Saturday, August 27, 2011

Close Shop

I once asked my neighbor if they are going to have more kids? They are now with 2 kids. They said no... they are happy with 2. I learnt from them. I recently start to give away my old baby clothes to friends, and everyone asked if we are not going to have third one. I always answer 2 are fine for us. I am not against anyone who want to have many kids as they want. And even to Islam kids are rezeki from god. As long as they know how to look after their kids, it is fine for me.

The truth is we can't afford to have more than 2. It is not just about financial, it is about quality time, about love and giving the best to them. Having kids are fun, but looking after them is a challenging job. Before we got married, we decided 2 kids are fine for us. We have these 2 name chosen even before we married so we are happy with 2. Just 2...

Friday, August 26, 2011

Sibling Rivalry

Today Adam hit Sophie again before we went to bed. I can understand how he did that, Soph wanted to play his toys and he didn't want to share. I had time out for Adam and told him that hitting Soph wasn't a good thing to do and Soph is hurt. He didn't want to apologize to Soph. That's it! Time to clear out toys and no reading for tonight. I felt guilty, I just want him to realize every mistake he made, there will be punishment. So he fell asleep while crying... I still gave him cuddle and kiss tough. And put his toy next to him so he knew that he can still play with it if he is being good boy...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Terrible incident

While in the bath. I saw the bath water changed color slowly at Soph's side.
She poo-ed! And Adam was terrified wanted me to pull him out of the bath. This is not her first time poo-ed while in bath. Quite funny...

I had to dettol-ed the whole bath, rubber mat.... yucks!.. Poo LUSH!

Bye Bye Mr Jobs

Our life has been easier with your influence. I lost count how many products we have bought from you. But no doubt they are the best electronics inventions in this era. The iPhone connects us and more, the iPad made me reading more, even watching my favorite tv series more, the iPod entertained us through music, the apple TV, I don't need to go to cinema, the Mac Book Pro and Air, the iMac continues ease our life, I don't need Windows, and it added up a skill in my CV,
the airport express, I don't need to be wired, what else? those small accessories...

I love the Mac mini, it is now hooked to our plasma. So does Adam :-D That made me unsubscribe Astro, our life is entertained more with all these Apple gadgets.

Too many to list. One thing I wish they made for me; iMaid :-p

This is one my favorite i-thing at the moment.

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Baby Items for sale

Sophie is 10 months now, so a lot of the items are no longer being used. So we started to clear up stuff. If you are interested with the item, please let me know...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Food for baby

My daughter started to show no interest with purée plain food. So I thought when we cook for everyone she can have the same thing. So today I bought this portable Wean machine. Which I can easily mash up our food and feed Sophie. Let's see if she is going to like it. Just hope I sempat scoop before I add flavor (salt and pepper) into the dish.

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Monday, August 22, 2011


Adam has been very naughty nowadays. He like to hit anybody, especially his sister. He just doesn't listen. He will do it again and again. Even at school, today his teacher told me he bit other kid. And I am fine if the teacher scolded him, and he cried for what his wrong doing.
A lot of the time he is a good boy, and can be very mean as well.

Part of growing up... I thought terrible two is going to end, looks like trouble three is coming. Haiihh.

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J sent me another photo, this was taken from the place he is working, still not the highest point.

I am so gayat.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

My iPhone apps

My kids play with my iPhone and once a while they moved and removed the apps. I will rely on search screen when that happen. I know our kids are geek just like their parents, but I can't change the way we are. Some parents teach their kids about sports because they are. And have you ever wonder why Bill Gates is doing what he is doing now?

Just my thoughts, do what ever you think is good for your kids just do it.

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

My 34th birthday

Today is my birthday. Quite adventurous 34th years old birthday. At 12AM, on the 20th August, my son woke up and vomited on his bed. This is a good thing about Adam, never vomited until our zigzag road trip and today. He was shocked looking at his puke, and screamed like nobody business.
I wasn't sure what to do then called J, then we decided it is best to see doctor afraid of appendics that can bring to fatal. Can you imagine how was my heart feeling that time, with Sophie was sleeping and worse part was that the neighbour whom I always ask for help is back in Oz. So I called our good friends XX and YY. X came to pick up us and sent to GMC, and then bring Sophie's home.
Luckily the paediatrician on call is our's. It was food poisoning. As Adam still vomited in front of him, that's how he diagnosed him, I guessed.

I blame myself for being lazy of not cooking and tapaued chicken rice for him. No admission required, as long as I can ensure Adam is taking enough fluid. Lucky me that our helper is coming on 9am. Adam is better now, no more vomit after slept until 9am. I am so relief with the whole situation, and our decision to rush to hospital.

J sent flowers, and at 1pm, and my other friends also came to celebrate my birthday.
What a long day:-)

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Friday, August 19, 2011

Baju raya

Got all these baju raya from Jusco... And for myself RM50 ready made Baju from Bazaar Chowrosta. Cheapskate.

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bob style

My hair dropped a lot. And afraid of crawling Sophie is picking it up, I went to cut my hair today.

Rasa lapang....

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boiled egg yolk

I don't like boiled egg yolk. White is fine. And I found one person who doesn't like it too.


Cheeky bugger

I always tell Adam to put away his toy back to its place after playing, and he usually does very well in tidying up. I put tag on his toy boxes, so he remembers where to put it back. But, occasionally he will be lazy, and said to me "Adam don't do, mommy do", I will tell him, if you don't want to put your toys back mommy will throw away, or give to M-san( not a real name, he is a rude, naughty chinese boy lives near us). He doesn't like me saying that. I know I am a bad mother for using other kid's as bad example. But if you see this boy, you will have the same opinion. My neighbour even emotionally, argued with this boy and decided to bring her kid inside home instead of playing with him.


Today, I misplaced my iPhone. And I asked Adam.
"Adam, where is mommy's iPhone?"
He replied, "Throw away already, no, gave to M-san"
And laughed, really cheeky laugh.

He is not even 3 years old yet, I don't know if I should be proud or worry of him.

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On air

I seldom listen to radio, unless I am in the car. And this song had been playing over and over everytime I drive. Quite jiwang melody, that's why it got famous I guess.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sophie soon 10 months

Time flew so quickly. I would say Sophie is easier to look after since she was born. She now can crawl, lift her body up and cruise on the side of furniture.
Vocally, she can say dada and mama and Adda for Adam. When hungry she will say mammam. And even can say "back pack" from watching too much of Dora.
One thing of her character that we know, her action when she doesn't want something to eat. she will seal her mouth and move her head away. Adam was whining that I remember. Hopefully Sophie won't be the stubborn girl when she is bigger.

When wake up from sleep she will just lie down and relax while Adam is crying.

Now that move a lot, made us more tired. Having 1 year old and 3 will be tough time I will predict.

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Busy day

Seriously busy. Too many errands, zakat, saw my former boss for referee letter, post office, food for dinner... Now 3 minutes to relax, and off to pick up kids. Tomorrow is public holiday, and I will stay with kids the whole day. Lucky I got a helper from 2 to 7pm. That will do for me.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

One mission accomplished

When I quit job, one of the thing I want to do is to make sure Adam can drink from the cup. This is sound crazy, but as usual he is so stubborn, he wouldn't do thing that he is not comfortable. He insisted to use straw, and tell me about it straw is always in stock and one of must carry item when we go out. And good that, he can do it very well now.

How did we do it?
We just have to make it fun for him. So everytime we drink, we have to do CHEERS, by touching our cups together. He spilt everywhere at first, but the fact that he doesn't want to use straw anymore is good for us.

And day after day, and after so many cheers, he mastered it now. :-)

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From Mecca

J sent me these photos,

And this is one of the place he works. No phone signal, but Internet yes :-)

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Richard Scarry

J said he has been reading Richard Scarry since he was kid. He is famous with "Busy" book. And now is one of Adam favorite book.

Nowadays, when reading to him, not just about reading. It is about his comprehension. How much he understands from what we read to him. I am quite surprise with how much he understand our reading, that he is able to tell us back the story with his own word.

By the way, about this book. Everytime, Adam selects it from the shelves, I will be like OMG, I am going to have long night with him. The book is busy with pictures, very well drawn. Just looking at the pictures without reading the wording we know what is going on.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Facetime over Mac

When having frequent traveller like my husband, we really need video conference to interact each other very often. We talk to J everyday, and almost every meal time, before sleeping, when he is in airport etc. My favourite part is when kids are grumpy. It is important to tell our kids where is their father at the moment. And amazingly, Adam can answer very well where is his daddy at the moment, like he is in Jeddah. For that, we use Skype a lot.
And I always love Skype. Now we can facetime from any Mac machine to Iphone or to other Mac machine or Ipad2 made our life easier. Although you can still use for all machine type including windows. Better video than Skype. The only feature face time doesn't have is chatting. So we are still turning on our other chat applications like Skype or I use Adium a lot because it combine all other messenger applications such as AOL, MSN, Yahoo, many more. Although, I am just a housewife I still need all those technology to get organize :-)

p.s. since ever I quit work, I haven't touched any windows machine yet.
And sooner I am going to school again, and I hope I don't require to use windows anymore.


When my mother in law came in April, she brought a lot winter clothes for the kids because we are going to Tokyo this winter. This is second time Adam tried them on. He loves to pose in front of mirror. Vain.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011


My dry food pantry today. After, I went through things that are going to expire soon.

I don't feel hungry looking at these food when tidying. In fact, I will be more sleepy or tired when I relax. I guess my body is used to work at this time.

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While break from cooking lunch...

One of my friend, put up status on Facebook, that her husbandless and her daughter is daddyless because her husband on business trip. I said to myself, if I have to put on my facebook status that will be countless.

J is in Saudi since Monday. And here I am with 2 kids. My routine is as usual, it is just that I don't have to cook for lunch! Taking things easy in this fasting month. I don't really eat much during berbuka, just have some fruits, cereal bar and some drinks. Only once the kids had fallen asleep, I will sneak to downstairs and have all the savoury treat by myself. And that usually make me awake until 1am. And during sahur, just had 2 toasts with milk or milo. And when I am so lazy, I just celup the the breads into milo.

When J is away, kids are usually well-behave. And as soon as J steps into the house Adam behaviour change, because he knows he can play us. When I tell him not to do thing, he will then ask daddy, and same the other way round.

This time, I don't know when exactly my husband will be back. But hopefully before raya.
Life goes on....

1 day I hope I can try, to leave my husband and 2 kids for a few days. I wonder what will happen.

Adam & Potty

I am still struggling with Adam and his potty training... Seriously, I surrender when come to poo. He is the only one in his class hasn't done potty yet. Can you imagine is that how slow he is in potty training. Not that he can't, he just doesn't want to. He can hold his bowel, and even to poo very well. But as soon as I change his to nappy at night he will poo. I am so frustrated at him every time he does this to me. He can be dry at night, and wearing pants (undies) whole day, but insists to sit on potty.

He is one stubborn little bugger!

New plant

While water our plants this morning, I noticed we have new plants are growing. Look. Beware of mushroom!

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House in Penang

Penang property is damn expensive. A new terrace house with 3 storeys, will be more than a million. That's so ridiculuosly expensive. Like our house now, has become more than double the price since we bought, imagine we bought at subsale price before the OC obtained. And those people who firstly bought made a million profit of it. Just in 4 years.
Since the marina is opened, the price starts to increase and still going, then now Tesco is nearby. I am interested to see when Island Plaza is fully renovated, and more fine dining place will be opened near us. Although, we still cook and eat home most of the time :-)

One thing worry us is the terrible traffic. It has started getting crazy, the number of cars passing by the main road near us. Although a lot of good things had been done, like start to have 2 lines turning into our housing area at the traffic lights. I still love it here, and can't think of other places for us to move at the moment.

It doesn't matter which part of the Penang island, even in down south the houses are also selling at expensive price. Other than property, I still think it is cheaper living cost than KL :-)

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Jiran yang bertimbang rasa (The Considerate Neighbor)

In England, if we plant a tree, example lemon tree, and some of the branch with lemon grows to our neighbor house then, they have a right to pluck those lemon. I am not sure what is the case in Malaysia. So here is my story :-)
We are among the first people who bought and move into the house in our housing area. Which mean we have been planting our bamboo tree for 4 years. Our bamboo trees grow very quickly and bushy and at the same time, provide shades from sunlight. And I am sure my neighbour benefited that as well.
However, one day my neighbour told me to trim our bamboo tree. A lot of leaves dropped into their car porch. We apologized and we did trim. I guess we didn't trim enough, that they had to call the gardener to trim the branches that grow into their house... And then, became a bit strange looking bamboo tree. (Almost half botak)


We then decided, it is time to say goodbye to our bamboo trees, although we love them very much. And here we are with new trees. Shorter tree, although the purple trees can grow high, but I am sure won't be as high as our bamboo trees. And guess what, my boy Adam helped to plant them. Everyday he sees these trees, he keeps saying; "Adam plant these trees"




I called a maid today to do thorough cleaning, so it will be easier for me to maintain. I got the same maid most of the time to come in, and so I just let her cleaning the house and I go outside for grocery. I thought she will only clean my car porch in late evening, but who knows she cleaned it after 30 minutes I left.
And she locked herself out, and chaos she went to see the security guard for help. Luckily my neighbour is on the way home, and she called me up. I gave her the pin# to get into the house and everything is all right now.

Monday, August 08, 2011


Adam made this aeroplane using duplo Lego by himself. Not bad for one who isn't 3 years old yet.

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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Ice cream

My anak is trying to persuade me with his ice cream. It is 5.30pm still.

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Bath time

We bath both of kids together at the same time. I find it is easier and safer when J isn't at home. The difficult part only when I need to carry them from bath to change clothes. One of them might still want to play, so struggle not wanting to go out of the bath.

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Happy Ramadan

Happy Ramadan. My sahur meal this morning. I am bad at this sahur thing since I am young.

By the way, J is on the way home, good news for us although he is going again to Saudi on next Sunday.

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