Friday, April 29, 2011

Baby Food

I love making food for Sophie. It is fun, economical and healthy for her. I just follow from internet and book. A lot of steaming, baking and pureeing job. I freeze them in deep freezer, just like breast milk. Today, I made something more texture. Broccoli and cauliflower. Then mix with rice cereal and pear.

The thing I don't like now is her poo!!! :D

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sophie's Room

I am so lucky, Sophie sleeps 8.30pm everynight and wakes up 12 hours later. Occasionally she will wake up in the middle of the night only when she was sick. So no complain. We put her in her own room since she was 2 months old, with same routine everyday, keep her awake during day time and nap as long as her total sleep is 16 hours per day she will be in a good mood. That's what I learn from raising Adam. When he has enough sleep he will be less moody. He is sleeping total 12 hours now.

Anyway, Sophie only in her room at night, and most of day we spend time in living for playing and nap or dining for eating. I haven't done anything in her room except borring brown curtain, her cot with white mesh (I don't use regular cot bumper) and a changing table. Since she can sit now I am going to decorate with minimum decoration as our guess will also use her room to sleep. Seems we don't have enough room.

I don't know yet if I am going to paint the room, I might just use some wall sticker. For the beginning, I made this arty last night. I have many frames, mainly from my old apartment, that the pictures doesn't fit into our current house.
So using Silhouette SD I designed the letters and cut. Easy Eh?

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Penang is our home

It is nice once a while to go down to KL for a short trip. But the traffic is something that I can't stand. Terrible everywhere.

As soon as we reached the bridge we felt relief. Looking at island night light panorama is telling us that we are home.

Really, when we approached Tanjung Tokong & Fettes Park area, my little boy shouted many time. "This is my home", "My home"

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Sunday in KL tomorrow...

Tomorrow we will be going down to KL again. J has to apply China visa and the family is going to tag along as well. Since my schedule isn't critical. I don't really have any idea what to do in KL as most of the things are similar to Penang. We plan to drop by in Lost world tambun again as Adam loves to play at water park... Hopefully not many people and KL is inviting again... Since ever we found this hotel, I like to stay here as it is having huge room. It feels homy than staying in the business hotel which we usually do.

Happy easter..!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Calling Daddy

We usually allow Adam to play with his bath toys after we gave him shower.

One day,

Daddy: Adam, you call daddy once you finished playing ok.
Adam: OK

... After a while
Adam: Daddy! Adam finish
(Daddy didn't show up.)
Adam: Daddy!!! Finish!
(Daddy still didn't show up.)
Adam: James!!!!!
Daddy: (talked to me) Did you hear that?
Mommy: Yep (that's my boy)

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 letters word

Adam is 2 years and 6 months. Now that Adam had recognized all letters I start to teach him about words. So I started with 3 letters word. While putting the letter together on the board he said to me, mommy this is pussy cat. That was when I put letters c. a. t. , I am a proud mommy that he understands about reading.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Is this what you call friend...?

Dear Friends,
Please don't contact me if you want to sell insurance or if you want to sell vitamin or tupperware or if you want me to become MLM member of if you want me to invest in anything that you call me your business partner... You don't even know my birthdate, how can you make me your business partner.

Also borrowing money from me isn't allowed as I don't have income at the moment,
so if you ask from me you are wrong!!!

You can contact me if you are my real friend... who at least ask me how am I doing...
Good friend usually gives thing for free :D like during my birthday... Anyway my birthday is 20 August.
I may not have income at the moment, but it doesn't mean I live poor and desperate for money...

So, please please please take note if you just want to contact me for your own benefit.
I would rather not having friend like you...


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Helper or No Helper

Last 2 weeks, I went to the lawyer office for the processing of selling my apartment. Because J was in India I had to bring Sophie along with me. No choice. The lawyer asked me if I have any maid, I said I don't have and don't need one at the moment. I am only using cleaner who come whenever I need her. I would say every 2 weeks I will have maid to come to clean the whole house. She looked surprise, but then I gave her reason why I don't need maid... as I am stay home mom now.

Anyway, I read some of  blogs with not so nice comments on Malaysian are having maid at their house. Even my neighbor also said the same thing and it is quite common in Malaysia to have maid. One of the reason is CHEAP, cheaper than having to call maid like I always do now!... Just like if you go to Indonesia, everybody has driver and it is common thing. There is nothing big deal about having maid in Malaysia. Secondly, not many childcare or nursery that are certified. For working parents to having maid will help to look after their kids either we had them to stay together with our parents or not. There are so many cases of children died in childcare that make parents more frightened to send the kids to nursery. Thirdly, we are not like Swedish which can have 1 year maternity leave. Although, in government and some private sector they have started to prolong the leave. Try asking folks who are working in retail. They still only receive 1 month maternity leave from their company. Sad eh?!

So, I don't have any objection of working parents to get maid. I don't also encourage to have maid. I know a few of friends who has more than 3 kids but still working, no maid, work as a professional like an IT consultant in big firm. Sending the kids to nursery It isn't easy for her but she just managed within her limit.  

Thursday, April 07, 2011

We have so many choices...

We just had dinner at Subaidah, my mother in law was shocked with the total price of what we ate, RM33, is about £6.50. She made comment that she doesn't need to cook if it's cheap like this. :-)
Anyway, I met my friend who were in the same team as mine when I first join Intel. He then quit job from intel and moved to KL for becoming project manager. He is quite christian religious guy. But he has quit job again and now he is a pastor. He asked me how is my assessment. Hi hi hi... I am a housewife don't have such thing anymore. :-)

A lot of my friends made move at the same time I quit job. Either move out or move to other team. I believe you can just do what ever you want to do... Especially if we are not happy with current job. Mungkin berhijrah itu lebih baik cheeehhh

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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Baby Stroller Review - Caboose Joovy

I have blogged about this long time ago when we first gotten it, this is my 2nd most utilized stroller at the moment. When you don't have maid to help to carry your children stroller is critical essential item that you really need. I am not a fan of side by side stroller which is so wide and difficult to maneuver especially at the shopping mall isle.
What I love about this stroller is that allow the elder child to stand or sit when he is tired. I don't have photos when Adam was sitting but he loves this stroller as well. 

20110324_130010_Home And when I was with Sophie only and go out for walk or shopping I can put a lot of stuffs one back seat. This was taken when I sent all the stuff for donation so if you go shopping you shouldn't have any problem about carrying it :-) And also a lot of space underneath which you can put more stuff, and underneath side pocket.

Another reason we got this stroller is because it is one piece when you fold it, especially if you are traveling on the flight, where you need to pass the stroller to ground crew before get on board.

Monday, April 04, 2011

Lai Lai is coming

My lai lai (Mother in law in hokkien) is on the way at the moment to stay with us for a week. After putting kids to sleep I stayed at my desk to make some cards for upcoming mother's day. Then J told me that England mother's day is on 3rd April. Damn we have forgotten to send lai lai anything. Which my hubby usually sends flowers. So I quickly made this card as she will be here tomorrow morning. Hope she will like it!


Last week we had fund raising to support Japanese tsunami nearby my house. I donated some of baby stuff, cards that I made  as well as bought some toys for Adam. Amazingly they managed to collect RM500K in just that one day. and half of it was donated by one person, god bless him...

So this week I made a lot of cards using origami paper just to remember Japan where I used to study to get my degree. Although it was busy week for me without my husband. I don't spend much time to do what I like to do, obviously with my hand full of kids activity. They are demanding. This card super simple card,  while watching TV or while playing with kiddies I can easily fold the paper which made me away from  computers.
I am so looking forward to go to Japan again end of this year. Tickets and hotels are booked, it is just itinerary which we haven't planned yet.

Anyway, I have put the cards on my other blog if you would like to take a peek...

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Not a color blind

Adam looked so much better this morning, temperature is normal. Wonder what was that spike temperature and of course I am still monitoring it.
That he is ok we are doing some activity, blowing candle on cakes. Everytime, he watches cakes on tv he wants to blow candle and sings happy birthday song.

Then after finished cooking his lunch we are playing painting. I asked him about color, as of now he doesn't have problem with blue, green, yellow and red. All this while when we asked about color his answer was PINK!!!

It was finger painting. But this hygiene concerned little boy wanted to use brush all the time.

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Friday, April 01, 2011


Adam seems down with fever, after showered he looked shivering and I quickly dried him and hugged him to warm him up. Isn't a good timing when my husband is on business trip since Tuesday, and only back on Sunday. I gave him paracetamol and put him to bed and he slept at 8.30pm. He looked lethargic before that. Luckily Soph also slept early.
Hopefully just regular fever.

Anyway, this photo was taken this morning, after I had shower. Soph now cries when Adam took her toy away from her. Soon they both are going to quarrel. The unique of siblings relationship. I keep saying to Adam about we are sharing toys, but some of the toys he is having problem with sharing.

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