Friday, February 27, 2009

Jean paul Gaultier Mineral Water

Jean paul Gaultier
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I found this Evian mineral water at RM38.99. May be because it is designed by JPG and it becomes damn expensive. I don't buy it tough...RM40, is my one week meal!

At home now with Adam and he is sleeping. Since my hubby's friend is here, let him go for boys night outing, or else he will stay at home me"Lazy"ing with me...

I made my own bread...

For first time... I tried to make bread. It was good I think for the first time maker, I made onion and cheese bread. I didn't get a chance to take picture! Now, I think gardenia will never taste the same as before....... :)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Love Bug...

Everyday, I take 20~30 minutes to reach office and everyday morning crew, JJ & Ean entertain me. They are just so funny. Lately they always play this song Love Bug by Jonas Brothers. I like this song so much and have listen to it many times. Even my husband said, "Adam, your mother love this song."I don't know much of this group, but after watching Grammy Award I thought these 3 brothers are so talented. They are not like most boy band and I don't think they are categorized as one, possible POP band. They play instrument and they performed with Stevie Wonder and they are really really good. 

I really admire these young people who have talent on the stage, singing and playing instrument at the same time. Last 2 years I saw Jamie Cullum in Java Jazz Jakarta and he was with piano, I thought the performance was extraordinary. Where do they get these talents from? Is it more opportunity in their country?  And why we(Malaysian)  don't have many people with artist & music talent. Indonesian made many talent to International at least I know Anggun. Name any Malaysian, I just can't. 

We used to have Korean neighbor who their children practice playing drum & loudly sang almost everyday. That makes me less wonder why they have talented artist like Rain! As a mother, if one day Adam comes to me, hey mom I want to quit school and do music seriously....What shall I respond? ... I leave it to my hubby to answer.....

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I love cooking so much...

 I had been browsing the kitchen mixer online and shops. I have a lots of kitchen gadgets which I don't really use, mostly because they are in cabinets and I sometimes forgot that I have them. Blender, food processor, pasta maker which I never used, hand mixer which I don't like because of less power, everytime I use it my house will be messy with scattered butter or egg. 
First, I saw Artisan series Kitchen Aid  in Gurney Plaza, it is very nice design and in fact you can choose the any color. I love the pink color but don't think it suits our kitchen. Anna Olson also uses kitchen aid, she uses both hand mixer and stand mixer. I saw Nigella Lawson uses both kitchen aid as well. And yes they are good on TV. Since kitchen aid attachment is not easy to get,  that will be another gadget I will add onto my kitchen. Which is not my initial plan. 

After, searching, and advise from my hubby better get something which last for life time. I decided kenwood major KM020, with we can get a lot of attachment later. I will also get rid off some of the gadget, like blender or food processor at one point, once this kenny gadget is completed. I had made order and hopefully they will have in stock sooner. So more pastries, more cookies, more cakes and bakery! Who is going to eat them? 

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I am busy....

Meat Ball Sauce Vermicelli, and Cheddar!!!
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I am pretty busy with works, laundry, cleaning, adam and everything else. Life totally changed, this time somebody is rely on you for everything. Unlike our cats willie and dustie we can still ignore if they need attention or need to be stroked.

I personally prefer to cook, I wish I can cook for us in every meal breakfast, lunch & dinner. Last weekend I made meat ball sauce in the slow cooker, I prepared the dish at night, and keep in the fridge, then in the afternoon before we went out for jalan2 just turned on the slow cooker, and we are home our dinner is ready.

Actually this is recipe, after watching Jamie Oliver in tv, but he cooked in normal way. I used slow cooker, therefore got to reduce liquid from his recipe. My recipe... agak2!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Nursing Adam

I have been breast feeding Adam since ever he was born. I plan to breast feed for first 6 months, and if everything goes well I wi
ll try to continue breast feed till 1 year. I am glad that my company provide the nursing roo
m where we can pump the breast milk. It is also good that I get to meet other mother and we share all the remedies and experiences on breast feeding. 

My friend, lorraine told me that her whole family in the house had cold and flu, and her son was steadily healthy. She believed that all because of benefit of breast milk. We can get a lot of information from bottle and pump manufacturer, and I love medela. I spent a little bit more on double electric pump and  I am happy with it till now. I know some of th
e mother in took about 30 mins to pump, but with electric double pump I spend less than 1
0 minutes. 
So for working mom if you plan to continue breastfeed yes you can!

So here are from my experience. 
1. Breast Pump - consider manual or electric pumping, single or double, and if you want to be more stylish some of the manufacturer produced nicer bag that come along with the pump. I use the "pump in style" with bagpack, easy to carry and come with 4 storage bottle. 
2. Storage - I am using plastic storage bag from Playtex (8OZ), which I find better to use when filling 4-5oz milk and to tie it neatly with rubber band. It cost about RM52+ for 125pieces. In fact there are a lot of other brand, such as meMum, even medela produce their own but I think they are quite pricy. 
3. Picture of my son! - this is so important when he is not around, it helps me to get the "let down" feeling and I can easily produce the milk. 
4. Pump more frequent! Every 3 hours is recommended by medela. 
5. At home try to latch on, give direct to you baby so, your breast milk will last longer. 
6. Eat healthily - you want to feed your baby so you must eat, don't worry about losing weight, breast feeding will help you reduced to your pre-pregnancy weight easily. Continue taking vitamin as you do during pregnancy. 
7. Lastly, good luck! Every mother can do it.

Jason Mraz!!!

Before I had a baby I told my husband, when Jason Mraz is coming to Asia I must watch! One time I missed the concert while he was in Singapore, I think that because of I was so pregnant or just right after delivery.

Now he is having Asia touring, Jakarta for Java Jazz, Singapore and Malaysia, and we are going to Malaysia concert. I can't wait for the day! I listen to him since before the song "I am yours" got famous.

P/S: I know it sounds like I am a bad mother to leave my son to my sister, but it is only 3 hours....

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fun @ work...but

I love my job so much! I like what I am doing now, recently I had customer visit, well our 2nd largest customer and provided training to them how can they submit their order and get the product shipped in same day or next day delivery. Accompanied by a guy from sales and another guy from logistic to meet customer gave me more confidence to do my job. It is a big thing to our company since they are big buyer. Sooner, I will be doing  Japanese customer, I have to practice my rusty Japanese, but since I'm very familiar with the technical terms I am doing and they are using the same technical language I think it will make my job easy! Wish me luck!

But what I hate about the job now, is politics... I guess everywhere are the same and everyone is trying to protect their job and avoid firing as much as they can. But somehow, I feel like some of unnecessary jobs are created and not giving any value... hmm... will see how lah!

Cup Cake Tak Cukup Naik

My hubby made a comment that there was no desert at home after we had dinner, and he thought nowadays we can't just simply go out for desert or cake at late night, because it is not fair for our little person as it is his sleeping time. 
So while he was upstairs, I made chocolate chips cupcakes, but the cupcakes tak cukup naik! 
That was because I made everything in a rush, and had to beat the eggs by hand because I don't have electric mixer. 
I wish I have "kitchen aid" mixer or "Kenwood chef" mixer but, they are so expensive, and I don't really have time to bake nowadays, and it is not worth to get it now. May be I shall quit job and open up bakery... hmm...

Anyway, even the cupcakes tak cukup naik, they were quite sedap and we ate with cheap Mat Kool vanilla & chocolate IceCream! 

Monday, February 02, 2009


Today is our 1st anniversary, and we have our 3 months son already with us!!! We are very happy for what we are having although we have to add a routine to wake up every night for our dear son. We didn't do much thing, because having demanding son can't just simply let us for having outside dinner together, so we bought card for ourselves. I didn't have much time to prepare a card for anniversary. I bought the card that I like in one of gift shop, and then I accompanied my husband to the book store as he wanted to get a card for me as well. We don't have many selection of anniversary cards in our country, very limited option. So my husbandchose the same card that I bought, I guess because we both the same kind of people... 
Anyway I did tell him that he got to choose different card and he did :-) 

Instead of spending money for gift like jewellery etc we are going to make a breakfast room or small dining room. Especially when feeding Adam with solid later on, and we want somewhere near the kitchen to clean the mess as soon as we can. Bought high chair for Adam, I know it is still early to feed him solid, but I am so exited with what to make for him!!!