Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Being regular

I was being lazy today, although J did most of the cleaning up of the day. I was just not in the mood to cook. So we went to our regular and ordered the same foods again, and sit at the same place. I personally love the restaurant and became the regular restaurant where I usually bring my foreign friends. We love there because the of the ambience and the delicious and reasonable price for northern Indian food.

The waiters know Adam since the day I was pregnant, carry him in and now he is walking. One of the guy there called him superman. Perhaps, next time Adam shall come with superman outfit.

The place called Ananda Bahwan. And located opposite Sunday Bay Paradise Hotel.

Waiting for food.
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Monday, February 22, 2010

Adam's crib

We have been calling the room Adam's room since we bought the house. The room was dull and bare mainly used when relatives and friends visited us. I bought a few stuff, storage and table for him. I put some crayola on the table so he can start do colouring which he prefer to do. He loves books and colouring thing more than his toy. We think we just produced a geek.

The room is too colourful, we plan to paint and change the curtain too. Although he still sleep wit us, and wondering when he is going to start to sleep in his room.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the way

We always stop our journey in the middle when we balik kampung. But this time we decided to stop by at Port Dickson for something different than KL. Since J berangan (dreaming) for having boat, we then decided to go somewhere near marina just jenguk-jenguk (looked around) what do they offer. Boat isn't cheap at all.... really not cheap.... RM24M for a boat... posh one. We can dream for a while... And we have heard about Avillion many times from our friends and online so, we spent 1 night there.

We love the place, except the room. Not that the room isn't great, as our preference is staying in the city hotel to chalet kind of place. The layout and landscape were great, they have petting zoo where we can feed the pet animals like, rabbit, chicken, tortoise and they haveguinea pig too. I would recommend this place, especially family with kids.

20100213_094951_Avillion Port Dickson

Is he talking to the Rabbit...?

20100213_092729_Avillion Port Dickson

We love to see the child play room everytime we visit any hotel. They have a lot of toys, and video game, including PS2.

And at my parents' house, I didn't manage to get photos at all during Adam's aqiqah. Luckily my cousin able to snap some. She is teaching photography in Uitm. Everything was so quickly, alih - alih habis.

Adam and Bella
Potong Jambul, wasn't easy since he is big now.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mat Salleh Masak Rendang Melayu Tukang Makan

We supposed to have potluck party among our neighbours, but somehow the plan changed to buffet catering. Although J and I had already bought the ingredients and the last minutes changed really pissed us off. But, we still went ahead to cook the rendang for ourselves.
I have never cooked rendang since ever we moved here, it is man job to make rendang just like in my hometown my dad is the cook. J always refer to recipe from from Amy Beh, as I think her rendang recipe is quiter universal throughout Malaysia.
So here are some ingredients...

Kerisik...(Fried and ground grated coconut)

All the must have ingredient

J used the ground spices, ground cumin and fennel

He made for 1.5kg local beef


Low cholesterol coconut milk
brown sugar and salt


Finely cut the lemon grass, this is the reason why he is the one who must cook rendang in the house, as I did lazy to cut the lemon grass finely.

This mat salleh is so detail, even the inner bit of garlic also he cut and threw it away as it can cause bitterness... Tak kuasa kalau aku yang masak....


We have pestel and mortar but, zaman sekarang semua orang main tekan....nak cepat
Put all the ingredient as instructed in the recipe from but we used pot because don't have big kuali.




I got this book last week after long finding and searching in most of Borders in Malaysia and OZ.
Finally, J helped to get this from Amazon as he also wanted to get some other books for himself.


I have been obsessed about slow cooker since ever I had Adam. I really thankful for this invention that had saved a lot of time and hassle. So far I have been cooking almost every day in a week. At least in one of the meal, which mean if lunch we go out for something simple then dinner we are having meal at home cooked by me.

Get 2 of slow cookers in case you like to have variety in your cooking one to cook meat and the other to cook vege or carb.

Don't buy expensive meat as you are going to cook your meat till tender for long hour. There are a lot of recipes online and books you can buy. I have made a lot of meals using slow cooker. Especially with Adam's food. Try you sure like it.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Solid traffic down towards KL

If you think to travel to KL from Penang, you better get ready with solid traffic. Stock up a lot of food and entertainment in the car before you leave.

This picture taken near Tapah. The traffic on opposite site has been like this since we left KL.

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On the way back

Going back home isn't easy with 16 months old boy. We are now in KL breaking the journey before driving again to home. And, I want to get more stuff in Ikea, especially the strorage stuff. It is always good to see my parents, and they have planned a few trip to KL in coming months, so at least I can go down to KL half way to see them.

I miss my bed...

J and I are now imuned to " The adventure of Gracie Lou" and " The wiggles - Live hot potato". J can remember every lyric and song in this DVD. I am not very good in lyrics.

But, I got to listen to Jason Mraz and ACDC for a while when I drove from Kluang to Seremban. That was
because of Adam was sleeping.

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Adam's cough seems getting better. But, it had infected to me. I am currently waiting in the clinic for queue to be checked up. There are a few people with the same symptom as well. Just like every year, the weather towards Chinese new year is crazily hot. My head is burning when walk outside under the sun.

- This picture got nothing to do with my post. I bought the bunny for him so he can learn more about animal while reading the book.

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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

He thinks he is a big boy

Adam recently always insists to sit on the chair with us while eating during lunch or dinner. We still haven't look at booster for him since he seems fine sitting on the chair and feed himself.

As usual, messy everywhere. We always take turn to clean the dining area or cleaning littleman.

This what happened to his high chair, it has become the place to put things like shopping bags.

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While waiting

While waiting for my job to complete, (in reality it never complete), I m texting thispost. I am looking forward to see my family down south this weekend. I am trying to see them as much as can either at our place or going down. But having them to come up here isn't a good idea during cny. Since my nephew is going to do aqiqah, and I also join it together for Adam, we will be driving down this weekend.
I miss my parents although I speak to them every other day.
I am always my parents' kid, so I think it is my duty to see them:-)

Sunday, February 07, 2010

He isn't feeling well

Adam is having fever at the moment, we just back from lunch after seeing the doctor. Despite all this illness fever, runny nose, and cough he still plays and walks quickly. But we can tell that he is not feeling well.

Waiting to see doctor.

He won't stay still. So I just let him walk free.

After lunch at gurney drive.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mid East Fiesta

I just love to try a lot of things when come to cooking. I have so many recipe books, and love to find a new recipe from the web. We bought pita bread which we wanted to eat with hummus, it is just mashed chickpeas. I insisted to make hummus from scratch. But J said, we can get hummus dip easily in cold storage. So this morning he bought us one tup.

Because there was quite a lot of pita bread so I thought I will make something else to top up the dish for our dinner. So I found kofta recipe online. There are varities of recipe online, but I got mine from here. Since last few days, J cooked us rendang (I blog some other time about how he cooked his rendang), so there are plenty of ground spices left over like corriander and cumin.

Kofta before oven

After oven, burn because I late to pick as soon as the oven bell rang....

Into Pita bread, with sliced cheese, tomato and mayonis..

And I made salad to top up the dish.
I don't cook anything fancy, I just dumped everything and anything in the bowl. They are all edible, and hassle free. So cooking is always easy for me.


I caught a shark!

We are not "water" person although we are living near one. We won't just go for swimming or diving or sunbathing on the beach as for me personally I don't like to flash my extra fat to other people... But after this fishing trip it changed our mind about being in the water.

Katherine (J's sister) offered to take care of Adam, while J and I can follow Gavin for boating. From their house, Gavin drove the car that has boat on the trailer, to Kapiti Island. In the car, I asked Gavin not to go away from the land in case anything happened. I was seriously nervous about this trip at first, and don't want "mati katak". Have you ever watched "how to survive" documentary in NG channel. So all of this circumstances and what if the boat sunk etc, were in my mind all the way to the beach.

We then arrived in Waikane beach where we parked our car. Because the beach doesn't have marina, so we got to push the boat into the water by a tractor. Just like the one in the photo below. Gavin is doing part time volunteer for coastguard so he is familiar with all the procedure. In order to make sure the boat's nose not sunk into the water, J has to hold it all the time until until we dropped the engine and pulled the anchor up. He got to wear "no wet" suit while he was in the water. What did I do? Nothing much. I was in the boat watching the gentlemen were maneuvering the boat not to get swept away by the waves.

The whole trip was really fun. I know for J himself, although he hesitated and just as nervous as me at first, he definitely loves this boating trip and wants to do it again. Since back from New Zeland, I can't recall how many boat magazine he has bought. Surveying to have a boat when the marina near house is ready. It is ok to dream :) who knows one day this dream comes true.

So here are some photos we took during the fishing trip, and when the fish were being clean for our meal. More photos here.

J watched the guys on tractor how they push the boat into the water.

J and his suit.

I can't remember how many fishes we have caught. But because of the size of the fishes were too small, we have to put them back into the sea. (we have a guidance that how long of fish that we allow to bring home) Perhaps all together were 40 fishes we had caught among 3 of us.

We had 3 baits on our fishing rod, at one time I caught a shark!!! I was geli with the look of the shark, and the men helped to release the shark from the hook. Seriously, the eyes were so frightening.

I got to put the shark back into the water. Bye Bye Shark!


J and his fish... the longest ever fish he had caught. According to Gavin he can win for fishing competition. Blue cod average length about 30-40cm, but he got 50+cm.


All these fish were ready for our dinner!


One thing about "Mat Salleh" when they clean the fish they will fillet it and discard the head. We Asian will eat anything, won't we?

Last but not least, if you know yourself will have seasick, don't ever ever think about drinking anything milky, like milk coffee, or "tehsusuais" before you go for boating. Ended up you will pollute the sea!!


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Daddy is away

J is on business trip in Singapore. So it is Adam and mummy time. The aquadraw that J ordered on eBay just arrived today. So we spent the most of the evening drawing and playing with toys. At first I thought to go out with Adam and his bicycle but the weather was just too hot and there was no breeze at all today although we live near the sea.

The aquadraw

We skyped for a while with J and the door bell rang with florist in front of the door. Thanks babe for the flower. It is a huge one and thanks to Adam too.

Love the lilies!!!!

Ooohhhh no he is sucking the aqua pen!!!