Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spouse Visa in Malaysia - Part 1

This is first time J is trying to get the spouse visa after been in country for almost 5 years. But today wasn't the first day we went to the immigration to get it done. It is a long story to tell, but I will try to write next time what is the needed. J isn't employed by local registered company so the only way to get the visa is to apply spouse visa.

I am embarassed by my country about the processes that he has gone through with so much paperworks need to be done just because to keep people in job. You can easily give up about this process, and you will never get what you want in a shot just looking at the immigration website. There is a checklist that you need to go through.
My brain is tiring to go through the list again.

What a big deal having a spouse visa?

  • The new application will not allow him to get the new spouse visa YET!
  • This application is only for 6months social visit visa
  • We still have to redo the similar things as what we do today to get another 1~5 years extension depending on the applicant's passport expiry date.
  • After 1~5years, this doesn't mean you will be given PR.
  • You will be given multiple entry once you are having the spouse visa.
Requirement? Details in related post

  • Complete all the checklists (Damn long...)
  • Find sponsor with RM2Kmonthly income. The wife can become one if she earns >RM2K
How is J doing it today to enter the country?

  • Being a brit, he walks to the immigration desk in the airport and get a triangle punch for 90days. Which mean he has to out the counrty at least 4 times/year and he is travelling more than that
Why we want to do now? As J is living here, there are requirement from other countries like India, and Middle East that he needs to get the Malaysia long term visa to apply the visa for other country, or else he has to do everything in England. He is scheduled to go to Saudi Arabia in August and at first thought that Adam and I will follow him, however we decided not to, after thinking I will be almost near the delivery time, and when our daughter born in non-England or non-Malaysia country I wonder what are the other craps, that we both has to go through to get her to be Malaysian. Having Malaysian/Brits parents but with Saudi Arabia citizenship...
By the way, while waiting for the J's "OLD-passport" to be copied, (I will blog why he needs old passport in the future) the guy told us a story of a Brit who has been in Malaysia for 30 years, never get PR, and has to do what we are doing today, just because he did the easy way like J always does. 90 days triangle stamp.
I love my country and always think this is the place where we will settle down forever, but how can I as a citizen do something to make it better? *SIGH*

Update: April 2. 2012
The new term is being used by Malaysia Immigration. Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP)

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