Monday, May 31, 2010

1 day 1 painting - nest

While waiting for Adam watching his favourite band The Wiggles...

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Neglecting my hobby

One of my hobbies is cooking, I realized that I have been cooking same thing again and again. And I used to make something for desert or tea time.

I wanted to make brownies and realized that I don't have cooking chocolate or even unsalted butter to start with, they are essential items to keep for those who love baking. When was the last time I bake bread or even simple cake?

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It is officially mine now!!! Finally Hahaha

J just IMed me that he is in taxi with Ipad! Yes his new Ipad 3G... which mean his other one will be mine :-P. Well Adam and mine, kongsi. J will spend a lot on nothing else but gadget as long as he is happy, and I am happier too, because I will get passdown from him. The fact that he used so much on Maxis, Maxis gave him 3G navigator which during that time cost like RM2K. And the happy clients also love to give him things... And the company phone... So we don't actually spend much on gadget...

Work or not to work

I couldn't decide today if I should or shouldn't go to work. I have tonnes of works to finish and suppose to start the testing today, real deal for system analyst like me when come to testing to justify what I have done is correct.

But, the real deal to me now is my son. I woke up early sending email to whoever concerns that I can't work and tried to do a little work as I can while Adam is still sleeping. This is the thing that I can't just let go in my life, my family. It doesn't sound professional but I am sure it worth doing. Adam is sick since last 2 days and I am dealing as much as I can with no husband around.

J is here at the moment.

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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hamburger or Hotdog

I like my gynecologist very much although he has very old ultrasound machine. At 66, we sure that he is experience old man. He delivered Adam via cesarean and my stitch from the surgery is invisible and nicely done. Just the fact that the machine is old, make us wonder what is our baby gender :-) I suppose to write him letter to change the machine after the first pregnancy but, because we still need to use him so I decided not to. He is good the way he is doing his job, although with old machine.

Last scanned he could time tell us the gender at 17 weeks pregnancy whereby with Adam's at 6 or 7 months. And we kind of agree with him after reading some reviews about baby ultrasound.
We are excited about the news either boy or girl, but will only announce once we do the 3D ultrasound which we plan to do another 3 weeks.

The whole pregnancy is quite smooth this time and I was only vomit once for eating so much, and I started to gain more weight from last month, 1KG and made total so far about 2KG...I can't gain much as I have already "berisi" (just taught this word to James, when he wanted to order for "air kelapa" with flesh in bahasa).

Picture when I was so "chengkung"...

Still sleeping

It is 11.30 am here, littleman is still sleeping. He is having fever since yesterday and gave him panadol at 4 hours ago. J left home at 8am today to Melbourne and will come back this Friday. Hopefully Adam will recover soon.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Big boy is eating big food

My son is super naughty and doesn't want to sit down when eating nowadays. He just like freedom being able to do what he wants... But we love him...

We were talking to the waiter if they can change the TV channel to Star Sport for F1 qualifying, and didn't realize little man grabbed the quessadilla...

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Jalan jalan looking for monkeys

We cleaned the utility room as we wanted to so long long time ago, we then went to see monkeys...lots of monkeys this time

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Late breakfast @ ananda

We walked into restaurant and ordered nasi lemak ayam, the table next to us was full of Brits with beer in the morning. That's it, just beer.

They probably said, " What!!! Rice and chicken for breakfast? "

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Beef bourguignon

Beef beghenang(swimming beef in northen Bahasa) that I called :-p
J cooked it for dinner, tradionationally eat with potatoe but we had with pasta. Yummy and tasty... I am being lazy again.

The left over for tomorrow.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Thanks for the award

A friend of mine awarded me with this Sunshine award last week, and this week only I got a chance to post into my blog. I usually blog through Iphone, and although I can copy and paste, it is just tricky for me as everytime I am with Iphone little monster will want to help me with typing :-)

Thanks Noora for the Award!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

5 mins walk to water

I finished cooking for dinner early today and while waiting for the rice to cook we went to walk near the neighbourhood.

Weather was hot after the afternoon rain, so there were only us, security guards, gardeners, birds, snails and other small animals :-)

Felt like the whole area were belong to us.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010


I had very serious teeth problem during this pregnancy. My gum is bleeding and sore more often than usual and this also make my teeth are having discomfort feeling time to time.
Last week while at lunch with friends I had the very terrible tooth-ache that make me dizzy at the same time. I usually go to a hospital to get treatment but this time because I couldn't bare at all I went to the nearest dental surgery to office.

Knowing that I am pregnant the dentist just took out my old filling and replaced with temporary one and wanted me to monitor how it is progressing with the pain in a week. I didn't have any anasthetic or any medicine to numb my gum and the dentist just went straight to drill my teeth which has already have hole in it.

As soon as after treatment wihout even pay yet I demanded for pain killer as I couldn't bare anymore and my knee felt losen because of damn god know the pain. J wasn't around so I had to drive back home myself to home, with terrible tooth pain. I didn't think about continue my work at all as I don't have energy at all.

And last 2 days the pain was getting worse and last night I couldn't sleep and luckily J was around so he was the one went down to get panadol for me. We consulted our gynae about I planned to do the dental job and he said it is ok, as long as the dentist says ok.

So today lunch after made the appointment, I decided to try out the surgery near our house. J mentioned that the surgery has been recommended in Alloexpat with good review. So after prepared meal for the boys and without lunch for myself as I don't have appetite I drove to the surgery myself and J looked after of Adam. Well I could actually walk if I want to but with the pain no way for me.

First impression into the surgery was Wow!!! Nice place. Nice dentist and finally I had root canal work done. I didn't have any X-Ray as the dentist mentioned it is risky to the pregnancy, he did his best to clean up the nerve in the teeth hollow area, and seal it back with medicine which smelt like "rokok kretek". I can still smell it now... And of course finally with the filling. He advised me to come back after delivery for proper x-Ray in case there are still left nerves pulp there.
The whole procedure required me 2 local anasthetics, he gave me one at first but it wasn't enough for the pain that I had.

I am happy now that I can drink hot and cold drinks now without worrying about my nerve. I am happy with the job done, and we think we are going to use the surgery as our regular. The cost for everything was RM150 which I thought was ok compare to a few I have been before.

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1Malaysia in Padang Kota

We stopped by at Padang Kota on the way back from Jusco. Weather was good and not so many people... We walked and Adam ran on the field, just did something different today, after my big dental job which I am so happy about.

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Swing swing swing

Found this type of swing that can fit little man without me holding him. At Padang Kota playground.

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Mini him

Once a while they dress up similar.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Headband on Teddy

It wasn't me. It was...

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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Adam Bob The Builder

Sometimes, we call our boy Adam Bob or Adam Bobbie, from Adam Robert and Robert is after J's late father, Robert Ambrose who passed away when J was 6. RIP.

These few days, Adam has been into Bob The Builder. I bought him the book when he was 12 months and J bought magic painting last month and that made him recognized Bob quickly.

Just for more varities, besides The Wiggles and Gracie, so we got him a few videos as well and he has been watching them days and nights. I thought it was a good learning for kids. Just simple thing in building they are doing it seriously.

No wonder English built good structure of buildings because they teach them since young. Just example, before they build the building they had to build the construction houses and even shelters to store the vehichles.

Not that I am condemning my country, have you seen the construction workers house in Malaysia? I see everyday because my housing area is still in developing progress and how long is your defect list when you first buy the house. I remember ours was 5-6 pages long list and until today the defect still there and hasn't been fixed properly. That is considering Malaysia top 10 developer. So whenever you get a new house make sure you check every single things, even each tiles or parquet, or small line of crack. Make sure it worth the mortgage that you are paying.

I think I learn a lot myself from the Bob The Builder and I know Astro has played them as well:-)

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Everybody was young...

J when he was at his 20's.
Handsome... and still handsome (to me :>)

I went through some of our photos when we were in the early 20's. We were young, energetic and daring in doing things. No wrinkles, no black eyes, and looked fresh. Since then, when think about it now, I have left high school for 15 years already. But in life I have never regret for what I went through, although sometimes was up and sometimes was down. Just life... Now we are looking at our son growing day by day and understand what have our parents went through to raise us... It is challenging...

Think this photo was taken in year 1999.
During Japan Venus Port era.
Don't know it it still exist.
Surely they have new spot to hang out nowadays.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


His naughty looking with spiky brown hair...

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Big boy Adam

I can't believe how fast time flies. He is 18 months plus, and look like a big boy. Eating by himself, chatting a lot, and a lot of things unpredictable from him. And at the same time being naughty. He is soon going to be a big brother. And still can't believe that I have already pregnant for the second one.

J went to the custom to pick up my stuff that been detained last week, and had chat with the custom officers. They made comment that he is doing the Malay way, which is get married and 9 months later having kid ;-)
We have married for 2 years and 3 months and our family is growing quickly.

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Sunday, May 09, 2010

F1 night

We are staying at home to watch F1. Red bull is leading, the husband is ready with the gadget for F1. TV and iPad. The son is also ready with entertainment for himself.
Myself just be here in celebrating Mommy's day the whole day with HRC lunch and walked in butterfly farm.

F1 app is running in Ipad.

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Saturday, May 08, 2010

Late lunch

We just finished lunch. Late lunch, because littleman had a
long nap. Now being lazy while watching Andrew Zimmern on TV.

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Brushes on Ipad

J got me this app, and I have been painting a lot... Today entree...

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Originally uploaded by AziBam

He hates anything on his head. Hat or shades or anything since he was baby. I guess because his thick hair his head warm all the time, and he doesn't need additional hat to cover it.

Last trip amazingly he was ok with the hat. South East Asia weather is so hot and nowadays we don't know how much UV had got into his skin. So better put UV screen before go out...

Don't think when I was young we care about UV so much, that's why my parents didn't let us go out during panas terik...

Friday, May 07, 2010

Painting continues

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1 digital painting per day

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Perfect Housewife

I love to watch the desperate housewife how they can have clean house and at the same time they are still pretty, having soft skin and being gorgeous all the time. I have been to relative's house which is so cleaned, until I had to make comment about their bedroom, do they actually sleep on that bed or just for "perhiasan". The duvet on the bed was super straight, and you won't find any spot of dust anywhere. The house is just like show house. Not that they are rich, but they are super sparkle clean.

I am not up to that level yet, but I wonder if I am full time housewife I will be like that knowing that I can't just stay still being lazy. Every time I start cleaning, my husband will make comment "Babe, I want you to relax". Seriously I can't just relax, I must do something...

We received a call from direct selling last week if we are interested to buy a multi-purpose cleaner which cost RM6K. That's cost of 66 times to call 2 maids to clean 4 hours in the house, plus we don't have to get sweat....

This is good website about tips on cleaning, you can even make you own detergent and cleaning solution... Economical and environment friendly... :-)

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Card for me

I cleared up Adam's laundry bag from school today and here is what I found in the bag...

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Tuesday, May 04, 2010


We are waiting for dada to cut his hair.

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Good Bye Cicak

He has to go out every night before J set up the night alarm. He wants to say Bye Bye to Cicak. He says bye to anybody or anything that he leaves.

But the job to bring him to see the cicak isn't my job. I hate it.

Cicak at the corner.

If this kind of cicak I am fine.

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Monday, May 03, 2010

We are going for Wiggling

The Australian group Wiggles will be coming to KL and guess what we have already bought the tickets. The expensive tickets ever James said he bought, more expensive than our last Jason Mraz. Because of Adam is more than 18 months by June we got to pay full tickets price for him.

We think we will be more exciting than our little man to see the band. We know most of the song, the lyric and even the dance. Our house has turned to musical stage since ever littleman is here. Kids change our life...

Watching Wiggles while eating pizza. We just back from holiday in Singapore.