Tuesday, October 27, 2009

At the moment..Things I want to do...and dream to do...(Suka2)

I blog hopped and found one blogger listed what she wants to do in her life. Quite interesting, and then make me thinking what I want to do in my life, I am not fancy of Gucci or LV handbag, ... I am fine with current material I am having , car is fine as long as I can move from one place to another... It is not because of I have them all, it is just my interest is to something else which I can't do ...

1. I want to spend more time on DIY stuff and Craft... I love craft. I can spend long long time just to do to craft, I can sew, I can make things, not necessary pretty but just love making things. The only problem I don't have right now is time, although I sneaked my working hour to make something :)

2. This is quite thrill thing and I always dream to do this. Although my husband doesn't agree with the idea. I want to own naked bike. Last few days I saw a guy with KTM superbike drove to an apartment nearby made me felt jealous. My brother in law and his wife now own bike and they seem riding it happily. I know in Malaysia it kind of difficult to ride the bike because of traffic and the road... Why naked bike... it is easier to handle for short leg person like me, compare with super bike... Honda CBF hornet is my favourite.. and used to ride it when I was in Japan.

3. I want to go to Greece... Ok, Greece meant to be our honeymoon place... but still no "rezeki" to be there...too much travel and living channel influence.

4. I love gardening. I want to make our upstairs open area as my gardening area, but I just don't have time and I need to plan properly since too much sun up there... And may be my plant will die quickly if I don't take care of them.

5. This is one thing I really want to do...being able to see my son sleeps on his own bed. And I don't know how to make him go to his own bed. Until the level where, we both feel like if he is not sleeping with us we both feel something is missing....

Just this at the moment, I can achieve #1 and 4 when my son is a bit bigger, and if I am not having another child yet.. #2 must get approval from hubby, it is a sin to disobey him :-P...#3, Must start saving money for this trip... as well as my annual leave...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Littleman is 1 year old

Yesterday, was ADam birthday. With our thigh schedule, I worked from home in the morning for meetings, then we both out for lunch brought birthday cake to Adam's school, celebrated with all the kids in his playschool.

It was first time we really see how is he behaving at school. He definitely happy there and we are so grateful for finding this school. I know some parents made comment to me that it is too early to send him to school because he will easily fall sick.

I admit that true, but it had helped him built better imunization. He has so many friends which I can't remember their names... :-) Everyone call him Adamboy at school. My pray to my son that he will always be healthy, and grow up well. Amin..

Happy Birthday To you my dear Adam Mommy and Daddy always love you xxx

Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend with family

J supposed to go to Germany, but he had to cancel the trip for falling sick. My parents initially plan to accompany me while he is away, they came here anyway and spent the weekend with us.
We didn't do much thing except eat and eat and played with the kids, my brother, my SIL and 2 kids came along with them. Good to have them around.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Books to give away

If anyone would like to have any of these books please let know before this coming Friday, I will send for charity . They are mainly fiction, bedtime light reading...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Toilet Training

I have to start to put Adam on potty training soon. It is going to be interesting since I hate doing the nappy, we probably have issue who is going to clear the mess :-). Good thing about having a boy, I don't have to worry about bringing him to toilet, that will be J's job to bring him to gentlemen.
J just talked about a western friend of him in Bintan Indonesia, sent a pictur of squat toilet and would rather to hold it. It is quite interesting for some people who had never seen squat toilet and has no choice to use it. My friend from US, when I brought him travel to KL we stopped by PLUS R&R for bio-break, he went to toilet and came again, said to me. There was a hole on the floor, how do I do it? I have quite a lot of stories about toilet among my western relatives from J's side who had never used squat toilet.
Squat toilet is everywhere in Asia. When I was in Japan, I am not a fan of Japanese squat toilet and to be frank till today I still don't know how to use the japanese squat toilet. I mean which way I should sit. I always avoid it and the tip is that western toilet usually located on the far end of toilet cubicle and usually cleaner than the squat toilet. I used to follow this blog a lot :-P
And, one day I am sure I will have to tell my son about squat toilet how to use it... :)

Adam & Cats

Dustie is our friendly cat, she was away for 2 nights and thought we will lose her, but she came back to home again, straight to the cat's litter. Adam now like to chase the cats, now I have to move where the cats usually have their meal to the back area.
Adam shows interest in cats, since ever he starts to move a lot. He didn't know what to do with cats except poking them and pull their tails. But now, he starts to be gentle to the cats, playing with Dustie's collar. Willie our obese cat, starts to reduce weight and has better shape now, since ever we started to let him play outside the house. He now becomes more friendly to Adam probably after the incident that we have to bath him and felt appreciate that we help him to clean himself.

Some of people commented that Adam play with cats are dirty. But I just love the fact that he will have better immune system ignoring what people say to me...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I don't have mood to work....

I really don't have mood, last 2 friday, my boss's boss left me voicemail wanted to talk to me, I thought I am going to win lottery. But sadly, that's not the case. He asked if I can look after the staff temporary while my direct boss is on leave. I am totally fine with it. I know my boss's wife isn't in good condition, and he needs help and I got to help him. I called my boss on his house phone just to check if everything is all right and he gave me his yahoo ID to keep in touch. I thought he just doesn't want to open his office email that's why he gave me his yahoo mail.

Yesterday morning, I felt very down when I saw email from my boss's boss that my boss is leaving the company. I know he will as he mentioned before, but never knew that is going to be this soon. Not that I kiss my boss ass or anything, just that he is very very nice guy and we are having good relationship with him. Like father and child, like mentor and mentee just like a teacher. Now, everything makes sense that why he gave me the Yahoo email...

Friday, October 09, 2009

How could people do this to kids

A friend of mine send a video of victim of child abuse. I can't imagine doing that to any child myself. I can't let things like that happened to Adam... It was seriously sad. I am still in tears when I am writing this.

I haven't heard any serious case in Malaysia except to one of 5 years old boy who the mom went insane hurting him, and he still loves his mom. It is fine to punish the kid when they do something wrong but not abuse them...

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Single mum again,,,

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J left home yesterday saturday at noon, and he still hasn't reached his destination while I am writing this post. He still has another 7 hours flight from SF to Boston. Good thing he got long lay hour which allowed us to talk over webcam. Thanks to internet.

To keep myself busy and not get bored with taking care Adam all the time, I went to visit my cousin's house for open house. The cousin whom I only know after I join my company.... I have almost 70 cousins from my mother's side

I went to groceries with Adam, drove for hours because he sleeps better in the car. We strolled in the evening till we met a family who then invited us to their Raya open house. I am a bit shy to go since first time meeting, although I know they are sincere.

Friday, October 02, 2009

My Morning

Big Boy
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I switch on my PC this morning, first email received is from my boss's boss. He left me voicemail and wanted to have meeting with me. Huh...
First on my mind was he is going to offer me VSS. As he usually does for my teammate who got the lay off package...
Unfortunately, I didn't hit the lottery. I was asked to back up my boss who is on leave of absence. Hope my boss is ok and of course I can help to cover him... I should try to give him a call but just afraid it is not the right time and may disturb him.

My son photo quite recent, he is getting naughtier nowadays....