Saturday, July 31, 2010


I made our family dish today, meatball in tomato sauce with my normal recipe in crock-pot.
It didn't turn to be what I am expected, although same recipe same way of cooking.
I am sure my taste bud is totally destroyed after the Italy trip. The outside pasta dish never satisfied me. And think I would rather cook myself.

Thanks for the fresh basil that I initially bought to make bruschetta. Mixed them a few in the sauce I made and meal is ready for the family :-)

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After all those kids shopping, Adam is terbongkang !!! We spent a lot again for him and his coming sister...

The shop is having clearance and Little Tikes is having sale, so I bought tea set for our daughter... Hahaha they are cute and I can't resist for not buying them.

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Saturday outing

At old town cafe, for tea time (coffee time)

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Friday, July 30, 2010


Like parents, like son.

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It was not expensive meal for 3 of us, it was simple meal which I know my son will eat. Any soup, fried egg in soy sauce, and some green, with rice of course. Simple, everyone is full and last is till next breakfast.

Adam slept through after similar meal last night, hopefully same as tonight. And he is officially out of "titi".

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Spell check

I was on the way to office and at traffic light I captured this. Why people don't bother to spell check before print out, come on this is their company name.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

With bag to school

My sis in law and family down in New Zealand got this bag for Adam. It is finally suit on him properly, so I put his lunch box in the bag and he is to school with back pack. He is a big boy and still can't believe that he is going to be the big bro.

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Ho ho ho Santa

Don't have to wait for Santa to come during Christmas, we got one at home. :-)

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Cold turkey...

We have been trying to get Adam off from "noggle" (breast feeding). Not that I want to just stop, but I have to stop because I am pregnant for the second one. It wasn't easy with his stubbornness and grumpiness. Furthermore he isn't with pacifier anymore since he turned to 1.

We started a few sessions before our trip to Europe, and also did try when we were there, but as a mother I couldn't just let him cry at night and disturbed everyone else.

But, good news is he has been off from me for 4 nights, although at a point he woke up and said to me "titi" ;-D. I have been ignoring him and covered myself under the duvet, and just pat him while singing along till he is sleeping. At a point I lost idea what to sing him and just humming along to him. Amazingly, last 2 nights he slept himself without singing, in fact, I slept first :-) . My husband really helped a lot misted of Adam usually wakes up at night cuddling with me, he snuggles with his daddy, more frequent. Bonding.

Next, to get him sleep in his own room, my project to make his room more inviting before the second one is house is full of his toys everywhere.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A little moment :-)

J is out with Adam to get our late lunch meal. We woke up at 11.30 am today for paying back our 1 night lost of sleeping while travelling. I got to wait for the second maid to come, the house is messy with piles of laundry. Guess for our little unborn girl we bought 40+ pieces of clothes during the trip. So we need to get helper to clean as much as much as we can.

I told J we need to go through some of our "baju", which we should give away, some of them are hardly worn, but we always think one day we will get back to shape to wear them, but I don't know when it is going to happen.

Staying at home the whole day today, or may be walk in neighbourhood or garden in the evening...

Miss the lavender in Snowhill, there are white lavender too ...

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Thursday, July 22, 2010


While waiting for dada to cut his hair.

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Photo editing on iPhone/ iPad

Ok, I am a geek. I am watching this technology podcast about Apple product at the moment and they are discussing about this app called Photogene where you can edit your photo quickly, it isn't as complicated as photoshop and very easy to use. $3.99 for Ipad, and $1.99 for iPhone's. Look! I just edit this in less than 5 minutes.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spouse Visa in Malaysia – Part 2

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J finally got his visa, and this allowed him to have multiple entries within 6 months, and as well as the start for him to get longer term visa after that.
The hassle we went through could had been easily done if there is 1 stop centre which tell us what we need to do in details.

The details I am writing here, for those who are marrying to Malaysia Muslim woman and if your wedding has been registered in Malaysia in Jabatan Agama Islam. It may be similar if you had the civil wedding, just skip the process related to Muslim. On top of that you also don’t have working permit in Malaysia.

Document needed:-
1. IM55 form (we got from Immigration center)
2. IM38 form (we got from Immigration center)
3. Letter of marriage which need to be authorised by Malaysia comissioner of oaths (The letter is in form format which you can get together with the other form in the immigration centre)

Wife Document;
4. Passport size, colored photo X2
5. Copy and Original of Wife IC X1
6. Copy and Original or Wife Birth certificate (must use the latest one, green computerised A4 paper ) X1
7. Copy and Original of the wedding certificate X1

Husband Document;
8. Colored photo, passport size X2
9. Passports
9.1.1 Original of current passport
9.1.2 Copy of each pages, (which is having stamp) of current passport X1 set
9.2.1 Original of passport when you get married
9.2.2 Copy of each pages, (which is having stamp) of passport when you get married X1 set
10. Last 3 months salary that showing of income (no matter if you are working in oversea) X1
11. Bank statement showing of income (no matter if you have oversea account) X1 set
12. Copy and original document that show the husband is Muslim (Muslim Card if converted in Malaysia) X1
13. Bond
13.1 Tax stamp (stamp hasil RM10) which you need to paste in the form related to bond in #1 or #2, then bring to the tax department to get it stamped.
13.2 Bank Draft of bond that address to the immigration center, the address can be different depending on where you apply your visa. The bond value is also vary for different country. The instruction about the bond will only be given after your application submission is completed.
13.3 RM90 cash will be paid after for the overall processing.

Sponsor Document; (Someone who is earning >RM2K, wife can become if she works in Malaysia registered company)
14. Copy and Original of the IC X1
15. Last 3 months salary/EA/BE form
16. Letter of employment which can be obtained from HR department.
17. Letter of employment which has been authorised in front of commissioner of oaths, the letter is in form format which you can get together with the other form when you get from immigration centre.

Good luck and hope this information is helpful to you. To be honest to get this done we had to go for 3 times.

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It is nice being at home!!! I miss my bed, I miss our long deep bath, missing the cheap food, the no rule place :-)

The trip was overall good, although I have plenty to tell but it is now time to concentrate on working which I have left for 2 weeks. We just finished dinner and having desert. Littleman is really good in eating nowadays.

The adults are having magnum...

Adam is having ice-cream "mangkuk".

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Feeding the duckies

Just like last year when we were here, we fed the ducks. There is a park near my in law's house and small river where quite numbers of ducks came by to get food from the visitors.
We brought some left over bread to feed the ducks. At home we just throw away when there are left ...

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rest in peace...

I have never met him in my life, I just know a little about him. Even J only with him for 6 years. But at soon as I walked into the grave yard near the church I am getting emotional. I don't know why, my tears burst. Non stopped. And J made it worst when he introduced us "Dad, this is my family, this is my wife, and my son Adam and our future daughter in the tummy".

I am sure he is proud of James and the rest of siblings how did they turn to.
I couldn't stop crying all the time when I was in there. We put flowers for the grave. R.I.P my father in law, J's father.

Walking to the graveyard


Cleaning the tomb.

Bench that the people in the village made for him when he passed away. J said there is no ghost sitting on it ;-)


We are just being lucky

We are just the average people who are working like everyone else. When people have a thought that every mat salleh are rich, they a wrong. When I was in Italy I always had discussion with by hubby and friends wondering Italy is considering as developed country but when looking at the way people living, I guess many people in Penang are living better. (not all, just from my 1 week observation in Florence). Not everyone can afford Gucci.

Even in England is the same that not all people are living in the house like in London. There are still some poor people who is relying on government to get money and food.

I always think that we got lucky in a lot of time. Even if you see us always travel, we don't usually travel in a posh way. We sometimes take budget airline to fly, and had to buy 6 months in advanced to get a good deal. And of course most of the countries we went to, there are family that we can stay with that save us the lodging. And this trip we only paid the rental car and the hotel in England. That is because J in Florence for training on his freelance work and the company is paying for the family too, a deal for him. I always make sure we reward ourselves in every 3 months at least, not necessary local or oversea trip. After all it is good for us.

I am in the middle of uploading photos, looks like some of Italy photos didn't get upload. Network can be slow in here :-) By the way I quite like shopping in England at the moment because pound is weak. But of course it will be the same case for us when we go home.

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Last year when we were here it wasn't blooming as much, as we went in early summer. This year is a great timing, and I have taken plenty of photos.

I always love lavender, unfortunately we don't grow them in Malaysia.

In the shop paying for lavender shortbread. They were really good.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer in England

I couldn't believe when J told me that summer in England only last 3 days. Yes, it was when we were in Cambridge, the rest of the days are so gloomy, grey and sometime drizzle with rain.

This is our routine after dinner, to bring Adam walking and it is still bright even at 9pm.

I am not complaining about the weather, in fact I really love it. It is nice walking outside. The temperature is around 18 degree Celsius at the highest and 11 at night.

What does it spell? :o)

Lavender is everywhere, last year we came in June, so the lavender wasn't blooming as this photo.

In law's

Walking at the neighborhood.

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Monday, July 12, 2010


We have been waiting to get this new gadget, and J got them send to his mom's house. I love it, the camera with flash, the movie that you can edit straight away, video conferencing over wi-fi. And definitely better than previous iPhone in terms of quality...

Once you are apple use it is kind of difficult to switch to other phone.

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We are now in Cheltenham

We arrived around 2pm here, J's brother was here and left in a while ago. Adam as usual took about 2 hours to warm up in new place and now he seems better.

We had incident when we arrived here, that we lost the stroller but somehow we got replacement for while we are here, and Air Alitalia will look at it, and we don't know how soon we will get it. Anyway we are ordering the tandem stroller that we can't get in Malaysia, so hopefully the Airline will send it to home when we are in Penang.

Love the weather in here...

Found this book on the dining table, think we are going to do a lot of take away because the menu looks so good.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

We are in Cambridge

My in law is in London, so we can't go to the house yet. J had planned us to visit Cambridgeshire, where he came from. We are going to see his schools, his old house and neighbourhood in short while.

When we landed in Heathrow this was what happened at the airport. A truck exploded!!!

J and Adam in the bus to get the rental car in Hertz.

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What do I think about Florence?

People = the Malay of European. :-) even my husband thought the same...
Shopping = excellent for girls, J thinks it is the worst shopping experience for him...
Public transport = like Malaysia...
Drivers = like Malaysian...
Cleanliness = some area are clean, some are smell of piss everywhere...
Tour= if you like museum,art gallery and heritage and you will appreciate it...
Food = Number 1 in all of countries I have been...

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Pork's in Florence's Central Market

Not that we were eating pork, but the restaurant name is pork's. I just had super simple pasta tomato, eggplant and olive. That was enough to fill up. I don't know how much I have eaten, but definitely a lot.

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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Sotong was correct

We just got back from watching semi final worldcup match in between Espana and Deutschland. I watched this sotong picked up mussel but hack I didn't understand cause the program was in Italy last 2 days.
Anyway we watched the game in the open area, and the place wasn't safe cause we can tell by the polices were standby incase anything happen. Most of Italian were supporting Espana may be because of the latina thing. Only a few small crowds were supporting Germany including us for Uncle Thomas.
A lot of drunken people and most of supporters look like mafia to me (they are not actually)... So anything can happen if anyone not happy if Germany win.

The crowds mainly on Spanish side.

Small crowd for Germany...

Uncle Thomas and Adam...think a lot of people go bankrupt for betting Germany to win tonight.

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

In the factory

Today we took tramp to the factory where J is having training. He just need to make conference call to US. So now Adam and I in the office's pantry watching The wiggles. The factory is located in the industrial area so on the way we saw other factory as well. Like Gucci :-)

While we were here there was a lady asked me where I come from in Italian, and she kept guessing from Arabia or Algeria. I said I am from Malaysia and she asked if I am Muslim, and said yes I am. And making sense after chatted with her that she is Lebanese. And then asked if my husband is the Englishman. I said "si... si ..."
It is a small company with 40 people. So seems everyone know everything is going on here.

Satu perkara saya tak tahan di sini ialah ramai orang badan berbau. Dan Ada ramai wanita tak cukur bulu ketiak. Lagi lagilah dimusim panas ini. Tahan nafas jer lah. My husband made a comment "Rambut Ada or Tak Ada" so that no one understand us.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Chinese in Florence

After all those Italian food pizza, pasta cheese and olive I am having my Asian crave and today we had chinese for lunch. Ok, the place I am staying here is nearby to any kind of restaurant, Chinese, thai and Japanese. Even there are plenty of asian grocery everywhere. It reminds me a lot of where I come from, Penang where you can get food easily in a few meters of walking. I have uploaded some photos, and seriously i looked super huge in every photos.

We are all good here. Expanding more and more because of the foods!!!


The 3 and half of us.

Monday, July 05, 2010

It is monday...

We are in Florence for James training. Not for his company but for the freelance job that he is going to do in Saudi Arabia. With his company say of course, so he is going to do job for 2 companies. Because of this trip is quite long, we are staying in the service apartment. The room has everything and that make my life easier for preparing Adam's meal and it is quite spacious for Adam to move around.

Yesterday we went to Florence town with the help from our friends, seems we covered most of the historical place, not really ;-). We had lots of photos just for that 3 hours walks, and of course every hour was with meal, gelato, drinks, pasta, pizza and dessert. He he he... Hope the walking will help to burn all the fat.

I just finished doing the laundry, didn't bring much clothes as it will be excuse for me to shop more :-) But when here I don't know what I want. Too much to choose. Adam is now having his nap and we are waiting for The guys from the training. The lunch was good again cream risotto with scampi inside and just 2 simple pasta again for Marne and I, and additional fresh fries for Adam, that cost us Euro16. And i thought it was cheap for good meal.

Till then...

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Sunday, July 04, 2010

We are in Florence

We arrived yesterday, and had a lot of eating sessions already. The flight from Singapore to London was miserable to us for having grumpy son and it was getting better with the overnight in Heathrow. We were then travelled to Florence via Rome so you can imagine how tired we were with Adam and pregnant me.
The flight into Florence was another terrible journey as it was then re-routed to Bologna because the Florence airport was closed. (boleh?) Friends of us who had waited in Florence airport earlier then drove to Bologna to fetch us and really thankful to them or else we have to continue the journey by bus for 2 hours.

I haven't got much photos to take as all the destination so far with dinner yesterday about food.
And now also I am having lunch while blogging this as Adam is sleeping and don't bother to go out. Food!!! Marvelous!!! I am having just simple pasta, tomato and basil and it was really good an surprisingly they aren't expensive. And J is having 4 cheese risotto.

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Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yogurt yogurt with dada.

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Still packing

My husband surprised at me because I am still packing although we are going to leave at 8am tomorrow. Unlike previous trip I will pack at least a week in advanced. Not that I don't pack, all the list is in my mind and I am getting used to packing job already.
With the last minutes job from Er1csson project and I managed to concentrate finishing it and passed to my EMEA team, I always like to work with Europe project although sometimes you get language barrier for non-English speaking country. Just love the professionalism.

In have done one suitcase and because the first trip we are going to stay in service apartment so I will be cooking I guess, wonder if I will, with all pasta, pizza and and all other Italian. Have I mentioned that Italian is one of my favorite food after Thai?

Slowly doing packing but they are almost there... So happy the fact that I am away from work.

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It is not about our Europe trip. It is about electric trip in the house that happen past 3 weeks. Everytime we turn on dryer and aircond the whole ground floor will be trip and we have to reset the breaker. We have been gone to survey new appliances, wondering if any of dryer or washing machine or the dishwasher caused the problem. So everytime we use any of these we have to turn off the aircond and just use the fan.

J called electrician and of course they said any of appliances or wiring is broken. He himself convinced that something wrong with the breaker itself.

Last night we want to do a couple load of laundries before we go away, it happened again and even he went to reset the breaker , the breaker can't be reset. Not this time we said. Of course when calling electrician at 8pm no one want to come and had to wait till morning. That is insane because we have freezer and and fridge if we want to let go everything inside it.

I know how pissed off J can be and tried a few calls. But then he decided to fix himself, by opening the breaker box and see what is wrong with it's wiring. He was correct and one of wire was melt, believe it hasn't been done properly since we moved in 3 years ago. As it is getting worse because we are using electric daily now. We saved thousands instead of changing our appliances, or being forked by electrician.
Then J told me, actually I am certified electrician myself but was long ago...

I wonder if electrician/plumber in Malaysia are all really certified? They are just experiences people.
What ever is it when getting the house good to have an electrician who you can trust to do defect inspection before you move in. We didn't do because it was new house and thought everything would be ok.

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