Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spinach and beef Cannelloni

Our dinner today...
Malay called popia... Hehehe

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Happy Birthday Abah.

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I called by dad's mobile this morning he didn't pick up, but then he returned the call during lunch time, and wished him "Happy Birthday" He turned 59 today and always pray for him to live longer and happier with my mother.

Monday, September 27, 2010

2 for tonight

J is driving down to KL for his long processing Saudi Arabia visa application. He is going to Mecca to complete this project.... The top tip of the tower where the system need to be installed... Gayat

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What do you want to be?

There is this new intern that someone else is hiring, but because not much job for her to do I got her into our team to do a project for this new collaboration with "I" company. It is in a lot of news of my company is buying this company.

I don't want to talk about the project, but I want to talk about working attitude and working passion. Have you asked yourself if what you are doing now is what you wanted to do when you were in school? Did you choose the right path for yourself?

I met this intern today who came to company for internship. Well the fact she is in the company for 5 months I am kind of hoping she can tell me what she has done. She can, but from her answer we will mark her 10~15%... not only me ok, so we did his discussion together with other senior peer. And we both have the same thoughts...

I had a plan for her, deliverables or in easy word we call target. It is important to have target in everything we are doing, that will help us to always follow the right path. The plan is quite easy, it is measurable and I told her every task she is doing to make it meaningful, even tough, it is just attending simple training. Why do you attend the training if you don't know what will you benefit from it. At the end of the day my boss will write the testimonial to her understand her track, so it is my boss and my role just to help her following the path.

While in the discussion with her, we asked her what she wants to become when she was in high school? It shocked us that she wanted to become a lawyer. Then, more and more why question from us. And one of the question is why are you still continuing in IT if your passion is in law ok her favourite subject is politics. Her answer was because she had been involved for 3 or 4 years in IT.

Ok I think this is the problem that a lot of people have out there, when they are stuck or comfortable on what they are doing they just stay and don't want to take risk. So, I asked her again, would you rather stuck until 65 years doing the thing that you don't like than waste this three four years but correct your path that you know you will enjoy.

So friends, it is always never too late to change our path to something we like. The most important thing is happiness. How do you define happiness is up to you. I told the intern at one point you will judge happiness by money, how much you can increase your salary. She kind of deny that to me. Then, I explain when you have more commitments, bills, family and kids then you will know...

In a way meeting her today give me a self reminder to myself, when one day my interest to IT is totally drop :-) you can also learn from other people who is younger than you.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nasi Lemak during weekend

I had a plan since yesterday to cook nasi lemak. Ok, this is our version of nasi lemak. No ikan bilis... :-) because it is banned from the house. But I like to include ayam goreng... Healthy eh?

All those acquired taste food are banned including durian.

After finished serving the dishes, J asked if I include peanuts...

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Less eating, less sleeping

Adam always has problem when come to dine in outside, he wants to do things on his own way. Like yesterday we went to eat Thai but somehow, he wanted to watch cicak, wanted to draw and didn't eat much. This morning he woke us up early than usual for food. J is so nice to bring him downstairs for breakfast. And I still continue slept for 10 minutes :-)

After I had shower, he was still on the table munching...

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Niece in the news

This is about our niece in New Zealand who is having cancer. She is still under treatment
The News

She changed a lot from the last time we saw her in Jan.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Weekend child...

They are my friends at work. Good people, but when come to their child they just take thing easy. First time I heard, when my friend told me she is not going to take care of the kid, I was really shocked. I asked yhen who is going to take care of them? Baby sitter day and night during weekdays and they will see their kid during weekend.

I can't imagine myself doing that. I know a few people had done this way. I wish myself don't have to work and take care of my kiddies, because they only young for a while. That's the time I think we will bond well. Anyway, I cant say much thing as some people think it is better to send the kids to someone else if you don't know how to take care. And when think about it it is better rather than dumping their baby.

In my case, I have never slept away from Adam even a single night...

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Future Mozart?

J and I are looking around what to get for Adam on his coming birthday. He loves toys story stuff but I think it is too much already at home. We are considering this :-p because every time we are at the shop he sure play this and sing along this song...
Do a deer a female deer,
Ray a drop of golden sun,

Jamie Cullum, James Morrison, Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, John Mayer and more must have started something, before they became famous musician...so many J...

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Almost there

J and I went for doc's appointment and doc made a comment about how big my belly is. I know it is bigger than Adam's time. Feel all my weights went to the baby. So far everything is good, baby had turned but just hasn't engaged yet. I had packed slowly most the stuff that I need to bring, still more after I received the list from doc this morning.

Today I asked J to order cot mesh as we decided we are not going to use the cot bumper for safety reason. I made myself the cot mesh during Adam's and it wasn't perfect.
We are paranoid when come to this safety about baby. We used baby breathing monitor for Adam, and didn't used blanket at all instead we used grow bag. All these safety we are taking serious business. Really, like wrapping baby tightly is the kind of thing that I won't do. I am sorry if you think that I am not following Malay traditional way, but for me most important thing is the safety.

This is the tightest I could wrap Adam, but we only did in first 2 weeks.

Adam at 1month old.

I just realised that we had chosen the name that has the same first letter of my parents' name (Sumiah & Ali) and the middle name is chosen from J's parents name.

Adam Robert...and our little girl's initial is S.M. :D

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

34 weeks

I am super tired and unable to do a lot of things... As i am heavy. I only cooked a meal a day during weekend and they are super simple like mee or Maggie goreng. We eat outside most of the time. I can't wait to deliver the baby, and pity J has to do the bath, carrying, cooking for Adam when I am tired, chasing Adam and most of everything for demanding Adam.

My tummy is big and hard and think anytime I can deliver but I am still at 34th. weeks. I complained a lot to J and again pity him for listening me whining :-)

Super huge!!!!

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Malaysia day

We are celebrating Malaysia day today, and J asked me if I wanted to do something. I said any activity that involve walking. I just want to walk more as I feel my baby is so big and perhaps by walking a lot she will position well in the tummy.

But, look at him, as soon as in the car, he knocked out!

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kids reading 3 - how to tie shoe lace

I bought this book for Adam thinking how I can teach him lace his shoe, I am not very good in telling proper instruction but this book really helped me :-)
Adam got to try lacing and
tying on the book which has shoe on it.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looking for Car Seat - The maxi cosi

We only have 1 kid at the moment, but when we said we have 3 car seats everyone surprised. Not that we just want to buy them for no reason, all of the car seats has it owned purpose. The first one that we got is for infant maxi cosi cabrio fix , and Adam is no longer using it. We use it together with easyfix, and it was perfectly fine for both of us, to move the Adam from my car to his car or the other way around. And the good thing it is compatible with most of the stroller that Adam has.

We now us Maxi Cosi priori SPS for my car and maxi Cosi Tobi for J's car. This is the type of car seat for toddler from 9kg to 18kg, and it is using seat belt harness, so we need for both cars especially I usually go home late from work and J can pick and send Adam to school easily. Adam is a bit underweight for his age so we won't get the booster for kid yet until he really need it. That perhaps another 2.5 years.

What we are looking is the 2nd toddler car seat that we can easily move around from one car to other, for our 2nd kid. Like I always say to everyone of my friends, if we can spend money to buy a lot of clothes, and accesories for car, RM300~Rm800 for car seat is nothing comparing to our children safety. How much can we protect our kid when we carry them in our hand when our husband is driving the car. Yes, they may cry in the car seat, let them cry because you don't want to cry later.

We finally consider this Family fix maxi cosi car seat, which is using isofix istallation rather than seat belt.

Picture from maxi-cosi.

Thursday, September 09, 2010


It is hari raya night and we are still half way of journey. J just got back today so went straight to Kluang will be tiring for all of us.
Down to south, the road usually solid so we are going to overnight in KL.

I was the driver as I feel energetic today. J just got back from biz trip so he must be tired. Good thing Adam slept for almost 3 hours.

I used to drive 8 hours straight down to parents house. But now that we are having kids, non stop is ridiculous. With Adam we sometime stop every 1 hour for stretching.
J thought I drove very fast because from the bridge to KL only took us 3 hours. Yes I drove at 130~140km/h, road was clear down to KL but solid the other side to north, so I thought 130~ was ok. Plus if I drive slow I will lose focus.

Tomorrow we will continue the other half of journey again and can't wait those rendang and lontong.

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Kids reading 2 - the puffin baby and toddler treasury

This is one of my favorite book to read to Adam, it contains the mixture 178 of short story and nursery rhyme. This book is from J's mom.

I don't have specific one to write about, they are all good
story. Adam wanted me to read and sing to him a few of pages. Of course he sang it too, for those he had listened to over and over again.

He sang Incy Wincy in this photo and even did the fingers action. I have never thought I will enjoy this kind of things, but seeing him growing happily that more than anything else you need.

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The little explorer

Adam's school is arranging goat dairy farm and nutmeg farm visit today. They will have picnic in botanical garden after that.
Usually they will bring 3 years old kid to go but surprisingly they let Adam goes, and we both don't have objection as we want Adam to experience all those kind of activities. We bought him seeing goats before, but this is first time he will see goat dairy farm. Even myself had never experienced it.

I made sure he packed all stuffs he needs, mossies patch, wipes, water bottle although the school is providing him the lunch today.

I hope he behaves through out the visit. I am excited to hear about what the school will say today. Enjoy Ad-man!!!

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Need to watch out my weight

In 2 weeks I gained 2KG. :-|
The gynae warned me about sugar level as well, as it is critical that pregnant woman can easily become diabetic at the end of pregnancy. Worse case my underwear is 2 size up!!! I usually wear M from La Senza, but had to wear XL, I bought L very "sendat"
Lose pants are the best outfit for me to walk. Skirt, I am ok but since my thighs are getting bigger they are rubbing, and get sweat :-) and I feel uncomfortable in this all year summer weather.
I need to run and run after deliver to shed away all those fatty. I gained total 12kg in this pregnancy so far.

Last pregnancy I gained 16KG. ;-). Haihhhhhh...

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Took this last night. Adam is happy boy :-)

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Hand drawing

I drew mine and Adam wanted me to draw his too.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

I love you

J and I are quite selective when introducing kids character to Adam. We both banned Barney because it is a purple dinosaur and think it isn't good to introduce those purple or pinky stuff to Adam. So no Barney DVD at home.

But, we can't just stop him for what he likes. One day when we played Elmo on you tube for him, after finished he looked related video, he then selected Barney "I love you" clip by himself. And when it is played I love you, he then hugged me.

We are sure he watches this at his school, and the teachers make him hugged his friends and the other teachers. One day when picked him up from school one of teacher sang the same song, he then hugged his teacher.

The fact that he knew to say I love you to us and always hugs us, melted our heart, we allow him to watch Barney on you tube as much as he wants, we may consider Barney DVD one day :-)

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Too wet! So I decided to take off his baju. He played tricycle, golf, bubbles and watered the plant.

Berlengging is so nice!

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J in Bangalore...

We both just talked to J over Skype. He is in Bangalore at the moment. The internet connection kept dropping and even the electric at his side kept disconnected.

When I went there back in 2007 I paid about USD250 for a night in hotel and it wasn't the luxury hotel at all. This time the company arranged for him for about USD100 and I wonder how is the hotel looks like.
This time he got a few people from US so thinks everyone would go for beef burger. His last visit to India he came one person and to "jaga hati" most of Indian he is eating what ever they catered. At one time he was so happy because they ordered pizza but what he got was masala pizza :-)
I was ok when I was there. The curry was good, just after the 3rd. day my tekak need something else so I had Chinese in the hotel restaurant.

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thanks god

J's sister and family are down in Christchurch at the moment for our niece treatment. Thanks god that everyone is ok. Their house is in north island of NZ, and been in south for almost 2 months.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Kids reading 1 - duck in the truck

I joined this my first reading club for Adam, and thinking I will start to write what Adam read day to day when I got a chance.

We usually read more that one story in a night, which mean it can come from a few books.

Tonight I read to him "Duck in the Truck".

The book is about a duck who had a truck and it stuck in the muck(mud), and there are other animals as which come to help the duck.
What I love about this book, each sentence contains a few words in similar rhyme like *uck, (duck, truck, muck), *oat(goat, boat), so it is fun when reading out loud to Adam.

If you are using iPhone/ipad/ipod there is the software version as well, so it is handy when going out.

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I am giving all sort of dairy product to make sure he has enough calcium.

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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Kicap in Italian restaurant

Last 3 nights we went to Italian restaurant for dinner and there was a bottle of olive oil on the table. Adam pointed and said kicap!!! (Soy sauce) he is definitely Asian :-)

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Cicak or Kucing

It has been several occasions we tried to get cats from SPCA and it was always closed. And then I got pregnant, so we got to stop thinking about getting cats.
But recently I think the cicaks gang are too much, they are happily crawling in the living room and almost everywhere.

We used to be cicak free house when we had the cats. We will try to get once I deliver and think they will be home cat. I miss my 3 including Pudie. J had a way of naming the cats, and I wonder what is he going to name our next cats.

My favourite!!!

We bought aquarium for 5K and had to let go when Adam is coming. We can't maintain anymore.

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2 again

J is on biz trip again for a week. This time is to Singapore and Bangalore. And will come back a day before raya. I have never complaint to him that he is travelling a lot. He got to do what he got to do as the bread winner in the house. My income can't do much, just to cover my car payment and those groceries and my own suka hati shopping for myself and kids :-) The apartment covered itself by the tenant. But of course what ever I get I try to save as much as I can. Money money! "bilalah duit nak jatuh in front of me?"

Hari raya, I got nothing for myself yet. I thought of going out last Tuesday. But I was totally lazy. My husband did all the cooking and cleaning, good excuse for being pregnant. So I may do the shopping when everyone else is going out for lunch on weekdays. I booked some kuih raya already from my cousin and my sis in law. She and my youngest bro are just hardworking people in venturing food business. Me, buat makan sendiri :-)

Counting the sleeps to be 3 again :-)

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


I am super annoyed with some
people who are not responsible with their work. I don't want to
push so hard, but I feel like my job is clearing people mess. I joined as fresh graduate as well, but because for me once I work, I just have to responsible for what I am doing. Or else we "makan gaji buta"

During interview they can write all those skills, all those certification and CGPA but when do work hack "Cincai Bocai"

My rambling to those people whom I think should change their working attitude...

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