Thursday, November 26, 2009

We are home

We are finally home. Adam is away from his drip and he is very please about it. He is recovering quickly and the appetite is back as well. Which is I am happy about. Now packing for Bangkok trip tomorrow and hope he will be all right through out the trip...

* Seems like everytime we are are going away somewhere, Adam will be admitted. Last time before England we had same experience.**

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Admitted Adam

We went to see doctor this morning and from the check up Adam condition is getting worse. He is dehyrated and need to be on drip. The symptom he is having is bronchiolitis had to go a lot of treatment, nebulizer, water drip and medicine to make him recover.

It was very sad day for me but I know this treatment to make him getting better. J is here so it is relief for me. Our friend in KL, whose son right now is admitted to hospital for H1N1. We pray for the kids to get better. Amin...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it too expensive for a pen? RM599

I saw my husband using this pen. And it looks cool. But I wonder if I should get it or not. It seems useful for face to face meeting, lecturer and training. But the price is a bit "cekik" for a pen. The pen does calculator, recording, of course writing and etc. The good thing is, the pen keeps memory and you can just upload your scribble or note into the PC as it is, and save in PDF format. There are only certain notebooks can be used and for me not actually expensive. RM80+ for 4 notebook, even if I go to Popular Book shop the good spiral notebook can cost like RM30.
I write using pen quite a lot, especially when my team mate and I are discussing about work at our desk and I keep loosing all those notes.

A lot of reviews say that buying the pen isn't like you buy printer, where you buy cheaper printer but later you have to buy expensive ink.
But I am still wondering if RM599 is too expensive for a pen...wah so many things I want nowadays...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I called my usual baby shop if they have Bob Ironman baby jogger. And of course I have to order because they don't have such stroller in Penang. Instead the owner asked if I want Taga stroller. I asked how much she is going to sell in here... RM8000++~..What!!! RM8k for a stroller....

Dutch made very good stroller.
Looking at the photo now I know why it is cost so expensive.

So I decided not to have Baby jogger anymore after looking at this picture. Do you think the function is similar to this?

Buy bicycle and baby carier.. Solve the problem, will go for bicycle hunting this weekend...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The house that we call home...

We love our house so much... It is the 3rd year since we bought the house and still love it. We love the neigbourhood and community here. The developer is still developing the area for other property and marina, and we can't wait to just walk near the marina and have our dinner. They are ranked top 10 developer in 2008 and hope they still continue do their good work.

We went to mainland to look around for new area, which posibly can be invested. Juru area seems the boom area at the moment, with a lot of landed house everywhere. With the 2nd bridge is coming up, may be can be good to invest in landed property, I still think landed property is the best investment if have money. Some condos in good area can become very good investment as well. I have an apartment unit and I still remember how difficult to carry stuff to the house. Now, we just park in front of the house.

We like Penang and we think we will stay here for long long time. But if we have to move to KL, we may not stay in the city, perhaps in the suburb like Nilai. We like the idea of Sime Darby development on Planters' heaven, and plan to visit the area when we go down one day. Bila ada rezeki.

Sudah Potong!

Adam's with his new hair cut. Amazingly he was well behaved when J shaved his head, and he just looked his long hair fell on the floor. The trust to his "dada".
His school teacher commented he looks so matured with his new hairstyle.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Must go back in shape

I need to go back to shape up! At the same time also I need to look after my son. I can't simply enroll to gym, fitness first just 5 minutes jog from our house. Although, it is nearby, when can I do it? I need more than just walking, I need to jog. But, after work I need to be with Adam..and J ... :-)

Perhaps this can help?
Baby Jogger with big front wheeler, that made
it different than normal stroller.
Heidi Klum is using this and this.

To Ben

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Finally! The photo book is now on the way to my former boss in USA. I am sure he will love it.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Do you consider yourself Supermom?

My friend from high school who also studied in Japan is having 5 kids now, another friend is having 3 kids, no maid and they are working mother. How do they do it? Jugling time with work and family. I really respect my friends who are very strong in raising the kids and at the same time working. They are really supermom.

Sent J to airport today as he is flying to Seoul. A relief that is only short trip for him. I am trying my best to make everything in order, make sure the family is eating well, house is cleaned and organized, clothes is washed, folded and ironed and everyone get well attention, including the cats. Although, sometimes I forget a lot of things. Seriously, the focus can be distracted like, when going out I forgot to bring my son shoes since he just started walking or muslin cloth to clean his snod or can be simple thing like extra nappy. Good so far I haven't forgotten him :-)

At a point, I wasn't punctual to his doctor appointment. But now we are getting better. Thanks to Google Calendar that we can sync our calendar effectively. Life isn't easy for mommy. I myself have 5 siblings, I know how hard did my mommy take care of us, cooking, washing up cleaning and the list is never ending. And for MIL, I am amazed with her raising 4 kids after J's father passed away when he was 6.

I think all mommies are supermom. No matter they are working or not, they are all supermom. The mommies got to do what they have to do!... They become expert in what they are doing. Salute!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

How do you know that your pet love you?

How do you know that your pet love you? They will give you present. Yes, it is true. Our cats gave us a few presents since ever we let them outside for better freedom.
These are 2 photos that I managed to get...

This is definitely not ours because we don't eat "ikan kering"

Dead bird, I wonder who killed it?
And ...
We got 2 rat's head so far...

Monday, November 09, 2009

I love Slow Cooker... (Crock Pot)

I blogged about slow cooker how much I love it, and I still do. I am a busy working mother and I need to cook something easy and safe for the family but still delicious. With Adam is walking around everywhere cooking in slow cooker make everything so easy. The food preparation can be done at night, the cooking can start in the morning before I go to work and we will lovely yummy meal for dinner.
Yesterday we decided to add one more slow cooker pot for the house, since ours one is medium size. And thought about having another 1 is easy, 1 to cook main dish and the other to cook soup, potato, rice or even can cook bread in it.

I always want to have the oval shape slow cooker, so when cooking chicken I can put the whole bird in it :-). (kok kok kok) Panasonic doesn't do oval shape so we went to look for other brand and I like Elba. It is only cost RM135. Even our first slow cooker was around that price. We love beef and the good beef is expensive here, especially Australian beef. With slow cooker local beef becomes so tender and taste the same as imported one.
I get my recipes from everywhere, I have a few recipe books of slow cooking and here is one of my favourite website.
Trust me, even if you don't like to cook and not good at cooking just follow the recipe and cook in slow cooker. You will love it.

I have cooked almost everything, stew, pasta sauce (my meatball sauce), chiken dish, curry, thai curry etc. J plans to cook rendang one day (perhaps this weekend), we let you know how is the experiment going on :-)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Down with Flu...

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I am not feeling well today...I have runny nose, sore throat and coughing. I still have a lot of work to finish by this week, so I just work from home.
Just took "Clarinese" and hope the runny nose will stop sooner...

A picture of my little man who loves to walk.