Monday, August 30, 2010


With the help from his teacher Adam made this at his school.

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Sorry, don't cry...

"Sowwie, dont cry... " that came from Adam last night before we went to bed. He head budded me and got into the side of my eyes. My tears burst because of dizziness, and bursting more after he said that... (*my boy is grown up)

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another busy Sunday

Weekend seems very short when you have 2 years old boy who need attention and at the same time you need to do a lot of things. I managed to have the cleaner to come to the apartment for the new tenant to enter my house this coming weekend.
We then went to do grocery to get all those essential items for home. I want to do some raya shopping but think we will try to do on Tuesday. I am bloody pregnant so no baju for me except those preggie clothes. J's flight will be late arrived in Penang on raya night so we will drive half way to KL and half way during the morning 1st raya.
My mom has already said don't have to rush since the first day everyone don't have any plan yet.
Adam is still young to tell him about new baju etc. So we are going to be simple this raya. Shopping mainly to get some kuih raya to bring home.

I am getting to the level lazy to walk although I know I need to walk a lot at this end of pregnancy. But I admit it is not easy to pregnant with toddlers around you. Just have to do it.

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Pirate tonight

When J went to US he bought a lot of clothes for the kids. (including for unborn). This is one of them for tonight. Pirate P.J.

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3 of us went out for supper and we decided to go around Penang Road area to get roti canai. J and I had 2 roti canai each and teh tarik, Adam had the whole glass of warm Milo and he is still awake now playing. Sugar kicked.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Mr. policeman

He is police patrol tonight.

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Dealing with other kids

Ok I am surprised today about how kids can do something that you will never think they would do. Like being "kiasu".

I bought Adam this new toy of golf set and it isn't expensive at all and just cost me RM14.90 from Tesco. And most of the time he will share his toys with other kids.

Today as usual I will let other kids to play with Adam at least Adam understands about sharing his toys. One of the neighbor's kid who is about 6 years old told me that she has the same of golf set and then ran into her house to show to me. That is fine... But what shocked me is while I played with Adam, I saw her swapping the golf club with hers slowly and the told Adam that hers is Adam's. Goodness!!! I don't know what to do. It is not the money that I concern but it is the way how she can just swap the old one to Adam's new one thinking that I wouldn't mind and know at all.

Anyway, I had a strategy. I let the kids played with the bubbles and out of sudden the neighbor's maid ( the parents had never really watched the kids) came out and shouted at the kids asked them to come into the house. So during that time I helped her to pack her golf club back into her golf bag and passed it to her. It was the old club that she has. Damn why do I have to deal with this kind of situation.

I told J about the whole story and thought if I should label all Adam's out door toys. :-) I feel I am being kiasu if I do that.

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sleeping in Adam's room

We are sending our master bedroom curtain to be washed. In the mean time we don't have curtain, so we are sleeping in Adam's room. It is queen size bed and hard kind of mattress.

J and I have been spoilt by our soft memory foam bed. So we both complaint about having back-ache in the morning.

Anyway, we thought this is a good practice for Adam to start liking his own room.

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Out of breath

I am having difficulty to breath in this pregnancy. I feel my tummy is so stretchy. Feel my tummy is bigger than previous pregnancy. This morning when I conducted a training my trainee asked me if I am ok, and I had to pause for a lot of time just to breath deeper.

And on the way home, with the terrible traffic made it worse. I was so hungry and thirsty and felt like to whack those kiasu drivers. Luckily iPhone is with me and I faced time with J and Adam.

It took me 1 hour 20mins, and in normal day I only take 30mins. I planned to cook at first but J said he is going to order pizza. He saves my day. Now at home just relaxing in front of tv waiting for pizza guy to arrive.

J had AC guy came in so now we have colder & cleaner & serviced AC. Noooice!!! Like Adam always say... (Nice)...

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Life isn't easy

For the past 2 years I have known several people who are close to me are having cancer. It is something that we don't want but when it comes we just have to deal with it.

My brother's long time relationship then became his wife is one of them with non-hodgkin lymphormic cancer, she has gone through 2 years chemoteraphy, and now is having regular radiotherapy.

My previous boss's wife, relapsed from previous cancer, another relative with colon cancer, my close friend's mother which I forgot what kind of cancer. A friend's father. And recently our 4 years niece in New Zealand with leukaemia.
It is never been easy for parents who has a sick child. The environment isn't the same when we were kids. Same goes to food, too many chemical product, we just have to be careful about what we are doing and what we are eating.

We'd never knew...

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adam Buzz

To infinity and beyond!!!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Busy Sunday with Adam

J always thinks that I am spoiling my son so much. I just want him to be happy but when I am disciplining him I have my way.

He had 2 hours play outside today, 1 of neighbor came to play with him at first and 1 hour later another neighbor, at the same time also another neighbor came so most of the kids were playing and parents just chatted.

J called once in a while and faced time, so some the kids enjoying seeing James on the phone. He was at Bangkok airport for another 5 hours lay over.

I just gave bath to Adam, had his raisin bread ingredient ready in bread maker so tomorrow he will have them in lunch box, done his school bag, all dishes are in dishwasher and now we both are having dessert :-)

My fridge freezer is at the bottom, he opened it himself and took out the ice cream. J will be home soon with fridge locker :-)

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Sorry Buzz

He played with Buzz and Woody on sofa and accidentally threw Buzz down onto the floor. Oh oh!
When he picked up Buzz, he said "Sorry Buzz". :-)

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

No nap!

Adam didn't have any nap at all today. What a day for me, luckily I woke up before him this morning and had shower. He was ok overall except when come to what he wants, I had been the bad mommy for scolding him and made him sit down. He kept crying and that's the time I fed him meal :-) and then things are getting better in between us.

J is on his way back home and now in Frankfurt for 11 hours lay over.

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Friday, August 20, 2010

33 today

I worked as usual but since the test had to stop till next week, I went home early and took thing easy. My mon and my in law gave me call wished happy birthday. Of course my dear husband every time he awakes he faces time with me. Thanks for the flower :-)

My friend YY, said today is Ong day. Our company co-op dividen announced today, and the work is less, and also the new tenant for my apartment just signed up the agreement about 2 hours ago.

However taking care littleman is as usual. No break once you commit to get children. Seems 24x7. He is getting naughtier and today when I told him something he said "Stop!!!" a very naughty boy.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Finally managed to break the 0% progress today although still long way to go. I like my work and what we are doing in the project but of course we can't easily choose our working member.

J is still in US and his shopping list continues with kids stuff. I don't actually have anything in mind I want him to buy, a lot of the stuff we can get in Penang. He wished I am following him this trip. But told him he has to be worried with his wallet when bringing me :-p

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I always have miscommunication problem with J when come to "tepung" (flour)...

Typo case: floor should have typed flour.

I texted J to get me "all purpose floor", guess what I got after he came back from Cold storage. - Multi Purpose Floor liquid cleaner :-)

Pronunciation case: I always pronounce flour as in "fluh", J pronounces flour as in "flower"

One day he "hey-telled" me. "Babe, I went to bonjour and get flower(he meant flour)..."

In my mind, "what is wrong with my husband to get flower now, it is not even my birthday, or there is no any occasion to celebrate. And he usually will surprise me when delivering the flower"

When he is home, I saw him carrying a bag with bread flour... Then only realize we pronounced it differently.

And recently I labeled the flour container as "bread floor", typo again *sigh*

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ice cream!!! Not too much...

Ice cream from Caltex...

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0% progress in 3.5 weeks

That is the worst record that i have done so far working in so many IT projects, not only that. We are having 50 defects when testing...

*huh* ^_^

I left my IPhone on too long and got this msg... Another record for the day.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Project - Adam's room 2

Ok paint is done, I brought Adam to his room and as soon as he got into the room he pointed at the wall. I asked him do you like it? He said nice!!! Out loud!!

Still a lot of things to do like wall deco and the dark brown curtain needs to be changed to something more suitable for kiddies room.

We bought this TV for the maid, but since we had fired her, Adam will take over and need to put high up. Slowly making progress.

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Shepherd pie picnic

I got to be creative when come to feeding him, told him that we will picnic in front of tv today, he then get everyone to sit together.

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Project - Adam's room 1

This was taken during lunch. Adam's room is halfway painted. The contractor went out for lunch. It is sky blue color and the feature wall hasn't completed yet with story blue.

I am happy with the job of this painter and I had been using him for my other apartment as well. We are considering to paint our bedroom. Right now most of the areas are magnolia color. Smudge and finger prints are everywhere.
Next steps:- find curtain, then deco, then the biggest thing to make him sleep on his own bed.

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Thousands miles away

This is this morning... When I got his message. I will even know if he is in shopping mall. I got list for him to do.

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Sunday, August 15, 2010


Huh!!! Littleman came to me and put this two numbers on my tummy.

Do you think 26th. October is the date?????

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Fun fun drawing

A lot of drawing for me and messy coloring for him.

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I always wonder how is single parent doing the parenting. In parenting you really need to get the second help no matter it is coming from your partner, friends , relatives or helper.
J is out for a week to US and I have been busy all day just to keep the 22months old toddler happy. It is quite difficult as I am now in my 30 weeks of pregnancy, sometime I have to carry him around especially after wake up he can be grumpy.

I managed to cook for him though for every meal so I know that he is eating properly, he isn't a big size for white baby but as long as he is in the average range for his weights and heights I'm happy. He had his afternoon nap at 4:30 till 6:30 that's the time when I had my shower, his school bag for tomorrow and of course preparing dinner. And also keep the house clean because I believe when the house is clean, my mind is clear and happier to take care of him.

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Number seven

I have been writing seven as below ( the head of seven is having extra vertical line) since I started learning Japanese 15 years ago and now I have to change it when teaching Adam as I don't want to confuse him.

Naked crayon

He likes to peel the crayon paper and orange is going to be last color...

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hey tell

This is one of Apple app that I am using a lot. It works like walkie-talkie. Plus it tells you where you are over gps to the person you make call to. And it works over 3G as well so you don't have to think about jailbreaking your iPhone or iPod.

How useful it can be, especially when you are driving instead of you send SMS for short message which can be harmful, I just speak over the hey tell and J will get it immediately, like I am stuck in traffic jam and tell him that I will be late home etc. And even we are using a lot at home, instead of I am shouting to J to bring me some water upstairs, :-) we just hey-telling over iPhone. We leave in 3 storeys house so going down and up for pregnant woman like me can be out of breath... Excuse yeah.

If you see the image below I am in blue and J in red is at home. So he knows another 2-3 minutes I will be home...

Unless you want to be secretive to the other caller so you don't have to hey-tell in GPS location mode.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Dog & me

J's sister family down in New Zealand just lost their long stayed dog, Furnace, last night. The vet had to put it to sleep, because of the tumor. Although last 2weeks they had removed 3kg tumor... still the tumor kept growing.

When I was in childhood life, I wasn't open about having dog. I guess partly because I don't know anyone who has dog, and as a muslim we are being taught about "najis mughalazah" pig and dog. Which when we touch we have to wash the area 7 times with water and 1 with water that mix with soil.

Till I went to high school, I tried to avoid not to touch the dog because of the hassle of washing it. But, when I am in my 20's I realized that dog is just an animal and there is always a way that you can conduct dog in a right way. Even there are many vets that SCPA mentioned are muslim. In Japan, I became more open about dogs. Now that I married to J, and when visiting his relatives seems almost everyone has dog. My in law used to have, family down in New Zealand is having 2 black Labrador and his brother is having little one in UK, and doesn't include the others and some of our neighbor here in where we live.

I have a friend who told me that he purposely knocked the dog because he thinks all dogs are bad, when I think about it now I would rather not to have a friend like him. Anyway, this is just my thoughts. I don't have anything against anyone who doesn't like dog because of religion.

Furnace R.I.P


Look!! Roti 1st. Attempt

We had medium setting for the crust, and now the 3/4 of the loaf are in our tummy. Warm and soft inside! The best ever bread I have ever eaten!

Next, I need to find raisin bread's recipe for Adam's lunch box.

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mesin Roti

Just put up this machine and some ingredients into it, a loaf of bread will be ready by the time we wake up... I hope.

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Have you guys watched toy story 3 yet? I don't like LotsO character and it reminded me of same story that we had with Adam's toy. He has his favorite stuffed animal, doggie that we called Baboy :-)
We lost Baboy when we were traveling to Singapore. Since then we tried to look for his replacement of him but never found one. J found the closest of it today, but still think it is not the same. Baboy is less chubbier than this one.

Dear Baboy,
Where ever you are, we always remember you and hopefully you find a good owner and don't be like LotsO...

J, A and Adam

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Thanks to J

Have I completely ready for my second child to arrive? I am not sure but what I know I just have to deal with it. The previous pregnancy was c-section and we still don't have idea how is the second one going to turn to. It can be normal delivery and it can be c-section again. Even the d I haven't done much thing, to prepare because I know we are going to recycle a lot of things from Adam.

My parents only came after we are 1 month settling down with Adam. I didn't have any confinement lady, my husband is the one, from bathing my son, from cooking for me, helping me recovery from the surgery and he even bathed me.

This time is going to be different since we are having Adam, I hope everything is running smoothly.

My husband has been asking me what do I want for birthday. Scratching head... But I finally want something that I don't have in the kitchen... he then make a comment, I always get you house thingy on your birthday... I answered him back, I can get other stuff on the other day lah, like iPad, iPhone, Tiffany handbag etc etc :-p

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


He loves trying all sort of glasses and shades at home... This one is mine...

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Work dinner

I am having dinner with project team since one of the member from Vietnam is here.

Vicky is camera shy.

2 pregnant ladies

While James and Adam are with friends in Batu Feringghi hawker center. There are 6 nationalities in their tables at the moment.

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