Sunday, September 27, 2009


We had lunch in Hard Rock Cafe Penang today. Very disappointed with the food and I think everything are to pricey. We had nachos, soup for me, burger and some food for Adam with 3 drinks among us cost at RM150. I usually have nachos in all HRC I have been but this time was very oily and not impressive at all. Our favourite is still in Park Royal in Cool Banana.
HRC lobby looks nice but not very big. The other thing, I like the lay out of swimming pool, but some of the pool are having sand inside. Not a good idea to have kids there. The rest are lovely. We still not seeing the room yet. It was ok when it was Casuarina hotel before.
Anyway, we don't really stay in the hotel, but of course when our family or friends come we love to recommend hotel to them.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raya is about food... :)

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I have gain a lot of weight for this raya. Like J described, we go to other people house to eat the same food we have at home :)
I agree with this. Our body now seems like reacting to eat every one hour since raya, We get hungry easily.

This is first raya for J with my family, last year I was so sarat so didn't go back to Kluang. In Malay culture, people communicate through food. When we visited, my aunties houses they tried to invite and introduce food to J. Of course he ate them. First houses are still ok but when towards the end, we tried to eat little not to offence the elders.

Everything is about food, we discussed what to eat then, plan the activity around it but not the other way around. At a point we want to go to town to eat at Kluang Raiway Cafe (it was closed anyway) to have coffee. But my mom still asked us before we went out if anyone want to have tea... :-)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hari Raya

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We ate a lot, seems like we eat every one hour. This is first time we are celebrating in hometown after we got married. So, many people seems excited or I should say awstruck with J :-)

Seeing a lot of family member. I have almost 70 cousins from my mom's site. I don't even know who they are when visiting them. My eldest cousin is same age as my mom so can imagine how big my family is from my mom's site. I have a cousin who is I only met after I join my company as he was working there, and one day I got an email from him :-)

Food always good, my dad's rendang is superb. I can say that J's is similar to my dad. Lodeh, ketupat and ayam masak merah are also the must in our family dishes during raya.

Today we went to Batu Pahat, only visited 2 houses here since a lot of people were going out. We planned to visit 4 houses at first.
The road was bloody horrible. I think a lot of people in Kluang are relatives to Batu Pahat. My both neighbour are also from Batu Pahat...:)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

We are in Kluang...

It was long journey for 3 of us, with Adam been grumpy and we got to stop 5 times in total of trip to Kluang. We left home at 7AM and arrived almost 4PM.
I was the 2nd leg of the driver. Very tired by now.
We are cooking a lot of stuff as usual. I do all the peeling job since my sis is good cook.

It is always good being around with family again :)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin

Sempena Hari Raya ini, saya sekeluarga ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir & Batin Kepada keluarga, kawan2 dan semua umat Islam yang menyambut hari raya.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Work as Usual...

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This picture taken last 3 years, I was in Bangalore with my peer from China Donny. The Indian folks in this picture are my colleague who treated us because we treated them when they were in Penang. They are great team.

Today, I had meeting as usual 3 different site, US, India and Malaysia. When joining the meeting, often we will introduce ourselves. Like, Hi this is so ... One of the developer called in and guess what I could here honk, people talking, car moving and very noisy sound. This is not my first time listening to this in the meeting. He just joined to tell us that he is still on the way to office. We only knew after he rejoined the meeting because we couldn't hear what did he talk about when he called earlier. :-)

Book with Pictures

I start read to Adam Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter. We got the whole set of Beatrix Potter collection, given by mother in law. I wanted to visit her place as it is one of National trust in UK during our visit last June but didn't really have time.

I like the book as there are a lot of pictures, which I can describe to Adam while reading it. Of course he still doesn't understand what I am reading to him, he is more interested in biting the books. Today I found a shop selling painting product. I like all this craft stuff, so I bought some color painting hoping one day I can start to do some work.... :-)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Hopefully Goji will be ready before raya

We will call our new car Goji. Hehehe, Short for ゴジラ(Godzila). We called our previous car OP (Optimus prime) because he is so macho... This time J went to JPJ to book the number for Goji, not like OP, just running number during that time. So the number didn't have any meaning to us. We wanted 7771 so, can have the similar plate to my Cujuki-san...But somehow nomore, and of course we don't want to wait another 1~2 month just for another cycle.

Can't wait to see Goji, I think we might move into Goji one day, since it is a van. Or they call 1box in Japan. I talked to our OZ neighbour today and they are going to change the car as well, more seats... I guess when someone starts to have more than 1 kid they will need bigger car for the family.. J said we got to make another 1 sooner to justify of changing to van... but I wonder when it is going to happen.. ;-p

We have been in difficult situation for only having 1 car this month. I got to send and pick Adam. Usually I send and J picks Adam...

Raya preparation

This year, I don't make any kuih raya at all. Pineapple tart is our favourite. We bought 2 packs already and nearly finished them. A lot of people asked me to make pineapple tart, since last year "berebut" to eat my pineapple tart... But I don't have time. I plan to make after Adam sleep, but no way, he sleeps late nowadays, by the time he sleeps I will be so tired and fall asleep together with him.

I don't plan to buy baju raya, I have a few which I still haven't wear last year, J has baju melayu himself, and most of time the male in family just wear shirt during raya. I bought blue color baju raya for Adam. No songkok and sampin yet.

May be this weekend will jalan2 to Alor Setar. I love the kerepek bawang. Very fresh and crispy...

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Window cleaner

Not bad at all...

When I read this news, reminded me of my senior in school who did the same. He didn't get the best student, but second best student for civil and construction engineering bid all other Japanese students. Wonder where is he now. He is not the only one I know scored good result among other Japanese students.

Everyday, I go to work listen to David Archulata's advice about stay in school. I agree, but I know a few people don't go to uni, but still doing ok in life. And of course, as a mother I want my son to finish university, unless he becomes talented person, F1 driver or famous in sport like playing for English League, or in Golf, then my husband and I can retire early... :)

Thursday, September 03, 2009


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Adam now is 10months plus. Time flies very fast. He now can stand towards wall or furniture by himself. He talks a lot on his language. He responds to waving good bye, he shakes heads when we play any dancing kind of song, we always play "The wiggles" to him.
Until we both now expert on most of The wiggles song and videos.

At the same time also, Adam is getting naughtier, when we say no to him he tests our patience, and when come to eat he will eat whenever he wants to eat only. He get borred easily so he needs varieties of activities including us making funny face in front of him.
He called my name only MAMA when he needs "something" from me...

It is hard work...but all worth it ...

Incidents this morning

* I was stopped by policeman at roadblock before turned into office this morning

Police, "Bagi IC, Chik sebelum saya tulis ni boleh saya tahu kesalahan chik?"

Me, "Don't know? Apasal stop saya" (Haaaaaaaa????Why did you stop me if you don't know what I have done wrong)

Police, "You guna handphone? Tak pakai seatbelt?

Me, "Cam mana nak pakai handphone , dalam beglah nak ambik beg pun jauh, saya pakai seatbeltlah...." (dalam hati, put on lipstick at traffic light also count?)

Police, "You car window ada tintedkah?"

Me, "Check lah" He let me go because my car is not tinted.

* Pork on my desk....Someone left pork on my desk, after cameback from Shenzen.... Terkejut di bulan puasa

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

on EL

This is 2nd day I am taking emergency leave, since littleman is having fever. He looks better today but just need to put eye on him if the body temperature increase. We went to hospital yesterday scared if he is having swine flu, and Alhamdulillah he is tested -ve.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Why shouldn't you have malay neighbour on the top of your house...

We found the car we want, of course J still needs to do a lot of paper work plus. We sure the car will not pass Puspakom since the car is look mafia car with dark tinted class.
That's was the good news for both of us.

We both had runny tummy and had to do business for 5times in a day time. And luckily we got Imodium in the evening. That's still ok compared to another shitty incident. We went to our house in PJ, just to make sure that everything is OK before we give the key to the new owner. As soon as we get into the house, a strong shitty smell lingered into our nose, and wondered what was that J went upstairs and found in the shared bathroom, about 1 inch heights of oily waste (Combination of Poo, plus waste from sink drain, I think) on the floor, and splashes all over the wall. I don't know how to explain what kind of waste and looks like the waste from upstairs continuously dropped to our house for the past month. The upstairs is malay family , and what ever the he flushes from his sink and toilet went onto our house. Do you know what malay eat?

We both very upset with this holiday turned to be hollyshit, and had spent $$ just to have someone to come cleaning, redo the ceiling, fixed the drain, and reinstalled the water heater, since the water heater is covered with poo.