Sunday, June 28, 2009

Breakfast room

We have so many compartment in our home... When we bought the house, we even have music room which we don't use as music room. Looks like become our ironing room now...
We have one area called breakfast room, we used to put fish tank but now we can't maintain the tank anymore and gave it to my friend... the area left empty and most of the time cats playing and eating area.

I always wanted to do something with the area, just a place where J and I can have morning cereal, area where we can feed Adam and nearby to kitchen so easy to clean up. At first we thought of building cabinets there, but then it will costly and may be the selling value will not be so good if doing so many renovation which may not be so tasteful for the next buyer ...( Don't know if that will happen, since we think we will live here forever) ....

Ok, Homelife is having sale. So went there, and here what I got... side console table which I can put more stuff inside, and if build cabinet may cost me ~RM3K...

But what I got is a lot cheaper...just need to put up some wall picture for finishing....

Friday, June 26, 2009

Next Vacation??

We are home, since last Monday... All of us are still jet lag and still awake at 2-3 AM. I was late to work this morning snooze till 9.15AM, so did J who hasn't packed for his India flight at 1PM.
I have been unpacking, and did laundry since after Adam started sleeping about 3 hours ago.
Will have weekend with Adam...
We are still in vacation mood... I chatted with J today on IM, told him that we need to plan for next vacation so it will be exiting to look forward for something. July will be the month where J's sister from NZ visiting Malaysia. They are going back to England and plan to stop by in Penang.
Where shall we go for next visit...? Not long just weekend trip. A bit tiring carrying a baby on long trip. J's brother in OZ is going to get married on Jan next year so that we need to look as well... need to save something for expenses etc...

Perhaps, Asean country?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bugga Boo - PF cover

We have been looking a lot online for Paul Frank canvas cover on our buggaboo. They got a few designs and what we want is difficult to get. Finally we found it and really love it!!

British Grand Prix this weekend

It is British Grand Prix this weekend, the road to Silverstone was very busy. J's brother, Chaz works for RedBull racing team, and we had a chance to visit the redbull factory today. It was difinitely one of the highlight of the trip. Chaz gave us brief tour how 600 employees worked to build the F1 racing car. We got quite a few of pictures, except at some areas where camera isn't allowed. I shall upload them to flickr.

I thought it is great job that he is having, really cool things that they are doing in designing and engineering technology. Thanks to Chaz, we had a good time!!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


We went to see lavender on Monday. J drove us a while and I wasn't really sure how far he had driven, I was busy looking at the countryside scenery. Then we arrived at the Snowhill lavender and managed to see some lavender tree and a little area that had lavender blooming. We went into the shop selling lavender products and the smell of lavender is everywhere. Picture of Adam and Grannie Prue near the lavender farm.

Monday, June 15, 2009

We arrived in England safely

We left home at almost 6 and had dinner at airport with our friends YY and Ex. The trip was very weary for J and I because Adam didn't want to sleep by himself. He kept waking up and wanted me to hold him all the time. I was ill along the way, had soretroat and recovered from fever. Anyway we arrived safely in Heathrow at about 5AM. Took a rental car then drove to my MIL's house. J has been asking me to do list what I want to do here, I leave most of thing to him.
I love groceries, so first thing we did on the way to his mom's, we stopped at Tesco in Slough, apparently it is the biggest supermarket in Europe. I usually very naive on what I want, sound funny because things I want to do here, like go to Tesco, seeing cows.... Yes COW.... and of course lavender because I can't get them in Malaysia.

Why cow? I always imagine fat Friesian cows eating grass on the farm when I thought about England. You don't get this kind of cows in Malaysia, they are mostly bony and either brown or black color. Along the way we saw quite numbers of Friesian cow farms, although I still haven't got a chance to see them closer.

We were in Cheltenham town just jalan jalan and also we did walk in the park. I would say I had fun and lots of things to write here. Will try to take a lot of pictures and put on flickr whenever I am available.

Love this picture. Adam and Granpa John. Hope he will get well soon. We are now waiting for Mom to go to see lavender

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last week

It was thursday, I was out with some colleague as we were having team building in the town, and it was quite fun for me since we are walking to learn about Penang heritage building and of course exercise for me, then later in the afternoon we played bowling. At about 3PM I received call from nursery telling me Adam was on fever. I rushed to his nursery picked him up and brought to doctor, however doctor said it was only normal fever and prescribed us with paracetamol and Vitamin C.
I took day off on Friday just to take care of Adam, especially his temperature was quite hight at 38.8. He cried almost every hour and didn't want to eat even I tried to nurse him directly. Then later at 4 I saw a few rashes came out at his hand and foot. Suspected it was HFM(Hand Foot and Mouth) Diseases I brought him straight away to hospital, but this time was different doctor. I felt weak and broken hearted when doctor announced it was HFMD and he had to be admitted, my tears almost dropped, but I had to be strong because J is not around and still in India. 

I didn't prepare myself to be admitted to hospital, so I had to call YY and Ex our good friend to pick up some stuff from home. Luckily, I was half way packed for England, so there were clothes for me and 
Adam to wear in the hospital. They just got to find nappies, milk and my toiletries. 

As soon as I let J knew that Adam had to be admitted he took the earliest flight to home. I was so glad that at least I know my husband came home and we will be fine if anything happened. 
Adam recovered quickly from fever, and we were allowed to discharge after 3 nights stay. 

I am so thankful that my friends are around to help us and of course having my husband around made me felt relief. Later after we discharged YY and Ex visited us at home. Adam now is getting better and the blisters are drying  quickly, especially at his foot are almost gone. 

Mee Maggie cepat dimasak sedap dimakan

Instant noodles, or maggie what we called in Malaysia is a must have item in my house. Not that we eat them everyday, but once a while to change the mood maggie sounds good. And when J is not around it is very quick just to have maggie by myself. Any brand in Malaysia we still call them maggie, my favourite from Maggie brand is Asam Laksa.... 
Another brand that must have in our house is SEDAP, the mee goreng. They are not expensive compare to Maggie brand, made in Indonesia. When I had the maid, I am afraid that she will hungry so I stocked a lot of maggie for her, that's how I found this maggie SEDAP...  

Monday, June 08, 2009

Unexpected weekend

Long story tough, to make it easy, 3 of us were hit by fever and were in the hospital for 3 nights. 

Thursday, June 04, 2009

multi purpose cleaner

In a lot of cleaning stuff, I love Bang. They got different variety for tiles, stainless steel especially for kitchen appliances and of course for toilet. Just used a little spray and wipe the surface it will be super glossy. 

** I am on leave today to take care Adam. He is having fever from yesterday afternoon and looking better now**

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

A productive Day

A happy day, my company sponsored for the blood test, and I am so happy that my cholesterol level is low, although I know I have lots of extra fat to shed away... :-) After work, pick up Adam and played with him. We also did a walk but not long because of it was quite late already when I arrived home.

Little Man is so happy as usual as long as his need is attended..

He loves playing so much...

Prepared cereal mix with pumpkin + parsnip + carrot

 I want my food now!! 

We Skyped with J from India, and it is such a good news that he will be back a day earlier. He is never happy be in India, because he has to take Indian food in every meal while working on site. We had to avoid Mamak for a week. In India, even Pizza also curry version. 

After gave bath Adam, and put him to bed, I got  time and again browsing recipes and TADAAAAA....

The butter cake with chocolate frosting which I took from this website.  The recipe is quite easy, similar like making short bread but adding eggs and milk. I finished up by sprinkling some candy stars.... Don't plan to eat myself but I am happy when I can make something :-)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Car seat again....

I blogged about infant car seat when Adam was about 1 or 2 month. He is now 7++ month and growing bigger and longer. His feet now are sticking out from his car seat, and we thought it is a time to get the 2nd stage of car seat. Often the infant car seat can last up to 9 months, depending on how big the baby is. And the 2nd stage is up to 4 years, so we have a while not to spend big $$$ for baby :-P

Last weekend, we went to First few years, and some other baby shops. There are a lot of brand, out there and we kind of no idea which one shall we choose. We are using Maxi Cosi Isofix  for infant because of our stroller is compatible with the car seat. Then we look at Maxi Cosi range, and one that we find we like. Maxi Cosi Tobi. We found Tobi, is advantage at the straps where it is stay hanging  and parents won't have a problem to find the strap to put the child in, can quickly find the strap. Another thing I like about it is reclinable, therefore, we don't have to recline our own seat in the car, and not all car can recline the seat though. Although, I think Tobi a bit pricy, price range between RM1299~1599 depending on the promotion the shops are having.... But again this will last for 3~4 yrs, so I always think it is worth it to spend for a good thing although it is pricy it will last longer. We also tried with Adam on, but somehow he cri
ed, so we not sure if he hates the seat or the strap was too tight on him or just the seat isn't suit him. We don't know. We didn't buy though because we are still not sure. I tried to call one of the shop in Penang where we got the infant seat from, they have the stock however they only have blue color and red color. I saw black which I think if we have a girl in the future blue is not suitable, and of course NO to red. 
I told J why do you only stick to Maxi Cosi? And I suggested to look for other manufacturer, then I found Combi. We have't got any Combi product at all at our home. They are not cheap, I guess because of external brand. What good about this Combi Zues Car Seat, it 360 degree able to rotate. So I think advantage to put the child on the car seat from the car door without bending the body so much. And also can face to the back so it will be a bid recline to have better sleep. I still need to see the real product is. Shall get more update if I found more about this. Amazon sell brand new at USD299. And found a website I guess Malaysia its distributor sells at RM799. 

These are so far 2 I really look into and studied. There are a lot of other brand out there like Graco,  etc.... So I am still searching and learning... 


I have been singing this song over and over again. I think every DJ play this song on each of their session. 

Fun lyric, And sing with sign language to Adam.

There is only 1 thing, 2 do, 3 words, 4 you... I love you 
There is only 1 way, 2 say, 3 words, ......