Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adam & Lah

Adam is picking up a lot of Bahasa Melayu nowadays. Although his pronunciation still too English, guess who taught him :-P Like when he says Empat, it became Umpat. Slowly learning to count to 10 in Bahasa Melayu. And myself have been using a lot of Malay words when I talk to him. One of his latest favorite word is LAH!!! (I still think his most favorite one is BUSUK)
He speaks in English and then adding LAH at the back. Like Mommy, Let's go upstairs-lah! Truly Malaysian Eh? Which I don't want him to speak like chinese-English, with additional Lah or Mah. And another one is Hor! I hate listening to people who speak like this, and the strange thing, my husband can entertain (layan) people who speak like this by speaking like them with Mah and Lah....

Sophie M. B.

20110723_165049_Home by AziBam
20110723_165049_Home, a photo by AziBam on Flickr.

Who do you think she looks like? Me or James?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 again

J is on his way to Saudi. Finally. This is like one and half year waiting of project to install audio system in the second tallest building in the world. A lot of our plan had to be on hold just because of this project.

Anyway, the contract says he must be there for 3 weeks, from the time they switch on the system, but I am hoping J can come back in between. 3 weeks are too long to be away. I don't think my parents can come this time, that they are doing tarawikh. Anyway, the tough part for me will be during the weekend. Just need to find things to do with my kids. 大変!

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9 months Soph

Soph is 9 months now. How time flies so quickly. Still nursing her although not exclusive. I mixed with NANHA. She has been good girl so far. Love food! And when she is hungry and sees food she will say mammam.
Still sleep 12 hours at night. No teeth yet, same as Adam. Slow with teeth.

She is crawling with her tummy still down. Can sit up from lying down position, and pull up to stand and cruise slowly on furniture.

Very chatty, say mama and dada. Can wave bye bye, clap hand when we sing if you happy and you know it song. She can even do fingers close and open when we sing twinkle twinkle. Not that I brag about, but these are songs that we keep singing at home with Adam everyday.

One thing, she has this bad thing that she will seal her mouth when she doesn't want milk, or food anymore. We think she can be stubborn girl when she wants to.

She is no longer interested with her toys and prefer Adam's toy. Guess what quarrel for toys with Adam happens everyday.

Love you Soph!

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We were in Toy r us. There were these 2 little girls screamed calling Adam name. Two sisters who were from the school that Adam went to ran to hug and kiss him. And as usual my son just with his ignoring face. What he concerned more was the toys.

A photo of him with other girl from the same school. Wonder if this is going to be continued until he is teenager.

When we walk into Chili's, Delicious, Subaidah and more I can't recall in Penang. We got waiters call Adam. None of them know J and my name.

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Since ever we started sending Sophie to nursery, gave us time to do things just with Adam. Some of places just not suitable to bring baby, so last Friday We took Adam at 1pm from school. Then brought him to SPCA. That's where we got our previous cats. We kind of decided which cats to take, but they are still young to be taken away. We have to wait for 2 weeks.
Adam loves cats, not so much dogs unless they are the tiny breed. Let's see once J comes back from business trip again.

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Multi language

Adam can count in Spanish from 1 to 10, I don't know who exactly taught him that. We think he learned that from watching Dora the Explorer or Go Diego Go.
And we have this strange teaching language going on. The English father is trying to teach him counting in Malay, the Malay mother is teaching him counting in Japanese. So far he can count 1 to 5 in these languages with help. English, he can count up to 40 or 50. And none of us actually taught him this far. The chinese teacher did.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Things that go again!

Fire engine cake for Adam. This is my first time handling frosting from scratch. Well no wonder I am not a baker :-p

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I have never knew having children to poo in the potty is an easy job. I haven't really into focusing to do that to Adam, and one thing I understand boy tends to learn longer and later than girl. On top of that my son is so stubborn, (he is stubborn in a lot of things) make it harder for us to do.

It is hard, but we just see how it is. We know he is ready, it is just that he doesn't want to sit on potty. And even asking him to stand and wee he will play and laugh. Very very cheeky. Haiiihhh

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Parenting again

I respect every parents who want to do the best for their kids especially when they are working. It is not easy being a working mom. You still have your work to do and you still housework to do when you are home. The teamwork in the family is really important to get things done.

I am so glad I got to spend more time with my kids nowadays. I have started to send Sophie to the same place where Adam is going, by doing that I got to date Adam. Nothing really big deal what we did together, but for Adam it is special. I just brought him to book store, toy shop, having dessert, riding bus and taxi. He enjoyed it and is talking about it still.

Trying to readjust his schedule slowly so he can wake up early. He is going to start proper school September next year, so a lot of things need to so before that.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hong Kong good and bad from my experience

20110708_120458_<span class=

I always love Hong Kong. It is a modern city with a lot of developments are going on. As we live near the sea, going to the place near the beach like Langkawi will be the last thing in our mind. Since the trip is all about kids we chose Hong Kong.

The transportation in HK is easy, just like Japan public transport are reliable, including taxi and they are cheap. We flew AirAsia to Hong Kong, because of there is direct flight from Penang, and the flight always stops at terminal in Hong Kong. So pretty convenience for us. Other direct flight from Penang is Cathay Pacific, but the price is 3 times than Air Asia.To me, if you compare to the price of Hong Kong Airport express (HKD70) and KLIA Express (RM35+), although Hong Kong is shorter time than the KLIA Express, still relatively I think Hong Kong is quite reasonable.

Accommodation, expensive. Yeah if you are paying like RM500 for a night hotel you can only get 3/4 stars hotel, whereby in Malaysia during off season you can get the posh 5 stars hotel. Unless you are hotel snob and don't mind to pay expensive hotel then, you can get nice 5 stars hotel at RM800-1000/night. We stayed in W hotel, because of the conveniences, the airport express stops at Kowloon and this hotel is attached to the station and the mall. But if you plan earlier and book in advance you sure will get a lot of discount.

Disneyland, I had been to Tokyo & Anaheim. I would say this is the smallest, but it is enough for my 2 children in between 0-3 years old. They don't need to go on every ride. What they enjoyed most was to see the parade. And after all, they were free to enter as they are still below 3.

Food, is not a problem. Western and Asian are everywhere, most of the stuffs in the grocery are the same stuff you see in Malaysia. Milk powder for baby also the same. They don't produce much local product, so a lot of essential items are imported from other Asian country.

But one thing I don't like about HK is the people :-P especially those who come from PRC and still speak Mandarin and don't understand English. They are just rude people. May be not all. I am not being racist, but this is true experience. You can tell if they are from PRC or they are real Hong Kee... None of any passengers in the train in the town offered me at seats and they are sitting on the priority seat. Although, I am carrying my baby with me. Even there was a pregnant lady, they just don't care. Ignorant rude people. In Disneyland, you got people pushed you and cut your queue that you really had to shout at their face, and even you used the F word they don't understand. They just pushy rude people. Arrgghhh I feel like to shoot this kind of people. Like I mentioned earlier not all, you still have some polite Hong Kee, who usually speaks Cantonese. I can differentiate, Cantonese, mandarin and Hokkien as most of my chinese speak these language.

That's all about it...and more photos here.

Saturday, July 09, 2011

Happy Boy

One happy boy after getting the nice treat in Disneyland.

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Sunday, July 03, 2011

Swimming during Weekend

Time to eat after hours playing in water.

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Jalan Jalan


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Saturday, July 02, 2011

2 different character

When you have 2nd kids you thought the second one character is going to be same as first one. No No No... human is created individually different. Same goes to our kids...

Adam hates to be in the swimming pool since day one we put him on the float. Sophie loves it. Well in positive point, Adam loves water park.
Adam hates sand. Sophie can walk on it.
Adam didn't eat jarred food. We had to bring a tup of cereal everytime we go out. Sophie loves jarred food and basically eats anything.
Adam woke up at night and occasionally still does nowadays. Sophie sleeps through >10hours since 3 and half month.

More and more...