Thursday, September 29, 2011

Menu Planner

Today my cooking gas finished while I was cooking for my daughter, I think after 6months of using it finally it is finished. And this is the shortest time I had to renew the cooking gas. I guess I cook a lot this year after I quit work.

Anyway, I like to read housewife tips on internet. And there is one, I found on internet about this family who planned their 1 week meal so they won't spend on grocery that they will throw away. I thought of giving a try on how to use it. As I need to clear my freezer :) And hopefully I am discipline enough to continue doing it. :-)


Looks like boy will have one period of obsession with trains. I ask most people with boy, they made the same comment. Boys love train and vehicle. I wonder if Sophie is going to have same interest as her brother.

With Chuggington train. He started to like Thomas and Friends now as well, but we are not going to increase his collection. Way too many.

Chairs can become train.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brother visit

J's eldest brother came to visit us from last Saturday till today. He had work to do with Singapore Formula 1 racing, so he dropped by to visit us. I got to pick him at airport since J will only back after 4 hours later. Before he arrived I had sessions with my boy by showing him photo of his uncle, who looks similar to J.

As we arrived airport and saw J'bro, Adam ran towards him and shouted DADDY!!! But about a meter nearing him, he was stunt and cried. It wasn't daddy :-)
Anyway, they get along very well.

So what do you think? Similar? I can tell the different. And poor little Adam is going to look like them when he is big... :-D

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Sophie's hair

When I picked up Sophie yesterday, her hair was tied up. And look neater.

I told Adam we are going to buy more rubber band for Sophie during our Friday outing and he is excited about it.

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Adam's coloring is definitely improved. He concentrates at the object, rather than color everywhere. And choice of color is correct most of the time.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The anniversary

5 years ago, was the day I met my husband. Without this day our children won't be in this world :-)
Love you babe xxx
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Birthday party prep

I know it is still long way for my kids birthday. But I have done a lot of stuff, just in case October is going to be busy schedule for me. Can you imagine, this is going to be 2 kids birthday, so we will do a slight bigger, plus last year we didn't do anything at all at home.

Adam requested airplane cake for party at school and chugginton cake for home. He understands birthday is a big thing and has been waiting to blow candles.
Anyway, I started with goodie bag... And here they are. The brown boring bag is now turn to something fun!!!

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Why Why Why

Adam keeps asking me this question for anything I say and I do...

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Do things together

I am super lazy to write what is going on with our kids. Pictures tell better. For J who isn't at home and he wants to know what are kids doing. But, when FaceTime with him today, just got to know China banned blogspot. bengkek

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What time

During dinner today, I told Adam about eating time is eating time. Not playing time. He listened and continue eating. But then when I asked him, what "time" is it now?

His answer was, "3?,4?" and grinned.

May be I should rephrase my sentence.

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Monday, September 19, 2011


I still remember the time we put her in the bouncer and she just watched everyone playing.
Now she is playing with everyone.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stick man

Tonight this book was one of our reading. This is the same author of The Gruffalo. I love their collection. A lot of pictures and wording too. We always ask Adam about the book that he had been reading, just to see how his comprehension is? How understand he is?

Sometimes, he tells us about the picture that we didn't notice, like there is Gruffalo as christmas tree ornaments. He can relate 2 books together.

When reading to him describing every single thing on the book is important to him :-p or else he will question us, what is this and that.

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When kids are playing it is beyond your imagination. And today Adam decided to give his friends a lift to their basket, when I asked him to tidy up his toys.

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Youth park

Every weekend, when my husband isn't around, I have to think what to do with kids. After the ride in botanical garden, we went to youth park.

Penang has a lot of place to go with kids without stuck forever in traffic jam.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Adam's new hobby

If you have very old camera which you can't sell anymore, or only worth to nothing, give it to your children. You don't know if photography may become their pocket money.

People may think I am spoiling my kids or pushing them to hard to learn thing, but they don't know the actual thing. I am giving a lot of access to my kids to learn thing. It is them to decide what they want to become when they are big :-)

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Rush Rush

Just finished dinner, and I saw in the fridge is quite empty. So I rushed to Tesco, bought all sort of things and food for fridge and stock while my husband away. Quite in hurry because the kids are about to sleep at home....

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mind your language

Adam, "Daddy, mommy said Oh SHET! when milo dropped".
(I accidently spilt milo in the car when picking up J at the airport :-P)
Daddy, "????"
Mommy,"He meant S.H.1.T, how did he remember that"

My little boy is picking up any words we say....quite scary sometimes I curse other driver on the road, etc....


I inherit a lot of stuffs from my husband :-) and this is the latest one. Thanks babe!
Not the latest Mac BookPro, but it is always better than windows.
Had been playing with Lion. And changing all the settings to my profile. Love it.

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend activity

I got a comment from a lady who is selling tickets how often we family are taking this ride.
Parents would do anything for their kids.

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That is Adam's recent obsession. Has been cutting and cutting. Of course he is using the safe one. Well actually my craft scissors.

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Sunday, September 04, 2011

Love & Hate relationship...

When I was kid I remember I always quarrel with my brothers and sister. And my parents were like police making sure we were all well behave. As much as we quarreled, we are still love each other.
Now is my turn with my kids. You know like every 30 minutes, I had to tell my children to behave. Sometimes to Adam, sometimes to Soph. They quarrel about toys, about who got to sit on mommy's lap, who got to be carried by me, and everything possible. Sophie can be so mean, just out of sudden whacked her brother, and the other way round. But they both still love each other. Adam loves to hug and give slobbery kiss to his sister, and she dislikes it. It is so fun watching them, but I can't help not to scold them when they are being naughty. Sophie, the more I said stop or no the more she wanted to do, climbing stairs and playing with thing she shouldn't be playing with. And Adam sometimes sits on Sophie while she is crawling, pretending riding on horse. And during this time, my voice is like thunder :-)

It is a challenge, but it is interesting thing to go through in our life.

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Back to usual routine

J is on biz trip again from today. Continuing his Mecca job. Adam looked very sad this morning when I told him his daddy is away. I got plans to do with the kids today besides eating, bath and playing :-) Hope both of them are behaving.

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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Thing I like :-)

I seldom blog about thing I got, but this is definitely my favorite thing at the moment. When we were in Hong Kong I saw this Ray Ban Wayfarer, which I like the design so much. But I didn't buy. So back in Penang I tried looking for it but couldn't find the Polarized shades.
So since recently was my birthday, and as my husband asked me what do I want, and I always don't know what to answer. And now here it is. He found it in Singapore airport. Quite pricy. But I think the best I have worn so far. This is not the first Ray Ban I have, but definitely the most comfortable one. Even my husband loves it :-)

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Hari raya 2011

Hari raya this year was like every other Hari raya. We were stuck in jam, ate a lot, drink a lot, and all sort of food went into our tummy. I think after visiting so many houses I would have eaten a tup of pineapple tarts. Really bad for my diet.

The good thing about this year, 5 of us, with our spouses and children got together to celebrate our parents anniversary. The 38th. I would say this is the highlight. I am happy for my parents.

J, the kids and I now in KL break our journey before heading home. It was tiring 8hours journey in the car with kids down to my parents house. So we are now in double tree for a night. Can't wait to see our home tomorrow.

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