Monday, March 29, 2010

Flu strikes me again

I am ill again after last 3 weeks. The doctor even asked me if I am always sick. No one wants to fall sick. I am having flu and dizzy and slight fever. Hope my baby is ok. I had a dream last night that we will get baby boy again. I don't mind of gender, but less shopping to do which I don't expect from myself. I love to see girls dress and outfit cause they are pretty. At least an excuse for me to shop more :p. This morning we discussed about how much nursery fee are going to cost us. Everything needs money. Last few days when I browsed for expensive bag (Saja-saja tengok, reference for faky), my husband reminded me that we are having baby on the way, so all the dream to get all that stuffs must be put away first. Though he is fine if I want to change car. Of courselah I have to pay monthly payment myself. With so tiny mini increament, hmmm I don't think to change car is a good idea. Though I like that Continental car B or Vw or M. ( siapa tak suka kan) SX4 is still working fine.

I am now lying down while waiting for my husband to prepare the meal. Chicken sandwich and lemonade.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

We are in KL!

My brother will be having house warming tomorrow. So we are here in KL. The journey down was quite rough because it was heavily raining when approaching KL and I was the one who drove that time. Felt like been swept away by the big trucks. Was driving as slow as could just because the precioust were back although they were noisy.

I drove to Ampang as we planned to stop at Suzie Corner, for a hawker steak called Steak Hut. Our OZ neighbour recommended to us after hearing from other OZ expat.

The steal was really good, the meat was so tender and I don't want to say that it is almost similar to our favorite back in Penang that we have to pay more than twice of the price in Steak Hut.

Adam had rice, he is more Malay when come to food.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Windows or Mac

He started to play around with with Mac 's keyboard, scroll pad. We don't have kids eye friendly windows at home except my work computer Lenovo which I hardly open when I am at home and the netbook which I only use while travelling or before sleeping.

To early to get him a dedicated computer just for himself, his nursery has a few desktop and only bigger kids are using them. Don't think that I am forcing my kid with this kind of techy stuff. They are for fun and mainly we use to play him some kids video from YouTube.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My confinement gentleman

I finished what I need to do today. Felt the day is longer today. I think because I came early today. It is amazing of me to reach office before 8.

Felt a bit sad that I have to leave littleman and J and didn't get a time to have breakfast with my family today. Work is fine as usual, I just feel a bit tired because of this pregnancy. It is not the same as my previous one. I guess because the last time I could just sleep and woke up whenever I wanted to, but this time I have a little boy who need more attention so there is no such vocabulary of NAP in mommy's life. I amazed how did my parents did it with 5 of us, and my mother in law as single parents with 4 children. Parents are amazing.

My friends have been talking about the confinement after delivery. Not that I didn't follow, mainly are about what I eat. Chinese has tradition to have confinement lady to come or go to confinement center. I told my friends I don't have such things. My confinement person is my husband. He did everything, including changing nappy, bathing Adam and had me to pump the breast milk so he can feed Adam as well. I am so lucky. He cooked for me and did most of things to make sure I was ok as I has c- section when I had Adam. Really thanking The God for making us meeting other.

Hahaha... My tears drop when I am writing this. It were tears of joy that I love my husband so much. I am going home soon. And this time will make dinner. We had a few posh dinner in a row. So, it is time to be " Kiam Sap"

Just to cheer me up, I took this photo. I got this from don't know who during last Chrismas. Have you ever played Edward and Vivian?

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Expecting again

I have been wanting to write about this for weeks but after we have finally informed all family members then only I decided to write about. You probably can guess what have into me this few weeks for being lazy and sleepy. Yes this time not only me and together with my best friend who has been wanting to have it for longer time. Yes, 2 of us are expecting.
We just created a chaos to our boss since 2 persons will be out at almost the same time. ;-)

Picture YY and her hubby and Adman.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

LaY Zee

We didn't really have plan for anything this weekend and just wanted to stay at home. Yesterday had dinner with The Hoopers and the rest of the day just been lazy. I paricularly must have early sleeping and at least 1 hour nap during day time. Luckily my husband is ok with
all the left over take out and some peanut butter toast to top up. Seriously, my "dapur tak berasap" for weeks. I have to do something with my laziness.

Played this with Adam this morning while waiting for J in the shower.

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Friday, March 19, 2010

His addiction to water

We are out going to the playground and on the way he found this water sprinkler luckily it is not flowing very fast

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy week

It has been busy day this 2 days. My boss and peer from USA are here at the moment. So I had to come to office earlier than usual. Although, it was a bit tiring during these days but I am happy that I got to see how my team is doing and progressing and with upcoming projects more and more it made me feel more encourage about my work and I just love to see the enthusiastism feeling in the team. I know it is always opportunity to improve since how my team really impacted in a lot our customers requirement in supply chain management. I just love what I am doing.

I had to take minutes ;-) so I had to concentrate more. Tomorrow is the last day, and then we are going to do small charity work and had fun at night.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010


I didn't do much thing today. Being lazy on the sofa and watched TV. J did most of the things today from super delicious refreshing lemonade to my tea after dinner. He cleaned the nappy as usual he does, did laundry and I was such a lazy queen lying down on the sofa. I only woke up to make our super simple dinner.

"Thanks for the lemonade..."

Now, we are watching F1 racing, for first time Malaysia team Lotus Racing are on the race. Something good for a start 1Malaysia. :-) I always love my country for a lot of things. Guess what team we are supporting? Hmmm... Too many to support, I like MSc, and J's brother is in RedBull and with Malaysia new team all are interesting.

Our boy today poo-ed for 3 times, from giving him to much raisin for snacking. But interesting thing, he told J that he did poo. Perhaps good timing to start potty train. I have bought one cheapy potty from Ikea, now wonder when he did the poo in the potty who is going to throw it out? He... He... He...

Hair lost

We just cut his hair. It sounded like we were torturing our boy. We did in the bathroom easy to clean the mess up then. He just hate seeing seperation from his body part, I thought.

Now busy in the bath playing and playing.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010


Weekend is always good as we can wake up late. We didn't do much thing today, we were stuck in traffic almost 2 hours just to go down south of the island. It is school holiday weekend so there will be a lot of non Penang cars in the town. We had lunch in TGiF, ate a lot but didn't taste much because J and I are still having blocked nose, our sinus aren't recovered yet.

Tomorrow is Sunday, perhaps we are heading to the beach area instead of going to town. I was relaxing a lot today and also able to hit 300k plus on Blitz, really addicted to this game since ever I am using this Iphone.

Just looked through my iPhoto collection, think Adam face didn't change much since a year ago.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes, plants need water too

It has become his daily routine to water the plant. He loves water, he loves to see how is the water projected from its hose and playing to aim the water to flow higher or lower. It really amaze me how they learn from just watering the plant. There haven't been raining for a month here and the plants and grass are getting dry in our back garden. My neighbor put up sprinkle so the grass is getting greener and at the same time lets the kids play with the sprinkling water.
We let the kids out without clothes and they love to play with water.

I keep saying to Adam, don't put so much water into a plant as you are going to rotten the roots, and he still doesn't understand this :-) and eventually he will learn....

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


J and I are on MC for 2 days, because we are having non stop coughing, flu and fever. I had been sleeping most of the day as adviced by the doctor. My boss and my team will be here next week so hoping I will recover by then.
We still have to entertain our son although we are sick. That is the job that you had signed a contract and there is no leave although you are sick.

We played bubbles, I know it is too early to play but couldn't wait to pop the bubbles... It is really fun!!!

Read him "The hungry caterpillar" and I had ordered some books online from MPH as it is easier to find online than looking on the shelves. I spent lots of time when I went last Friday ended up bought nothing, as I couldn't find what I want.

Plus, mothercare is having sale at the moment and bought ELC stuff for painting, though they don't have the painting itself. Can't wait to get messy with the colouring this weekend ;-)

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Adam first rock band

We encourage Adam to all sort of things, and one of them is watching kid show on tv. I always leave this to J what to select for Adam. J used to work with Disney Ice Tour, Cats and other musical so, his experience in musical is something that I really appreciate as a wife and advantages for our kid.

At the moment Adam is watching a lot of The Wiggles. J
got Adam The Wiggles Live Hot Potatoes concert, and tell you I may have listen and watch for countless, almost remember every lyrics and every words saying in the concert. Why not? When you have to watch it everytime you wake up and before you sleep.

There is a lot of things to learn in the show. Adam recognized the animal sounds like monkeys, elephant and tiger, and besides that he learns a lot of musical instrument like guitar, piano and his favourite instrument I think is drum as he can demo how to play the drum by watching the drummer. We learn about fruit salad Yummy! Yummy! And definetely is my recommendation of kids musical to watch. It is not only Children even the adults are enjoying too as I can some of the parents were too excited during the show. After all they was a rock band before becoming kids rock band.

We sing and we dance while watching the show and I really love watching Adam's reaction to the show as he is learning new thing day by day. The Wiggles is Australian band so they use a lot OZ slang when they converse but it is up to the parents if you want to follow I think. We used Malay-English so just up to you what do you comfortable with and don't force yourself in English as it can come naturally.

I just think that kids learning can be from all sort of forms. Not just have them reading the book. The adventurous and the experience are most matter for them to continue learning. I am trying to be as creative as I can and to make sure whatever we expose them to are something moderate for all ages.

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Monday, March 08, 2010

When daddy is home

J came back a day earlier, he was at Java Jazz concert while he was in Indonesia. As he said, this year there were no big names in the concert, like last year they had Jason Mraz. I love to go concert but not after had Adam, and although James is in this industry I had never like to follow him working as he will be at backstage all the time. Bored me...

So yesterday, we picked him at airport, luckily we decided to come early, because the Air Asia flight just Suka hati decided to arrive early. Adam was so happy to see his Dada again and went to hug him as soon as he saw his Dada got out from the arrival hall. He didn't want to let his Dada go till we had to put him on his car seat. I could tell he was really missing his Dada.

The atmosphere is so different when he wasn't around, it felt empty and we felt bored now he is home we plan a lot of activities, just sometimes simple one like to go to New World Park for dinner and watched the fountain. We are really happy to be together again.

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Adam and mummy time

When J isn't around I always have to think about what activity to do with Adam. I just don't want him to feel that he is bore when at home and always think than his school is much more fun than home. So today we had fun together and did a lot of drawing. I bought cheap scetch book from popular book shop and thought it is time to save all his "art work".

His teacher said he knows what to do with the color pencil when they first introduced colouring to him.

-some of his art work. :-)

I am a fan of crayola product. They are easily washed and non toxic. It has different range of product and will look for water color next time. Time to get messy.

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