Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Admitted Adam (again)

I know we sound like paranoid parents, I am not so worried about the scar so much but worried more if anything beyond that we can see. Adam tripped and knocked his head on the edge of the bed. Nobody to be blamed because accident happened. The wound was deep as he can see his nose bone. So we went to GMC as soon as possible. J admitted with Adam as I am taking care of Sophie. He need to be stitched and the procedure was done by ear nose and throat specialist also to male sure no fraction and he can breath properly.

I was worried so much as this is the first general anesthetic he has to go through. I kept reminded J to make sure he wakes up and tell me when the procedure finished. All went well. The stitch was like jigsaw puzzle as it wasn't straight cut.

Adam is good now. Been eating a lot.

VBefore the stitch.

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Saturday, November 27, 2010


You do not need expensive toy. Leek can become a toy too.

I am suppose to cook it...

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New office

I am setting up a new office at home. This used to be maid's room. I don't know if it is going to be office for me but sure it is my new working space... Laundry, ironing, nappy changing, store, craft, computer and the list goes on. The room is located near the main entrance. So which mean, I need to keep things look organized and cleaned... Haihhhhhh...
By the way, since ever I put my desktop down here, Adam uses it more than I do...

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The killing chocolate and caramel pudding

My husband said, I am trying to kill him when I made this. The recipe is from BBC.

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Friday, November 26, 2010

New hang out place

4 of us just got back from this new place near our house. I love most of the shops there. I can't wait to see all of the shops open. We are sure going to have more walks to the seaside.

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Spouse Visa in Malaysia – Part 5

Yesterday finally we made our time for interview with the police officer. This is procedure that we have to follow after getting the 5 years spouse visa, and towards the PR (Permanent Resident). If we don't go for interview the police officer is going to mark that we are not interested of getting PR for the next step.

It was easy and friendly interview. Since we are in Penang, the interview is held in Patani Road Police Station, level 5 of special branch department (cawangan khas). They wanted to know if we are a genuine couple and married living in Malaysia. Upon went for the interview the officer asked us to bring the photocopy of my IC x 2, photocopy of my husband passport x 2 and photocopy of wedding cert x 2. We were asked about family, education background and working experience. So what will be the next step? The officer will write the report to the immigration as well as JPN (National Registration Department).
According to him, since J is professional expat and our country wants to keep this expertise, and furthermore, after 5 years there will be possibility he can be promoted to PR :). However, he also reminded the social visa or even PR can also be revoked for the case if the applicant does any violence or any criminal. But don't ask me if the speeding ticket is counted!!!
The whole interview took about 1 hour, and I will continue update if there is anything new.

2 years old Birthday party

Our neighbor's daughter turned 2 today. Most of kids are 2 years old here, except her brother who is 4 and opposite neighbor.

Kids are playing bubble...

More bubbles...

Adam with bubble gun :-D

Happy Birthday Claire!!!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unsubscribed Astro

Finally I did it!!! Anyway not totally take it off from home, but I just paid the minimum family package RM37.50 to retain my account incase we want to have it back. I used to subscribe to all channel except Dynasty (those Wah Lai Toi ...).

Try to be more sensible about money here when you have 2 kids!

We haven't been watching Astro since ever we have Plex TV. I love it so much and they are the similar stuff we have been watching in Astro far... far... in advance.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The girls

These are 2 girls at home.

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Adam and Sophie

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Still not too much

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A friend came to our house made comment that Adam has a lot of toys. Not in sarcastic way, she persuaded her daughter by telling her to go to Adam's house who has a lot of toys.
At first I always thought we are having too much toys for Adam. I kept saying that to J. But after I saw my Australian neighbor who has a lot more than what Adam is having then I am relief. And when we went down to New Zealand visited J's sister, guess how much toys they are having? Seems everywhere. There is one room just for kids' playroom. And in their bedroom. So I think we are far far away behind than some other people.
I know these are people who spend anything to their kids, they don't spend on expensive stuff but they make sure their kids get the best.
We both know where we spent our money to. At first we are trying to track all those invoices but there is no point tracking them. But I know roughly we have spent in mothercare, peekaboo, the first year and not include online shopping, the list is still growing. After all, a lot of items we can do 2nd hand sell after the kids grown up.
By the way, what our children want is the time to spend with them. In a lot of way. Talk to them, sleep with them, eat with them, bath and play. It is hard especially when we are working. I have been in the situation where I felt I am not being fair to work and family, and then you think you have to make a right decision. It is what best for you and your family.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Letter J

Mommy: What is this Adam?
Adam: J

On another occasion...when I accidentally showed the letter upside down.
Mommy: What is this Adam?
Adam: Wash hand.
Mommy: ????

Letter J looks like tap water when it is upside down.

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Adam has a habit to put things in straight order. And another thing, he can't stand dirty thing, he will pick up every bit of small dirt or sampah on the floor and throw in the bin. Before put on shoes must wipe his feet first.
I sometimes wonder if he will turn to metrosexual when he is big. What ever he turns to I am fine :-) My husband said he got this kind of thing from me ...

This is one of example how he played with his stickers.

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I cannot stay still

I am happy that I am home all the time now. I spend time looking at the things that I ignored, I cooked meal every lunch and J is happy about it.

Yesterday I vacuumed and mopped the whole house except J's office. And today I ironed clothes and washed the porch. And at the same time cleaned the green wheel bin area which I have never done.
I know it is still confinement time. But I can't just stay still. From this, I sweat a lot. And I feel great. I want to run and work out but it is unfair to my kids. So this is the best thing to do to shed away all my extras.
I can wear my normal jeans again now :-)

Gambar hiasan: pix of landing area.
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Project - Adam's room 3 (completed)

I amazed with my son who I think in this few weeks had grown up so quickly. We now can have conversation even we can ask him to do things, like throw rubbish in the bin, take the remote control and the list goes on.
He has been sleeping at his room (although, accompany by J) for past few days. What amazed me nowadays, before sleep he will give good night kiss and hug, then he just walks himself to his room and he called the room Adam's room.
His room is the most decorative room in the house. He loves it there and we both love it too.
Finally, the room is really being used.

The entrance

Bed, curtain and playing table

He loves Toy Story so much!!! I finally found this in Parkson.

Some wall decoration

Soft toys

From the other angle, Sophie hangs out here too.
And think our son is being spoilt with 32 inches LCD.
Actually, the TV is more for ours :-p

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


I bought mainly t-shirt and legging for Sophie, J bought a lot of dress for Sophie. He knew how to choose baju better for our daughter than I did.
This is one of them.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy penang

It is going to be raya haji soon. We are just going to celebrate at home.
By the way I am on Chulia Street at the moment waiting for my husband to apply Indian Visa. The road is busy. I like this place for getting all the pelik items. But in this heat and traffic I would rather stay in the car.
J always comments everytime he goes here, they change the requirement.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wiggles Fan

I am into this Monkey Man by The Wiggles and Kylie Minogue. Cool and fun song!!!

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Red Bull won

Redbull won for constructor and driver championship.
Sebastian Vettel is the second German driver won after Michael Schumacher.

We visited Redbull factory last year. Thanks to Charles, J's bro for showing us around. In My house, we never missed watching F1, the family influence.

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2 rooms

We both figured out that Adam get pissed off every time Sophie wakes up crying at night. So tonight, we decided, I sleep in master bedroom with Sophie and he sleeps with Adam in Adam's room. And after all, it is the child kinder advise to me how we can start Adam to sleep in his bed.(His room is ready and the most decorated room in the house) and we both will swap at night after Sophie's night feeding. She sleeps at 10.30pm, woke up at 2.30am and the 6am, isn't she easy for newborn.

I didn't wake up J at all, because it was easy night. Since he is back from Sydney I figure out he hasn't much rest. So let him sleep. But I will go their room later and will have morning snuggle with my 2 favourite boys in the world!

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Saturday, November 13, 2010


First attempt using sling. Sophie was so snuggly and she slept the whole walk. Need more walks to shed away those fat.

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Child minder

J finally home. What a relief last night me having him, as we were swapping role while Adam lied with me and he fed Sophie. J had been doing this since Adam time so I don't have to ask him.

On Thursday I had my former manager came to visit with his wife. His wife is child minder (a person who works with problematic kids). Guess what, among the races she has been working with Malay child seems have more problem than the other. The biggest problem is being neglecting in raising, siblings competing. The kids feel disowned and abandoned by family for not having much love. One of reason because of Malay tends to have more kids than the other races, and don't provide proper love and care to the children. And according to her who is Chinese, while Chinese are kiasu so they give a lot care, education to their kids, and they want their kids to be
excellent. Malay is much more relax and sometimes they don't know what they are missing.
Quite scary when listened to the problem that kids are having. Even for myself, having 2 kids now is challenging work and how do I make sure they turn out fine.
Her advise is everything should come from home, parents involvement is so important.

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Friday, November 12, 2010


Sophie wakes up every 3 hours and it quite routine for me, so this morning at 5AM she woke up and I fed her then change her. While I changed her, Adam woke up as well and realized I wasn't in the bed, and there was my nightmare started.
Littleman, wanted me to carry him as well, as I carried the baby, you know I barely even 3 weeks after c-section and just sat down holding both kids. Out of sudden Sophie cried out loud and Adam got annoyed, so he said "No baby!! No Baby!!" Goodness, that is second time he did this to me. He can very gentle and good to his baby sister. But when come to something that annoyed him he will turned to devil...
And both non-stop crying. I called J who was about to board on the flight back to home. He said I better asked for the temp maid help. I know, I had to prepare myself when the maid is leaving next week and when J isn't around again. But somehow, I couldn't cope with stubbornness of my son and I carried him down, and asked if Kakak can look after Adam for a while until baby sleep. Luckily she is ok and baby also finally went to sleep and I had Adam and mommy time until he slept. We slept in living room.

I called my mom in the morning and told her what was going on, and she then talked about my niece who had the same problem. I told my mom, my brother is so lucky for having both my dad and my mom around to look after elder kid. My mother suggested me to take permanent maid. I told her it wasn't the same having family member and total stranger to look after our kids. I wish things are easier for me to handle the kids ... Menggelupur jaga anak!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Spouse Visa in Malaysia - Part 4

It was my second day in hospital. I was in the loo and there was this miss call.
"Hello, Puan xxxxxx Binti xxx, I am calling from Pattani Road police station, this is regarding your husband Jxxxx Christopher Hamlet (I didn't know my husband's family story was written by William Shakespeare:-P) and his social visa. Can you return the call...122222121".
God, it took J and I a few time to repeat the voicemail to get the number. Do you know those voice of army commander during the drill, so this was the one. Garau.
I then returned the call. The conversation was in Malay and mixed with English so, these what I talked to the guy.
Me,"Hi this is xxxxx, just now you left voicemail about my husband visa, may I know what is this about?"
The officer, "Puan xxxxxx, we have been ordered by immigration office to interview both of you in police station",
Me, "Is there anything wrong with my husband status"
The officer, "No...no.... this is just a procedure, can you come to level X Pattani Road Police Station, we just want to know your background, which school did you attend, where are you working bla..bla.."
Me, "Hmm, actually I am in hospital ward at the moment as I just delivered baby yesterday. And since I had C-section I can only discharge after 3rd night."
The officer, "Your house is at this address? x, jalan xxx?"
Me, "Yes"
The officer, "Let's do this, why don't you come after pantang (confinement)"
Me, "You mean after 44 days" I assumed he knew as Malay confinement finishes at 44 days.
The officer, " Yes yes..anytime when it finishes"
Me, "Ok" then, end of the call.

J and I were so curious about this process, and afraid it was a frank or fraud call. I then called the visa department head, (You won't get through using the front line number), just to make sure that wasn't a frank call. Yes, the dept. head said this is the new procedure that immigration involves police department to run the interview especially for those who are given long term visa and PR.

We will try to go somewhere next week, once my husband back from Sydney. I will keep posting what is the procedure

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Monday, November 08, 2010


My wound is healing faster this time, I think the coughing that I had helped it a lot to strengthen my tummy muscle. Do you know that you use you abdomen muscles when you are coughing. When I was in the operating room for c-section, I had tickle throat and because my tummy was being cut and opened, I couldn't develop any coughing. Can you imagine how difficult it was, that I felt I just want to have the doctor sew me quickly so my tickle throat can go away.
I kept "ahem"ing and that helped to sooth my throat, it was a bit funny as I kept making funny noise, I don't care as long as I feel good. After the surgery and when the epidural effect went away, that was the terrible time because I felt really like to explode when coughing. I took 3 times morphine into my hip's muscle to kill the pain that I couldn't barely stand. The pain that normal delivery woman is felt before delivery, but for c-section is after delivery. I still felt contraction after delivery, that's because my body is releasing the oxytocin hormone that cause contraction and every time I tried to breastfeeding, god knows how difficult it was for me, but I know I must feed my baby, just to make her sugar level is fine. Because she is big we have to monitor her sugar level. The battle after surgery took me 24hours to be able to walk.

Now, everything is fine and feel a lot lot better.

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Saturday, November 06, 2010

The 6th...

I know it is too many strollers for us, but we still can't bid Heidi Klum :-) We got this 6th. stroller when we were in UK last august and Adam loves it, it is sit and stand stroller when you have 2 kids, where their gap is about 2 and half year.

Yesterday was our first day out with 2 kids, J and I tried to figure out which one to use. Especially, when the kids both are falling asleep. Yes, they both did. I told J that I will get the Maclaren side by side. Just pity if both kids are sleepy. And possibly sell some of others. I think by the time all the kids are grown up we can do yard sale for all those baby stuff at home. Really our house has turned to become nursery. Full of baby gadgets.

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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Phone call with my mother

I called my mother this morning after settled my boy to school and J to Singapore. I just want to let her know that everything is ok here, and she doesn't have to worry about us.
What I have gone through also what she went through, she said only first daughter she has her mom around, and 4 after that by herself. Can you imagine and furthermore the gap in between all of us just 1 to 3 years, so when she had my youngest brother at the same time we were 1, 2, 4(me) and 7 years old kids. At the same time also, looking after us and cook for us. For my in law case she is raising J's 4 sibling by herself after J's father passed away with the youngest at age 2.

J has started back to work and when he is working he is traveling like nobody business. So, next week to OZ, and a few other trips are lining up.

I feel really bersyukur that I have faster recovery, this time...

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