Friday, May 30, 2008

7 weird/random facts about me

It is past 3 oclock, and I just back from jalan jalan in queensbay mall. I bumped into my friend exmondo and he asked me to join them for lunch and had treassure box in paddington house of pancakes... So today a bit free since it is friday, and I have finished most what I need for the week. Sirap B will touch down at 7PM and I will pick him at airport, so got to stay at the office till 645. Or else I will stuck in friday traffic jam.

Cik Nora Sakura tagged me.. 7 weird/random facts about me
So here you go...

  1. I am a queen of burp!!!.... i know it is very disgusting. But sometimes I can't control myself. When I was in boarding school in the prep class at night I burped, and it was bloody loud, until my friend said that it sounded like a microphone dropped on the floor, also, You know when a sound guy about to test the speaker, he knocks the mic and say "one", "two" the bad sound .... so that is how bad my burp is.

  2. I am quite particular how to fold the clothes, hehehe...Neat Freak ehhh. I went to boarding school, so I think this is the habit that i still have since graduated. If you ever watched any softener advertisement/cm, that's how I fold my clothes. Must be straight and same line. Once, I got a weekly maid who is doing the same thing as me. I really like her. So it looks neat when putting into closet and easy to take out without crumpling the other clothes. Sirap B also asks me to do the magic fold for his luggage before he goes for travel.

  3. Well, I am not good in cooking Malay food, but good in western/Italian. May be because the tendency to learn something which is not belong to you. I am good in making pasta dishes, and my expertise is lasagna, well actually I just follow recipe. But somehow it turned very good, may be I put extra cheddar in bechamel sauce + more cheddar on the top... Yum Yum. So now onwards majlis2 or hari raya, my hubby Sirap B is taking in charge in cooking rendang & ketupat.. Plus he is good in making serimuka...The best I've ever had...

  4. I always want to open my own company... But still not able to try yet, Here are some of my idea, small IT company serving/teaching aunty2 or uncle2 MM2H folks how to use computer, buy stuff and resell in ebay (this idea came after looking at my rich ex boss and his wife who want to sell antic stuff at buying price...) , selling kuih muih (but of course not me making it...)..dan lain lain... actually a lot, I lost track.

  5. I am geli with cicak. Sorry, any cicak and its family. NO way. My brother used to put cicak inside my baju, I can't stand cicak at all. Another story, in my primary 6, i sat in front quite near to the door, there were few boys from evening session were playing with this cicak, I think it was bigger than house cicak, may be monitor lizard. The cicak jumped onto me and crawled up underneath my dress. So I had to grab the cicak inside my dress so it wouldn't crawl up. I can't imagine how I felt during that time. It would be embarased if I screamed, so I went to toilet and took off my clothes, well the cicak flew away...errrrr....
  6. I am channel E! expert. Hahaha, if I am not watching any movie or other channel is having advertisement, I must switch to channel E! Hahaha so, you can ask me any question about any celebrity..hehehe
  7. I haven't eaten seafood for a while... I mean seafood like proper seafood place like ikan bakar, or any chinese seafood... Hehehehe kempunan..

Tu jerlah chik Nora, siapa aku nak tag... Hmm Puan Sharifah Shekha, You ada blog tak? Encik Butetz...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Man gave names to all the animals - jason mraz

Again the genius Jason Mraz came out with new album.
Sirap B bought it from Itunes, and there were few bonus tracks.
So my favourite song in his new album - We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.
1. "I'm yours" the acoustic version... Really one of my favourite ever of his.
2. " Lucky" featuring colbie caillat, (if you have a male/female best friend and he turned to become your lover...Yeehaaa)
This is one of bonus song, I think this is cool song which we can teach to our kids, will look for lullaby version. The last verse is a bit tergantung (incomplete)... so you got to guess it..
Man gave names to all the animals
In the beginning, in the beginning.
Man gave names to all the animals
In the beginning, long time ago.
He saw an animal that liked to growl,
Big furry paws and he liked to howl,
Great big furry back and furry hair.
"Ah, think I'll call it a bear."
--Repeat c/o--
He saw an animal up on a hill
Chewing up so much grass until she was filled.
He saw milk comin' out but he didn't know how.
"Ah, think I'll call it a cow."
--Repeat c/o--
He saw an animal that liked to snort,
Horns on his head and they weren't too short.
It looked like there wasn't nothin' that he couldn't pull.
"Ah, think I'll call it a bull."
--Repeat c/o--
He saw an animal leavin' a muddy trail,
Real dirty face and a curly tail.
He wasn't too small and he wasn't too big.
"Ah, think I'll call it a pig."
--Repeat c/o--
Next animal that he did meet
Had wool on his back and hooves on his feet,
Eating grass on a mountainside so steep.
"Ah, think I'll call it a sheep."
--Repeat c/o--
He saw an animal as smooth as glass
Slithering his way through the grass.
Saw him disappear by a tree near a lake . . .

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quit Rent

I went to Komtar to pay quit rent... Mak Aii, too many people were there, probably everyone was also like me for last minute payment. If we don't pay before 31st May, they will charge us more, like 1/2 of the total quit rent fees. I wonder why do we have to call it quit rent, but in the paper said Tanah, Parit and Tali Air

After that, I went straight home, I thought to continue working but, it is almost 4PM and I am having terrible headache so just laid on the sofa. My mom called me around 5++ to ask if I know about my sister in law condition. It is really sad to hear from my elder sis today that my sis in law cancer is at phase 4. We can only pray for her. 

I haven't decided what to eat yet, but I definitely need shower and freshen up. Sirap B called he will be home one day earlier, although he has to pay more for the ticket, but still better not to spend on the hotel in Korea. 

Work is fine today, everything were sorted out although there were miscommunication last week for some people in my team in US. I always think it is easier to work with US, I would say most of the time. I feel that sometimes Asian is too process oriented and the result still the same with other people who don't do the detail documentation. Indian adapted what US is doing, and they are now leading among Asian country in IT industry. I know how easy we are to get SAP developers in India, not only that most of the IT integration business also has moved to India. Last august when I went to India for work, I just told them, hey this is my requirement. I was amazed how quickly they come with the design and solution. Sungguh Pandai!!  They don't waste their time on doing so much process documentation, Methodology,... Best known method lah... 
What do we Malaysian have? Well, we still have a lot. This is I observed Malaysian developer and Indian developer. Not being generalized, but just my point of view. Often, Malaysian has the never mind mentality, I think Dr. M has mentioned many times. If they do something good they don't know how to market themselves. So, nobody knows what we are doing. Unlike, Indian developers, they see the opportunity they grab it, no matter how do they do it, they can execute it... They promote it, and they continue getting the business. I know there are many Malaysian out there who are very good in coding. Continue improve and free yourself from never mind mentality.

I think I have enough... My tummy is growling now...Shower time and eat!! 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ketsu - ketsu were the pirates in my vivid dream

Today I have to deal with these kucing - kucing, which are very annoying... Yesterday, willie waited for me to fill up jacuzzi for bath...But sorry I was in shower mood. Chotto weird cat, he even like to  climb the bowl after I do my business. I think he just like to see the water flow. Since Sirap B is not around so the title to do cat litter goes to me... I have to put on mask, had plastic glove to clean cat litter...
Last night I had very weird dream. There were 2 pirates wanted to harm me and baby...And I had to become blanket bridge when these 2 pirates came they didn't notice me underneath.  I think it was dusty and willie, which I had to t
hrow them out before sleeping.

We got Dusty and Willie from SPCA Penang. Willie now is almost 1 year old, but he is such a big lump and very heavy. I don't know how to make him diet. He is still eating kitten food since we are having Dusty which is still 4 months and still need to eat kitten nutrition. Dusty came after our beloved cat Pudie died due to hernia. We had to send her to vet almost everyday, and when  scanned she didn't have diaphragm, so we thought that cause her organ like stomach went up to her lung and had difficulty to breath. So toward the end of her life she have to stand up and until one night she just gone... Poor Pudie...

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Little Bro - Wish You Be Strong...

This morning, I got text from my little bro that the doctor confirmed his wife is having cancer and I imagine he must be sad by now. But the good thing we know what is her sickness, and she can start to do the kemo immediately. They just got married a month later after Sirap B and I...She was very ill during the wedding and had lost weight for 15kg. They both know each other since primary school, my brother went to boy high school, but somehow, I don't know how they still keep in touch till married. I guess this is what we called faith. He said he is coming this weekend to visit me, but not sure if the plan is still on. As long as he is fine and hope that he is strong to go through together with his wife. Keep praying to god that everything will be all right. Amin...

Sirap B is on the way to Korea now for audio trade show. And then, he will be home for 1-2 days then fly again to Bollywood country. I wish I can follow him. But, with work plus I am not suppose to fly since my recent complication and had to be admitted to hospital for 5 days. That was my first time being admitted to the hospital. For almost 4 days I have to stay on the bed, be on wheel chair to move, and even wee wee have to get the bedpan.

It is never too late to start thinking about health, with Sirap B is quiting smoking and he made it, 3 days! Good Job Babe! I think ourselves play the role in making decision. If you want to do it, you have to determine that you will do It!!...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

fishy tank!

Cleaned the fish tank today, although I didn't help much...
Got Sirap B a pair of croc, well luckily it fits him, very difficult to get 11 UK in Malaysia...
Big Kaki!!!!

I think I need to be more organized, a bit discipline on keeping stuff, there are too many gadgets that we got and need to look through what we can ebay...or give away...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lazy Saturday

I am being lazy again as usual, since there isn't really anything to do. If Sirap B's friend from OZ didn't call I think we probably woke up at very late noon... Lazy Bugger...
I was in the cooking mood. So I made korokke filling with Coon cheddar, (Org melayu called begedil) and char koay teow. Hehehe what a combination. I learnt making korokke from my sensei before I flew to Japan. Shimura Sensei. I modified the korokke to my style. Made 8, and Sirap B had 5, he said he can finish all.

Today, Sirap B said he wants to quit Smoking... I definitely support him to do this. So may be need to supply more fruits at home. I hope this help...

So may be today we jalan jalan in the town. Looking for safe to put our valuables, i don't really have many jewelleries, but we thought it is good to have one when the maid is staying with us from Sept.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Hana Kuso!!

I loved keropok lekor so much... But I think Sirap B has made me hate it.
you should try this style of keropok lekor,
Buy the wet keropok lekor from terengganu,
Cut then fry,
Then straight away wrap in plastic and news paper!.
Wait for about 2-3 hours... and eat...

Easiest way, buy ready keropok lekor along jalan from KT to Kemamang...

"Ada ka Sirap B kata rasa hana kuso!!! Mesti case makan hana kuso kecik kecik ni."

*hana kuso = tahi hidung...yerrrrrrrr*

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Buga Boo ? Bugger Boo - Review

I think we went to all of the children accessory shop in KL to find this BugaBoo, at last we bought in Penang + we earned the parking fee... Hehe... I love it, I think this is genius design. Although similar other could be the rival. But BugaBoo wins. So got to try with willie for a ride, not dusty, she is Chotto Kusai!!

Tried a few scenarios...
Infant mode

Normal Mode - berbumbung

Rainy Mode - Caution! Not suitable to be used in tropical country with the window closed!

Beach Mode

Angin Mode

Shining Mode

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 1 1000++ KM..... Penang - Kedah - Perak - Terengganu - Pahang - KL - Penang

Day 1, it was late morning for both of us. Packed stuff, making sure we didn't bring unnecessary stuff, the most important thing is wedding certificate.. hehehe since we will be gone to the religious area.... Khalwat case.... Hahaha Yabai..

I was so amaze with the scenery from Baling, very green. The rain forest is panaromic and scenic. I have passed this road before but didn't really notice what was surrounding. We passed one of the oldest rain forecast, BELUM and the beautiful temenggor Lake. Really amazing, remind me of Akagi-san, when I studied in Japan.

We arrived in KB around 4PM, had our late lunch. And I bought KAKI!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bloody Hungry

I thought today will be relaxing wfh for me... Apparently not!!!...
Around 12 oclock a project team from US messaged me if I can do functional testing now... What!!??? No Choice since we need to finish it at least next week and next week I will be away in the beginning of week. So we did it!!! No defect at all. I guess because everyone understand what they are doing!.

Now is 2:20PM, I haven't eaten lunch yet... waiting for Sirap B to come back with Nasi Goreng Ayam... There are 2 daily maids upstairs right now cleaning the house and ironing, feel like a queen. Lazy ME!!

Visit terengganu 2008

I am so exited to go for Cuti Cuti Malaysia tomorrow, we thought to drive OP from Penang, pass Grik to KB, Then down to KT, then down to Kuantan, then KL... Keropok Lekor sedapnya...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super ZZZZleepy

...Zleeppyyyyy.... I wish I am home now..Snuggling with Kucing Kucing and Sirap B... Feel my blood went upstairs after Nasi...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Any Idea what to post?

Hehehe .. this is my first post on this blog. Dunno what to write lah... since I feel today I am kind of hardworking, although had a nap at 6:30 hehehe... and had "Sirap B" to do the laundry, collected the dishes... he was even about to go out to have my car washed and fill up the fuel for me... what a lousy mate am I today!!! Anyway, we had dinner together... Pizza + Chicken wings... watched the recorded "Dirty Job", Americal Idol , I wish David Cook make to the final. Hip Hip Hooray!!!.. A great day tomorrow :-)