Monday, October 27, 2008

Hajimemashite - My Name is Adam

Finally, today is Adam's 6th day old. We are all at home after been in hospital for 5 nights. I still can't believe that Adam was in my tummy a week ago, and now he is living with us, sleeping in the same bed :-). It takes a lot of adjustment for Sirap B and I, our bedroom looks so different nowadays. I would say more colorful than before, as we only used pastel brown, beige boring color.

The C-section went very well from 8:30~9:15am, I didn't feel anything during the operation. My husband witnessed everything, how they had my tummy cut, the nurses steped on the chairs and pushed my tummy to had Adam pulled from the womb. Adam was in breech position and had umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. However, he came out safely. At 3PM my numbness went away and then only I started feeling the pain from the wound and had 4 times painkiller shot.

Anyway my 2nd day was pretty fine, although I was still unable to walk by myself. We had Adam roomed in until recovery, and had exclusively breast fed him all the time. I should say thank you to Medela pump, because there were time Adam wasn't able to latch and had to express breast milk for him. Sirap B was there all the time, he miscounted how many diapers he had changed for Adam was only able to sleep for half an hour. We never regret to let him room in with us during those early days, although we both tired, we learnt a lot from nursing staff, pediatrician & doctors about handling Adam. Really thank you to the GMC staff who were so helpful.

I suppose to discharge earlier which is on Saturday, but Adam had to be under blue light because of jaundice. So we got to stay in the hospital for extra night just to make sure that he got enough supply of breast milk till he discharged on Sunday.

So, here we are... continuing our family journey....

Monday, October 20, 2008


I met my friend in hospital just now, who also had C-section, and for her case is emergency because of complication. She delivered on Thursday and discharged on Saturday... WoW, it was only 2 nights, She said the 2nd day must determine if you want to be healthy you will be and stronger. So looked at her with her son, walked and being stronger make me relief. 

I have done most of the documentation needed & luggage packed. I will be admitted to hospital tomorrow after dinner, and will have the surgery on 22nd October (which is my son's zeroth birthday). Had a check up again with doctor, and my son still in the same position, and amazingly in 1 week I gain 2KG. I don't feel much changes on my size, but my tummy definitely bigger than a week before. 

I have shut down my work laptop, and set up my OOO email and had it locked in the safe. This 2 months will be another challenge for me :-) and looking forward for it! 

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Slow cooker...

I will be on c-section this wednesday, and it will take sometimes for me to recover. Our parents won't be here until next month so Sirap B will take care everything until my wound is healed. 

Yesterday he shopped for slow cooker, which he thought it will be good to make for sick people food, confinement well although I don't really follow much on pantang. 

The guy from Diggnation, (4lex) also talked about how good slow cooker is. Especially, if you are busy and you can prepare the food night before, the next morning assemble the ingredients  in the pot leave it slow cook for 8 hours. By the time you home after work, your dinner is ready. And using slow cooker isn't that expensive, it is just like run one light bulb. 

And last night, Sirap B cooked us "Mom's 0ld fashioned beef stew" using the slow cooker. He started cooking at 8PM and left  it cooked slowly for 8 hours, and today we had stew for lunch and it was really good. The good thing about it, the beef was so tender, and I made garlic bread to go with it. 

Here is the recipe that he got from the book. 

1 kg beef
3 Carrots
1 White onion 
5 potatoes
3 celery
1/2 cup chopped parsley
Worcestershire Sauce
Beef Stock, (you can just make from maggie/OXO beef stock and add water in it)
1 Can of tomato (Dice with juice) 
Frozen Peas
Oil for browning the beef
Salt and Pepper 

Browned & Seasoned the beef with salt & pepper  in the pan,  then mix all above ingredient in the pot, and leave the pot run in slow cooker for 8 hours. 15 minutes before finish, add on frozen peas.

Don't have pictures, but will try to get some next time. We also talked about taking pictures, but we finished the food so quickly :-)

Sedap... About the price, slow cooker is not expensive, for 3 liters with panasonic brand it is only cost at RM115, we wish we have taken the bigger size which is  5 liters and is only RM145 in Best Denki.

I think slow cooker  is also nice to make rendang, gulai or curry as well... Can't wait to try more. 

Thursday, October 16, 2008

What is your race....? Can't we just put nationality....

I filled up the form for JPN new baby registration, one of the section asked about "keturunan" (race) then I asked my husband, what race are you? his answer was "Lain-Lain"...  


Can I really write lain lain, I googled what is bangsa british, British is nationality, I don't know where did I find, a statement mentioned that British is Keturunan Inggeris... So I just put Inggeris. Don't care as long as filled up, later on the registrar wants to comment, it is up to him/her...

My hobby...Digital Craft..

I have been crafting since ever I got the digital craft cutter from Quickutz, and love it so much... Operation wise, the cutter come together with software which you can create your design. There are also basic design templates which you can use to cut. 

Here is screen shot how does the software look like, and you can design anything, letters, heart shape, and so on. You can also buy the design from a lot of craft website, and sometimes there are GSD file which you can download for free. It is functioning just like a printer, instead of it is having laser pen, or plotter to mark/color your paper, it is cutting the paper based on what you input into the software.

Some of my works are in the other website Bijin's Craft, and feel free to watch :-)

Monday, October 13, 2008

Baby Update

Today, went to see doctor, again baby still hasn't turned yet. According to doctor, by looking at his position it is unlikely I will have normal delivery. So we have to prepare for C-section next week from Tuesday onwards. We got to choose the date... Feel a bit funny because we can choose our baby's birthday :-D. For me as long as he comes out safely that is fine. I didn't gain weight at all, same as last 2 weeks, although wallap all the rendang, lontong & kuih raya which contains a lot of sugar and lemak. So far I have packed all my stuff incase emergency, and I have also started to work from home since last 2 weeks, really thankful to my boss who is very understanding. And he also will be in Malaysia next week onwards. 

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Craft Work

During free time, I have  started to do some crafty work, making cards etc. If you would like to see some of handmade work you can view Bijin's Craft Blog 
I will continue putting more art work I have done. Happy Viewing... :-)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


 Fun, tired & Happy for raya.... uhuh the kuih that I made are finishing quicker than the one that  I bought. Pineapple tarts are all gone... everyone just ate the tart from the big balang, i think next year I no need to invest to buy nicer cookie jar... just bring the whole big balang (jar). Had really good time during raya. We had open house for friends in Penang, Sirap B cooked nasi impit(compress rice) & beef rendang and I made chicken rendang, peanut sauce and lodeh. Although we were not being surrounded by family, I personally felt much more hari raya celebration, with my dear husband. 

My family then came on Saturday with more relatives came by on Sunday for makan session again. This time is Hameediah nasi kandar. Then, the family visit became food trip around the island. Tomorrow my sis and I plan to go to Pulau Tikus market to get apam balik, karipap putar etc... Penang is all about food...