Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pregnancy by the book...

When we get married we think we want to have baby as soon as possible. Since we both don't have relatives in this Island, near by we tried to learn as much as we can from books and advise from our friends. Once a while we give a call to my mom and ask about any pantang (do & don't) , and as I remember there is no and just make sure eat healthy. Sirap B's mother is a midwife and sis in law is a doctor so they both keep checking with us how do we progress and advise what is good and what is not, I feel so lucky. 

So, here I want to share the books that I read as a guidance, and it probably borring topic for those mothers, but to my friends who plan to have baby near future hope to benefit from what I am sharing here. These are the books that I read and still reading. 

1. My pregnancy Planner - Dr Miriam Stoppard - My review about this book, it is all about individual pregnancy, it is like a diary for you to write how you feel, your planning and at the same time there are a lot of guidance how you should progress months by months. I still haven't completed what I felt tough but good book to start. The book has a pocket which you can put your baby pictures when you had ultrasound check. Isn't it good if you have something to show to your children when they are grown up. 

2. Pregnancy for Dummies - This is my 2nd book, and I thought it is quite useful, since "dummies" series always provide tips and point and which one is important. They also have video/podcast in iTunes. I watched the video and then read the book it made it better for me to remember some of the good tips. 

3. My third book is "What to expect" series, the first one is "When you are expecting". At first when I read this book I thought it is so negative. It provides every details, and tell that being pregnant not necessarily easy and fun, but true, I really appreciate this book now when I had to admit to hospital. This is like a pregnancy bible to me. Example, If you just look for the word "Pets" it tells you many story about having pet, how you should get along with pet while pregnant, cleaning cats litter which you need to wear gloves, checking for antibody and so on. This book even tells about what you should eat and not eat, and why...

4.  "What to expect" The first few years.  I really love reading this book now. Why? It tells me what should I buy and what shouldn't buy. :-). The book is quite thick and the letters are very small, but it is good, for the first year, on weaning your baby, bathing them and immune shots needed for the baby, how to choose your paediatric. 

5. "It worked for me", one day I was walking at popular to browse pregnancy book and I found this. It is only RM9.90, and I thought it is quite bargain. Every pages tell me the tips. So this is kind of doo-doo reading for both of us. 

6. The joy of fatherhood - I haven't read this yet. My husband has been reading this, so I can't tell much about it. May be my next review, or after asking my husband. 

7. The Wondrous beginning - This book is free from Dumex when I attended ante-natal class in GMC. This is pack of information. And most of the other books are also similar. I just love about the exercise that we can practice while pregnant. 

8. Last but not least!! the mothercare shopping guidance. I think everytime I am in Gurney I go to mothercare and the shopgirls are now recognized both of us. Some of the gadgets you can't really get in Malaysia but they always able to ship from UK or from other branch. 

Ok that are all I read so far, and also, I went to Baby Center for email subscription on how should myself and my baby progress. And it is free!!!

I love Penang...

I have never thought that I will stay in Penang for this long. I first hired to work in a company, just after graduated and during that time don't really think that I will love Penang this much. My first experience of food of nasi kandar since it is quite famous here. I remembered because I couldn't eat like kuah banjir, so I had my dishes in separate plate and they charged me RM11++. Well I thought it was quite ok, but my friends said that it should around 4-6RM if I just order vege, chiken and rice with drink. Huhuhu...Then, I realized that Malay over speak here differently than those from south, and from then I learnt to speak like penangites, and the price charged always it should be.

Every time , I go to KL, although I know it is better opportunity to get job, I just couldn't accept myself wake up so damn early to rush drive to work or be in crowded train, then be at home after 7pm. I would say that I am so lucky, living in Penang. We are 3 minutes walking distance to the sea, 15 minutes to swimable beach. Even my husband also love Penang from the day he did volunteer for a year in St Nicholas (rumah cacat penglihatan) back in 1991, and I can tell we both feel this is our home...If we get bored during the weekend we go to Little India, Esplanade for Jalan2, and Batu Feringgi for cheap shopping. :-P For recreational we often go to Botanical Garden, my husband said the monkeys there were cuter and more friendly back 15 yrs ago. (Wonder what make them so unfriendly now).

The hawkers are everywhere, food is so cheap. Koay teow & Laksa still sell at 2.50~3.00 and I am fan of both, and our fav of Laksa is in Balik Pulau, or AyerItam or Bagan Jermal. Even if we want to cook we thought eating outside is cheaper. Nasi kandar is excluded since it is quite pricy, compare to economy rice but I bet still cheaper than anywhere else in KL. For Nasi Kandar our regular is Subaidah, and the mamak there knows what we always order. A little bit posh is Sri Ananda Bhawan, I just love the Beryani rice. Can beat Hameediah in Cambell street. There are many food blogs about eating in Penang, and sometimes when we wonder what to eat we just google and go!

Penang is not only about food, the society is also various. A lot of people still practice the culture and preserve it, like baba & nyonya, indian muslim and many others, and I feel very muhibah here. And mainly my friends are muhibah as well. Our road is pretty much like United Nation, since my neighbour are multiracial from everywhere in the world. I just love Penang.

There are still things which we can't deny bad about Penang. I am very sad that the Monorail project will be deffered, this will help Penangites with the traffic problem as well as, less the burden due to fuel increased. This mean I will still stuck in Friday traffic jam if I go out after 4:30pm. Also, another things I don't like about Penang is  Mr Kiasu & Mrs Kiasi, I think they are everywhere and probably even worse in some other places. We hope that Penang will be getting better and better as we plan to raise our anak cucu here!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

syoklah - cucicucicuci

why am I so hardworking today? huhuhuh....
cuci floor
cuci toilet 
cuci cat's toilet
cuci cats (dusty enjoyed being cucied so much!!!)
cuci dishes
cuci pot's punggong
cuci baju (haven't finished)
cuci sofa's cover
cuci cushion cover
cuci me (later...)

Friday, June 27, 2008

I forgot 1:1 with my boss this morning

Huh!!! How could I become forgetful, nowadays? I forgot the meeting with boss this morning!!! Canggih betul... And I made him worried. I usually had meeting with him on Wednesday, but recently my Wednesday schedule is quite pack so I changed to Friday.

My boss called up my peer and asked if I am ok. This is not first time I shocked him... When I had complication and has to be admitted to hospital ER, I misplaced my phone at the same day. So, I couldn't reach any of our friend. My husband googled his name to get his email address since his name quite famous.

Anyway, My boss is a nice guy and still healthy although he is 61. He is still good in technical on B2B stuff and system integration. He is one of the people who works in early e-commerce technology, and even wrote a book about EDI. If in Malaysia, most people retired and stay at mamak for teh tarik, lepak watching tv....etc

I admire with old folks who are still working, healthy and have a mind like young people. We should continue reading and learning although we are getting older.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Geeky cats.... Genius somemore

I was ironing upstairs, and I heard loud sound. I thought it was raining, but when peeking from window, it was nothing. Then, I went down, I saw Roomba was running. I don't know how they did it, somehow the cats knew how to operate the machine. Willie sat on the chair looking at Roomba and Dusty looked so guilty kind of hid away from me in the courtyard. 

This is not first time, they play around with our gadget. We left the remote control on the sofa then went out, a few time when we home, the TV is on. One time, the cat must have pressed Ctrl V, as there was a speaker number or machine number on chat windows in Sirap B computer. 

I love these 2 cats so much!!! They are fun, cool and friendly. Even they are easy when I gave bath to them. The only thing I don't like about them, they scratch so much. 


My jeans is bloody was pouring heavily when I walked into the office..... Sticky!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

My per"KEMBANG"ngan

Everything kembang(getting bigguuur)... Need to watch out my weight!!! I gained 2.8kg in a month, which is slightly above average than what I should gain. Hmmm.. Not a good thing!! I have to take off both engagement and wedding rings. Sorry babe!!! Just for temporary... BabyCenter subscription advised to do so before it is too late. I hardly find anything to wear nowadays, so in a week I kind of rotate the same clothes again and again!... Even shoes, I can only wear crocs or sandals. Proper or covered shoes is definitely no no no... And crocs only mary jane, or bigger than that... errrghhhh.... no slimmer shoes. I look very huge now!!!

One thing I noticed, I am not a fan of nasi lemak. But, since ever pregnant the frequency of eating nasi lemak in a week is 4-5 times. Which mean almost every working day...Huh Yabai!!!!

I found this note, in my bag today I don't know how it got there, my hubby showed me over the webcam when he travelled to OZ for work, zaman2 bachelor ...ahakssss..."eye loaf ewe" (ada bentuk ewe ker?)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

nüvi 200

It is from Sirap B for my SeXy4 Cujuki. Nüvi 200 is a cool gadget, I think it is the best navigator so far we have in Malaysia. My phone Nokia 6110 also does the navigation, and I thought it was quite all right. But Nüvi 200 is better. Good thing about it , the malaysia map is quite latest, it much more precise and it alerts us the red camera and speed trap... for those who need to drive to KL from penang less than 3 hours. hehehe... Only thing I don't like about it, it only has Melissa voice, I wish it is Martin or Edward!!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

a good weekend..with family

My youngest brother and his wife is in Penang now... They are going to take bluewey since nobody is using it. My sister in law is looking better now than we met her before. Hope she will fully recover soon!...

While on the way to fetch my bro, we stopped at Greenlane Mc Donald. Surprisingly they played our song but in the original version. It was first time I heard the radio played Mc Fly "its all about you" in malaysia. Cool!!!

We didn't do much things today except, stayed at home and had dinner at our regular Sri Ananda. A bit annoyed with the waiter, but the food is always good so just bothered him.

Before went out for dinner, I found cicak in the bathroom and had Sirap B and cats to catch it. Dusty caught the cicak, while lazy Willie just caught the tail... Sirap B has started to furnish the level 3 rooms with office stuff, so we will have proper office next time instead of our dining table.

Friday, June 20, 2008

my outing with pro sound engineer

From ante-natal class we went straight to new world hawker center for ABC, mee curry and rojak. My crave is jackfruit, and everytime I go for the past few days, it always sold out. So I had to change with mango.

After makan we jalan jalan along the path, where the posher restaurant are. There was a gig played a band, with Pxxxx speaker. I thought the band was ok for such gig in such area. Since the outing with pro sound engineer, he couldn't accept the bad sound system played on the stage. The audience speakers were not even turned on. Hehehe, I don't know how to judge though, so that probably make the good sound engineer, knowing which one is good... and not...
So we just headed home... and now I am writing this blog...

Today, again listen to cryocord blood banking, still undecideable which one to go to... Have to study more...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

because of a splitter.....I shopped so much!!!

I need to set up the phone connection at home. Sirap B is not around so must pandai2 fix myself. So went to best denki...I love best denki, better than "hardly normal". I bought the wrong splitter which I thought is for adsl and phone splitter, no wonder so cheap!... As walking to best denki, I accidently stopped at another shop and bought pair of jeans... huh... accident yeah..!!!

Since it was a wrong splitter, I thought better go home, but at the junction Gurney and TT road, it was bloody horrible traffic, so I changed my mind and turned to Kelawei and took short cut to Midland 1 stop. OK went to 6th floor and bought splitter, a bit more expensive than the one I got in Gurney. But still I bought the cheapest among the splitter... Made in China.... "Wa be heow"!
Again, in Midland, shopping again bought bath foam, this is fine since not only me will use it, and bag, hehehe Fila is having 50% off and to justify it is worth it, although I have so many bags, so I consider this is nappy bag... and on top of that, I paid extra RM2 to get the "Safe the Tree" bag. I think if people stop spending for unnecessary stuff then they will also help to safe the tree. konon konon nak safe, kocekku yg tak safe...huaaaaaaa

And actually during lunch I have already bought a pair of crocs, again, Mary Jane gold color. huaaaa, what is wrong with me today, I should safe because the oil price is increased. 
But then, when I think about it, all of the stuff that I bought actually for the future baby.. hehehe excuse... And most of the items are on sale..!!!  

At home, still can't fix the phone connection. Looks like I will have to wait for Sirap B...   

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cord Blood Banking

We plan to do cord blood banking for our baby when he is born, but we still not sure which company we should go to... Island hospital seems promoting Stemlife, GMC seems on CryoCord. Adventist seems do everything. Will need to study more I guess. 

Today, a manager from another team invited us for lunch. And we had Sakae Sushi, I couldn't eat sushi so just had Curry Katsu Don... In the afternoon I provided training on the VMI project, SAP & mapping. My jaw is so itai till now because non stop talking. 

Sirap B is in KL now, cleaning and packing the stuff to be transferred to Penang. He didn't bring his laptop since it is still in service. Probably it is a reason why it broke, so he could focus on cleaning and packing, or else he will be iChating with me or geeking... 

Now I'm melazying, do you think the word "Malaysian" came from "MeLazYian"...?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Kasut Sisik Ikan

My kaki has already blistered for wearing this shoes, I bought for 24.95 after 50% off, a bit embarassed to wear at first. My husband said this is fish scale shoes, and this morning when I wore inside the house the cats ran away from me... Shouldn't they like fish?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

"Roman Graco" decoration

Sirap B and I walked around our housing area... Just to get some fresh air after being lazy all day at home and ate too much, I made mee goreng daging and korrokke. And around 4PM we had banana and ice cream... very healthy eh...

Back to the housing topic, so we looked some of the house owner who has done renovation to their house. Some are ok and some are really not ok at all. First, the developer has been rating as a good designer and developer of the year or something, and these people still want to change the look of the house, without really think of their neighbour.

One of example, I live in the terrace house where each house has white gate. But, sadly one of this bugger who thought he is so creative, change their gate to "Roman Graco" gate and it is gold black color. Another example, owner extended their house at the back without considering their neighbour. It blocked the sunlight to go to the other house.
Some of neighbour extend their roof, if you notice bus shelter blue color. Similar to that, come on they should use their creative sense or at least refer to management if they want

I just don't agree, with the housing development & management in Malaysia, why do other people still renovate their house so much although the design structure & architecture has been approved by city council, and further than that they shouldn't do anymore changes. Even tough we have received booklet about guideline on how much renovation can be done to the house.

I agree it is their own property, but we live in the community where we need to consider other people. I think government/city council should do something about this. Sirap B told me, if in England their house will be scrapped by city council if not following the guideline and regulation.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Yo Yo tomorrow I can wake up late!!!

Last night in my dream I met Leo nardo Di Cap rio, dunno why is he!!!. But consider I suppose to meet him at car park, just looked from far away, then woke up.. alamak what a miss... hehehe... I must have watched channel E so much!!. But definitely I am not in the list of his model girlfriend.... "before" model can eh...
I had training today on how to do abstract technical writing for submission to conference. Well I actually don't have any idea what subject I should write... And furthermore the conference is on November this year. In the middle of training, there was firedrill and had to stand in the middle of tennis court and it was bloody hot...
We went to ante-natal class today and got a posh box, that I don't know what we are going to do with it. It was a gift box for Dumex Mamil, but since the hospital didn't promote any formula milk, they returned the milk to Dumex... Breast feeding is better according to the staff nurse incharge. I agree with her, Definitely will breast feed as much as I can... and it is free!!! I was seriously sleepy in the first topic...!!!
Today for first time I gave bath to Dusty, she is good girl and ok with water. So quite easy for me... I start reading the national geography and asia geography.. they have amazing photos and they sometimes teach how to snap a good one. But, bookstore and newsweek also sold out. Sirap B is so nice to subscribe NG for me... Thank you babe!!! Will cook you lots of korrokke tomorrow for the return...hehehehe

Thursday, June 12, 2008

We saw a turtle!

Today is looking good. I just had a scan, and now we can call it or bump or sadam (this is what my hubby called), to he!! It's a boy. Well, initially I was anticipating baby boy since, our family has more boys than girls!... But most of my chinese friends said I will get baby girl. I dunno how do they tell, somehow they can tell from the bump shape. Doctor was surprising us because she was the one who also said may be girl. From then, I start to look baby girl stuff, pretty cool! Girls have more varieties than boys. Although I haven't bought anything pinky yet!! Today she showed us the turtle, hehehe funny way of calling it...
So now, confirm it is a BoY!!!

Sirap B also got very good news, he thought he has to spend almost a computer price to fix his out of waranty promacbook, but somehow apple is really good and will only let him to pay the labour cost and free motherboard replacement... Phew!!! He has been surveying in Switch again to get a new laptop... so it means when this is fix I got Imac back!!!.... Miss MAC. Not that I hate windows! They both good but in different way!...

Last night, for the first time after oil price increased, I filled up petrol. Hua Hua hua... sad eh.. I used to fill up 75~80RM for full tank, now is almost RM110...Huaaaaaaaa....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

GiGi Ku!!!

I just back from dental, the dentist is so kacak. Like korean actor gituh... hehehe.... What the problem is..well, doctor said my gigi is good, I know this since young I always have very nice gigi.... blink blink... But it is muscle problem because of I am grinding my teeth when I am sleeping... Scary..!!! I have to admit, and he asked how often I do this, Of course I don't know because I am sleeping, so got to ask my husband, he was the one who told me this doc...

Ok it is probably happened when I am tired, so good thing is doc advised my husband to give me massage before sleeping!!! yoo hooo!!!! Cool Eh!!!

bodoh sombong...

I am sakit gigi now, and the dental only open another 1 hour, so have to wait!... I dunno why recently I can't accept slowness, bodoh sombongness, lambat macam siputness, and this type of categories!!!...

Yerr,, I know I become impatience. Ok teach once is ok... If I have to do up situtation where to tell this is how you should type, this is how you should do your task, by this and this you should have accomplished... buang masa...

Sudahlah I am sakit gigi now... and now want to make my blood go upstairs!!!!....

Should I drink something cooly to make my body cool....!!! Cooly ...heaty..

Monday, June 09, 2008

LAZy WeEkEnd!!!

Yeah!!! It is long weekend! I woke up at 12++ Noon today. Nice eh... It was so good being able to do sleep lots and just had lazy day. Although, feel time ran very quickly without doing nothing.

Tomorrow...I will have 6AM meeting. A bit crazy... But since it is code landing to production, well guess I will sleep again after everything finishes. Hope everything will be ok!...

I got one quick lesson from my photography sensei last night for a new toy. So it safe my time to read the manual. Pretty easy and the rest I need to play around with it...

Saturday, June 07, 2008

A productive Day!!! I am in cleaning mood...

Although I woke up late today, I did quite a lot of job.
I made myself bread & butter pudding, to finish the left over bread, eggs & milk in the fridge, plus I added raisin and prune for better pass motion!!! :-)
Besides, I also cleaned the house since I couldn't get maid to come in as they are all fully booked. I should have called on Wednesday or earlier. With the helped from Scoobie and Roomba it made my life easier, what has technology done to help us!...

I also started to mark the defect area and listed for submission. When Sirap B comes home, will need to go through with him one more time. One thing I manage to collect all the coins on the floor, as when the little person comes to this world, it won't be harm to he/she. Also, I start to Ziploc all the currency. Notes is quite easy, but when come to coins, it is difficult to differ New Zealand, Australia and England. It has queen on it... Well I managed to sort them out although it took me almost a day...

At the same time also I could watch TV, and I think I watched more than I cleaned... (sigh)
OK.. now time to relax!!!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Short Breath!!!

I'm having short breath recently, yesterday when I gave preso to my team I had to break in between to heal properly. Was really bad! Need to get ready for makan. Onaka hetta!!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Taman Belia Penang

Last weekend, Sirap B and I jalan jalan in the town for nothing. We both kind of dunno where else to go. So I decided to drive to  Jesselton Road, hey! Dreaming to be posh!!! I remember there is a youth park behind there, which I used to go with Chik Nora when she was here. Konon2 nak exercise lah, but most of the time after exercise we will stop at Subaidah for Roti Canai!..
I think it has been 4 or 5 years since I was there. 

I think it changes a lot. I feel the path a bit narrower than before, probably because I am expending now. It was first time for Sirap B and we took some pictures, but since i dunno how to upload to this computer, may be next time... (Still tak habis toy...). I definitely recommend if want to change life style..after reading Roha's blog. 

Tiring Day

I woke up at 5:30 AM, tried to sleep but simply couldn't. So I woke up around 6, look at work. 
I had meeting at 7AM so just sat and waited for meeting. At office I went out around 4:30PM. And straight ahead to tuapau nasi goreng, then home. 

So now I just woke up from evening nap! Sirap B will be back 2 days earlier. So we can spend the extended weekend together. He called and sound like India is better than he thought today, and will have to go again sooner.  Had some photo taken of me, about a year ago. And they are so ugly. Do I look very stress after the fuel news?  
I think I have seen someone (aunty) look alike in 3rd photo. 

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Baby Sonic Doppler

We got this baby sonic doppler from online. We were worried after I admitted to hospital last month, so we check baby heart beat every day. Mothercare does the similar thing which you can listen to your baby movement in the bump. Usually baby heart beat rate should be double than mother, so you can also listen to placenta heart beat which is mother's. The faster heartbeat is baby. I think this is quite useful. 


So tomorrow the fuel policy will be changed. Heard the rumor that may be need to show up IC when fill up gas. Hmmm... Just sent Sirap B to airport again for Mumbai trip. His first time there. I hope he is doing ok. Had belgian chocolate while waiting. I think it has been ages I haven't drink coffee bean/starbucks. Last time probably free voucher, from Sherine's new born ... Now he is 6++ months. We think teh tarik better!!
Things I must do this weekend. I am becoming forgetful nowadays...
1. Must do defect list, only have 2 months to submit.
2. Study the new toy!... This is gonna be fun I hope so. But may be need finish some of the kitab2 about digital photography.
3. Look after willie, since he is coughing and sneezing. May send to vet if getting worse.
4. Call maid on Saturday for super clean.
5. Survey survey funiture for maid's room.
6. May be transfer money tree to bigger pot...
Dan Lain Lain...

Monday, June 02, 2008

Day 2 & 3 - 1000++ KM..... Penang - Kedah - Perak - Terengganu - Pahang - KL - Penang

I thought of updating this story but, always forgotten... So here you go in the day 1 still at KB, we didn't do much, watched people, makan and we headed up to Terengganu. Since, we both thought to challenge ourselve not to book hotel so around 6PM like that I only start to make reservation. Hahaha.. But we were wrong, it was extended holiday weekend on Monday so most of the hotel fully booked.

In Terengganu....
Finally we found Primula Beach Resort in Kuala Terengganu. It looks a little bit park royal penang style. Well really no choice. Hotel was not bad, for last minutes booking. We couldn't get the normal room since again fully booked, so we got a executive suite. Not bad!!

Because I was so tired, so we just ordered room service.
When I was about to take a bath, alamak no hot water. What the heck... So we complaint to front desk and they sent us plumber, although the plumber couldn't do much thing. So with no choice they had to send to other room. Good news is we got the bigger suite. It should cost us double than what we paid in exec suite. What a bargain!!!

So the next day, I did quite shopping at pasar payang. Bought silk, 2 for myself, 1 for elder sis and 1 for mom. We also stopped by at Noor Arfa, and got Sirap B a shirt. Get tirsty OP drank. Then we headed down to Pahang. Along the way to Pahang, we both were really amazed with the land and scenery. We thought if this land is in Penang, there will be so much development happened. But, I think that what make it is nice and natural as it is...

In Pahang...
We stopped at Cherating, I am pretty sad with Cherating because it is not being well maintained. So we just drove passed by and then down to Balok Beach. Sirap B's brother will come on August for kite boarding, so one of reason of our travel this time to kind of survey and looking around for my bro in law when he's here. If you are into water sports it is really cool activity to do. But of course mostly who played are experience. I was not allowed during that time :-)

Then we drove to Teluk Chempedak, to view the hotel that my BIL will stay with his wife and son. The hotel is excellent, we had our late lunch there, then drove to KL for shopping. With new highway it only took us 2 hours drive.

In KL...
We stayed in Hilton KL Central. This is one of Sirap B favourite hotel. I also love it. Very modern and slick design. In KL, we went to most of shopping mall in Klang valley area, Mid Valley, The Curve, 1 utama, Bangsar Village, BSC, Sri Hartamas, Pavillion, Time Square and even plaza atria... All with one purpose baby shopping... Penat seh... I forgot what did we have for lunch but dinner was teppan yaki...
We also visited my sister, gave her keropok lekor and silk, she served us tea and kuih muih... serimuka as usual Sirap B favourite :-P

The next day we headed to our lovely home, penang.