Friday, December 31, 2010

Wishing good year ahead

I went out with J today to find the shopping trolley, now that 2011 Penang is everyday no plastic bag day, I thought I might as well just pull shopping trolley than carry the shopping bag. We have Cold storage on the other end of the residential area, and soon Tesco at the other end. So I think I might want to walk to do my grocery. I can just tuck Sophie in the Baby Bjorn carrier and my both hands are free. But I still can't find what I want, guess I have to buy online.
I can't think of any resolution for 2011 year, than being a good wife to my husband, mother to my kids and housewife to the family. Last year I plan to join Penang marathon, but wasn't able to do because I just delivered Sophie with C-section, and running 13km could kill me.
As a housewife, I will try to cook meal everyday at least one in any either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Which I think I do more nowadays. I made pot roast and marble cheesecake today :-) Most important thing is healthy meal. Be more economical (but not stingy), and make sure the house environment is good for kids and family.
As mommy, of course I want to spend more time with both kids, especially Adam who is in the progress of learning a lot of things. He copied everything and anything we are doing and saying. I know I will enjoy this opportunity to see my kids growing.
And as a wife, of course loving my husband infinitely. Muahh!!!
And to myself always stay positive and do what I want to do!

Happy New Year!

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Monday, December 27, 2010


After a week long holiday with Adam, I cried after sending him to school. I wonder what will happen if he is going to college. My husband thinks I will be like Andy's mother in Toy Story 3, when Andy's room is empty.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Ok the holiday is almost over. I have to go back to work for a while to help on hiring new people, pass down everything and anything need to do. I haven't received official date of my last day yet. I have 2 months notice that I know.
Anyway, today lunch we went to this new place again and had lunch in fish and chips shop. I love to hang out at this marina especially with J and the kids. Although, sometimes it can be chaotic walking with newborn and the terrible 2.

Adam is still having lots of presents under the Christmas tree that he hasn't opened yet. His Toy Story collection is growing. The house is turning to kindergarten that's what my sis commented. To us Christmas isn't about belief, it is about wonderful holidays for children, friends and family. Every kids deserve new toy every year, and not forgetting adult too :-)

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Somebody just deserved something great. After the Batu feringhi wallet that cost RM30 is ripping off, it is a time to change. Got him the original for Christmas.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas lunch

Our 3 years tradition of christmas having lunch in E&O hotel. We kind of getting bored perhaps something else for next year. Christmas with snow?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mamipoko Ad

Don't ask us how much we have spent on nappies. Mamipoko is our choice. The best although the most expensive.

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I am in departure lobby of penang airport. It is having renovation and bloody screw up the airport.

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sound guy

J is working in Singapore in Sikh temple, and he has to wear bandana to respect the Sikh people. He works in most of big temple, church, mosque and soon he is going to work in Makkah.
It was quite strange to me that in his Saudi visa it is stated that he is not allowed to perform Haj. What is the requirement for a Muslim to perform Haj?
Anyway, here is the bandana. I think it is cool.

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Famous in India

J appeared in India local newspaper for setting up audio for government program.
He said many people wanted to take a photo with him.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I am still in Singapore. We have done most of Christmas shopping. Mainly for kids. I got luggage for J. Finally he wants to buy thing and the samsonite luggage is something I can afford. Mostly what he wants is expensive like earphone that cost USD1k. rabak pocket
I got something really nice that complete my Elsa Peretti collection from J. I can't think of any and that was J suggestion. For Adam, we had bought plenty. I lost count how much I have wrapped the presents for him. They are small things only. We yet to get him big thing.

J is at working site today, kids and I are in hotel. Can't wait for him to finish work to have dinner with. I like to stay in Marina Bay area than Orchard road. Yesterday, took us 1 hour waiting to get taxi from Takashimaya Orchard Road.

Tomorrow we are planning to somewhere near Sentosa so Adam can play water and I can continue last bit of shopping.
Will be back to Penang on Christmas eve.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Adam's day

What can be happier than watching your child who is being happy. Today is Adam's day. Why? Brought Adam to zoo. Before went to zoo he was a good boy for sitting on his chair all the time and ate his breakfast. He did his business right after big breakfast.

In the zoo he had fun, real fun. We both were super tired but watching him happy made us happy too. He played at water park, watching animals (we only managed to see half of animals) and boat riding.

During dinner he sat and finish almost a big plate of Mac and cheese (it was actually penne). And then we brought him to see water in Suntec city.

And he got to drive the car too. :-)

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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Although the holiday is tiring and busy with kids like my daily routine it is real getaway from laundry, mopping, dishes and all the housework. The room is small here so cleaning takes short time.

Love this Christmas tree.

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Pekak! (deaf)

Recently, I found that my husband and I are having problem about communication. We both have to speak with high decibel volume then only we can listen to each other. The house is so noisy with...

1. Whining Adam begging for "everything" from J
2. Crying Sophie on my ear
3. TV is playing toy story 3 and Adam is watching it while whining
4. iPad is playing toy story 2 and Adam is watching it while whining

While writing this I realised that Adam is so multitasking!!!

One of photo when Adam was less than a month..

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Full time housewife

I am leaving my company. I sent the notice to my boss last week and waiting for my official last date. The truth is, I love my work and my company so much, that this decision to leave wasn't easy for me. With all the cool projects come in to sparkle my resume, I just have to let go.

I want to enjoy this moment to raise my kids, spending more time with husband especially when he isn't traveling. Make good meal, sending kids to any class that we think will be good for him. I want to see them growing happily.
My work is fun, as I work in global team. But the thing I can't do now to take up those late night calls, not when I am having demanding toddler and crying baby. And J is traveling more and more.

But truly, being housewife is also not an easy work. And I am the perfectionist type so I am doing all the best in everything cleaning, cooking, raising kids etc... And NO PAY...some allowances from hubby perhaps. I can't simply just buy clothes, shoes or handbag whenever I want as now is family come first. I have to be economical. I have some saving, not million... But it will help me for a while to decide what to do next.

I am going to miss work, but I know I will enjoy being housewife. I am taking it as I am on holiday. And sure it isn't permanent :-)

Gambar keja.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sandy beach

We live 15 minutes from Batu Feringhi. We did something different during lunch today and then J and Adam played sand castle.

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Sophie's passport is done. We are planning for short oversea trip before christmas. Now with 2 kids traveling can be difficult and of course costly. Short trip gives us some idea how much things to carry before longer trip.
I want to bring Adam to Disneyland... He sure like to see Buzz... Wait for Sophie a bit stable, hope one day we will.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010


Last year we had gingerbread house. This year is gingerbread teddy. And this year Adam involved a lot.

Let's get messy!!!

The package.

Daddy did the mixing.

Adam helped the flouring.

And helped eating the raw dough!!!

Deco time...

Adam helped putting the sugar candy.

Playing with color.


1 of his artwork.

Can you spot which one is Adam's???

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Baby sitting

Adam loves to have Sophie lying on his lap.

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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

First family photo

We walked to the new place again and watched christmas tree has been lit up. This is our first family photo :-) Sophie tucked in the baby bjorn. I love this new carrier so much. Easy for me to do shopping. :-)
I love this new mall near our house. Soon they will open Tesco. We don't have to go driving and just walk to Marina. J is happy that Switch is opening there, I love the paper craft shop and baking shop. Everything is so convenient.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2010


We were waiting for J to drive his car to the main entrance of the restaurant because it was raining. Then come this lady (Mami) asked me how many months my baby is. I said 6 weeks, and she looked at me upside down. And then she looked at Sophie, told me I shouldn't put my baby head senget. And made comment, "Nanti, tak cantik" What I meant to do, my baby wanted to move in her maxi-cosi which is much more safer than caring her.
I don't mind people give me advise, but I just don't like the statement about being pretty or not. I don't have the same lifestyle as theirs. I would rather my daughter in maxi-cosi for long hours than, carrying her all the time...
My husband asked me to relax. But I can't just relax. I really wanted to say something to her face, but I just smile and let her finished talking, and then just walked away. BENCI...

Saturday, December 04, 2010


Originally uploaded by AziBam

Went for one month check up when Adam was admitted. She is 4.7kg now... my arm is getting tired these days. I hope she is not so chubby when she is grown up or else tak laku :-P