Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Let's safe the environment

I am so glad to see that our country has done a lot of things to safe environment. Cold Storage, Tesco started bag free on everyMonday. I like the recycle shopping bag, and keep saying to my friends to get some and just leave them in the car. Carry it whenever you go out, and some of them can be folded easily. They are stronger than the plastic bag.
In most places Wednesday is can/glass recycling day. Any glass bottle or jar think before you throw into the bin, think about how you can recycle. One bottle means something to the environment. At one point I was so embarrase with myself when I saw a foreigner carried a recycle bag to coldstorage although it is not their country... Let's start to do simple thing for the future...

Friday, July 17, 2009

We are having visitors

J's sister and the children are here at the moment. They will be here for the weekend then back to New Zealand. I am now at home waiting for them to come back from shopping then we are off to the beach!!!... 

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rock !!!...

I am looking for ticket to go to Amy Search.. kehkehkeh. Nak bagi urat leher kejang melalak He is our relatives... My dad's 2nd. cousin... my mom told us when my elder sis was still little he came to our house, with "wife beater shirt".. (ala ala singlet-org pukul bini selalu pakai singlet).... I still can listen to all of Search song, Wings, lefthanded are all still ok, but back in 94~ the UKAyslah I don't know what else, I can't take it at all... very jiwang karat....

Yesterday J cooked us dinner, everything inside. The spagettie picture reminds me of first cassete I bought in my life with my own money. I was form 4. Before that just listened to radio...Keh keh... Guns & Roses the spagettie incident.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Friday is holly day!!! I usually tried to finish my work by morning. And I am finish ready for weekend. I love my work... but I nowadays my work phase a bit slow.. hahahaha.. I have turned down a few trip 2x Swindon, 1x US and 2x Japan.. Hahaha not that I don't want, I can't .All the trip required me to be in the location for 2 weeks... I have family it is different. Every quarter the trip is budgetted for me... but then I have to negotiate with other teammate to replace me.. of course they are willing to go.. travelling is fun..but business trip is never fun.... In Fact I hate it.. "pening pening" Storming --> Norming --> Forming... I think every year we are having this..... silap hari bulan kena jugak..if VSS, tapi tak kena kena

I had maggie party with teammate yesterday. My desk is never short of foods supply. Itu pasal tak slim slim...

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sheppard's Pie

We are rice person, but we hardly buy rice nowadays. We bought 5KG last us 4 months, not that I don't cook. But sometimes we eat potatoes, bread (I made bread) ... and everything else. Sometimes noodles... Same as J. He can now tell if the rice is good rice. I like Thai fragrant rice. I also love Nihon rice. Anyway, we need to replenish rice soon, since very very little left at home...

My MIL gave a recipe. So so simple... Mainly are from essential item that we have at home. Trylah, I am suck in writing recipe....

Ingredient A:
Minced beaf
Worcestershire sauce
Pepper and Salt
Oil (I use Chili diffused Olive oil - sell in cold storage)

Ingredient B:
Potato <>
Butter - Lots of butter :-P
Milk (optional)

Then, lay the ingredient B on the baking dish or pie dish. And after that, ingredient A.
Into oven for 30 minutes...

You can get sheppard's pie with ground lamb, I that's the original recipe.
Samaada, Pengembala biri biri ni terlebih sheep or dia rasa guilty nak makan lamb so tukar many theory.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

APICs certification

Being in IT it is hard to see how is your career growth, however I believe there is always a place on the top for you to achieve, it is just how do you achieve it. It doesn't mean being people manager always the right career growth (cheh cam ZigZiglar gitu). I know a few folks in my company who has better income than their boss, they also have better job skills.
Most of the time, in IT if you want to become content expert, or you want to become people manager, or you want to become project manager. My company provides a lot of training curricular for us to pursue our career.

My company also is sponsoring us to further study in master or PHD, as long as the subject learn is related to work. I don't see myself as Project manager because I am not discipline in maintaining gantt, following up other people task etc. I don't see myself as being manager, although my boss kept asking me during our meeting. The reason is simple. I have my boy to take care and furthermore, after being long in this company, folks whom you are going to manage are your friends, so No way for me... I like what I am doing now, I love my job..I love the fact that supply chain management is always there, business isn't going away.

So I decided to move my career as content expert... And going to pursue APICS certification.... Easier compare to the other.... So, hopefully I will nak ambik SPM gituh...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Writing from ipod

I just installed this blogwriter lite on my touch. Quite ok, just to give short update. But, no photo upload.

I guess that why it called with lite.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Rumah siapa?

This morning while asking the maid to clean our bedroom, i saw these miniature houses were quite dusty. I didn't notice that all these while the house has liquid inside, then I went downstairs asked J.

Me : J, why there is liquid inside the miniature house?
J : it is alcohol...
Me : Ha??? Why didn't you drink it, last time. Is it really alcohol? *Still don't believe
J: I am saving the house... It is a kind of alcohol called Bols...
Me : (Still don't believe, went online and googled....) Ya kah???

Apparently, the more I googled it is collectible item. It is given by KLM when he used to fly KLM business class... It is KLM Delft blue miniature house, they have 89 houses and he doesn't have all though. Naive me again.

Then it reminded me of the gift from my former boss. It is Royal Copenhagen plate, he bought at Singapore 130 in 2005. Another collectible item which can become antic. He even gave me the list of value from 1908. My former boss loves to collect antic item. I almost forget about this thing. We sometimes, don't know how much the value of the item that we have threw away... So think before you throw... if you keep them you can become hoader... but in other way you can also safe the environment. *** Don't think J will agree, if so many junks at home... :-P

Friday, July 03, 2009

The Little Man

Little man is now 8 months plus, he is kind of about to crawl, but still don't know what to do with his leg, especially when he is the tummy position. I don't push him though, my sis said all of her sons skipped crawling.

He seems better in the forward facing car seat, I guess because he has better view outside compare to rear facing. We are still using the other car seat in my car, it just convenience having one each at the moment, will use it till last.

Yesterday, I made pasta for Adam. Not quite like our pasta, it is the Heinz ABC vegetable pasta. Bigger baby need more iron, and this vegetable pasta contains spinach which has a lot of iron in it... And we added with Creamy sauce. He is ok with it, just that the pasta texture, made him difficult to swallow. J then blent the pasta again to softer, and fed him. He is such a messy eater, he grabbed the spoon from us and want to use it himself, end up the food went to all over his face... messy...

There are few people, made a comment "he is still small to send to nursery" to me, and even some of them made shock face and said "kesian him" because we are sending him to nursery. I just don't get it what wrong sending my son to nursery. We prefer not to send to baby sitter because we hardly know anyone who we can trust to take care of him. Furthermore, we don't know if the baby sitter house is "pleasant" enough to have Adam there. We know the nursery where we send Adam very well. There are 6 teachers there to take care of him. And we satisfy with the facilities, they have everything to take care for Adam. They even share me knowledge in nursing Adam.

I better go upstairs now because my boy is screaming... and it is almost midnight...till then..ciao

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fun Fun

Remember I blogged about this. 
The card made for J from Adam by me for father's day. We managed to get Adam's foot print in the card. Happy that J likes it. I got him the Molton Brown Black Pepper EDT...  Hot and Spicy!!!

I am still at home, waiting for my 2 guys to wake up and get ready!!!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009


We got the car seat yesterday for Adam, we finally thought that the Maxi Cosi Tobi is good for Adam. We stopped by at Amoy Road, and 3 of us walked to the baby shop near the fish shop...that is what we called the babyshop. Didn't expect we like it, so J had to carry the heavy baby car seats to the car. Adam seems like it. But he cried when near the home, not sure because of the car seat or what....

Since ever Adam came to this world we want to change our ride OP to the bigger car. OP is definitely the best car ever we are having. It is good driver car but not suitable if we plan to have bigger family. J has been looking around of new car and he likes Toyota Alphard so much. But we still can't find the model that we like 3.0L MZG, well of course we are going to buy 2nd hand. The brand new Alphard is more expensive than our current OP. The Velfire costs about RM600K~. Ridiciluously expensive brand new import car.

Grabbed from

We went to look for Alphard many times, personally I like black color. I don't mind the MZG 3L or the 2.4L. As long as can move. J's sister is coming this month, so we thought if we want to pick her and family at airport we need to have 2 cars go to pick her up.

Still looking....