Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spouse Visa in Malaysia – Part 2

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J finally got his visa, and this allowed him to have multiple entries within 6 months, and as well as the start for him to get longer term visa after that.
The hassle we went through could had been easily done if there is 1 stop centre which tell us what we need to do in details.

The details I am writing here, for those who are marrying to Malaysia Muslim woman and if your wedding has been registered in Malaysia in Jabatan Agama Islam. It may be similar if you had the civil wedding, just skip the process related to Muslim. On top of that you also don’t have working permit in Malaysia.

Document needed:-
1. IM55 form (we got from Immigration center)
2. IM38 form (we got from Immigration center)
3. Letter of marriage which need to be authorised by Malaysia comissioner of oaths (The letter is in form format which you can get together with the other form in the immigration centre)

Wife Document;
4. Passport size, colored photo X2
5. Copy and Original of Wife IC X1
6. Copy and Original or Wife Birth certificate (must use the latest one, green computerised A4 paper ) X1
7. Copy and Original of the wedding certificate X1

Husband Document;
8. Colored photo, passport size X2
9. Passports
9.1.1 Original of current passport
9.1.2 Copy of each pages, (which is having stamp) of current passport X1 set
9.2.1 Original of passport when you get married
9.2.2 Copy of each pages, (which is having stamp) of passport when you get married X1 set
10. Last 3 months salary that showing of income (no matter if you are working in oversea) X1
11. Bank statement showing of income (no matter if you have oversea account) X1 set
12. Copy and original document that show the husband is Muslim (Muslim Card if converted in Malaysia) X1
13. Bond
13.1 Tax stamp (stamp hasil RM10) which you need to paste in the form related to bond in #1 or #2, then bring to the tax department to get it stamped.
13.2 Bank Draft of bond that address to the immigration center, the address can be different depending on where you apply your visa. The bond value is also vary for different country. The instruction about the bond will only be given after your application submission is completed.
13.3 RM90 cash will be paid after for the overall processing.

Sponsor Document; (Someone who is earning >RM2K, wife can become if she works in Malaysia registered company)
14. Copy and Original of the IC X1
15. Last 3 months salary/EA/BE form
16. Letter of employment which can be obtained from HR department.
17. Letter of employment which has been authorised in front of commissioner of oaths, the letter is in form format which you can get together with the other form when you get from immigration centre.

Good luck and hope this information is helpful to you. To be honest to get this done we had to go for 3 times.

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partha said...

thanks a ton! your information is really very very helpful, m married to a malaysian indian girl and was wondering how to go about getting spouse visa. will start my process this may2011. with regards and wishes. god bless u both.

Anonymous said...

hi dear...tks for posting such useful information ! i was searching high & low for such information & we all know the Immigration site is so sucks !!! may god bless u both :)

sitisoleha said...

Alahmdulillah, Ive been searching for this kind of info for quite some time already.Jazakallah kahiaran.
I need to know if I can apply the spouse visa at PKNS Immigration, Shah Alam?

Azi-Bam said...

Assalamualaikum Siti Soleha,
I just noticed this message. If I am not mistaken the one in KL is in Damansara. I am not sure if PKNS immigration can process the visa. As I am from Penang and not familiar in Klang Valley area.