Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Am I a “cleanaholic?”

I found this article about cleanaholic , and think it is quite interesting. I don't think I am cleanaholic, but my husband think so, may be I am but the level of cleanaholics not up to the level sental -menyental (Scrubbing). I just don't leave and dirty dishes for overnight. I make up my bed in less than 1 minute, because it is just easy, duvet helps the bed looks neater.

When I was studying in Japan, I went to my friends' house and wash their toilet bowl...Hahaha... I would rather say myself is peng"geli"

But at work, I don't think so I am so organize, I have so many these kind of folders :-P

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby food

Adam has started eating solid... I gave him some cereal & jarred food at the begining. I bought a book "first meal" by Annabel Karmel, thought I will start to make some food for Adam. At the same time also I have been asking around about frozen food to baby, most of people I asked in Malaysia  don't buy the idea of freezing food. 

The more I googled I found it is fine to freeze food, as long as we do the right way. I have deep freezer, which we only open 1-2 times a day, mainly to take the frozen breast milk for Adam to his school. 

I have started pureeing pumpkin, sweet potatoes and today I continue with carrot and potato. Of course I follow the chart that given by hospital when introducing food to baby. I grabbed this from flickr and used the same method of freezing baby food. It is so fun of making baby food. Today, I mixed the rice cereal with pumpkin and gave to Adam, he loves usual any food...even his foot :D... 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Congrats to T & M

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This is taken last year on my wedding last weekend we went to their wedding in Cebu. Hope they have wonderful marriage life and have many many beautiful kids... :-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The first...

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We just back from Cebu last Monday morning... and I wasn't working on Monday, just because I want to relax and have a lazy day.... Yes I did have a lazy day, Adam and I slept next to each other from 4pm and woke up when it 's getting darker and James asked for buying a new phone and dinner. Our house phone is broken... bz bz bz bz... when using it.

It was Adam's first for a lot of things.
First flight
First oversea country,
First taxi
First time in the car which is not mine and James, so 3rd car...
First time not using car seat in the car...this one worry us... but we got no choice....
A lot of first, which I couldn't just list them down anymore...

We had a good time, I would say the best part was the wedding, I think everybody cried during the solemnization, and had fun and crazy during the party, although it was raining, it brought everyone together and closer stayed in the canopy which was limited space...
We had a lot of cool and nice pictures, but will upload once the bride and groom uploaded theirs, so I uploaded some without them in the flickr first... James as usual loves to talk to local, so he was most of the time in "uncle-uncle" table. And Adam...he was being held by others... so it was a good time for me... :-P

Me, I wish I can speak tagalog... because everyone who don't recognize me think I am philippines. Well I guess mainly Asian they are all look similar...

Adam was a good boy during the trip. And He always does :-) Overall, we love the trip... we will do another trip in June for James's kampung.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Adam these days...

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I am so happy everyday looking at Adam progress, I tried to take as much as snap shots of him, but again sometimes the I missed to capture the great moment of him... But we know in our mind he is always there, we are witnessing his everyday progress and we are enjoying it.

Now, make us realize how exhausted and tiring it is being a parents, we don't play game anymore, we don't have longer relaxing time, when we watch drama they were never till ending , but thanks to Astro MAX, we are able to record them, we go out together but we don't dine out together, one holding him, the other finishes the meal quickly to take turn holding him. We don't have family nearby,so we did everything mainly ourselves. We take turn when one of us available sending him to school ( we called it school ). Not only that, we prepare his bag, we prepare his meal, we prepare his clothes and nappies, basically everything.
Nowadays, never care so much about what we are wearing, either they are expensive clothes or not, we know in a few minutes, it will be wet or dirt by Adam's messy snod, and drooling saliva.
I don't wear heels as often as before, because I don't want to felt over or trip while carrying him... too many things to list about how much we changed, and how much we sacrify for him.


They are all worth it.. Truly worth it, we never regret every single second of time we are having him, we never feel that he is burden to us although he changed our live.... We truly love him... really love him...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

home sweet home

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This is the road we live. We love our home so much and everytime we go out to other places we can't wait to go home again... I have done some packing for this coming Cebu trip, and just need to do the last checking for tomorrow before we leave on thursday early morning. Bloody early...6.30AM flight....

Back to topic about home, all of the houses on the road are having white for wall and gates, but somehow one of the neighbor changed the gate to darker color. I just don't think it is nice at all, and the style is so "roman graco"... Not sure if my neighbor is reading my blog, and I hope whoever in our neighborhood changed their gate, get the message that they just ruined the beautiful community we are having here...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

unpacking and packing...

3 of us just got back from KL for friend's wedding. It was lovely wedding, bride and groom and the ambience. We stayed in downtime KL thought that we are going to shopping but didn't really do except additional IP camera for home, and of course for our little guy. Although, we didn't buy much stuff, as we thought, it was fun trip in KL. Adam got his first hair cut in the saloon.. and he enjoyed it.

This thursday we will be flying to Cebu for another wedding. I am pretty nervous because this is Adam's first flight trip. Wonder how is he going to behave. We normally take so many bags when we travel by car, but now we really need to take out unnecessary stuff... hmm we still haven't decided which luggage bag we are going to carry. We think 70% of the stuffs are going to be his items. We just got travel bag for his stroller. The bag itself is so huge and as large as our luggage, but we really need the stroller to move around... Adam is getting bigger and our muscle can't just bare his weight for  long hour :-P

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

5AM... I am in zombie mode

I am waking up for this 5am meeting, we are rotating this meeting to occupy US, ASia and Europe. Today is my turn to wake up early... DAMN!!! I am so like zombie... aaarrggghhhhh

Friday, April 03, 2009

Adam the brit...

Recently, we got Adam British Birth cert in  British embassy. We went there, but there was no single parking in front of British Embassy so I got to drive OP (we call our car OP, Optimus Prime), then dropped James in front of the gate and couldn't even waiting, as there was a police booth. I drove don't know where and lost until 45 mins  away from Jalan Ampang. Luckily the navigator still brought me back to James. 

Our boy is now official Malaysian Malay, and British with 
no race... :-) This is Adam's original passport picture, taken by dada...

Thursday, April 02, 2009


Recently I'm working around the clock, meeting late night, early morning and sometimes meeting back to back during office hour. One of the project will finish this weekend, so I hope the night meeting will stop sooner unless I am given with any new project. It is endless work...

The company didn't do well but we still got some token into our stocks. I didn't expect a lot at all, considering I was away for almost quarter on maternity leave and extended with annual leave. 

I feel bless for what I am having, husband, my boy, good company...although I  have many meetings.... :-P