Monday, September 29, 2008

Selamat Hari Raya

For this Eid Fitr, we would like to wish all 
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Suka Suka...

Today, a lot of progress that I have made, for raya preparation I went to Pulau Tikus market for those vegetable that will finish quickly, lemon grass, galangal and kiffir lime leave. We are going to make rendang and lontong for raya. We will have small do at our home on 2nd raya with friends, and then with family from 4th raya.
In the making of kuih tart.
I bought a few cookies + crackers, and here are some that I made... really looking forward for holiday..away from work!!!

 Kuih Tart
Chocolate Chips
Almond London

makan lagi....

Hard Rock Hotel will be opening in Penang soon!!! 
Nachos!!! here i come

Friday, September 26, 2008


I have never had any surgery in my life. Possibility I will be having c-section is there, because my baby still in breech position, head is up, leg down (Ala2 position bertapa dalam gua)
Sounds like c-section is longer time to recover. After watching Discovery Health, 2 pregnancies are c-section and they are doing fine after that, made me relief now. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Today I paid zakat, I was a bit wonder where is the zakat money nowadays go. Of course I should trust the way the handle the zakat money. Since I paid at the center I can see that a lot of people queue up for application on zakat money, and not sure how much one will get. I read about who are those people who should receive zakat money...and don't want to elaborate more on that... some of the guys who queue up looked very healthy and can work, but I just don't know their situation and they need the money more than other people. 

This is just my thoughts on doing charity... I know we should help each other no matter what religion, and what race they are. One of my friend, she is buddhist. and she asked me if I can donate for tsunami victim in Penang and most of them are fisherman and mainly muslim, and the donation activity is being done by buddhism, not that I want to change religion but just amaze they don't really discriminate what religion you are to help each other...   

I am so grateful that this year my company organizes a lot of community service to help other people, I can't really help much in monetary. Instead of we are having big bash party for 40th anniversary we are doing community service. With knowledge in IT, and a few of other volunteer we taught IT stuff to orphanage student. I am so happy that I can do something to community, tomorrow we will go to old folks, but not teaching them IT lah...don't think they really need IT... 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekend... & I am 35th week now...

Well this weekend, I managed to do a lot of stuff. I packed my bag for hospital delivery, just need stuff like magazines + entertainment incase my waiting time is longer. I know it sounds very early but just want to make sure everything is ready when I need it. I also told my officemate in case anything happen in the office, they will have to come my house and take the bag to hospital... :-) Good thing is, my husband's plan at the moment he will be around after raya till my due date. 

I also managed to make 2 types of kuih raya, Chocolate chips and Almond London. These are all recipes that I collected from whoever forwarded to me long long time ago. I think it was forwarded by my friend Ridzwan. With the help from my husband installed Air Sharing so that I can read the recipe in PDF file through Ipod touch, and I don't have to print and bring my laptop to the kitchen anymore now.

My digital cutter, Quickutz Silthouete also arrived and love it so much. I haven't done anything much about it, except downloading free design, which I may be use to make more craft sooner! And while writing this blog, my hubby again surprised me that he just won on bidding the cutting mat and extra blade. Feel so lucky that he is always support me for what I want to do. 

2 years ago on this date, I met my hubby and he bought me 2 gold fishes. We name him Ben and James. And a year after that he proposed me with gold ring. hehehe... Now here we are... husband and wife and will have son soon. 

Happy Anniversary my dear! Loves xxx

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This coming raya preparation...

I will not be going back to Johor for raya, instead my parents, sister and family will come here on the 4th raya. Plus there will be relatives who are spending raya vacation in Penang.
And this is the first raya my husband and I will celebrate together after we got married...
So, I have bought most of ingredients to make cookies and my plan is to make;

Pineapple tarts (must have kuih raya), I have made the pineapple jam, but still haven't done the baking yet. We tested a few type of pineapples tarts in the market, but the pastries are not really good enough. I always like the homemade one, the butter either SCS or Golden Chain will make very pluffy pastry... last time I made I put cheese and it didn't last long :-) because we finished them quickly.

Chocolate chips..... there are 2 many recipes... Prefer the one like famous amos,but don't think can make one nice as famous amos.

Shall I try christmas pudding, it is similar to our malaysia kek kukus buah... except you don't put alcohol lah...

Hmmm... a lot of things are going on in mind for this raya preparation... Oats cookies, Honey Choco Cornflakeslah... I hope I still have energy...
Baju raya... No I don't think I can wear any at the moment.
I just bought a few cookie jar sets..simply from jusco.
Getting really exited for this raya. Well not only raya that I think I celebrate... :-P

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My highest bowling score :P

This is taken last year, After almost 6 months keep the Wii away, felt very rusty...need to play again. Need Wii Fit after baby delivery... must keep fit...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Breast Milk Storage

Another breast milk storage system, but will need to buy bags to keep the milk and then put the bag into the storage system.

Friday, September 12, 2008

$$ vs Tick Tock

Yesterday, I went to tesco, there was a lady at peanut rack area picking up the good peanut into platic bag. And strange thing is the husband also helped her. They picked one by one, and I think they only selected the one without the brown skin. I wonder how much gram they can save by doing that. Understand that they are being economical, but would they rather do something better. Everything is all about $$$ nowadays, where a lot of people tend to forget how important time is... And I think if making kuah satay with additional brown skin it will taste better :-P

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Friend's wedding this weekend

Friend's wedding card
Originally uploaded by AziBam

Our friend is getting married this weekend, they have registered on 01/01 this year and do the reception on this weekend. Congratulations to MY and JL...

Monday, September 08, 2008

Dating Songs....

Yesterday and today, we both cleaned up and organized our office. Since ever we moved in we didn't really have time to unpack those boxes, and just realized how much junk we both have. Sirap B just put up speaker on his table, and then went through some our dating songs :-P...

Our play again and again song in the car... 
I don't know how many times we played this songs...
1. What's er name (Greenday) 
2. Holiday (Greenday) 
3. Wake me up when september ends (Greenday) ...
4. Your love (Keb'Mo)
5. The Itch (Keb'Mo) 
6. I want to touch you (Mc Fly...  the Radio Studio Live version)

and plenty more...

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ch1d's baby girl card

My teammate's wife Ch1d just delivered a baby girl.
Congratulation for his new born baby...

Thursday, September 04, 2008

0.2 KG in 2 weeks

This is strange, doctor told me I lost weight -0.2 KG in 2 weeks, really really weird. I feel my tummy is so big right now until I can't hardly bend forward my body.
But he is not concerning with the lost weight so much. Probably because I walked a lot during these 2 weeks and took less rice. Baby is still not turning yet. Head is up, leg is down.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thank you...Babe...

I always can't answer when my husband asked me what do I want for birthday present. I don't really have particular thing  I want at the moment, so I said why don't you buy something for home... so that both of us can use. I would be lie if I say that I don't want jewel..., bags or shoes, but I think I have enough with all those. 
Since ever I  scrapbook. I have spent a lot in the nearby craft shop. Just for a set of letter sticker costs at RM25. And whenever I go I didn't just buy one sticker set, but a few. To be more economical, I have been browsing either to get digital cutter (other brand) which can cut letters, shape from computer. After surveyed with the craftshop owner, sounds like quickutz is better tool. We went to Pap1er the Curve. they sell at RM 2250. Ridiculously expensive, as we know the market price is only USD199USD (RM 650++). So today, he got it for me as birthday present. . Anyway, I am so happy and thanks so much babe!!! Muaaaahhh... ui

For this ramadan I would like to wish all my friends, family
 and all muslim in the world happy ramadan.