Friday, April 30, 2010

What race?

I recently changed my birth certificate to the green A4 computerized paper. I was surprised that it is different to what we registered for Adam back in October 2008. Adam's was B5 white computerized paper. For Adam, all the fields are similar to our old handwriting birth certificate except the IC number has already provided.

What is the different with the new green birth certificate and the old one, there is a field called child race. (Bangsa Anak). So for mine it is Melayu. If you notice only father's and mother's race is mentioned in the old birth certificate. This time the child race also will be define. So what will be our children, we have option to select our race. Either Melayu or European, yes European. In Adam's birth certificate, J's race is Caucasion. But because of new policy changed in our next kid birth certificate, it will be written as European for J's race, and Melayu for me. Obviously. Why European? Who ever are white, no matter they are from America, Europe, South Africa or Australia will be European. I don't know about other, I know if African-American in US will be written as Africa. So Japanese, Korean or Singaporean or Indonesian, what will be written? I don't have a clue.

We both have to be careful to make sure when we register our kids that they are all the same. Why? What if I register Adam Melayu, and the next one European, then they will ask why they are different...Anyway I haven't changed Adam's yet to the green one... We talked and we didn't see any different for registering them as European... It is Malaysia birth certificate, so I think the best is to register them as Melayu... Although they will have fair skin, pungkok tetap hitam. One day, J asked me why Adam's buttock is having bruise... I told him not bruiselah, he is Melayu!!

And on top of that to add the Malay % population... instead of DLL... :-) Funny isn't it the process?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1 day 1 art

Made this when the boys were skyping with in law.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More on Ipad

I have seen and read how people change their mind about Ipad, some of people who may think that I am allowing my son to play on Ipad isn't good for his age. I don't know where is the bad idea come from. I had friends came over last 2 weekends and said about how impressed they were with Adam, we never thought Adam how to operate it, he just knew by watching us. And he tried himself. I don't want to show off about my son's skill but...What I want to say how user-friendly the Ipad is. You can give to anybody and they know how to have fun with it.

The education medium has changed. I was in high school computer club and I ran those Basic programming, I learnt pascal and c languague on Unix machine during uni time. But nowadays, you will hardly hear students learn those subjects in school, students learn ASP, students learn Java, and may be C is still being used but Pascal hmmm I doubt... Unless they are core Computer Science students, I guess that's why I had to learn all those, even those electric circuit.

The reality is technology is forever changing and my friends who came also had been influenced and got themselves iPad, although at the beginning were hesitating about it:-). It is education, it is book, it is graphic and after all it is only electronic flash card for Adam.

J worked for stadium in Melbourne and used the Ipad on site, he mentioned how easy it was to let him walked around and shared the software via wifi. And even the company he worked with plan to get the ipad for the workers after seeing him using it.
We are geek, so we talk about this gadget things at home a lot :)

I am tempting to get one as well. But at the moment let's share although most of the time this cheeky monster is concurring it.

Where to go?

I have started to see how it is going to cost us with 2 kids next year if we plan to visit in law in England. Don't want to think about it so much and just want to enjoy, money can be find, but experience you can't easily get.

We kind of lack of idea where to go nowadays, we plan to have a trip for Adam before the second one is coming, but not far away. J's working trip is one after another and we can't just plan after his longer one...He will be tiring and I love him to be at home as long as he can. He is much more relax that way, as when he is on working site, it is energy consuming.

So still open, we may go to middle east for J's work as he needs to be there for longer time, and if it before my labour day. South Korea is where I want to go again. No to the beach, because we are not the kind to "salai" ourselves. We live in one. We love to go to city.... Still thinking, and thinking at the same time also looking at the pocket :-) This coming weekend, where to go?

Monday, April 26, 2010


Since ever J got his Ipad I didn't really get to use because the boys are therotizing them. Yesterday, when J found we need milk, I made him go with Adam so I can play around with Ipad, yes I love it. I always want to spend time with drawing, so in that limited time I produced a few digital paintings...

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Waiting for dada....

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It is neater when he is sleeping... A little more organized than before.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Discriminate or just being cautious

I got to write this in Malay... In case anyone get offended with my action.

Satu hari, di simpang island plaza traffic light, saya berhenti, saya yg memandu ketika itu, manakala suami saya duduk di kerusi penumpang di belakang bersama anak saya. Tiba-tiba seorang lelaki berkulit hitam (org Africa) melintas, dan saya tidak realized dengan tindakan saya, cepat2 saya lock kereta saya.
Suami di belakang kata saya Tak baik buat macam tu sebab lock kereta secara tiba2 bila mamat hitam itu lalu. Mungkin org itu akan offended sebab dengar bunyi kereta lock.

Sesungguhnya saya tak sedar akan kelakuan saya, mungkin peristiwa di London mengingatkan saya akan kejadian melibatkan org kulit hitam.

Saya cuma berhati2. Saya ada ramai kawan org hitam tapi mereka baik baik belaka. Tak tahulah kenapa saya bertindak demikian.

Hari itu suami saya naik teksi di Melbourne, dia SMS saya tanya
patutkah dia lock kereta atau unlock sebab pemandu itu adalah org hitam. Dia cuma perli saya......

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Dua lagi baik?

I don't know if you want to call it co-incidence or what. The 2 fridays, I listened to radio as soon as I turned on the radio. Last week I listened to Berdua lebih baik, in Indon/Malay, but this week I listened to to this.

I worked half day at home today, just to avoid the Friday traffic. J isn't at home, so I am the only to go and fetch Adam on time, before they close at 6.30PM. Tough life, but the work is flexible to allow me adjusting my own time. As long as I get the work done.

J will be home tomorrow, and we miss him too much. As usual we are going to fetch him at airport, I like to see home walking out from the arrival hall as that moment makes me feel relief that I have someone who will physically look after us. Yes he is my man :-)

Got to go to fetch Adam, today I made prompet fish curry, and amazingly I think that is the best fish curry I every had ... Hahahaha...masuk bakul!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baboy and him

Baboy is the name of his stuffed animal, people may get offended if they know the meaning. It is Tagalog. We gave the name after the friend's wedding in Cebu, and I thought it is very cute name.

This morning when we were about to leave home, he picked up "Baboy" and "Duck-Duck" another his stuff animal that my MIL sent for Easter. Wanted them to go together in the car. We are not encourage him to bring any toys to nursery just thinking that it is not good for other kids. But he insisted.

Luckily when we arrived nursery he was ok to let go the toys and said "Bye Bye" to them. We always think he will be very "keras" but he started to show his caring to the animals, toys and other babies. The teachers convinced me not too worry when getting other child, because he is a good little helper. Let's see.....

Took this picture on the way when I stopped at traffic light.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just 2 of us

J is in Melbourne this time for the bubble stadium project. And will be back this weekend, so I am a single mon for a week.

Adam was playing with my hair scarf and put on his head, I am sure. my husband will get angry me letting him doing that, but we just having fun.

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going to picnic

Heading to mainland for picnic.

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Friday, April 16, 2010


Everyone loves Friday. Hari sunat. I know I have 2 days to wake up late and snuggle with the family as long as I want. Friday is the day where I get to date my husband during lunch. Just to of us. We always plan something for long lunch hour. Today after savoury, perhaps frozen yogurt for desert. Waiting for the clock thicking to 12. Just jalan jalan in the mall is fine for us...

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Thursday, April 15, 2010


J's iPad arrived on Wednesday. I haven't really got a chance to play around with it at longer time as these 2 men are fighting each other for iPad. It is really funny to see them grabbing the iPad from each other hand.

I get to play when Adam is sleeping and James is in the bath. I love it, really like it. I don't really care about the unable to run flash as often on PC I will skip lots if flash. The best ever computer I had in hand.

Like iPhone I love the kids applucation mainly for education, iPad does better, better graffic for kids apps, and some new applications are really interesting.

I love the iBook, the app that similar to Sony reader and Amazon Kindle. Many books in the store. All other features that computer does, games, Internet, spreadsheets, document and presentation which I use in most of the time.
I have lots more to write but this time I have to go to hospital for Adam nebulizer. Asked J he never regret buying it, love it and he thinks to get another one after fighting for iPad in this iFamily.

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Monday, April 12, 2010


He is a bit small for this luggage but it is sure going to be convenient item when we travel next time.

He is riding on it and parents are pulling mode. Teddy sibuk sibuk.

He is pulling himself mode.

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Adam can list his close friends at his nursery.
JiJi, Zack,Diayi(Chiayi), CheChe, and others who I don't know which one.
They are all about his age range, those who were born 2008 and 2009.
We both think that he will have more friends than us.
My friends mainly are my colleague, I lost contact with a lot of friends as most of them are living in KL or down south. I build new friendship when I joined my company and some of them are great friends. I consider my husband as my friend as I can do a lot of things together with him.

Picture of Adam and Zack during his school party


Tagged by Coy

I am in the middle of teambulding, waiting for event to finish. I am so bored and since my senior tagged me, here it is:-

1) Go to your photo files…Select the 8th photo folder.
2) Select the 8th photo in that folder.
3) Post that photo along with the story behind it.
4) Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

I am writing this from my Iphone, and don't have folder created. Except we called them album. This is the photo in 8th album. I was in the ward waiting for the doctor to come to examine prior to the c-section on the next day.

Ok, now I have to tag 8 people, but I decided to let whoever read my blog to do it. Got to go now.

Friday, April 09, 2010

I am married a geek...

Apple just launched the Iphone OS4.0 last night (this morning). I fall asleep early as usual and didn't bother about what is going on. But easily I got all the summary this morning from the geek who I am married to. I am not complaining for marrying geek, it is a good thing in my life. I know more things day by day. Sometimes I get summary what happened to the world from him.

Since ever I have been using Iphone I don't look at other phone. J is using BB as his second phone, but I have never like the interface, especially when browsing on Safari. Just exactly when you are surfing on the computer browser.
Another reason why I like Iphone because of the applications on it. They are cool, I have application which I use for grocery. Before I forget anything I key in what I want to buy on the list. J's Iphone gets the same info, when he is out he will buy and same when I am out.

We used to be unorganized, we mixed up calendars, he travels a lot and I always ask him, where are you going this time and this time. With my schedule, and Adam's doc appt and some other events, and maid is coming for cleaning. But with the calendar we become more up-to-date on what is going on among us.

The other thing I like about Iphone is the application for kids. The are many of them, the are story books, colouring application, nursery, rhyme, flash card with sounds and a lot more. 17months Adam knows how to use them, know what the applications are for kids. He knows what apps to choose, when he wants to Iphone to read him, or sing to him and a lot other. He knows how to act when watching "the wheel on the bus", he knows "Old mac Donald" and knows "Incy Wincy" and more other.
He knows most of animal's sound that he learn from the flashcard. This is education, so I don't think there is anything wrong introducing Iphone to the kids. I am not just bragging about my son. I am talking about how good this application to the kids. I would high recommend this to any parents. The good investment of gadget that we have.

There are hundreds thousand application on the Iphone. There are billions of download so far, I wonder sometimes how much money has been made. Don't you want to learn how to develop the apps on Iphone, it can be as simple as story book. May be I should become like the modern of Beatrix Potter. Writing story book and Iphone apps. "Sang Kancil dan Buaya"? Don't you wish this is on Iphone?

Sooner, is Ipad. Despite with bad review at the beginning it is sold out in the US during pre-order itself. Imagine, the kids application on bigger screen, We are sure Adam is going to love it. True Story, The day it launched in the US, someone didn't sleep for getting nervous reading the review and eye-ing on what is sold on Ebay. Yes... It is on the way. Such a kid waiting for new toy....

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Self snap

He took this with my iPhone. He knows every button and wording on the iPhone screen will bring him to something.

Today the school told James that he now know how to say 4 letter words. Shocked him, and he then corrected the ladies, "ah you mean 4 syllabus". After they said he can now say Hello Daddy.

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Wednesday, April 07, 2010


He now figured out what is magnet. It is sticking on metal.
He moved the one on fridge to our metal railing on the stairs.

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Not tired anymore

What can be other nicest thing when I was tired from work and as soon as I walked into the house I smell something nice. Smell like food from Chili's. But it wasn't. My dear darling prepared fajita for dinner. My tummy is growling now waiting for him to heat up the fajita sheet. I can't wait, and saliva is dripping smelling the fajita filling.

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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Tiring day

I wasn't feeling good. I had to drop in the middle of meeting. Though the meeting has already over extended to almost 30mins.

On the way to home I felt dizzy and naussea. Vomit is something that hasn't happened to me since I had Adam. But today is different. I felt like to, but at the end didn't.

I ate very little during dinner. No appetite. But I still have littleboy who is nagging to play with me. Life isn't easy. But luckily my hubby get the meal ready for us.

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Read and play

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Child lock

When we started to have child in our life we are looking at child lock when choosing the appliances. One thing that I regret is the oven where it is in lower position and I only use when Adam isn't around or J is around to look after him and the kitchen gate is always close. Who knows everything about children when you don't have one yet. Even today I am still learning.

I wish I can change it easily but we have to fork more money to do more arrangement. So at the moment I just bake more in the microwave oven which I don't really like because the heat isn't sekata.

How dangerous it can be, just look at my monster here.

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Techy toilet

Just another rambling from me today. I always want to have toilet with the build in bidet. Do you know how expensive this kind of toilet can cost. Expensive!!! And mostly need to have electric inlet. Today while we were looking for vacum cleaner, handy vacum cleaner we found this toilet system. It is so simple and doesn't require electric. We don't want to hack the house and pull in the electric to the toilet.
Panasonic makes this toilet system and it is
having bidet for number 1 and number 2. Sufficient enough!!! Price RM450.

Adam checked the plumbing job done by English plumber. My husband is doing the plumbing job himself rather than hiring local plumber, after the "shit"y incident in Armanee Terrace.

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English supporter who eats American food

His other favourite food besides rice.

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English supporter

We just finished watching F1 racing on tv. And Redbull racing won 1st and 2nd place. Good for Chaz ( J 's brother ).

I found this cheap cool baju. You can see why it was cheap because the badge isn't straight.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

Paktoh in cinema

Ok this is true story. J and I had never gone to cinema since we know each other. We never date in cinema. For the past 3 and half year we didn't go to cinema and today we are going to break our record.

We don't really know what our going to watch later. Clash of titans. We just want to go to cinema. Now waiting for the movie to start. Because this is first time so, we bought the premiere ticket. I am not sure what class are they, and what is the advantages of premiere class. Hope we will stay till the movie end.

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

The man who sold the world

I was grown up in boarding school back in early 90s so we listened a lot to Alternative rock like Nirvana. Asked most of my friends during school they will know about this group pretty well. Last few days I watched David Bowie sang the song and asked him who is this song originally sang by. I always thought Nirvana wrote this song and abviously I was wrong, but considering myself a bit younger generation as I don't listen to David Bowie a lot....

Just fun picture below. To coming parents they can practice to change the nappy by putting it to the Teddy. Ini kerja laki saya.

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