Thursday, July 31, 2008

busy busy ...

Very busy days and week!... Dusty hid in the fish tank cabinet, took us about 1 hour to find her last night, she had major womb surgery taken out yesterday, and was still dizzy. I saw her when I did the laundry, so was a bit panic incase she jumpped into dryer or washing machine. Or else she will become kucing kering...

Work also busy, although I still managed to enjoy the fruit party with team yesterday, had durian, rambutan, manggosteen, langsat and cempedak. And even I tapau home about half of medium size of garbage bag.

So still need to clean the house before the maid come in, so she won't be so shocked with the work that she is going expect. Must call Dr for appt, Must call Ustaz that we are going to bring the maid to penang, must call daily maid, wahhhhhhhhhh...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


From yesterday my body temperature has increased 0.7 Celsius. 2 of my teammate had flu last week. Those who are sitting in the middle row. I think this week is my row turn... Going to clinic in a body joint is ache, my throat is itchy, my had is blocked ... 

Monday, July 28, 2008

Crystal Light

Finally, we got it. They used to sell in Cold Storage and now no more. The only place may still sell them is Bangsar village. It is sugar free similar to TANG cordial. My friend went to USA so I kirim from him. Terima kasih cheong, Kesian dia kena bawak kotak2 ni. They come out a new flavor WHITE TEA with Blueberry flavor. Not bad at all, I am loving it. So this should last for 3-4 months until next boss.

White Tea

Thursday, July 24, 2008

DSLR Sony A-100 for sale

Sony A-100 for sale, originally uploaded by AziBam.

Camera Body Sony Alpha 100
2 zoom lens:
Sony 18 - 70mm f3.5 - 5.6 lens
Sony 75 - 300mm f4.5 - 5.6 lens
ED Digital 0.5x wide angle lens convertorSony HVL-F36AM Digital Camera Flash
Camera Bag - LowePro slingshot 100AW
Memory Card - Compact Flash 2G

Price $$ on Nego $$ 

Monday, July 21, 2008

Scan Week25

25 weeks


I gain 1.5KG since last month which is average... 
Everything is fine.. . :-) Feeling good...

Slept too much and Ate alot!!!...

Erghh tomorrow I will have appt with my doctor. I don't know this time what he will advise me... I was overweight last month. This weekend my sister came from KL for work. So we were all eating all the time. First night, I brought her to gurney for char koay teow, rojak, apom and nyonya kuih. 2nd day, sirap B back from KL and brought 1 dozen karipap from ikea. In the evening we had biryani rice from Hameediah, and big ABC for supper. Good to have family came by for visit. 

After sent back sis to hotel, we both headed home, but these time we both really zleepy, including Dusty & Willie slept until on sofa 10++ AM. When woke up, Willie lied lazily on top of Sirap B, and Dusty just right behind my bottom. They are really like being surrounding with Human. It was a good and relaxing weekend. 

In the afternoon, we went for laksa, then to Jusco and Tesco to get maid's TV and DVD. Just small tv, but we thought it will be good so we both can have our own privacy. Looking forward to see doctor tomorrow and have another scan.. Ciao for now.  

Friday, July 18, 2008


This morning I just noticed that my petrol cap is missing... benci betul... Not sure if I misplaced it. I should have checked when the guy finished loading up my fuel... Panic for a while....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Traveling in the car with your children

I have been  wanting to blog about car seat and  this is something that I want to share to all my friends since ever I started searching about it. Recently, the government has enforced on using rear passenger seat belt. So this is seriously important, no matter you/your baby are sitting in the car you are still risk to the damage caused by accident.  I found some good reading from this website as well. And I hope this will help to give some idea on how to minimize the risk. 

First, your wouldn't need a baby car seat if you don't have a car. So, let's check if your car rear passenger seat has Isofix built in, and in some country may call it differently. I believe most of the car manufacturer bu
ild Isofix in the car seat. Even my previous car, Proton Wira manufactured on 1996 has it built.  And how does it look like, you may refer the hyperlink from Isofix pix here. Or you can find by running your hand underneath of your car rear chair back lower, and you will feel two metal half square at left and right seats. Some of luxury car, likeBMW and Merc has visible indicator on the seat itself, which may turn color when you plug the base of the car seat to the Isofix.  If your car doesn't have Isofix built in you can use rear passenger seat belt to tight the baby car seat, not tight your baby :-). But, it required certain cross tight to ensure the car seat is stable. Again, Isofix is much more safety and
 secured compared to seat belt, and faster way of fixing the baby car seat into the car. 

Secondly, which car seat will suit your children. There are a few factors need to consider. 

1. Children age and weight - for baby less than 8 months, will need infant carrier car seat, often it is rear facing seat. For a little bit bigger children you will need toddler car seat, it is usually forward facing and not mobile to bring outside your car. For 9 months ~ 4/5 yrs toddler. And next, you can change to the bigger if your child is getting older. 
Toddler car seat

Infant car seat

2. Safety - look for extra cushioning and padding, as well as the isofix. There are child car seat has more secured harness/strap which is having 3 points or 4 point safety.
3. Price - this is depending on your budget, often it is compatible with pushchair/stroller. Example, PegPrego Pico 3, has 2 in one car seat + push chair when you buy it, perhaps you just need to add on isofix base, if you don't plan to use seat belt. So when you buy stroller consider this as well because you don't want to end up buying so many accessories for your baby car seat & stroller, end you need extra storing for all of those item. 
4. Don't buy 2nd hand/used car seat because you don't know if it is still in good condition. Possibly, it had accident before and structurally has damaged inside. What you can do invest with car seat which you can still use for your  next child. 

Lastly, this is very important! Never put your baby car seat in front passenger if you car have airbag system. This is because the airbag will kill your baby when it is exploding. This video will give you idea why. You will notice when you lift down your glass shade or on the front glass itself it has a caution about not putting children car seat in the front seat. 

A sharing, one of my friend's brother had accident. And his wife dead because of that accident. She was holding the baby when she was in the car, and she threw the baby at the back seat when the car was about to knocked down. We really don't know how was that happened, the baby saved. 
Every mother will do something good to their children, and we can do something better to save our loves one. Again, if we can spend a good meal, gold, car accesories how about spending RM300-400 for car seat.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I need sugar - nice eh

 A few time I feel like in merry go round. When woke up this morning, I had to lie down again because I feel drunk, and everything else were moving. So Sirap B read the pregnancy book to find out what is wrong, apparently it is normal during this time if feel such thing, because the pressure to the blood vessel slows it down to flow to the brain. I don't really feel my head is heavy but just feel like imbalance. So, I have an excuse to take more sugar today. But just be careful not to take so much, as diabetic will make it worse... 

Friday, July 11, 2008

I love FRIDAY!...

YooHoo...!!! It will be long weekend, Monday is a replacement holiday for Governor's birthday which fall on Saturday. We are going to KL to sort out a lot of stuff.
1. Maid 
2. Armanee in PJ, hope this one will sell well. 
3. Sirap B got to tune system in new club in KL.
4. Baby Shopping?! 
5. Call maid to clean Armanee, if it is getting real dirty
6. Jalan2...

Looking forward for the good weekend!!!! 

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stroller -

When we start to shop for baby stuff, we looked around, read reviews on internet as much as we can...One of the item that I love to see is baby stroller. I have never thought that baby also has cool gadget!! How do we find the good one... :-)

So things that we need to consider.
1. Longer term use, especially if you walk, jog outside a lot...
2. Single or multiple seat for twin.
3. Color, you don't want put your baby boy into pink stroller..
4. Materials - if you are living in humid country, you need a lot of ventilation & thinner material. Or else you will have baby panggang!
5. Easy to manoeuvre. Easy to handle, 
6. Price (this is the most important I think)
7. Parts easy to replace.
8. Safety, easy to fold... 
9. And long more to list.... 

I feel a bit stroller sl*t now I googled for latest celebrity mummy like nicole ritchie, katie holmes & jessica alba used Orbit. It comes together with car seat which convenience for you to move baby from stroller to the car... and the baby still sit on the seat, and just transfer the whole seat into the car. 

Sirap B friend from OZ keeps recommending us on Phil & Ted Sport. Provided you want to have 2nd child. And the gap is about 2-3 years. We may consider this when we have 2nd child, may be sell ours and change with this. But it is still long to think about.

Phil & Ted's

There are a lot of other brand...Some may be pricey. But worth buying for long run.
This may help. Just Google... 
  •  Quinny - Buzz or Zapp, Zapp quite affordable They also manufacture their own car seat, maxi cosy model. 
  • Peg Prego, malaysian uses this quite a lot, the Pico3 model, the high range is peg prego skate
  • Combi - From japan
  • Maclaren
  • Silver Cross - My in law recommend this to us. 
  • Stokke 
  • BugaBoo - Bee or Cameleon...
And much more...

Monday, July 07, 2008

super zuper zleepy...

Rasa sayang eh... rasa sayang sayang eh...
Eh lihat nona jauh rasa sayang sayang eh...

my body is getting heavy...
my eyes also are getting blurry...
now I am super sleepy...
want to go home early...

Rasa sayang eh... rasa sayang sayang eh...
Eh lihat nona jauh rasa sayang sayang eh...

My tummy is getting bigger
Inside is growing baby...
I wish my weekend is longer...
So I can be meLaZy...

Rasa sayang eh... rasa sayang sayang eh...
Eh lihat nona jauh rasa sayang sayang eh...

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Be careful with service guy...

Do you know what is the rate that the plumber, electrician or service guy should charge you in Malaysia. Ok well, before you call any of those try to call a few service guy, asked for what service they offer and compare what is the charges. Best to get somebody you have already known from your friends or family, or registered in yellow pages. 

Last 2 days, we called air cond guy to come and service our air-cond. Often air-cond will charge you depends on how dirty your air-cond is. Normal cleaning (which is taking away all the dust, wiping the cover, filter) is still fine. Often, when they start to use their gadget, like pressure meter and what so ever. 

Two guys came to our house, when my husband opened the door. One of the "tuapui" (fat) guy was shocked looking at him and shouted...aahhh "ANGMO!!" (foreigner). Ok, my husband got them into the house and said to me better watch out, they probably see $$$. We surely are fine to pay if they do excellent job just like our weekly maid. They are excellent. 

My husband monitored every single thing they did. One of the guy just hung the gas pressure meter without even connect the cable to the air-cond. And my husband asked what he did and asked him "Aren't you suppose to connect to cable to measure the gas pressure?"

Ok... Fine. So now about to pay!!! Suck... They didn't regas at all and they want to charge us for the gas they claimed they fill. So we asked, "I didn't hear you put the gas in, I didn't even see you connect the gas cable, how could you want to charge us". He surprised that we knew what is going on, then we wanted to chase them away for lying. Finally, one of the guy kept apologizing to us. I didn't recall how many times he says sorry, my friend made mistake. We still pay them  for normal charge, but definitely no for the gas. althought he said only RM5. 

I still advised them though " Hey, you want to do business you do honestly, if you lie to people, people won't call you anymore,  we definitely won't call you. " And he kept saying sorry. 

Just be careful, next time if you call service guy. If you live alone have your male friends to come, in case you need to whack them anytime if they lie to you!...

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

My yesterday menu... Full of rice

Yesterday breakfast, Nasi Lemak + 2 kuih ketayap
Yesterday lunch, Pulut (glutinious rice) + Chicken Curry + 2 Kaya/Butter Toast
Yesterday dinner, rice.... with daging hitam.