Sunday, August 30, 2009

Car Hunting

We are in KL now for Car hunting. We couldn't find anywhere in Penang what we are looking for, and has to hunt down till KL. So far we found Alphard that we like and still negotiating the price. Well that's the first company I called which has Alphard we wanted.

We went to Naza world in PJ, somehow "gatal" wanted to see Nissan Elgrand. The XL version is so luxurious, similar to the Alphard MZG we are looking for, and it is cheaper... so now we are back to square... and is going to test drive tomorrow... Been reading review about these 2 cars since ever we arrived in hotel here.

Want to shop for Hari raya stuff actually.... for me ..*sigh*

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Luxury Foods kill

I carried this bag during CNY...
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I am watching the Iron Chef, while writing this blog. One of the french chef is cooking using frois gras. When I was in Japan, I saw frois gras, but since it wasn't halal so never ate it. Frois gras is fat liver of goose or duck.

I have my Wikihubby next to me here, and he said the frois gras comes from cruel act of getting it. The duck is forced feeding so the liver is getting better to produce frois gras. Although nowadays there are some place produces with healthier way to the bird.

I got this shark's fin soup FOS bag and really like the message that said on the bag. I have many Chinese friends, and I still prefer if they don't serve shark fin during their wedding but somehow they still do, so we just don't have to eat it. Although not all have the same mentality, I also know some Chinese who doesn't kill animal for food, and they then become vegetarian. They won't go to seafood place where you can see aquarium and harvest the seafood, kill and eat them. Luckily we are now not seafood lover, fact number 1 is because of J is allergy to shellfish, and fact number 2 is seafood is expensive. :-)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Puasa nowadays is about food

I feel people talk more about food during ramadan nowadays, went to facebook, mainly talk about what to eat for buka puasa or sahur or ramadan buffet. Pasar ramadan starts very early like 3PM in certain place, or may be ealier. Varities of foods which I don't even know, and can't decide what to buy... Just too many...

We are having nasi kandar today, our regular nasi kandar subaidah. And tapau or regular food, seems like we got extra in everything today, extra beef, extra vege for our usual price. I think it is a lot cheaper there than buying from pasar ramadan, e.g. murtabak in pasar ramadan cost at RM4, and very small.

At home, I added on more green, brocolli and kyuri(Japanese cucumber) with mayonis... Nice combo with nasi kandar...:) Made millet mix with vege for Adam. Although he hardly ate it.
And finished with coconut jelly, so yummy.....

Lying with my snuggly Patrick...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lazy Sunday

We are still on the bed....when I am posting this...1pm~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Adam's funny toe

Adam has 2nd funny toe, which we thought because his other toes are fat and don't have any space for the toe, so the 2nd toe is sticking up. Hopefully they are all become straight after he can walk properly. Adam now starts to walk slowly, with the help hanging on sofa or table.
I haven't really bought a proper shoes for him, since we don't want him to have funny way of walking. So today, we bought him soft shoes, and somehow he doesn't like to wear shoes. Will try to put the shoes on him again tomorrow...

Friday, August 21, 2009


I finally captured the pix of my apartment for rent, and waiting for any tenant to view. Agent is doing all the arrangement with tenant so quite easy for me. Yesterday is my birthday, just like my any other day, except went out for lunch with J. :-) I love my new Samsung netbook, and think I made good decision instead of buying fancy pinky netbook. Thanks to J, pity him scratching head what to get for me. The battery last longer, it came together with the DVD ROM. Really love it, i can just put the netbook in my shopping bag, or adam's diaper bag (which is cadbury bag)..:-P

Next week, hopefully a slow days since the project which launched last 2 weeks, seems stabilize although some of the case can make me heart attack. It is never easy when deal with this computer maker.

Tomorrow is ramadan for muslims, so wishing happy ramadan for my muslim friends.

This is from J. Snuggly Patrick.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saving for the future

Amanah Saham newly open a branch near my office. So last friday, I went to the branch to open up account for Adam, ASD. I am not sure what is the good financial plan for him.There are a lot of insurance company can cover the educational plan, where at 18 yrs old we can withdraw lump sum of money. Also at the same time cover the medical plan.

Since I am still working in my company, which cover almost every medical expences, imagine I had c-section and after that Adam was admitted for jaundice, and HFMD, my biopsy etc, we paid nothing, thanks that I am still with the job. I decided to go for ASD. This is soly investment, which also at the same time work like saving account.

My sister is working for insurance and financial plan, she said mainly when people retire, can finish the EPF money in 3 yrs. Either sending the children for studying/marrying or renovate the house(for malay) or travelling. Besides, just work with the company, it is also good to think how to invest to generate side income.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Busy days...

I am so busy these few weeks, with works especially. We just landed a big project and as usual lots of issues. I just take it easy, a lot of things need to be fixed, ammended & enhanced. Good that this things keep us in job.

Yesterday I called our SP in East Coast since, I need to talk to the programer who design our solution. The operator who picked up the phone hardly understood me, even didn't know how to spell my name and jotted down the phone number that I wanted the programmer to call back.

Wondering why she had a bad time understanding me, I then asked a friend of mine.
She said the same thing happened to her. Once, she introduced herself, my name is YY, and guess what did the operator ask her.."How do you spell YY?"

Friday, August 07, 2009

Need to loose weight

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When I cleaned my apartment I found my old pictures album. I was so damn skinny back then. Think during school time I didn't eat much like I am doing now.
So this coming ramadan, I want to take opportunity to loose weight. Although the pasar ramadan and buffet are inviting...