Sunday, June 27, 2010

The game ...

Expected game. England will balik kampung, they have all the star players, but no team work.

And next week the Italy trip with our German friend who lives in Singapore. Luckily the game is this week. Or else world war ;-)

Adam seems enjoying the football , if Adam plays I guess it is either come from my dad who
loves and played a lot football till his late 30's, or from J's side, the great great grandfather was the Manchester United's coach. But definitely not from us.

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The blogpress for iPhone/iPad user.

I have been using this application since ever I used the Iphone, but when reading back my post I realised how little I wrote and the photos taken were also very low quality. I tried to elaborate what I wanted to say, but most of the time it will be distracted by littleman. (blame the boy :-)
What I like about blogpress, I can still use the photo that I took using normal camera as long as the photo is synced with the iphoto on Mac or get uploaded if you are using Windows. And furthermore I can upload multiple photos, and all the photos can be saved either in photo buckets or flickr.

The technology is getting sophisticated, the PC is getting easier. We went to hospital yesterday and saw how every parents were entertaining their kids using phones, no matter either iPhone or other phone, some with video, some with Nintendo DS, PSP and more others. I haven't gone to the level of playing games with Adam yet as I don't want him to get addicted. I know he will figure out himself one day. But, you won't be surprise how you will learn a lot from your kid.

One thing that surprised me, how Adam figured out that ESC key on Mac will bring him back to the list of movies on iTunes while watching movie , where by J and I always have to close the application and relaunch Itunes to see the list.

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Looks like he has been beaten by someone, but it is blueberry sauce.

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Big breakfast

The thing that I like about weekend is I can spend more time to cook good big breakfast. Think we are going to skip lunch.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010


We are going this friday, and I am still working this week. Packing slowly... We are going with friends from Singapore, and then just ourselves to UK.

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Little Englishman

England's supporter.

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In sunny day went to see houses for sale.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Sis in the house

My sis dropped by for a while as she is having work in Penang

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Elmo on youtube

Watching Elmo, I just went to YouTube and look for Elmo.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where is this?

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Terrible jam

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


All booked!!! Hotel and flights are booked, I just need to come outa shopping list. This is going to be a long trip for 3 of us till we have the 4th person coming... We will be away for 2 weeks from next Friday, to Italy and UK. I am looking forward to this trip.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Toy's story

Adam is into Toy's story nowadays, but he called everything Buzz.

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Bob's torch light

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I want this

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Spouse Visa in Malaysia - Part 1

This is first time J is trying to get the spouse visa after been in country for almost 5 years. But today wasn't the first day we went to the immigration to get it done. It is a long story to tell, but I will try to write next time what is the needed. J isn't employed by local registered company so the only way to get the visa is to apply spouse visa.

I am embarassed by my country about the processes that he has gone through with so much paperworks need to be done just because to keep people in job. You can easily give up about this process, and you will never get what you want in a shot just looking at the immigration website. There is a checklist that you need to go through.
My brain is tiring to go through the list again.

What a big deal having a spouse visa?

  • The new application will not allow him to get the new spouse visa YET!
  • This application is only for 6months social visit visa
  • We still have to redo the similar things as what we do today to get another 1~5 years extension depending on the applicant's passport expiry date.
  • After 1~5years, this doesn't mean you will be given PR.
  • You will be given multiple entry once you are having the spouse visa.
Requirement? Details in related post

  • Complete all the checklists (Damn long...)
  • Find sponsor with RM2Kmonthly income. The wife can become one if she earns >RM2K
How is J doing it today to enter the country?

  • Being a brit, he walks to the immigration desk in the airport and get a triangle punch for 90days. Which mean he has to out the counrty at least 4 times/year and he is travelling more than that
Why we want to do now? As J is living here, there are requirement from other countries like India, and Middle East that he needs to get the Malaysia long term visa to apply the visa for other country, or else he has to do everything in England. He is scheduled to go to Saudi Arabia in August and at first thought that Adam and I will follow him, however we decided not to, after thinking I will be almost near the delivery time, and when our daughter born in non-England or non-Malaysia country I wonder what are the other craps, that we both has to go through to get her to be Malaysian. Having Malaysian/Brits parents but with Saudi Arabia citizenship...
By the way, while waiting for the J's "OLD-passport" to be copied, (I will blog why he needs old passport in the future) the guy told us a story of a Brit who has been in Malaysia for 30 years, never get PR, and has to do what we are doing today, just because he did the easy way like J always does. 90 days triangle stamp.
I love my country and always think this is the place where we will settle down forever, but how can I as a citizen do something to make it better? *SIGH*

Update: April 2. 2012
The new term is being used by Malaysia Immigration. Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP)

Monday, June 21, 2010


It is Monday, and with this pregnancy I have felt heavier than previous one, at 5 month already.

Ohhh sh1t.. As I am writing this blog, I realized that we suppose to have doctor appt. I made J jumped from the bed to shower :-). We have already put in calendar. But we just forgot, and now only the reminder is ringing.

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy father's day

We woke up at 10, 3 of us snuggled, and then had chocolate cake and Milo for breakfast. I cooked for lunch and we spent the noon lying down watching TV and played with Adam. He had his nap at 6pm and that is the time we were driving to Batu Feringhi, 15mins drive from our home.

We celebrated father's day at HRC just like mother's day. Ordered so much and ended up had to tapau-ed 2 meals back home :-) I was hungry when I ordered and didn't remember that I can only eat tiny portion during pregnancy.

Then, wondering around to see anything new in the night market.
Anyway Happy Father's day to all fathers especially my dear husband, my Abah & my FIL.

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


I asked Adam to say vuvuzela, and he said tee tee. What a cheeky!

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Gadgeting with Dada

Back to 3 of us life, dinner and Adam's shower are done. Relaxing...

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It Is going to be peaceful trip

Deep sleep...

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Daddy is on the way back

I always look forward for J to come back. All the time just Adam and I can be a bit bored ;-p. I occasionally bring him outside by myself but it is always unexpected how is he going to behave.

I had prepared for dinner; biryani, beef curry and mixed vege with dhal. We are going to have Indian tonight.

J was in Osaka and then Seoul, and texted me from Hong Kong that he got upgraded to business. Although, he is not silver or gold on Cathay Pacific. Just being lucky.

Ok we are now off to airport, hopefully the road is clear.

This is Adam 2nd yogurts for the day... And hand pansai a lot.

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Breadstick in the yogurt

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Life without phone

I left my phone at office, and lucky I sync all my contacts in all my pc at home. So called one of my friend who I roughly guess she would still at office.

J still can contact me through skype and house phone. Think just have to figure out what is the better communication way when you lost your phone.

By the way, had
sometimes for myself today during lunch break... Went for grocery, bought a few pots of flowers and gardening at my small garden. Rearranged and cleaned up the vases and the base, after seeing the banner about beware aedes everywhere.
It is kind of scary, and I have put mosquito coil as soon as I came into the house. Hopefully the weekly fogging will help to kill those mosquitos.

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Too clever too cheeky too naughty

Kids nowadays are too clever compare to when we were. May be because of the influence of coloured wide screen TV. Or is it the food? Or is it the supplement that we took during pregnancy? Day after day Adam surprised me with handling the gadgets, his speech, his action and though he is still with toddler tantrums.

It can be tiring handling him but I don't have other option especially when J is away from home. In a way going to work is relaxing to me. Having maid is tempting but we don't think we can't trust people to take care of the kids...

We know sometimes Adam doesn't behave and made us look like bad parents, like doesn't want to sit during meal or playing with cutleries. But on the other way he is fine. He shares things, really surprised us that he touched a friend's son hand just because he wanted to share the movie that he is watching on iPad. This thing, I should give the credit to his school.

We just try our best to behave him.... Just pray he grows healthy and well behave.


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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Adam is ok with this :-p

Gong xi Boy in action

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Best Voice!!

I like those band with nice voice like Audioslave & Kings of Leon, think their voice just macho for men :-)The American Idol this year has similar kind of voice... which when you listen, make you think the person should be good looking :-) You watch and figure out...

Have been listening this kind of song while WFH... I am having flu today...

Missing the cats

Originally uploaded by AziBam

I miss the cats. Willie, especially. I thought he is going to stay with us another longer years but "Ajal tak panjang". We have tempted many times to get other cats, but we just feel bad that if we can't spend time with them because of raising kids.

Adam is absolutely good with any animal, cats and dogs. Although, he started to kill the ants!!! He can just sit down "bersila" on the floor, hugging and stroking the stray cat whenever he sees them. Seems it is not good idea to let the cats out in our neighbourhood area because we don't know how is our neighbours reaction to them. Guess what,the stray cat near our house also has dissappeared. We thinks somebody has poisoned the cats...

Next door cat, Lexi also died for having hernia...Not a good place to raise cats I guess. Since ever Willie and Dusty gone, the cicaks are daring to come inside the house and scared me many times.
We went to CTY just to look some other animals, and I always think that Willie is the best ever pet I ever had. Although he is a bit slow... :)
We miss you Willie... Hope you are happy in the cat's heaven and eat a lot.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Never in my life supporting England. From now onwards of course I have to support as I have 2 Brits in the house. I am the minority furthermore Malaysia never get qualified :-)

Though my "heart" is in the other green maroon team :-p Can't mention the country name to Brits after last world cup Rooney and xxxx incidents... Hehehe

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

The extension

This room used to be messy room... We dumped anything that we don't use so frequent and never even cleaned up the room since ever we didn't have the maid, that was more than a year. We thought of cleaning and it and make it more organized. It took us three weekend to achieve this... I love it, I can now easily access to my kitchen gadget whenever I want to use them. Just realized that we have ice shaver that J bought before we married !!! More chendul?!!

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Aman Damai

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bob bob bob

Everyday with Bob. Watching Bob on iPad. I have learnt all the characters in Bob! They are cool. But I don't like Spud the scarecrow, because he always gives trouble to everyone.

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We went for 4D scanning, the doctor dare to put money saying that our baby will be girl. Yeah this time is much more clearer, it is a girl and so far so good...

Guess what I did right after that, I have been forced myself not to spoil my shopping tempation, and today I bought some girl stuff!!! They aren't expensive as we bought from brand outlet, J said no mini skirt and of course I agree with that. When Raising a boy you have to take care of a d**k, but many to take care of when you raise a girl :-)

And Crocs is having clearence.
Bought some, and they are for Thomas, Adam and Claire 5 for RM200 with RM50 voucher. Didn't manage to get for adult because no size, well think there are but too many people..

If everything is on the plan we are going to Europe next month... More shopping!!! Of course for the kids...

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Penat giler

Tiring not because of pregnancy, but tiring dealing with idiots. Susah deal with org bangsa ni. I think dealing with Adam is much more better as he is coping well what I taught him.

Adam made this on iPad.

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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Shopping for The Wiggles!!

It was 10:50am, the ticketing staff let us to collect the ticket after realizing that he got nothing else to do. We then passed by the mechandise area.

The wife, "Excuse me, have you started open the store for merchandise?"

The sales person , "Errrr..."

The sales person, "We can sell as long as you have the exact change"

The husband, "Nevermind, we can come back later"

The wife responded eagerly to her husband tried to convince him "But...but.. babe ...he said if we have right change we can buy, and I have have some"

Adam was with 2T t-shirt into the concert. The husband thinks the wife is so excited as if she is going to watch The Beatles...

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The earliest

It was 10:40! We were earliest to collect the ticket for the show.

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Monday, June 07, 2010


We are going to watch The Wiggles tomorrow. Arrived this afternoon and had done some shopping for littleman... Again.

Picture in The Curve while waiting for our friends for dinner.

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Sunday, June 06, 2010


Kedai nasi ayam

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What do I use on iPad

We can still use a lot of iPhone apps on Ipad. These are what I am using on my day to day routine besides safari, mail, calendar, stock on the main page.

This is Adam's screen. These are all of his apps and some are on the other pages. They aren't expensive mainly $1 or $2 app. These keep him entertaining while I want to do something else. My favourite is kidzstory application on apps store. It is learning as well as interaction which he can touch and scroll.

This screen is my social, shopping screen which I use a lot , I still use yahoo msn although I have IM plus, just the classic look of ym that I like, I am using blogpress to blog, and I love Grocery iQ on this list as it is updating J and I iPhone when any of us go for grocery. Since ever we use grocery IQ we think we don't buy unnecessary items, therefore we save a lot, and also we keep track what we always use, so they won't be argument what cleaning product should I buy this time.

This screen simply about what I like to do...arts, craft and recipe...not so organise yet... As i have here and there apps when downloading, half way being disturb...that's all for now...

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

Regular activity

When J is here, one of the thing we like to do... Hang out at New World Cafe for breakfast and fountain.

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He won

We fought for iPad, but of course he won... :(

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Friday, June 04, 2010


Adam took my phone and selected skype while saying "Daddy", he did a few times on ipad too.

How did he know that he can talk to his daddy on skype, we only did on MacBook so far....

He learns things so quickly that make wonder...

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Air lagi

Another day with water. This time he asked me to set to higher pressure, quite interesting watching him projected the water level higher or lower.

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