Saturday, February 26, 2011

Oats is good for heart

One of those morning, when we felt like to be healthy.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Salah Makan Ubat

errrghhh... I caught flu from Mr Adam I think. And had this strong panadol, and didn't realized it contains caffeine. Also, I had mamak teh ais before that. "Pandai!".My body is super tired, I feel sleepy but can't sleep. Told hubby I am off work today, and he started the laundry without being asked. I want to keep awake until my Fridate! 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

File conversion

And the fact now that this cutting software now run on MAC made me happy. And I had get rid of Windows from my IMAC because it took so much memory when loading.

I wasn't very happy today after finding out, I can't save the file to the type that I want to. I made this design on Silhouette Studio thought that I can save the file in GSD or DXF, but somehow in the "Save As" it doesn't have function to use other type of file. So for now i am saving in .Studio file. I hope there is a way for us to export .studio file to GSD or DXF file one day. DAMN!!!

I have been reading forum, but hell no answer. My husband pointed out without realizing after I made so many designs....


My friends asked me, when being housewife how do I get up-todate with news? My answer was easy, I asked them back what kind of news do you want?
Do you want to know about your previous company?
Your previous work?
Why should you?
Just want being nozy?

Or do you want to know about latest news of Libya? Egypt?
And what are the latest news software or cool gadget to use?
What is the latest IN fashion?
Which celebrities just gave birth to baby?
What is latest stroller on earth? I love this NEWS. :-)

For me, I have my Iphone!I use it everywhere and anywhere for anything and everything. I read review for the product I want to buy on Safari, I am using news rack to get latest update of the blog that I subscribed, the local news, world news, fashion news, tech news and etc.
I use Iphone to find where, if I am lost. Seriously. Yesterday, I wanted to go to this Loh Guan Lye Hospital as my friend just gave birth. I have never been there. I arrived at the location but I don't know which one is maternity ward as the hospital is big and having new building. So, I asked people!!! You can always ask people.
And my friend messages me via What Apps to confirm. Cool Eh? I want to know anything I can still google. Information is overloaded on Internet. You just need to know what you want to know. Isn't it innovative. Compared myself back in 1997 as computer science student, I had to go to library and connected to slow computer. I wasn't that advance at all during that time.

My children pediatrician recommended certain products for my kids. But sometimes it doesn't work to your kid. There is forum on Internet for you to find information. But of course you still see doctor for someone to be blamed for incase something goes wrong :-P. Like recently, Adam's nose wasn't healed properly, we could just google on internet to find the info, but instead paranoid us we went to see doctor and he prescribed us Fucidin. You see how sophisticated internet is, which may be one day can take away doctor job, lawyer job and even my previous job.

Recipes, goodness anything on internet. Although, I still love to buy recipe books.

Books, e-books, e-magazine. I have piled but still haven't read most of it. My "Manuring" time is my reading time.

I even watch TV on my Iphone. If you are familiar with PLEX TV you will know.
I am amazed with this information, wisely use it friends.

So one day, if you have to become housewife don't think that you will be off from outside news. Always read, read, read and find informations. As long as Maxis 3G and Streamyx are still connected in Malaysia :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Things that move

Driving with Adam is challenging. We get "what's this?" and "what's that?" question. And the thing he asked is no longer just a car...
I really have to get reference what to answer him. But amazing how he can pick up what we taught him. Truck is his favorite, and he can differentiate kind of truck very well, like lorry, dump truck, cement mixer etc. Near our house there are many construction areas and he loves to see crane, digger, excavator, bob cat, fork lift etc, and sometime he asks us back "what is that" just to test us.
When we drove down passing by Rawang there were a lot construction vehicles and he will happily tell us what and what.

It is ok when J and I in the car, while J is driving I can talk to him. But can be dangerous when it is only me or J who is driving. And sometimes, I wasn't even aware what he asked me and he then went screaming. One time he told me that he saw a truck, and I asked where, he kept saying "there" and I couldn't find it where, then only later he pointed exactly at side mirror and the truck was behind my car. Challenging Eh?!!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I am flexible

J's Saudi project got postpone again, and his previous visa has already expired. We both don't like how is the Saudi Visa processing is being done in Malaysia. God know how much these agents are cheating just for people to go to Tanah Suci. I don't blame anybody when come to money, people forget about they should do and the rule.
Anyway, that he is going down to KL, we are going to tag along. When you are housewife your time is flexible but it is yourself to discipline yourself or else you get pile of laundry, pile of unwashed dishes, and even pile of dust. I have rule myself, and what I want to achieve in a day. Despite my tones of housework and baby sitting to do I still manage to find time to do what I like, but most of the time when kids are sleeping. Peace and quite.
I hope the road is clear tomorrow .

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

How to clean straw in the kids water bottle

How do you clean the straw inside your kids water bottle? I use this pipe cleaner, not the plumbing cleaner but the tobacco pipe. It costs at RM6.90 And contains 50 in a packet. You can get the hard wire or softer, if you have the bendy straw then better get soft one.
The cleaner is wire covered with fury thread, so you get the best cleaning straw once you used it.

You can get this cleaner in any pipe and tobacco shop in the mall

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guess How Much I love you

This is one of parent-kids all time favorite book. It has many stories and i bought this the four season story. We live in the country which only has 2 seasons, raining or not! So, this book is excellent to describe what is four seasons all about.

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Monday, February 07, 2011

Cup Cakes Mess

Siapa kata lelaki tak boleh turun ke dapur? A day before Chinese New Year, Adam didn't go to school because the school was closed early. So I planned to make cup cakes with him or else this fellow will be bored. The cupcake mix is cheating one :-P Because I wanted to be quick to get the mix ready so little man can pour into the cup quickly, of course the taste isn't nice at all. But the process of making that I know Adam will enjoy.


It was really messy process, you need to make sure you have table cloth to protect your table :-P

He enjoyed putting the decoration into the cupcakes mix, I prepared cherries, colored rice and chocolate chips, if your place is nearby bakery supply shop, get them from there as they are selling cheap there.
EASY And It was FUN!!!!

My Abandon Hobby


20110206_225614_CardSometimes I don't believe myself for what I have become, a housewife. My friends from school knows I am super crazy and think I still like doing crazy things. You don't have to be like Martha Stewart to do housework, you just got to do what you like to do. That now I am a housewife and I have free time more (NO...House/not still the same time you have) I try to spend time to do what I like to do... With the help of my husband, we changed the room downstairs today into more spacious crafty room.

I like paper craft and I know it is not only that. So I hope while I am not working, to do what I like to do while raising 2 of my babies.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

KIds' Imagination

I think Adam is growing so quickly, he is so matured and we can't simply say any bad words to him as he catches up so quickly. We always ask him "What this?" since ever he can talk. But now seems the questions are coming back to us. He is testing us... Of course I don't usually give him the correct answer, like when he asked me about car, then I answered bicycle. Just wanted to see how focus he was. He definitely said NO.
During chinese new year, we went down to KL. In the car we don't have to entertain him so much more as we used to do, he did himself, he played himself. and sometimes we wonder what he plays about. Beyond our imagination!!!
I sometimes ask him to read to Sophie and describes what is on the book, he is reading to Sophie how we read to him :-)

I read more kids books than adult books nowadays...

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sound Hound

How often you listen to a song, and you want to listen that again but you don't know the singer or the title. I always listen to when I am in the car, and most of the time I don't know what is the title of recent song. So I am using this IPhone apps, Sound Hound. It will your history so next time you can just trace what was THAT song.

How do you use it, when listening to any song that you don't know the title just tap the button, provided you are on network, then you will get the title, singer and some everln with lyrics. Isn't life so easy?

And this is my recent history. Waiting for the End by Linkin Park.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Jaime's recipe

Since ever I quit job, I have been cooking almost every meal. Lunch and dinner seem never missed. Especially when J at home. I cook anything, Indian, Italian, Thai etc... But less Malay as I am not good at it, but would love to master making kuih. Here is one of my recipe inspiration... Jaime Oliver's. His 30 minutes series program helped me with a lot technique how to cook in short time and at the same time being organized. I also love Nigella Lawson and Hugh Finlay from The river cottage (I can't pronounce his full name). Cooking is easy if we really love it :-)

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