Tuesday, May 31, 2011

7 months Sophie

Sophie just turned 7 months on 26. She now can sit without support. We thought still early to put her on the restaurant high chair, but today she is doing great in DELIcious. 2 hours before J flew to his favourite country India, not. She hasn't been able to crawl yet. Adam had never crawled with hands, knees and legs down, but he shuffled and out of sudden he walked. Wonder if Sophie is going to be like him too.

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Power price

Power price is increased again. But doesn't effected for those who is using up to RM77. Do you know how much usage of RM77. If you are running 1 aircond plus another appliances for the case living in apartment, at your home daily when sleeping, your bill can be about RM80 to 100. (Based on my experience). Can anybody out there invent something that help to cool the house, environmental friendly, low maintenance and still cost effective.

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Friday, May 27, 2011



When dealing with more than a kid you got be very patience parents. I can't imagine my friend who is having 6 kids at my age how does she deal with her kids. All about siblings, sharing, give and take. A lot of negotiations are going on with us and Adam. We tell him some of toys are belong to Sophie and some are his, but we can play together and we share toys. He can be very mean to his sister and he can be very gentle and angel. That's the way human is I think.

I am happy that we are having second one, although it is tiring. I just don't want Adam to be the only child when he is growing. That we are sending him to day care since he was 2 months really helped us to calm him down and understand a lot about sharing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The very quite Cricket

I had lunch with my ex-colleague in Queensbay Mall, then dropped to Borders to look for children books. Adam loves books and especially picture books. But I think he needs to learn reading soon, so bought him a few story book, with letters and wording.
So I bought one of this book to him. Eric Carle is always one of my favorite children book's author. And this is the third book after "The very hungry caterpillar" and " and "Brown bear, brown bear what do you see".

From this book, help kids learn insects name, and guess I myself just learned that cricket made sound by rubbing their wings :-) and not all crickets made sound! Obviously the little one doesn't. Fun definitely a recommendation.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Robert and Christopher

How is Chinese name arrangement? Surname and followed by given name. Example; Tan, Ah Meng.
So GMC penang is following this arrangement.
My husband and my son registered in GMC penang. So you can imagine what are their name had become in the book. Some of nurse called them, Robert for Adam and Christopher for my husband. And we wonder whose name is that. Until we realize it is ours :-)

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Making Pizza

20110515_122828_Home by AziBam
20110515_122828_Home, a photo by AziBam on Flickr.
Every weekend we have to think of what activity to do with Adam. So last weekend we made pizza!

This time not from, ready made pizza crust. Bread maker helped to make the dough :-)

And the topping was done by Adam! As he put the pineapple on top of pizza, some of it went to his mouth.

Satisfied with the result.

Tai Tai, not.

I am stay home mom, but I plan to send Sophie to day care same hour as I send Adam from this June. Do you think I am living relaxing like a Tai Tai? :-). No I am not.

I am not a teacher, but I am a mother, so I trust people who look after Adam can look after and teach Sophie too. Why in June?

Sophie now can sit properly without support, so she can start to play and interact with other kids. Will be good for her to see other people besides just stuck with me. Another reason is, I want to spend quality time with Adam too. Like if I send Sophie to day care, I can once a while go out with Adam or Sophie , playing at Adventure Zone, or go to library, or go to parents and kid music class. And also looking for thing I want to do. Taking master in USM is what I am looking forward, but I don't want to rush it yet. Plus, the course I am planning to take is having class at night. Even worse than if I work 8 to 5. Just not healthy for my kids and family.

I hope this will balance up kasih sayang to my kids. And my husband too, of course a peaceful lunch with my dear husband.

I am happy the way we raised Adam and I want Sophie to have the same as well. James thinks the same too. I can't be brag about my son too much, or else people will puke, but I am just a proud mother. I am sure all mother are bias to their own child :-)

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J is flying this afternoon, so we walked to have breakfast at DELIcious. As we walking, we talked and commented how lucky we are for living here. People come for vacation, but we live in this vacation place. The marina now is full of boats park, in and out. When we first bought the place we didn't expect the place is going to turn out nicely. The housing price up double since we first bought in 2007. Just feel so lucky. Grateful.

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Friday, May 20, 2011


J is going to China for a week, then home for 2 nights, then India for another week, then a few days at home then US for another week, I lost track. Thanks to calendar that keep us sync.

If I don't have kids I would follow him along. But, not with these 2 demanding children.

He is the bread winner, even my 2 and half year old boy also understands. When we said daddy has to work, he then will add on, "Daddy find money, mummy buy" .... Hahahhaha.

Any small thing about buying is assigned to me. Well, I in-charge the grocery needs at home... Sure all mummy do this job.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Slow cooker for busy people

I am a fan of slow cooker, I have one big slow cooker which I can put the whole chicken in it and medium one. They are not expensive, you can get one slow cooker for less than RM100. I am using it a lot. So there is no reason for me for not able to cook while I was working back then. Even today, I am still using it. It is safe especially having toddler running around compare to conventional cooking can be dangerous. And no more frying! Or oily stuff. Try cook Indian top side beef, I can say it is as tender as Australian beef cook in conventional way. You can make any curry, pasta sauce, soup etc, start in the morning, put on low setting, by the time you come home from work you have meal ready for you and your family.

Today, I bought the smallest slow cooker that I found in the electric shop nearby. Costed me RM62. Cheap, I think. I am going to start making baby porridge or oatmeal with meat in it. Wonder Soph is going to love meat like us or not.

And make sure when you buy the slow cooker it has auto, high, low and off function. Some of slow cooker only has on and off function, and the better if you can get the one with timer function.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Today I sent Adam to school driving James's car because it was raining, my car will get tempias.On the way back I turned on the music play list and there are lots of Japanese songs. Hahaha ... But the collection is kind of ballad to me and Southern all Star's is in there too. He bought second car from Japan last 2 years, and this previous guy never deleted the HDD.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Not Bob

There is a 2nd hand book shop in Island plaza and I bought this book for my kids. When reading to Adam we have to change the name of character from Bob to Nemo. Because he keeps correcting us. Although sometime I tersasul Don't know how long it will last :-)

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Thursday, May 05, 2011

Food Allergy

It has been 6 months, and I am still breastfeeding little Sophie, not exclusive like I did for Adam in 8 months. I was still brest feeding Adam until 20 months that my gynae asked me to stop as I was pregnant. For Sophie I would say 90% is breast milk and the other is formula that recommended by hospital after gave birth to her. She is drinking NAN HA1. And I think one of the most expensive milk.
Well, I thought that when she is 6 months I just want to change to stage 2 , which contains more iron generally in further stage, and we don't want to stuck to this HA type of milk. So we tried NAN PRO stage 2. But wasn't something that I expected. After finished 5oz of milk, she vomited all of the milk then all of her body came out red bumpy rashes.

Our heart was broken and we rushed to the hospital. Doctor gave her Phyriton and the redness went away. So from then onwards either breast milk or NAN HA1.
The problem does not just stop there. She is having same reaction to Nestle Cereal which contains milk. Anything without milk is fine. So we are very careful about introducing milk to her. And double or triple reading when buying ready made food.
I say breast milk is still the best. Although there is a study about introducing food later to baby may be prone to have food allergy. As of now she doesn't have problem with rice, oats, pear, apple, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, carrot, potato, sweet potato and blue berry (Strange she is fine with berry). But having same problem with uncooked banana, vomited.

Ok so what is the big deal about HA Milk? HA stands for Hypoallegernic which contains shorter protein and easy to digest. So if baby is having allergic reaction to food then it is good recommendation but I am not sure if this will work 100%.

Introducing new food to Sophie is going to be challenge for us. And definitely not doing it outside. My husband said everytime we are going to change formula we need to park near the hospital :-)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Another busy week

Very busy, seriously busy, we are in the progressing of changing our lifestyle. To more healthier life. Keeping up with active kids isn't easy job. One got to be fit.

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