Sunday, January 31, 2010

The neighbours got together

For the first time the neighbours were getting together and had party. It was originally planned for potluck, but since most of people were busy, the comittee members decided to cater from
Hardwick house.
There was clown for the kiddies, and singer band for the adults. Even some of the adults had karaoke.
A lot of drinks, foods and we danced. We sat together with our 2 Aussie neighbours, a lot of chats and definetely good opportunity to know more people who are living near us.

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mat Rempit

Is it too early to get him a bike? Valentino Rossi must have his first bike as well. There is always the beginning of something. But, my boy likes to stand while on the bike just like Mat Rempit.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

His mam mam

When he is hungry and want to eat, he will say mam mam. But most of the time we have to force him to eat. Very picky eater.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being lazy

I am super duper lazy, to just upload all raw photos taken during the trip in oz and nz to Flickr. They are mainly for my in law too see what her grandchild doing during the trip. So don't get annoy with so many photos of birds as Adam loves to play with them.

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My J.

J's birthday is coming soon. I always scratch my head when giving present to him. I don't know what he wants. Perfume...Hmm....I can give him anytime not only birthday, tie...he won't wear it unless it is formal wedding or funeral. The customer gave him Gucci tie and it is still in the box in my closet. Birthday is something special so I want to give nice thing to him as he deserved it.

Those who know my husband will know how is he with his gadget. He won't bother to buy clothes, or shoes. (Naik sengal nak suruh beli baju and kasut). But he will spend anything and thing on gadgets. Just lucky that Apple biggest store is in US. If it is here he would probably queue to be the first to get the gadget. He has been sleepless to stay up watching Ipad review from last night since ever it lauched at 2AM. I am just waiting for him to tell me if he wants this toy or not, since there are a lot of good and bad review about it. So let's see...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The boys

We send Adam to nursery since he was 2 months old. So, I am not worrying about Adam won't be able to mix with other kids. And nowadays, I spend a few minutes at nursery just to see how is he interacting with other kids when I fetch him on they way home from work.

He always love to play with bigger kids. Especially boys,as I think now he starts to realize that he is one, and he loves to imitate what they are doing. When he at his cousin's in New Zealand, we let them have bath together, and we can tell that he looked up at his bigger cousin Angus. When Angus put his head down under the water he did the same thing, even spent more time with him when playing with toys. Had him playing with his cousins, gave the adult some of times to enjoy our meal and more chit chat :-)

Angus with his hoodie


Adam is wearing similar hoodie to his cousin

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The colourful Melbourne

There must be a lot of people have blogged about travel to Melbourne. And, I have my own view when I was in this city. While walking, I realized that there are a lot of outstanding architectures. You will spot the building easilybecause of its bright colourful paint. I didn't really take many photos as I wanted because we were busy walking and enjoying the view. I just love the architecture here and we can still see the old buildings in between those modern buildings, which I think make it more interesting.

Cow up a tree

Colourful Building.
Richard and Eggie

Real Or Fake Grass?

I can't remember what is that red building, but the gentlemen said must take the fish photo.
Even the stools in ice-cream "Trampoline" shop are colourful.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

G' Day!

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We were here for the first visit to meet up with Richard. It good to see him after a year he came to our house during last christmas. I described Melbourne as modern city, and remind me a lot of London. Melbourne used to be the richest city in the world because of its gold. I didn't know that mining is one of the main industries here.

I love it here. We stayed in the hotel because Richard's house is down in Tasmania and he will be moving to New Zealand soon.
J comes here so often so he knows where to bring us well. We walked from hotel to the marina to have fish and chips, did some shopping. Richard drove us around from city to residential area where he used to live. 2nd night we had dinner with J's friend and his wife. I like it this way as I get to mix with many locals rather than doing all the tourist thing.

This is the view from our hotel, and Yarra River. It is very easy to get to everywhere, public transport tramp and taxi are so reliable and easy to get. Even walking is easier since everywhere are having path to walk and baby stroller friendly. After 2 days I was here I can remember my way very well as it is small city. More photos here.

Early morning with Adam

I think I will start using this app.

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Looking for new app

I have been playing around with a few applications to write blog. Still looking for a good one.

We are home!!

We are home since last Friday. We slept from 3PM to 5AM, and today we woke up at 6AM. Very very early for weekend. I am still uploading the photos to Flickr. A lot of pictures and a lot of stories. We felt the holiday was longer this time. Perhaps, because we enjoyed every moment we were there. Cleaning, laundry need to be done before the work starts again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Going Away

Hooray! Finally after long waiting. We are flying again. The truth is, we bought the MAS ticket on June last year at less than RM3k for 3 of us for flight from KL<--> Melbourne. We are going away from today till 22 January to visit J's brother in Australia, and then to J's sister and family in New Zealand. Yes, he has his family all around the world. We won't have much time on internet and won't update my blog as frequent as I usually do. But surely we will take a lot of photos, and from time to time I will try to upload on flickr. We are planning to go to Melbourne zoo, to see possums, kangaroo and the friends and there are a lot of cows and other farm animals near my sister in law house, so I am excited to see Adam's reaction with the animals! More photos!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeding Adam

It is always a hard work to feed Adam. He still hasn't shown his preference about food, and seems eating anything bits here and there. Rice, pasta, fruits etc. He is a slow eater, like French who enjoy every moment of eating. A lot of the time, when J and I almost finished our meal, he started to speed up eating and then we have to wait for a bit longer just to get him finishes his meal. We now try to make him use the spoon, but it is never be easy with him, he dropped the spoon and food on the flour, at said "Uh Oh", pretending it was accidentally fall off from his high chair. I am not sure how many type of spoon, bowl and plates I have bought for him. But, I found this Baby Bjorn plate and spoon set is the best so far, as it almost flat and broad spoon, it scoops easily into his mouth, and the bowl isn't tip easily. Although it is a bit pricy, it is a worth buying.

So many actions when he is eating.
And always ended up messy all over his face and hair.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Botanical Garden, Penang

We haven't been in Botanical Garden for a while. And there have already a lot of changes. There is a construction work to broaden the parking lot and stalls. There are a lot more monkeys this time. We usually come here for morning walk , this time for evening walk so a lot more people in here today. The walk way are quite hilly for Adam and the grass is soft, so he prefers to sit on stroller. :)

He likes it here, and keep pointing to bird.

Walking on the grass


Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Pity him?

"Pity him, so little has already sent to nursery", this was one of comment I received from colleague in the office yesterday. What make people think sending a baby to nursery is a bad thing. Is it because he will get sick when other kids are sick. Is that the only reason? Is it worse to send to nursery than to send to parents who is already old to take care of our kids. You are lucky if your parents offer to take care of your children.

I am happy with Adam in nursery. Yesterday, when I picked him up he didn't want to go home because he was playing fishing with his older friends. If I send my son to baby sitter, I don't think he will have many friends as he is having now. When we walk in the mall, his friends call him, Adamboy. He is only 14 months, but he has more friends than me and J do.

I don't say sending to baby sitter is a bad idea, if the baby sitter whom you can trust that is fine. I couldn't find one that I satisfy with, so when I found this nursery which has all the facility to take care of newborn baby, I was so happy and am still happy with it.

It is true that, he will fall sick if other kids do. But I believe we as parents must know how to prevent it as well. The school will tell us if other kids fall sick and share how can we prevent it. After all, it will build better immune to his body.

I am writing this because, I just couldn't stand when my colleague made such comment. Bencik!


Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy BIrthday Mak

Tomorrow 6 January, is my mother's 60th birthday. Thank you mak for giving birth to me and for the lesson you had thought me, and raise to become a person who I am now. Happy Birthday! Will give her a call tomorrow morning.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Appreciate for what we have

After Adam's vaccination we drove along Batu Feringghi road, then Telok Bahang up to the dam, just because we wanted to kill the time while Adam was having his afternoon nap. When driving, we realized how much lucky we are, by living in a such beautiful place. Penang, Batu Feringghi is tourist area. Tourist pays a fortune to come and hang out on the beach and we live nearby one here. I myself have been staying here for almost 9 years, and I really appreciate with my work that keep me here, and now having family. We don't know if in the future we have to move out from Penang, but we know at the moment this is the place we are going to raise all of us.

We had lunch in Hard Rock Cafe, my treat to my hubby and son from the bonus. And then, strolled along the beach for Adam first feeling of sand and seawater. He seems doesn't like the fact that you have to get your hand dirty and sandy when you are on the beach. Since this is first time we don't really care so much, we will come again one day perhaps picnic by the beach. One day...

Serious J


Yawning little man


First time putting his feet in sea water


p.s. I watched The Avatar and I really love it, I admire how were picture motion being done in this film.

Friday, January 01, 2010

School Party

Adam's school organized a party for parents and children to gather. The teachers helped the kids to write their resolution in the paper and read them to their parents. Of course Adam didn't have to do it yet. It was fun as we got to see other parents as well. We love the school and definitely recommend to people who wants to leave their newborn from 2 months.


Some photos taken during the party.

Morning with Picasso

Adam woke us early this morning. I made big breakfast since we planned not to have lunch and we are going to Adam's school party. We had cheese omlettes, sausage, grilled tomato, bread and tea. Full till the afternoon.

We spent time drawing and playing with bead maze until we realized we have to get ready for the party.

Drew here and there


I was the Mummycasso and Adam had rubber star fish for snack.