2 hours, provided the system is not down and the officers aren't busy. 
I had a question since baby face will change so quickly within 5 years how do the immigration do about it. Apparently parents can update the baby photos by sticking the latest picture on the page. 
 * I also need to renew my passport since it will expire next year june*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Morning

James and Adam are still sleeping now. I woke up having my breakfast, thinking what  to make for  lunch. Hasn't got any idea yet. Yesterday left over slow cooked chicken curry is one of lunch dish. Maybe add on a vegetable dish (mix veg goreng?).  Cooking at home is obviously better than eating outside... Well for 3 of us including Eli; our maid. 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I am resting...

My friends asked me if I am actually resting? Yesterday, the government nurses visited me and they all shocked at me went up so quickly to take the health record for Adam. "Wah you jalan macam org tak bersalin"... So how should new mother walk? 

Not that I am not follow all the confinement remedies. But I got my own reason... 
#1, I don't take any jamu/herbs at the moment because I am breast feeding, and even the nurses said those herbs taken are sometimes not good for baby especially Adam had jaundice. A friend of mine who just delivered baby a month earlier drank a lot of ginger and her baby jaundice is getting worse as she is breast feeding. 

#2, I still not eat any seafood (Udang/Sotong/Shellfish) as I just recovered from c-section. So most of the time I had oats porridge,  my in law healthy breakfast recipe. With milk of course. And I found that eating this every morning made the breast milk come out more. 

#3, I made myself wake up immediately from the bed on the second day after the operation. Hell... it was really pain, and you can imagine I couldn't barely walk. But my husband was there to help me out. And I don't think I can't ever pay for whatever he had done to me on that day... Unexplainable for lots of thing he have helped me... And if I don't, I bet I am not like today. I was able to take care of Adam and fully breast feeding. It was a good advise from my sis and a friend who had operation a week earlier than me... 

Resting... hmm don't think you can really do when you have baby with you...  :-). But, of course try to sleep as much as I can while my son is. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alone with Adam

Sirap B went to KL yesterday. Left me and Adam at home, well with Eli downstairs. Surprisingly, he behaved very well. Sirap B will be back in a while after tuning sound in recently opened club in downtown KL. Feel like to eat Burger King. When will they open burger king in Penang... 
Me back on my desk... doing crafty stuff until my boy wakes up again... 

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mommy & Adam B progress...

Just got back from hospital to review Adam's jaundice. Thanks god he is getting better. At the same time I also went to see my doctor to take off the patches from cesarean from Dr. Ooi. I have lost 11KG since ever before pregnant, including Adam's weight, 3.2 KG, placenta & water retention, more to go. I believe the breast feeding helped a lot to reduce my water retention, I know every 2-3 hours whenever I am having engorgement I emptied the milk.  :-) At the same time also I am so happy that the stitches healed so quickly, I would say there is no obvious scar since the Dr. Ooi had done a very good job, as well as there was no blood at all on the gauze. I could shower on the next day after the operation. 

I made this card to thank all the level 5 nurses and staffs whom had helped us during our stay. They had taught us a lot while we had Adam room in. 

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Catching UP!!!

Yuhuu... It has been a while. Getting busy with Adam, family & visitors. Trying to catch up as much  sleep as we could. Yesterday,3 of us had outing to Gurney Plaza, we had to plan the route on maneuvering around the mall. It was a great outing. Had lunch in Chilli's. 

I find Gurney plaza is not quite baby friendly place. 
There are not many benches on the path, where mother can sit down and bottle feed the baby. Can still get the bench in every other floor. The nappy changing room in anchor parkson only allows mother. How about if daddy is going out with baby without mommy.

Good thing i found one nappy change room on 2nd floor (Near Tower Records) , where it is separated from the toilet. Therefore, daddy can also change the nappy in that room. It has free plug point which I think quite convenience for expressing milk. 

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hajimemashite - My Name is Adam

Finally, today is Adam's 6th day old. We are all at home after been in hospital for 5 nights. I still can't believe that Adam was in my tummy a week ago, and now he is living with us, sleeping in the same bed :-). It takes a lot of adjustment for Sirap B and I, our bedroom looks so different nowadays. I would say more colorful than before, as we only used pastel brown, beige boring color.

The C-section went very well from 8:30~9:15am, I didn't feel anything during the operation. My husband witnessed everything, how they had my tummy cut, the nurses steped on the chairs and pushed my tummy to had Adam pulled from the womb. Adam was in breech position and had umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. However, he came out safely. At 3PM my numbness went away and then only I started feeling the pain from the wound and had 4 times painkiller shot.

Anyway my 2nd day was pretty fine, although I was still unable to walk by myself. We had Adam roomed in until recovery, and had exclusively breast fed him all the time. I should say thank you to Medela pump, because there were time Adam wasn't able to latch and had to express breast milk for him. Sirap B was there all the time, he miscounted how many diapers he had changed for Adam was only able to sleep for half an hour. We never regret to let him room in with us during those early days, although we both tired, we learnt a lot from nursing staff, pediatrician & doctors about handling Adam. Really thank you to the GMC staff who were so helpful.

I suppose to discharge earlier which is on Saturday, but Adam had to be under blue light because of jaundice. So we got to stay in the hospital for extra night just to make sure that he got enough supply of breast milk till he discharged on Sunday.

So, here we are... continuing our family journey....

Monday, October 20, 2008


I met my friend in hospital just now, who also had C-section, and for her case is emergency because of complication. She delivered on Thursday and discharged on Saturday... WoW, it was only 2 nights, She said the 2nd day must determine if you want to be healthy you will be and stronger. So looked at her with her son, walked and being stronger make me relief. 

I have done most of the documentation needed & luggage packed. I will be admitted to hospital tomorrow after dinner, and will have the surgery on 22nd October (which is my son's zeroth birthday). Had a check up again with doctor, and my son still in the same position, and amazingly in 1 week I gain 2KG. I don't feel much changes on my size, but my tummy definitely bigger than a week before. 

I have shut down my work laptop, and set up my OOO email and had it locked in the safe. This 2 months will be another challenge for me :-) and looking forward for it! 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slow cooker...

I will be on c-section this wednesday, and it will take sometimes for me to recover. Our parents won't be here until next month so Sirap B will take care everything until my wound is healed. 

Yesterday he shopped for slow cooker, which he thought it will be good to make for sick people food, confinement well although I don't really follow much on pantang. 

The guy from Diggnation, (4lex) also talked about how good slow cooker is. Especially, if you are busy and you can prepare the food night before, the next morning assemble the ingredients  in the pot leave it slow cook for 8 hours. By the time you home after work, your dinner is ready. And using slow cooker isn't that expensive, it is just like run one light bulb. 

And last night, Sirap B cooked us "Mom's 0ld fashioned beef stew" using the slow cooker. He started cooking at 8PM and left  it cooked slowly for 8 hours, and today we had stew for lunch and it was really good. The good thing about it, the beef was so tender, and I made garlic bread to go with it. 

Here is the recipe that he got from the book. 

1 kg beef
3 Carrots
1 White onion 
5 potatoes
3 celery
1/2 cup chopped parsley
Worcestershire Sauce
Beef Stock, (you can just make from maggie/OXO beef stock and add water in it)
1 Can of tomato (Dice with juice) 
Frozen Peas
Oil for browning the beef
Salt and Pepper 

Browned & Seasoned the beef with salt & pepper  in the pan,  then mix all above ingredient in the pot, and leave the pot run in slow cooker for 8 hours. 15 minutes before finish, add on frozen peas.

Don't have pictures, but will try to get some next time. We also talked about taking pictures, but we finished the food so quickly :-)

Sedap... About the price, slow cooker is not expensive, for 3 liters with panasonic brand it is only cost at RM115, we wish we have taken the bigger size which is  5 liters and is only RM145 in Best Denki.

I think slow cooker  is also nice to make rendang, gulai or curry as well... Can't wait to try more. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is your race....? Can't we just put nationality....

I filled up the form for JPN new baby registration, one of the section asked about "keturunan" (race) then I asked my husband, what race are you? his answer was "Lain-Lain"...  


Can I really write lain lain, I googled what is bangsa british, British is nationality, I don't know where did I find, a statement mentioned that British is Keturunan Inggeris... So I just put Inggeris. Don't care as long as filled up, later on the registrar wants to comment, it is up to him/her...

My hobby...Digital Craft..

I have been crafting since ever I got the digital craft cutter from Quickutz, and love it so much... Operation wise, the cutter come together with software which you can create your design. There are also basic design templates which you can use to cut. 

Here is screen shot how does the software look like, and you can design anything, letters, heart shape, and so on. You can also buy the design from a lot of craft website, and sometimes there are GSD file which you can download for free. It is functioning just like a printer, instead of it is having laser pen, or plotter to mark/color your paper, it is cutting the paper based on what you input into the software.

Some of my works are in the other website Bijin's Craft, and feel free to watch :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Update

Today, went to see doctor, again baby still hasn't turned yet. According to doctor, by looking at his position it is unlikely I will have normal delivery. So we have to prepare for C-section next week from Tuesday onwards. We got to choose the date... Feel a bit funny because we can choose our baby's birthday :-D. For me as long as he comes out safely that is fine. I didn't gain weight at all, same as last 2 weeks, although wallap all the rendang, lontong & kuih raya which contains a lot of sugar and lemak. So far I have packed all my stuff incase emergency, and I have also started to work from home since last 2 weeks, really thankful to my boss who is very understanding. And he also will be in Malaysia next week onwards. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Craft Work

During free time, I have  started to do some crafty work, making cards etc. If you would like to see some of handmade work you can view Bijin's Craft Blog 
I will continue putting more art work I have done. Happy Viewing... :-)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


 Fun, tired & Happy for raya.... uhuh the kuih that I made are finishing quicker than the one that  I bought. Pineapple tarts are all gone... everyone just ate the tart from the big balang, i think next year I no need to invest to buy nicer cookie jar... just bring the whole big balang (jar). Had really good time during raya. We had open house for friends in Penang, Sirap B cooked nasi impit(compress rice) & beef rendang and I made chicken rendang, peanut sauce and lodeh. Although we were not being surrounded by family, I personally felt much more hari raya celebration, with my dear husband. 

My family then came on Saturday with more relatives came by on Sunday for makan session again. This time is Hameediah nasi kandar. Then, the family visit became food trip around the island. Tomorrow my sis and I plan to go to Pulau Tikus market to get apam balik, karipap putar etc... Penang is all about food...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

For this Eid Fitr, we would like to wish all 
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Suka Suka...

Today, a lot of progress that I have made, for raya preparation I went to Pulau Tikus market for those vegetable that will finish quickly, lemon grass, galangal and kiffir lime leave. We are going to make rendang and lontong for raya. We will have small do at our home on 2nd raya with friends, and then with family from 4th raya.
In the making of kuih tart.
I bought a few cookies + crackers, and here are some that I made... really looking forward for holiday..away from work!!!

 Kuih Tart
Chocolate Chips
Almond London

makan lagi....

Hard Rock Hotel will be opening in Penang soon!!! 
Nachos!!! here i come

Friday, September 26, 2008


I have never had any surgery in my life. Possibility I will be having c-section is there, because my baby still in breech position, head is up, leg down (Ala2 position bertapa dalam gua)
Sounds like c-section is longer time to recover. After watching Discovery Health, 2 pregnancies are c-section and they are doing fine after that, made me relief now. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I paid zakat, I was a bit wonder where is the zakat money nowadays go. Of course I should trust the way the handle the zakat money. Since I paid at the center I can see that a lot of people queue up for application on zakat money, and not sure how much one will get. I read about who are those people who should receive zakat money...and don't want to elaborate more on that... some of the guys who queue up looked very healthy and can work, but I just don't know their situation and they need the money more than other people. 

This is just my thoughts on doing charity... I know we should help each other no matter what religion, and what race they are. One of my friend, she is buddhist. and she asked me if I can donate for tsunami victim in Penang and most of them are fisherman and mainly muslim, and the donation activity is being done by buddhism, not that I want to change religion but just amaze they don't really discriminate what religion you are to help each other...   

I am so grateful that this year my company organizes a lot of community service to help other people, I can't really help much in monetary. Instead of we are having big bash party for 40th anniversary we are doing community service. With knowledge in IT, and a few of other volunteer we taught IT stuff to orphanage student. I am so happy that I can do something to community, tomorrow we will go to old folks, but not teaching them IT lah...don't think they really need IT... 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend... & I am 35th week now...

Well this weekend, I managed to do a lot of stuff. I packed my bag for hospital delivery, just need stuff like magazines + entertainment incase my waiting time is longer. I know it sounds very early but just want to make sure everything is ready when I need it. I also told my officemate in case anything happen in the office, they will have to come my house and take the bag to hospital... :-) Good thing is, my husband's plan at the moment he will be around after raya till my due date. 

I also managed to make 2 types of kuih raya, Chocolate chips and Almond London. These are all recipes that I collected from whoever forwarded to me long long time ago. I think it was forwarded by my friend Ridzwan. With the help from my husband installed Air Sharing so that I can read the recipe in PDF file through Ipod touch, and I don't have to print and bring my laptop to the kitchen anymore now.

My digital cutter, Quickutz Silthouete also arrived and love it so much. I haven't done anything much about it, except downloading free design, which I may be use to make more craft sooner! And while writing this blog, my hubby again surprised me that he just won on bidding the cutting mat and extra blade. Feel so lucky that he is always support me for what I want to do. 

2 years ago on this date, I met my hubby and he bought me 2 gold fishes. We name him Ben and James. And a year after that he proposed me with gold ring. hehehe... Now here we are... husband and wife and will have son soon. 

Happy Anniversary my dear! Loves xxx

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This coming raya preparation...

I will not be going back to Johor for raya, instead my parents, sister and family will come here on the 4th raya. Plus there will be relatives who are spending raya vacation in Penang.
And this is the first raya my husband and I will celebrate together after we got married...
So, I have bought most of ingredients to make cookies and my plan is to make;

Pineapple tarts (must have kuih raya), I have made the pineapple jam, but still haven't done the baking yet. We tested a few type of pineapples tarts in the market, but the pastries are not really good enough. I always like the homemade one, the butter either SCS or Golden Chain will make very pluffy pastry... last time I made I put cheese and it didn't last long :-) because we finished them quickly.

Chocolate chips..... there are 2 many recipes... Prefer the one like famous amos,but don't think can make one nice as famous amos.

Shall I try christmas pudding, it is similar to our malaysia kek kukus buah... except you don't put alcohol lah...

Hmmm... a lot of things are going on in mind for this raya preparation... Oats cookies, Honey Choco Cornflakeslah... I hope I still have energy...
Baju raya... No I don't think I can wear any at the moment.
I just bought a few cookie jar sets..simply from jusco.
Getting really exited for this raya. Well not only raya that I think I celebrate... :-P

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My highest bowling score :P

This is taken last year, After almost 6 months keep the Wii away, felt very rusty...need to play again. Need Wii Fit after baby delivery... must keep fit...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breast Milk Storage

Another breast milk storage system, but will need to buy bags to keep the milk and then put the bag into the storage system.

Friday, September 12, 2008

$$ vs Tick Tock

Yesterday, I went to tesco, there was a lady at peanut rack area picking up the good peanut into platic bag. And strange thing is the husband also helped her. They picked one by one, and I think they only selected the one without the brown skin. I wonder how much gram they can save by doing that. Understand that they are being economical, but would they rather do something better. Everything is all about $$$ nowadays, where a lot of people tend to forget how important time is... And I think if making kuah satay with additional brown skin it will taste better :-P

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Friend's wedding this weekend

Friend's wedding card
Originally uploaded by AziBam

Our friend is getting married this weekend, they have registered on 01/01 this year and do the reception on this weekend. Congratulations to MY and JL...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dating Songs....

Yesterday and today, we both cleaned up and organized our office. Since ever we moved in we didn't really have time to unpack those boxes, and just realized how much junk we both have. Sirap B just put up speaker on his table, and then went through some our dating songs :-P...

Our play again and again song in the car... 
I don't know how many times we played this songs...
1. What's er name (Greenday) 
2. Holiday (Greenday) 
3. Wake me up when september ends (Greenday) ...
4. Your love (Keb'Mo)
5. The Itch (Keb'Mo) 
6. I want to touch you (Mc Fly...  the Radio Studio Live version)

and plenty more...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ch1d's baby girl card

My teammate's wife Ch1d just delivered a baby girl.
Congratulation for his new born baby...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

0.2 KG in 2 weeks

This is strange, doctor told me I lost weight -0.2 KG in 2 weeks, really really weird. I feel my tummy is so big right now until I can't hardly bend forward my body.
But he is not concerning with the lost weight so much. Probably because I walked a lot during these 2 weeks and took less rice. Baby is still not turning yet. Head is up, leg is down.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thank you...Babe...

I always can't answer when my husband asked me what do I want for birthday present. I don't really have particular thing  I want at the moment, so I said why don't you buy something for home... so that both of us can use. I would be lie if I say that I don't want jewel..., bags or shoes, but I think I have enough with all those. 
Since ever I  scrapbook. I have spent a lot in the nearby craft shop. Just for a set of letter sticker costs at RM25. And whenever I go I didn't just buy one sticker set, but a few. To be more economical, I have been browsing either to get digital cutter (other brand) which can cut letters, shape from computer. After surveyed with the craftshop owner, sounds like quickutz is better tool. We went to Pap1er the Curve. they sell at RM 2250. Ridiculously expensive, as we know the market price is only USD199USD (RM 650++). So today, he got it for me as birthday present. . Anyway, I am so happy and thanks so much babe!!! Muaaaahhh... ui

For this ramadan I would like to wish all my friends, family
 and all muslim in the world happy ramadan.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Susu Gantung(Breast milk) Vs Susu Lembu (Formula)

When I first got to know I am pregnant, my husband and I started to study about susu lembu and susu gantung. We calculated, if we use S26 formula milk for the baby, one tin will only last for a week, and it costs 50~60RM/tin. So in a month we will spend about RM200++ just for formula.
So you can calculate how much you will spend for baby formula... So I must breasfeed what ever it is. Plus, my company is very good to provide the mother room where it will be more privacy for a mother to pump their breast milk. And not only that there are a lot of shawl or cloth that you can wear while breast feeding without being noticed. Also,  you probably have heard all the breast feeding gadget..

  • Breast Pump
  • Milk Bottle
  • Speacial Bra for Breastfeeding
  • Breast Milk storage system etc
I don't want to blog about all of the gadget and  the benefit of breast feeding, because you can read it anywhere and even ante-natal class will teach you about how good breast feeding is

What I would like to share is breast feeding storage system. Most of the storage system is expensive in the market which  can cost about RM50~60 just for 20 bags, and a bag only keep 9 ounce of milk. 

This is very expensive.
I found this reusable milk tray, which I thought will be much more cheaper in keeping/freezing the breast milk from a website and for 2 milk trays, it costs at RM68. What do you do, you freeze your  breast milk in the tray, and if every compartment are being used you can transfer to ziplog bag and then just take one/two bars when you want to feed the baby. 1 bar is 1 ounce. Isn't easy?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sirap B and Rendang...

One of my happy day is when my husband cooks Rendang. Yesterday, his brother and family came back from 1 week holiday in Kuantan. So, Sirap B made Rendang & Ketupat. Super delicious!!!When come to Rendang he will take in charge, just like my dad at home. Every raya he is the tauke Rendang. The only different between Sirap B's rendang and my dad's is Sirap B likes to use kiffir lime leaf, but my dad put both kiffir lime leaf & tumeric leaf. As Johorean we will not forget the lodeh as well. So that's my expertise.  Everyone makan for 2 plates yesterday, may be more. Plus the ratahan!!! So Sedap!!! BIL asked for recipe, think he will get easily but kerisik may be a bit difficult. 

*Rendang + Lodeh cannot eat everyday! Will get high blood pressure! 

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Scrapbook for baby...

I managed to create up to 3 pages of the baby scrap... I didn't really plan the design, just did whatever came in mind. My husband told me, the scrapbook when he was young was really from scrap, like old magazine, and I used to do that as well. I cut the letter from the magazine and make own book. But nowadays, people are doing it professionally. They even sell the gadget to make the cards, letters and any design.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Company Swag for the baby ...

I wish my company do the swag or baby goodies. So since they don't do, I made for our baby. We got one for Intel and one for EAW, my husband's company. Love it so much. Bought plain shirt from mothercare and print it out!... 

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Next Weekend...

We are wondering what shall we do next weekend, since 31st August is holiday and fall on Sunday. So I will have replacement holiday and I also have already applied leave on Friday. Sirap B's brother, wife and their son will be back to Penang as they are taking holiday in east coast of peninsular Malaysia now, Kuantan for kite boarding and may be Terengganu for turtles. Vacation trip for them and relaxing at the same time. 

So once they are here, plan to bring to KL, hopefully the road is not so bad. 
Place to visit? KLCC, Putrajaya (I love the architecture of the building), may be shopping at Star Hill and may be The Curve area... I can do baby shopping at the same time (what else to buy???), eat and eat...

Sirap B's nephew, Fin gave me this soft doll, made from wool towel kind of material. I meant to put it on my chest skin and when the baby born will let him sniff so that the baby will recognize the mother's smell. But, don't put near the pitt :-P.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Taiping Zoo

Last Tuesday, went to Taiping Zoo. Thought this is a good trip for Fin (Sirap B's nephew)...
This is my second trip here. I thought it is not bad at all since there are a lot of animals there. 
All animals I would say that kids should learn in school....
My favorite is always lion, as I am Leo...above pix is african lioness, she is such a gorgeous creature....  

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

Really busy these few days... Today my brother in law and family will be here at 5...
Woke up so damn early (8.30AM is early for me on Sunday)
Went to prepare towel, toilet paper, last check the room that BIL will stay... 
My neat standard a bit upgrade now... So have a maid to iron the duvet cover... hehehe... Pity her because it is quite big
Thing must do today...
Must clean fish tank.... last minute gilaaaaaa.....
Must take picture for Roomba and Scooba for sale ... mak cik nak jadi ebay queen...
Lunch with lelaki cakap banyak... and with a few other friends... this time Sirap B will join...  excuse not to discuss about work...
It is lucky that our maid is here.... or else we both super panic...

Still not finish bega2 my birthday present in advance:-P

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Alleycats - david on Penang heritage...

This event took place last 2 weeks... We both wanted to go because David was performing. Although his show was the last the one... we both waited... Sirap B likes one of the song... "Andainya aku pergi dulu sebelummu" He thought at first it was a fun-fun song... but actual lyric is quite sad... He went out once with this group.. when Logan was still alive... that's why we both really wanted to see him... pretty sad when seeing David sang alone... he is evergreen... Really love this group. I am proud of being penangites now, although I wasn't born here... but really like what Penang is having... Should continue keep it...

Monday, August 11, 2008


ok I have to write this in Malay...Sorry babe.. I will translate to you later, and I think you know what I am going into this one week... so ok untuk satu minggu ni aku kena berhadapan dengan satu mamat omputeh yang aku mula2 dengar sangat menyakitkan hati... so... nak dijadikan cerita mamat  ni datang mesia dan tak ada tempat nak aku kan baik,, lagipun dia kan sekumpulan dengan aku aku pun offer lah tempat duduk kawan aku...yg pergi cuti bersalin...
aku rasa perkataan paling sesuai untuk dia ni adalah meluat... 
Memang meluatlah...macam pompuan kaypoh and joyah... aku duduk dari pagi hari ni aku rasa aku buat kerja cumalah seberapa jer..sebab dia setiap sepuluh minit ajak berborak... ok kalau cakap pasal kerja tu lain lah cakap pasal apetah...aku pun masuk telinga kanan keluar telinga kiri..memang tak pentinglah pada aku.... yang tak boleh tahan tu kan..sepatutnya.... dia ni cuma jaga area lain .. tapi.. sibuk2 nak masuk campur jaga2 asia..padahal kita org baru saja menghire.... orang untuk jaga asia... 

Ada ker dia boleh cakap kat aku yg org asia nak dia datang asia, tapi dia tolak dan nak bagi kawan yg baru kita hire ni buat kerja.... satu lagi... tadi ..kawan aku ni dah start nak buat analysis pasal solution apa nak bagi kat kompeni buat komputer kat shenzen ni tapi...dia cakap ngan kawan aku ni biar dia yang jawab... padahal solution tu semua org tahu...

lepas tu yang aku tak faham lah... dia ni pun baru masuk kumpulan aku tahun lepas..lepas tu dia nak tawarkan diri melatih kawan aku ni, padahal dekat US tu adalagi global "pengurus produk"
Lagi satu yang boss kita org ni  boleh bagi approve dia punya lawatan kerja sambil makan angin ni..tu yg aku tak faham tu. hari ni dia datang cuma duduk duduk sebelah aku...beli mineral water ngan air seratus tambah tuh....sambil borak2 ... aku rasa setiap perbualan aku ... aku tanya dia tak ada meeting ker... sepatutnya you jumpa lah dengan pemegang2 stake tuh.... itu pun dia tak faham2...yg aku ni sindir dia... dok cerita pasal pengalaman dia kerja lah... dia ada masterlah... dia pergi satu Uni glemer kat state yg anorld jadi governor tu...memang lah ok..tapi semenjak dia masuk... aku nak nampaklah significant dia ni betul2 penting dalam kumpulan aku...

aku ingat org yg suka buat benda cam ni kan perempuan saja... lelaki pun ada... memang banyak  ..tapi aku rasa boss aku ambil dia pun sebab dia cakap banyak... dan pandai pasarkan diri padahal buat kerja tak seberapa...yg aku pelik cam ner dia boleh cakap dia kerja 16 jam satu hari tu... itu ko punya effisiensi, kalau workload ko banyak cakaplah ngan boss...boleh offload..bongok betul...lepas tu cakap org  aku punya workload... tak banyak... nak jer aku karate dia kat situ jugak...sebelum ni role yg dia pegang ni tak exist pun... boleh jugak kita org survive...

So satu minggu kena tahan telingajer lah... dengan joyah jantan ni..

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The another scan

Adam 2, originally uploaded by AziBam.

Here is another scan of baby... kaki still right up... Hope he is comfortable...


I started to make a scrap booking for our baby ... since there is a new scrap booking shop in nearby mall, so it is quite easy to get the supply. I always keep all the sentimental stuff, not to throw away, so this time I think I thought it is good to scrap booking it... I don't really make a practice of arty decorative stuff, but somehow I can make very good thing. I always make dulang hantaran decoration for my brother's and sis during their wedding.  Just love those lacy and flowery stuff... I made this pillow during my wedding... 

Friday, August 08, 2008

WFH today

Work from home today!... Supposingly contractor who fix our grill came yesterday, but they only arrive this afternoon...Penat tunggu... I just watched "happy feet" during lunch . I think this is probably 5th time I watch this movie, and everytime I watch my tears drop... hehehe senti-mentel... even watching Shrek also I can cry...really amaze with Mumble spirit... if anak orang tu sure bagus..but anak penguin... geram... geram... geram...
For lunch I cooked Ikan talapia (tesco) goreng then tuang kuah masak lemak chili padi, plus mix vege. Sedap and fattening.. until bibik added twice.. :-P nasi dia bukit...hehehe...


super duper..mega giga..tetra...zleepy!!!! Please help me! I really need bantal right now.... 

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


It has been almost 2 years I didn't go to Cinema. huh... I still prefer watch movie at home. Today, I just got 2 free movie tickets, so this is a good excuse for me watch in the cinema. I remembered the last movie I watched was Pirates of the Caribbean, and I totally uncomfortable in the cinema, because the guy next to me had a very bad BO. At one point, we thought of watching movie in GSC, end up I bought the popcorn and drove home watched DVD.

I want to watch Dark Knight, so may be will go any of weekday since weekend is always pack!... Christian Bale is one of my fav actor, since Empire of the Sun, Jimmy Graham when he was little boy...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Day 1 and 2 with maid

We just got our maid last Saturday, and it is a bit thrilling for both of us, since this will be the first time we live together with someone else. Our maid name is Elita she is from Medan, Sumatera. This is her first time in Malaysia. I got her from my sister maid's agent which I found hers is quite ok, so we thought why not. And it is difficult to get Indonesian maid nowadays in Penang. Most of them prefer to go to Dubai/Taiwan which is more promising return than working in Malaysia. I had a conversation with her, when she worked in Medan as helper in clinic she was only get paid for 250,oooIDR, which is about RM90++, and then she moved to worked as domestic maid in Pekan Baru and earned about 350,000IDR which is about RM125. 
Pretty sad eh... then, I think how lucky I am. 

Before she came to our house, she worked for 2 weeks in our relatives house, so my relatives have thought her how to deal with us, what should she call us and so on. Well, I personally don't mind if she wants to call me name, but all the relatives asked to address us as madam and sir. Hahaha but, when she arrived I felt awkward, therefore she called me ibu and my husband Mr. Jxxx. He felt he is in British year if call him sir. We prepared our maid room as convenience as we can, and I hope she likes it. 

We both so amaze with her, and I think I got the good one. Why did I say so, on her first day she woke up at 5AM. First thing she does, mop the floor. I didn't ask her to do so, I thought since it is her first day, she should rest and only start a day later. But, our clothes ironed, our floor downstair mopped. I think I am quite organize in arranging my stuff, but she is super organize... all of our stuff in kitchen cabinet neatly arranged. At night we went out for dinner and left her at home since we had gotten food for her at home. When we back home,  my husband went upstairs then came down smiled at me, because, our bed were made up, all the laundry collected. Everything is so neat. I asked my husband... "Do you think we can cop with this kind of life? Neat & Clean..." My sis said I am a bit jakun with the maid. I think the house is so neat, until 2 of our cats don't like to hang out in living room anymore, they used to leset2 on the sofa and played with our stuff, since it was messy everywhere. But now they hang out in our bedroom on the messy bed. 
One thing, she folds the clothes up to my standard. 
I just hope that she will be ok with us, and since she is so new, everyone said don't trust so much. And for me, I am helping her to provide a job, and she wants the job just like me work for my company. They are also human, so has to treat her humanly and if she does something good consistently  we think we should reward her. 


Friday, August 01, 2008

W28 - 4D scan

W28, originally uploaded by AziBam.

Just back from 4D scanning. The island hospital just got their new machine, and I would recommend if anyone to take 4D scan in Penang. I wish I have this machine at home...
Here you go, our son W28. The hana(nose) is so like me :-P, my sis said jawa mesti ada...Will go again for another photo shot. We are paying once and RM450 and can take the shot until we are satisfied, and will be given dvd as well. 

Thursday, July 31, 2008

busy busy ...

Very busy days and week!... Dusty hid in the fish tank cabinet, took us about 1 hour to find her last night, she had major womb surgery taken out yesterday, and was still dizzy. I saw her when I did the laundry, so was a bit panic incase she jumpped into dryer or washing machine. Or else she will become kucing kering...

Work also busy, although I still managed to enjoy the fruit party with team yesterday, had durian, rambutan, manggosteen, langsat and cempedak. And even I tapau home about half of medium size of garbage bag.

So still need to clean the house before the maid come in, so she won't be so shocked with the work that she is going expect. Must call Dr for appt, Must call Ustaz that we are going to bring the maid to penang, must call daily maid, wahhhhhhhhhh...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


From yesterday my body temperature has increased 0.7 Celsius. 2 of my teammate had flu last week. Those who are sitting in the middle row. I think this week is my row turn... Going to clinic in a body joint is ache, my throat is itchy, my had is blocked ... 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Crystal Light

Finally, we got it. They used to sell in Cold Storage and now no more. The only place may still sell them is Bangsar village. It is sugar free similar to TANG cordial. My friend went to USA so I kirim from him. Terima kasih cheong, Kesian dia kena bawak kotak2 ni. They come out a new flavor WHITE TEA with Blueberry flavor. Not bad at all, I am loving it. So this should last for 3-4 months until next boss.

White Tea

Thursday, July 24, 2008

DSLR Sony A-100 for sale

Sony A-100 for sale, originally uploaded by AziBam.

Camera Body Sony Alpha 100
2 zoom lens:
Sony 18 - 70mm f3.5 - 5.6 lens
Sony 75 - 300mm f4.5 - 5.6 lens
ED Digital 0.5x wide angle lens convertorSony HVL-F36AM Digital Camera Flash
Camera Bag - LowePro slingshot 100AW
Memory Card - Compact Flash 2G

Price $$ on Nego $$ 

Monday, July 21, 2008