Thursday, March 31, 2011

Football Star

Future Football Star? Every parents dream... :) Nice retirement plan if he is.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Organic food

To be organic or not to be, it is up to parents. Why organic? You can just google what is the benefit of organic food. I didn't feed organic much to Adam when we started weaning him. But, now I am really concern about what he is taking. Making sure he is getting enough vitamin. Although, he doesn't have problem with vegetable. He eats uncooked vegetable like carrot & cucumber without any problem. Not much meat eater, but I substitute with nuts as his snack.

I found this pasta and he loves it so much. It is organic, much more flavour and contains vegetable. Pasta is easy, just top
up with any sauce and cheese, healthy and for me is less hassle. It is fun too as he is looking at what shape he is eating and even the color.

Nearby my house there is this organic shop sells anything organic even fresh vegetable, rice and much more. We started weaning Soph and she loves this too. Rich in flavor, creamy even without milk.

Organic food a little pricier than normal food, of course we just want to do the best for our kids.
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Sunday, March 27, 2011

We are the Subject

Originally uploaded by AziBam

My husband recently upgraded his camera. Despite Tsunami in Sendai and Fukushima, he still got cheap price for what he wanted including trade in some of the old camera and lenses. (Nikon's factory is in Sendai). He took photos of us! Me, Adam & Sophie. Our flickr is now full of our photos as model and they are all J's fav, we are sharing the photos to our family and friends.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


We were in the car heading to our fav Indian restaurant in Tanjung Bungah for lunch. We passed by sea and when approaching hill area...

Daddy: When tsunami is coming, I guess we have to go near to Adam's school. (Adam's school is at hilly area)
Adam:  No... We go on the roof.
Mommy: I have never told him what is tsunami...... (Surprised, we both looked at each other)

Friday, March 25, 2011

How much walk?

We meant to walk for 10,000 steps per day. How much do you walk?

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I have so many things I want to do in the short time. Who said Being housewife is relax? Wrong!!!
I lost my car key, and has been searching it in the whole house and couldn't find it. Still no clue. While searching it, I forgot to switch off the light in the car, and Monday morning I suppose to send the car for servicing became drama sandiwara as I had to jump start and cancel my car service appointment...Sigh.. And until today I still cannot find my car key.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Out near the sea

Another reason, why I love Friday!!! Slow steady and you know there are 2 off days after today!

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My off day & schedule

We declared Friday is my off day. Hehehe... Meaning away from laundry, cooking and cleaning. But still look after kids. Although, I still do it occasionally because I cannot just stay still.
This is the day I lunch date with my hubby outside. Although, I still carry Sophie everywhere.
We plan to send her to school half day when she is 8 months, just to mingle with other kids, now I am sending Adam 10am to 4pm, and we want to pull it earlier time that next year he is going to SCIPS, the school will start at 8, meaning we have to wake up early and bath him and breakfast, then send him to school.

My schedule will be changed as well. Although, I plan to take master I still undecided actually what course should I take... No hurry..

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Learning through parenting...

20110315_181653_HomeFor the past 2 days, after sending Adam to school and before start my housework, I walk. I would rather call it stroll, as I won't got out leaving Sophie. I even told J, besides my car key, handphone and wallet, she is my other to bring out :-D.

Anyway, as I walked these past 2 days. I see a lot of things that I ignored. Again, it can just be a simple thing. Do you know there is still Roti Guy in housing area? And do you still remember what sound does Roti Guy make? Despite all this convenience store and supermarket. Roti guy is still exist. This guy sells Roti to the Indonesian & Bangladesh construction workers near my housing area. Sophie made me realize that sound is new to her. Even the sound of crow, lawn mower, sprinkler, sound of engine car and piling in construction area. These are all new to this little human. Isn't life is just amazing, that we used to just like them?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Box Class

I went to a class to make box. It took me about almost 2 hours just to make a box. Because it is so manual and the cutting took ages to do. After the class I decided to digitalize the box template, and by spending about 1 hour to plot the design. (Additional 30 mins troubleshooting because I thought my machine is having problem...Damn just one line in this Software caused the problem, lucky Mr. Genius is helping to solve the problem)

I managed to digitalized the box and took me less than 30 sec to cut. I can even resize the box to which ever I like!!! I will put up the result in my other blog...My daughter is crying as I am writing this...

Wed 4PM Updating with the link 

Saturday, March 12, 2011


I finally found it. This is my first attempt, I just wanted to see how it is worked. It was quite easy, it is just the matter how I fold it. And of course the design, it is all about physics...hahaha kena fikir how to design before I cut the paper.

More and more design I will try to make...

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Therapy

I am writing this post today from front office room which I dedicated for my craft work. I have been making cards, yes a lot of cards, I love it and still love it. Just that I don't have much time to make it.
I created dedicated blog for my project and time to time, I share what I have made. I include my design file for free in this blog too.  I am still learning. Remember I am going to learn how to make box!..So I may include that as well in this blog, once I can make my own box.
I don't see many local doing this thing. I hope I can share my experience to my friends how to find hobby for yourself instead of just facebooking. I am blessed that I have card making supply just 5 minutes walk from my house. Card making put me away from internet.
There are many styles out there, there are many tools you can use to make card. It is fun. I am still figuring  how I can design those 3D POP UP card.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We ladies made it

My neighbor and I brought our kids, crossed the road to the Strait Quay. We made it!!! God knows how nervous I am seeing cars passed by, luckily all kids are behaving. One four months old, 2 of 2 yrs old and 1 four years old. I know some people has more than what we did. But that was my first time!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


My husband is only back this Friday, for doing famous celebrity wedding in Singapore and meeting the founder of his company from US. I didn't get to see Gordon Moore when I worked for my company :-) Lucky Him!

When you have frequent flying husband, you really need to look after yourself very well. I am worried if I fall sick who is going to look after my children. I just can't wait husband to come home. End of this month he will have another trip. I don't blame him, that's how he gets money for the family. But when he is home he is all the time home...

Monday, March 07, 2011

Body Clock

I think Adam body clock is getting better. 3 nights in a row he sleeps from 8.30PM. Lucky me!!! Which mean I have more time for myself to do what I like to do.

I had been making a lot of cards, and love it so much. This weekend, I am going to a class to learn more about craft. I am going to learn how to make box!
Nothing fancy, but I am interested to see what is the craft teacher going to offer. From the Quickutz I can still make some boxes, but it is limited to small box only. Don't you feel good if you receive something from the nice decorated box! Looking forward, and my husband will look after the 2 kids :-)

Email Day

I don't get many email nowadays... :-P I am happy about it, but sometimes I miss it. So I write emails to whoever I concern about...I wrote email to one Malaysia famous brand restaurant, I got a phone call back.

Hahahaha... Not that I don't have work to do, my work is never finished. But everybody just need a little break. And recently I wrote email to one private hospital about Mosquitos at the pot plants in the waiting lobby. Can you imagine private hospital became mosquito breeding.

This is what the response...

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Tummy time with Soph

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The trip to Botanical garden

Today I decided to bring both kids out!!! Crazy me... But it didn't turn out as I wanted. I prepared all circumstances which might be happening, like if Adam whines, if Sophie cries, or if both cry. Not far and not even to the mall. I thought why not try to Botanical Garden first, no cars, people just walk on the big road. But as we passed along the road, Adam saw a lot of monkeys and then he said don't want to see monkeys. I will try another round again and just to practice how to bring 2 kids out.

We then drove home and he played bicycle and bubble at the backyard. And now he plays toy story in wiggles car. I just love to see how his imagination goes beyond and beyond.

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

Sleep early

My son now is sleeping in his own room, so does Sophie in her own room since she is 2 months. Thank Goodness!!! But our problem is how do we make Adam sleep early, Sophie is ok as she is usually down by 8:30pm. Adam had been sleeping at 11:30 or midnight. I told J we must do something about it. It is not healthy for him as he loves to play and play until midnight.

We start doing something differently in our schedule. I pick up Adam 1hour earlier than usual, so he only spends about 6hours at day care. The deal is I must finish housework, my hobby, cooking for dinner before pick up Adam. As soon as he is home he will play outside, cycling and I must make sure physical related activity. Same as Sophie, I put her in the car seat and let her watch how every kids are playing. She is awake the whole time, when I am out.

Then we have dinner, then bath, then reading or play with his toys (although I know this one will stimulate him). Same routine... Everyday down 1-2 hours. Instead of midnight, he slept before 10. Yesterday around 9.15, Tonight 8.45.

I wonder if I was this difficult? I think when I was kid when my parents asked me to stop play and sleep we just listened and did.

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Dealing with kids

Now that I am housewife, I spend more time outside playing with Adam. Teaching him how to cycle, play bubble, play football, and even "Teng-Teng". I am totally ok with the other kids who want to play together if their parents around.

Remember I blogged about a kid neighbor who tried to swap Adam new golf club? The parents had never played with the kids outside, but having maid to do all the work even during weekend. At one point I feel like I have to look after them. Sorry to say, they have no manners, rude, rough and bully other kids.

I asked my friend neighbor how do they handle it? Being my friend can be very blunt, went straight to these kids parents and talked to them...
Guess what the parents said, just be firmed and scold their kids like an adult. Pandai kan, malas jaga anak suruh orang jaga.

Anyway, I look at positive way, to teach Adam how to be strong and learn how to fight with bully.
When living in a shared community this is what we get. What curious me is that why Adam can share his stuff and play well with friends neighbor kids but not these rude and bullying kids.

Does he sense I don't like them?

This photo was taken this morning, Adam and friend neighbor kids.

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bean, Bean Good for your heart, the more you eat, the more you fart

Yesterday lunch I made Aloo Dhal Massala. Vegetarian eh? No I am not. Just one of lunch meal. One thing I didn't do, was to soak the lentil overnight. And guess what, this high protein low fat bean caused us producing a lot of gasses :D. So today I think I just stick to stay at home.

P.S. The PAPARICH cafe just opened in Strait Quay. I love the dry curry mee and Roti Bakar Susu. (Condense milk on toast...Sedap!!!!)


At Car Wash

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