Monday, March 16, 2009

Congrats to Frashad & his wife

We were invited by my a colleague to his wedding party and with  Exmond and YY carpooled to  the venue. It was lovely wedding dinner and got to meet up with all friends. I was not in the same team as them but we were all sitting nearby in the office back in 2005 ~6. He and the team are from training developer team. Their previous manager Ray also came for the wedding and had a good time. 
Haza came all they way from KL, with his new camera. I grabbed this link from his flickr. After the event I realized I didn't take any pictures with the bride and the groom. Must be busy with Adam all the time....
Congratulations to both of them and Happy Always!!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

How did I influence my hubby :-P

I often use so many acronyms and simple word from my company term, like 1:1 and so many words... Another thing being organize, He called me queen of excel... I can do anything with Excel, I have house inventory, I used to have adam poo & eating in excel, but we found it is not effective to track since it is now pretty consistence. When we first got Willie and Pudie (Our old cat) we also did the same thing track, if they take solid or wet food. But  now because we don't have to track anymore I guess that make our Willie so bloody huge!...  
I don't think I am so dedicated to my company, but I guess I just get used to it and it is easy, the excel thing just because I like being organized, it is also good when we do content insurance...Am I cleanaholic, not sure... but my husband sometime says so... He knew I will "hati tak senang" if the thing is not in place where it should.... :-P 

WFH...what does it mean to you? 


I work from home today. I will have maid to come at 1 soon. I have been working late night recently 9PM almost 12AM... because of the BiG Bang Project I am working on right now... Damn Bang Bang Bang....  
So today...I will take day off in the own justification since I don't have afternoon meeting. My boss trust me a lot... as long as thing done. Going out with my friend yy who is my teammate as well as living nearby to us... for shopping!!! Therapy release!! 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Adakah along jiran ku?!

I have been wondering these few days about what happened to my neighbor opposite my house. I know Mr Lim is very selective on renting his house to tenant, once he asked me if I have any Mat Saleh or Minah Saleh would like to rent his house. 

But these few days, the house has been occupied by strange looking people. Not that I want to accuse they are bad people, often tenant in our road are family people and they are not. There were a few chinese guy like gangster looking with gold necklace like 50cent, and about 4 indian guys...Since then, I don't see Mr Lim around anymore. So I wonder if he owed these people and now they want to take over his house. 

I told Sirap B, and thought I just made a story, but after he looked he started to understand what I meant. When my sister and family came over the weekend also they said the same... they look like Samseng(gangster)...

My brother in law said... they are sometimes kind hearted people. And said if anything happened at house like bad people break into the house, he said asked help from these Along! Hahahahaha...  They will help to bit up these bad people...

Anyway, I have alarmed everytime I am at home, and when I go out, and I don't dare to look into their eyes... Luckily next door now occupied.... 

Monday, March 09, 2009

Holiday... I wish it is everyday!

Everytime we both discuss about where to go vacation, we always stuck with idea. We are not beach person, although we live in the island, and we are seeing beach just a few minutes from our home. I personally love historical place, I like museum and art gallery place. So everytime my family come to Penang, I always suggest to go to museum, especially good for kids, but  no one interested with my idea. 

One more thing, if the place isn't a big city we may think a few times to go or not. I love big city, one good thing is because we both gadget freak! So big city like Hong Kong and Singapore always have a good stuff for us. But we never want to stay in a big Shitty :-[

We have a few trip plan ahead, mainly visiting oversea family and friends. But the sad thing, my leave is getting lesser... holiday for me not necessary to go away from home, I love to stay at home and do what I like. At the moment because of work I don't spend much time exploring what do we have at home... we still a few bedrooms and bathrooms which we haven't used. 

I just brought back my sewing machine from my other apartment. I plan to do a lot of thing with it... looking forward for more free time... 

My husband is away for a week, I'm taking care of my boy by myself till he is back on next Saturday. Good that my sister and family came by over the weekend, and they just went away. 
Now I must sleep!!! Good Night...

Saturday, March 07, 2009

My mission !!

Learn to make a lot of Malay kuih-muih...May be in one month at least I try to make one kuih. 
My favourite kuih the one contains gula melaka, 
Onde-Onde or Buah Melaka
Kuih Ketayap
Kuih Lopez
Kuih Koci ... 

Then kuih talam. 
Seri Muka, hmm this one my British husband can teach me how to make.

Kuih savoury