Sunday, December 28, 2008

Great 2008!

2008 is a great year for me, a lot of things happened and I am grateful for what I am having now. I met my husband in 2006 and we got married february this year, and 9 months later we were given a wonderful gift and I can't describe how grateful & happy I am. Lovely husband, son, house, car & not forgetting lovely cats!!!

Hope 2009 is good as 2008!  

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Minced Pie The making

Minced Pie is traditional dish/kuih must have during christmas. We are having Sirap B's bro and his girlfriend from OZ to celebrate christmas this year in Malaysia. You can get minced pie easily in cold storage, but since we are last minutes people, we couldn't get any. (The truth is Sirap B and I have finished a few boxes of minced pie, that we bought earlier before they come) 

Therefore, we planned to make the minced pie ourselves. 
Here are the ingredients, fo
r pastry. Floor, icing sugar, butter, Castor sugar and pinch of salt. 
And for the filling you can just get any minced meat on the shelves, actually it is mixture of fruits & sugar. (Taste similar to acar tahun org. melayu kawin, therefore don't ever think about 
making the filling, because it is troublesome)
Here is what we got, Robertson's.
Then have your husband to blend the pastry ingredient. Need bigger hand to for easier uli2 work. Faster!
Fill pastry with minced meat then cover the pastry and brush with whisked egg. Bake for 20 minutes in the 180 degree C.

Finally, put on the rack and let it cool down for a while before serving. (It will burn your tongue if you eat immediately.)
Serve with dust of icing sugar. 

Lastly, it will be nice if having someone to do the washing up and you can sit back and relax enjoying the minced pie... Don't think we can wait till christmas again. 

Thanks babe for making us minced pie!!!!  

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I need a bigger desk

I need a bigger table to put all the craps and junks in my working station... I hope one day I can find income by working from home all the time, and at the same time to take care our son... Through the window next to me there is quite space which I plan to do something. But I haven't got any idea and time yet... initial plan to make a small garden and having plants such as lemongrass etc but I think it will die quickly because of the direct sun ... So may be I will build Adam's playing area, will see... Need to consider safety because our courtyard is open air from third floor and Adam may climb onto it :-)

A lot of my friends think that I will not be back to work after the maternity leave. Of course I would love to, spending my full time dedicate to Adam and Sirap B. One day but not so soon... I love my job, it keeps my mind thinking and challenging. Besides, this is only our first son. Can you imagine if someone has many children and still work, and some of them are single parents... I shouldn't complaint much. I need to be more organized in juggling my time. Sometimes, I envy to those people who are living nearby with their parents or in law, because they get the help from them, because ours are miles away. But, I am so grateful that I got all the supports from my husband helping me raising Adam. 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas to All Friends

Sent this card to family and friend in KL. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mc Gong Xi is back

Prosperity burger just back. This time they have double burger, and as usual curly fries. But...
The large size of set meal is RM18. Don't you think it is expensive. It is 3 time price my nasi kandar meal in Subaidah nearby. Price of oil reduced now, I haven't fill up the gas almost 2 months because I am rarely drive my car nowadays. Sirap B used to fill up gas for almost RM200 full tank in his car, and today was only RM130... 

Other update about us. We just found a day care center which we are happy about it. The center is just nearby and we got dedicated person to take care of Adam. Although, we heard bad thing about nursery we don't know how true is it. I asked a lot of friends who sent their kids to day care and they are happy about it as well. We can send Adam anytime, the fact that my work is flexible and Sirap B is working from home except when he is traveling we thought this is a good place to send Adam to. One of Sirap B's friend in OZ just purposely send their kids to day care 2-3 days a week although his wife isn't working. It is good to have the kids to play with other kids. I know Adam is still baby but, it gives myself  a start as well to let him be apart from me for a while. Of course we will take care of him at night... Looking forward :-)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas shopping...

I love shopping so much ;-)...I bet every most lady is the same. Lately my hubby loves to join me for shopping. He could even wait for me to try the clothes, looking for bags and shoes. These are all because of he got something else to do while waiting for me :-)

We have been doing shopping for a while, since Sirap B's brother and his girlfriend will be here during christmas. 

We got a few presents for them and mainly 

are junks :-)

And ELMO LIVE for Adam, since it is the IN thing this year for present. Adam won't be able to play yet since it is for 18+month... we both played with it and loving it. It is fun toy to play with. Elmo can talk :-)

Sunday, December 07, 2008

We are feeling much more better...

I am feeling relief and much more better now, I know we sound so cruel but what we did is for our own good and best for Adam. We finally fired our maid... It doesn't need explanation. I know all my family member agree with our decision. We think we had enough, and we know it will make our life busier but we know this is the best for us.  We decided from now on, if we ever hiring a maid again we have to find the daily, not the live in one. 

We are happier than we were when we had maid... although we have to do our own laundry and wash our dishes, and I am enjoying it...