Sunday, October 31, 2010


Slowly getting to our normal life. I have gained a lot of strength. Cooked for family especially for Adam, want to make sure he is eating healthy.
Had a few visitors at home. J does most of the heavy things, like carrying stuff. We will get 2 weeks helper to thoroughly cleaning the house. She is going to stay with us for 2 weeks.

"I need to shape up!"

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the news of company

Our daughter is in my hubby company news front page this month :-)
When Adam was born he was in my department bulletin.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Can't fit

We named our daughter Sophie Mary, I have been thinking about this Sophie name before we even married, and Mary is J's mom middle name. :-)
And we even name one the room in the home after her. Well eventually will be her room.
Anyway, I am still in the hospital and this is going to be my 3rd night, and hopefully can discharge tomorrow. Everything is fine so far and I have been mobilized myself just to make sure no blood clot in the feet and everything back to its position. The gravity helps.
My daughter so far feeding well, my breast milk has flown smoothly so far. Just want to make sure that she is not jaundice or having low blood pressure for having heavy body weight. I packed her newborn clothes but looks like she can't fit it. The clothes is up to 3.6kg... So J has to find a slightly bigger clothes for her :-D

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On 26th October 2010, 12.07pm our healthy girl baby finally arrived into this world. What surprised us she is weighing at 4.25kg. Like my friends said she is the record so far among our friends. And 1kg heavier than Adam.

That tells us why she didn't engaged. With her head's circumference is 36.5cm. Doctor thinks I will not make it in natural way.
I am doing ok now, start walking slowly and getting some fresh air. Blessed!!!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

26th October

We have been waiting for the day to come, and doctor advised for C-section, since baby is going to be big. I should have been dilated by now and baby still hasn't engaged.
Understandable that it is in the gene :-)
I have packed at week 35, but seems we are in relaxing mode to go to hospital. Nothing to rush. Same procedure when I had Adam.

One of my peer from US is here, and carried a lot of stuff for baby. And look! More baby gifts from my friends in US. One of them is blanket that my peer knitted.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Roast - first attempt

This is one of English national dish. And today is my first attempt making it.

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I have started my maternity leave. My hand skin has become rough. :-) I cook, washing dishes (not all because mainly done by dishwasher). Cleaning the kitchen etc... I am enjoying doing this, while J is helping bathing, carrying, playing with Adam.
I have a few plans after the newborn pops into this world. All is about family and at the same time also things I have been wanting to do since long long time ago, which I thought I should have done before I have kids. It is a relief for me that J gets 5 years visa. And I thought it was easy for him, compare to some other people, whom some just get 1 or 2 years extension.
I am going to make this 5 years as useful as I can an enjoying every moment.
It wasn't easy to make this decision, but one thing I have learnt from this lady you can build your career anytime, even you are 35, even you are 40 or 50 or even 60 (one of my peer is IT system architect at 60 - the highest IT technical one can do). But, with your kids will never be baby for many years. They grow quickly and you don't want to miss all those wonderful time. Thanks goodness invention of video keeps all those memory for both of us.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010


3 of us are having flu. I was the worst one. Adam caught from school transferred to J then to me...

Almost recover, I only took piriton the only allowed anti-histamine for pregnant lady.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spouse Visa in Malaysia - Part 3

Today is the day, and finally J got his spouse visa extension for 5 years. It triggered us to do it today after Saudi Arabia Embassy required him to get long term visa for Malaysia. Long term which is more than 6 months.
Amazingly efficient, the process took us 2 hours from submit the form, paid and getting the visa. We did in Butterworth immigration office in Penang, so in the different office may be take longer depending on how many they have to process. And this time wasn't difficult as before as we have known all the document needed in advanced. And 5 years spouse visa is given if applicant is earning more than RM8000/month.

Document Needed:
1. Form IM55
2.Form IM38
3.Photocopy of wedding certificate X 1
4. Confirmation letter in front commissioner of oaths that you are still married (RM10/confirmation) with photo of husband and wife. (Angkat Sumpah)
5. Photocopy of wife's IC X 1
6. Photocopy of husband passport (The page with details) X 1
7. Bank Statement/Pay Slip shows that you are having income to support the family.
8. Copy of the receipt of the bond.

Sponsor - wife can become one if she earns more than RM2000/month
1. 3 months pay slip
2. Company employment letter with job title and salary.
3. Confirmation letter in front of commissioner of oaths that you are working for the company in #2. (RM5/Confirmation) (Angkat Sumpah)
4. Photocopy of sponsor's IC X 1

For each year you are getting you have to pay RM90, and therefore for our case J paid RM450.

I can understand why government is making the process is so difficult to get the spouse visa in Malaysia. When you are in the Visa office you will understand why. I think only J was the British who is applying spouse visa during the time we were there. :-)

PR is next? But wonder what will be the benefit...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mine is messier

I just noticed how organized my hubby's table this morning as he isn't around driving down to KL. Mine is messier than his, I just don't have mood or energy to organize, I know I will be around for 60days so this will give me something to do while at home.

His, very minimalistic!

Mine with the wires berselirat!!!

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My lunch

I am working from home from this week. So I have to cater my own lunch. I made quite a lot of dinner last night and this is the left over.

Super easy Japanese curry rice.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

May be C-section again

Originally uploaded by AziBam

This is picture of me last week when I had CTG, to measure baby is breathing well.

I had doctor appointment today. I am gaining weight again for 500g in a week. I asked J if I ate differently and he said no..infact I ate little as I can't eat much in a portion. I got a lot of comments if I am pregnant twin. If you see my tummy when I am standing you will make the same comment.

Ok, baby hasn't engaged yet and I haven't dilated yet. Doctor thinks I may need to go for C-section again since my baby is big. Afraid that baby isn't able to go through bottom window :-)

I am fine with anything as long as baby is safe.

39th week

Tomorrow is my 39th week, no sign yet. I had to do ctg last week to check if baby movement and breathing is ok.

Will have another appointment today...

Yesterday, Adam and J at pizza hut.

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Kiddies program quiz

Hello and morning...
How did you spend your morning today? We took 3 of kiddies quiz. Toy story, Bob the builder and the wiggles... Think we are really free today :-) we scored > 90% in fact in bob the builder and wiggles we could score 100%. Just a confusion on the question... We took in quizmoz Like scoop shouldn't be bulldozer, but in some country they called her bulldozer.
This is what happened when the kid influenced our life. Too much kid's program I have been watching these 2 years.

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Friday, October 15, 2010


I have been taking vegetarian almost every lunch this week. This is the 8th days of vegetarian day for Buddhist. Mind that I am not turning myself to become Buddhist, but just like ramadan they are respecting me and now my turn to respect them.
So everytime we go for lunch we eat vegetarian. I feel that when not eating meat, I am fresh even after lunch till 5pm.
In this pregnancy time I usually take a nap, but non when I am on vege.

The meal of yesterday was really good. It was buffet for RM12 and I ate rice, around 10 types of vege dishes, and I had mee curry as well. Was good, and I am so fortunate for having multi-racial friends who respect each other.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pasar malam

We went to our usual restaurant to tapau some food for dinner, then I told J about my friend let me know about Pasar malam in Tg. Bungah.

So we both decided to see what do they have there and we usually only interested in kuih-muih. It was quite difficult to park.

The pasar is quite big, a few things we like, they sell kuih muih, apom, and a few other foods which are quite variety.
The other thing we like they sell fake crocs. RM12 for kiddies and 14 for adults. See I don't always buy expensive stuff.
And a few other things, like junk item, Adam's stickers etc. Something different for tonight.

The only thing I don't like is since this area is full of expat, kuih price is a little bit pricy than other place.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010


My tears dropped when I fed Adam with Loacker wafers. We have bought this for a while and he hardly eat them. Not his favorite snack.
Why did my tear drop? When feeding him reminded me of wafer that me and my brothers and sister used to eat when we were kids. It was special treats for us as we don't really expect our parents to buy anything expensive.
It finished quickly and usually my youngest bro got more. It just memory and I am sure everyone has similar memory of the cheapy wafer.

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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Morale support

When someone just delivered the baby she definitely need to get someone who she comfortable with to give her morale support.
I am not that good in this newborn care. Most of the time J did the hard work. He gave bath to baby as his hand his bigger and I was so scared of slipping the baby.

Yesterday, I visited my friend at confinement center. She was doing good, but of course as a new mother everything can be stressed like when milk didn't come out as much to feed the baby. Since she is using similar breast pump I gave her some tips how to make her hands free while pumping etc.
And having the baby photo in front of her will encourage her to have the "let down" quicker.

As she is comfortable with me, the milk pumped out smoothly. I am happy that I can give such support to my friend.

Guess who I learnt this from. My husband. And guess where did he learn from. INTERNET.

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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Talk about our son

We were in Chili's for dinner. Our son was being naughty and i had to scold and mildly bit him to make him behave. Then, I asked J what is the difficult job he has done in his life. He pointed at Adam :-). He said he had been doing touring job for 6 months none stop, etc but nothing bid Adam. He said when dealing with customer who called he can just hang up, if he doesn't want to talk at that time... But not with Adam.
I agree with him, I worked for a lot of my company's customer project. But raising Adam is the most challenging work I have in life, no pay and furthermore, had to fork out our own money. :-)

Sooner we are going to have the second one... What can be more challenging life.

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Some people are blessed in different ways. Some become millionaire, some own property, some have good position at work. In variety ways... Friends of ours have just been blessed with a daughter. It was a long waiting and it was all worth it.

3 of us visited them in hospital yesterday evening. Elena is the given name. Nothing can describe how happy someone when newborn finally popped out. God bless them.

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Monday, October 04, 2010

Something different

We did something different yesterday during lunch. Bungkus breads from Eden Bakery then went to botanical garden and had picnic there.

After that went to youth park for playground. I totally exhausted after the outing and lay on the sofa almost whole afternoon.

Feeding doggie some bread. Doggie a bit picky, it didn't like curry bun.

When Adam saw a monitor lizard passed by, guess what he said? "Dinosaur!" and did the sound like Rex from toy story.

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"My family are doctors...", no?

One day I went to the playground in our neighbourhood with J and Adam. So there was this lady with her son and in law and her granddaughter playing slide at the playground.

Looking at the granddaughter who could climb up and being friendly of me, I asked the lady how old the little girl is? And she is three. I thought the conversation just finished, but then the lady asked me if I am resident, yes. And she then asked where exactly I am staying. So I just told her we are from the terrace lot.

She then say, she is the resident of semi D and her whole family also in semi D. The husband and wife are doctors. Whole family are doctors... I didn't ask her this.

And I just replied, oh we couldn't afford semi D, they are too big and need a lot of money to furnish as well. And didn't bother to tell her what we are doing...

I don't look like I am a resident here, because I am pretty comot when I walk outside:-p I don't care. And at one time, there was this anak mummy family who seems live together with parents in law asked me " whose son is this?"
I was strolling Adam during that time. Just me, when I started open my mouth then the conversation changed to topic if I am working, and what do I do and go on...

Fact: price of semi D is double more than terrace In our neighbourhood ... Normal bungalow is double the price of semiD and sea front is 6 times price of terrace...Penang property is bloody expensive

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Saturday, October 02, 2010


But sometimes they are beyond our control and stick them
anywhere he wants.

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Sticker invention

Thanks to sticker invention. It gives us a few 30 minutes to eat properly, shopping without being disturbed by littleman.

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Friday, October 01, 2010

Being lucky

I must say that our son is so lucky for having luxury that we didn't have when we were kids. He got all the good toys and I think everytime my husband travels, he will come home with toy for our littleman.

But good thing that he doesn't play all his toy at one time. One at a time... I made him to put back his toys after he played...

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