Thursday, November 27, 2008

At home

At home alone again nursing Adam. Sirap B is driving down to KL to sign paperwork for selling armanee terrace. Hooray! Finally... Just finished bath Adam in wash pod. It is a tub where baby feel like being in womb. Both my mom and in law don't agree with the idea we bath him in this tub... but we found it Adam loves it so much... he is quite whenever we bath him. 

I am going downstair in a while to try out little big planet, since Sirap is not around. Advance xmas present  to him, PS3... He paid it first since he can't wait until xmas... :-P 
Sirap B always asks me what do I want for x-mas...  I am not sure though... Here is the list by priority dear if you would like to buy me :-P
1. SK2 
2. Wii Fit
can't think anymore! 
One will do :-)

Some people may get wrong idea if I am celebrating x-mas... I do, because it is Sirap B family tradition which I am fully respect and that is the moment they are getting together. This year, his brother from Australia will be coming for x-mas therefore, we are going to make something nice... :-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thing that worry me so much all the time...

Felt really exhausted today for waking up early at 6AM, fed my baby, leset2 on the bed and  organized... We had doctor appointment at 10:30AM. Previous doctor visit, it took us 2 hours to get ready. Today we managed to do within less than hour, bath Adam, fed him and get ready to hospital. 

Adam is 4.5KG today. When my parents were here, it worried me because I felt my breast milk didn't supply as much as Adam's demand. In 3 hours was able to produce around 100ml and Adam's fed almost 50~100ML in every one or 2 hours. Apparently, baby is having growth spurt and demands more than usual needs during that time and often happens in 3rd week or 4th week. Most of the time I expressed my breast milk, therefore I kind of able to measure how much Adam's drink per day. 

Today, when visited doctor, we had a question how much baby needs to drink in a day. And he gave useful tips. 

Formula of min baby needs to be fed = baby's weight    x    150    (ML)

So in this case, Adam's weight is 4.5, he needs at least 675ML (~24oz)
Another tip is about increasing volume of baby milk needs, how do we know he gets enough in one feeding. If we start feeding at 3.5oz, the next meal give him 4oz, and continue alternately. Often he will leave the 0.5oz when he drink 4oz. When he start to finish the 4oz, then increase with 4oz, 4.5oz & 4oz, alternately. 

I googled online about how to increase breastmilk, there are a lot of resources saying the fenugreek (biji halba) is one of remedy. Most of the book mentioned the milk is producing based on what baby needs. The more milk come out the soonest it gets replenish. Therefore, nursing baby more frequent is good idea. It will be a bit tiring but, pumping is one of the option for busy mother. 

About the fenugreek, I am not how true is this. When my parents were here, I didn't take any Nasi Kandar (Any indian food) at all, since they are not fan of Nasi kandar, so I din't produce much. But later on when they go home I ate curry almost everyday and I feel that my milk produced more. I a
m not sure if this is co-incidence or, the fenugreek's myth is true. What I know is most of Indian foods has fenugreek in it... 
If this is true I bet Indian lady must produce more milk than any other ladies in the world. :-)

Since we use bottle to feed him, we tried a few type of bottles and see which one is good for him. The only problem with bottle is we got to burp him after the meal. 

Today we bought this bottle to try out. Apparently it is good since the air will not flow into baby's mouth as air bubble flow  into the tube inside the bottle. More details.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Adam's passport pix

This is Adam's passport picture... will use this up to 2-3 years.... 
Serious face

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

From Kose Sekisei to SKII

Been wondering should I start buying SKII product... since my Kose product is finishing... One point my friend YY followed me for buying Kose product and I have most of the Sekisei range. Her skin is getting better, now she just changed to SKII... so may be I think it is about time... Since I am 30 ++ :-P...

Crafty & suxx Network!

The crafty shop nearby is closed. And pretty sad that I am not able to get the supply as quickly as I can. They still run the other shop on Burma Road. I guess the return and shop rental wasn't really worth it.  A lot of my favorite shop in Island Plaza moved to new wing of Gurney plaza. I love to shop in Island Plaza because it is pretty convenience for parking and just less than a kilometer from home. I would say I can walk to the plaza if I want. 

The wireless network at home is screwed up. It was simply unable to find the airport extreme router IP address and I need my IT guy to fix the network. Right now I'm on direct ethernet connection to the modem and hate it because I can't connect from my laptop or Ipod... Have to climb to level 3 to get connected. I wish I can sit down longer to look at what went wrong, but not while my parents are here and my boy needs his mommy moo moo more! My boy is getting bigger and most of his newborn clothes are not easy to be worn anymore. 

** Congratulations to my brother and SIL for having newborn baby girl. This is their second child after had a boy in 2006.

Monday, November 17, 2008


I took this picture for Adam's passport... But the immigration officer rejected it, because the background is not blue enough... End up, had to take in the Kodak shop nearby. And the picture is a bit serious!!!!.... 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

this week

Sirap will be going to japan for trade show from tomorrow. My parents will be here so, don't feel so  bad at all.  Hope we can join him next year, and can visit disneyland again... or Disneysea since I haven't been to there yet. I don't like to change baby nappy... :-P I think i probably have done 50... and Sirap has done 200+... hehehe... but i like to dress baby though!...  

bugaboo just released a new design by paul frank, I like it, but don't think sirap will agree, too fancy. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Going for trips next year

We are planning for few trips next year, therefore we need to make Adam a passport. Went to Malaysia immigrations website to get requirement details. But thinking that Malaysia websites often lack a lot of informations, then I decided to give a call to Georgetown immigration center and the officer was very helpful. 
Although Adam is Malaysian because mother is,  and father is not, in summary we need to provide:-
1. Child Birth Certificate for identification and copy 
2. Father's passport detail page & visa for identification and copy 
3. Mother's IC for identification and copy
4. Marriage certificate for identification and copy
5. Baby passport picture with blue background...

During the application mother must go with baby. 
The fee is RM150 since children below 12 years old get half price, and this is valid for 5 years with 32 pages. The processing should take less than 2 hours, and the passport will be received in the same day after 2 hours, provided the system is not down and the officers aren't busy. 
I had a question since baby face will change so quickly within 5 years how do the immigration do about it. Apparently parents can update the baby photos by sticking the latest picture on the page. 
 * I also need to renew my passport since it will expire next year june*

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Early Morning

James and Adam are still sleeping now. I woke up having my breakfast, thinking what  to make for  lunch. Hasn't got any idea yet. Yesterday left over slow cooked chicken curry is one of lunch dish. Maybe add on a vegetable dish (mix veg goreng?).  Cooking at home is obviously better than eating outside... Well for 3 of us including Eli; our maid. 

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I am resting...

My friends asked me if I am actually resting? Yesterday, the government nurses visited me and they all shocked at me went up so quickly to take the health record for Adam. "Wah you jalan macam org tak bersalin"... So how should new mother walk? 

Not that I am not follow all the confinement remedies. But I got my own reason... 
#1, I don't take any jamu/herbs at the moment because I am breast feeding, and even the nurses said those herbs taken are sometimes not good for baby especially Adam had jaundice. A friend of mine who just delivered baby a month earlier drank a lot of ginger and her baby jaundice is getting worse as she is breast feeding. 

#2, I still not eat any seafood (Udang/Sotong/Shellfish) as I just recovered from c-section. So most of the time I had oats porridge,  my in law healthy breakfast recipe. With milk of course. And I found that eating this every morning made the breast milk come out more. 

#3, I made myself wake up immediately from the bed on the second day after the operation. Hell... it was really pain, and you can imagine I couldn't barely walk. But my husband was there to help me out. And I don't think I can't ever pay for whatever he had done to me on that day... Unexplainable for lots of thing he have helped me... And if I don't, I bet I am not like today. I was able to take care of Adam and fully breast feeding. It was a good advise from my sis and a friend who had operation a week earlier than me... 

Resting... hmm don't think you can really do when you have baby with you...  :-). But, of course try to sleep as much as I can while my son is. 

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Alone with Adam

Sirap B went to KL yesterday. Left me and Adam at home, well with Eli downstairs. Surprisingly, he behaved very well. Sirap B will be back in a while after tuning sound in recently opened club in downtown KL. Feel like to eat Burger King. When will they open burger king in Penang... 
Me back on my desk... doing crafty stuff until my boy wakes up again... 

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mommy & Adam B progress...

Just got back from hospital to review Adam's jaundice. Thanks god he is getting better. At the same time I also went to see my doctor to take off the patches from cesarean from Dr. Ooi. I have lost 11KG since ever before pregnant, including Adam's weight, 3.2 KG, placenta & water retention, more to go. I believe the breast feeding helped a lot to reduce my water retention, I know every 2-3 hours whenever I am having engorgement I emptied the milk.  :-) At the same time also I am so happy that the stitches healed so quickly, I would say there is no obvious scar since the Dr. Ooi had done a very good job, as well as there was no blood at all on the gauze. I could shower on the next day after the operation. 

I made this card to thank all the level 5 nurses and staffs whom had helped us during our stay. They had taught us a lot while we had Adam room in. 

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Catching UP!!!

Yuhuu... It has been a while. Getting busy with Adam, family & visitors. Trying to catch up as much  sleep as we could. Yesterday,3 of us had outing to Gurney Plaza, we had to plan the route on maneuvering around the mall. It was a great outing. Had lunch in Chilli's. 

I find Gurney plaza is not quite baby friendly place. 
There are not many benches on the path, where mother can sit down and bottle feed the baby. Can still get the bench in every other floor. The nappy changing room in anchor parkson only allows mother. How about if daddy is going out with baby without mommy.

Good thing i found one nappy change room on 2nd floor (Near Tower Records) , where it is separated from the toilet. Therefore, daddy can also change the nappy in that room. It has free plug point which I think quite convenience for expressing milk.