Monday, November 28, 2011

2 days job

Long weekend, which mean we got to think of something to do with our kids. There is book fair happened near our house. A lot of books and other stuffs for kids.

We bought this Christmas decoration kits for Adam.

Day 1, J and Adam prepared plaster of Paris and set them in the mould.

Day 2, Adam and I painted the dried plaster of Paris.

Ta Da...

There are more boxes to do, either to put on magnet, or can hang on Christmas tree as decoration.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Pizza is a cheap meal

When you do your own grocery and make everything yourself you will know how to make cheap meal and this is one of them. They are from scratch... Super quick especially you have a little helper.

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Why child car seat....

Last week, I had a garage sale event with a few other mommies. They were expat's wife who live in Malaysia and some of them about to leave this country.

When mingle with them, I always get those questions about local, and one of them was usage of car seat. Why aren't many parents using car seat while driving with their kids.

A lot of reasons. This country isn't a developed country where people see car seat isn't a must have item when having baby. No enforcement is one of them, we only recently enforce about usage of seat belt for the rear seat passenger, it is still long way to enforce the car seat for kids.

Lack of education, even tough they use the car seat, there are still some people who are using it incorrect way, for example, putting the kids on the front passenger seat with the air bag is active, or even put the baby in the seat but the seat belt is loose. Which I always have to remind myself to always check my kid's strap. If one can put the kids in the car seat as long as possible that is the best way of doing it. There are car seat that is design for the kids up to 37kg, which mean for the average kid is up to 7 years old. I even have many friends who works in my ex-company don't think that car seat is important.

Another reason, is of course the price. It is too expensive. I just found out today that the import duty for the car seat is 30% and the sales tax is 10%. All this while we just bought in Malaysia, until we want to get one of this car seat that not in stock everywhere in Malaysia at the moment.
I once sent a message to my friend who is working in Perodua if they can design a good quality child car seat at reasonable price. Which I thought it is better for this company to be innovative and becoming more "people" company.

May be it is a time for me to write a letter to custom department and woman & kids minister to reduce this duty tax. After all it is our kid's safety. How shall I help to educate parents about this matter?

I got some parents who made a comment when they were kids, they didn't use car seat, but still fine for them. It was the time when there were not many cars on the road.

Just think of this, child car seat is built to reduce the injury impact when there is accident occurred. If we can afford to eat at a nice place, nice holiday or even mice clothes, why not nice child car seat. And we can always re-sale the car seat when the kids are growing. Think!

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Being Sincere

One afternoon, at car park. There was a VW Golf GTI parked next to our car.

Daddy, "Adam, is this car nice?"
Adam, "Yeah, Nice!"
Adam, "... But may be cannot fit you..."
Daddy, "&*(&%$$*()^%%"

Smart *ss

One morning during breakfast, I took some fruit loops from Adam bowl.

Adam, "Mommy, No! Don't take"
Mommy, "Mommy paid for this so I can take" (Not a good role model mother eh?)
Adam, "No, Adam pay this"
Mommy, "Where did you the get money from?"
Adam, "From uncle"
Mommy, "Which Uncle?"
Adam, "Uncle James"
Daddy, "...."

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adam cucina

Almost everyday Adam wants to make something.

Muffin for breakfast



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Kid's education

Last week we both went to Adam future school. It wasn't our first time there, so we are quite familiar with the place. There are many parents, locals and foreigners. I would say 25% are foreigners. We have registered, but of course there will be assessment that we need to go through, just like if our kids are independence, no language problem etc.
We still have to work on Adam potty properly. Number 1 is fine, number 2 still a bit challenge for us. "Interesting" part is the school fees increased 12 % than last year, but seems it won't happens every year. Inflation rate in Malaysia is getting high and high... :-)
With a lot of things are going on, I feel a bit nervous about my son, will he be doing great at school? Will he be naughty? Or "loyar buruk"?
Well I guess all parents will have the same worries as we do when their kids start schooling.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Aidil Adha 2011

We didn't balik kampung, even my sis and brother who are in KL also didn't go home. Too short holiday.

Things I will try not to forget. No matter where I am rendang, ketupat and lodeh are must have dish during this muslim holy celebration :-)

I am so lucky my husband can cook this too.
This time, I prepared the ingredients, and J did the seasoning job.

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Adam made pancake

This is last Saturday morning. He loves to help me in the kitchen, just a simple thing, like washing vegetable he likes to do.

I let him do the frying stuff only during pancake or any oven stuff, boiling or other cooking still not safe to do yet.

Cool apron which I found in MPH come together with kids cook book for RM39.90. Not bad eh?

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My son is so "alim"

Today during dinner I wore a camisole. Which I seldom do even at home. (Today, is so much cleaning to do, that was the best outfit to wear)

So my son asked me,
"You go to shopping like this?"
"You want to show your tummy?"

J giggled when he heard that and asked Adam, "Can mommy where like that to shopping?"

His answer was, big "NO!!!"

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Pet or not to have Pet

I have been busy this week, with a lot of new things came up at the same time. One of them, is our cats... We took 2 cats from SPCA, and love them so much. Adam can't just leave them alone. We named them Eve and Lauren (WOWO, that is what my son called)... They both are sisters...

But, it wasn't like what we expected. It wasn't easy. One of the cat Eve, which gets along with Adam very well couldn't go to litter tray. She just poo-ed everywhere. When I mean everywhere not like somewhere she hid it. Almost ever corner of the house, in the kitchen, on carpet, and she just didn't want to do in the litter tray.

We gave a try with a lot of ways, changing the sand to paper in their litter tray. Just she still poo-ed just outside the litter tray. Every day, 2~3 times a day, J and I had to clean the toilet. Sanitize the toilet. Just because poo were everywhere.

This morning, was really our last decision. It was too much when she poo-ed and one of them tried to be Picasso smearing the poo everywhere in the toilet. Seriously, it was an art :-P

We both felt horrible, felt we have done something really cruel. We had to let Eve go back to the SPCA. Ladies in SPCA thought she might want to be the only cat, that's why she behave like that.

When we arrived home, we felt relieve. We cleaned and sanitized the whole house, and gave bath to Lauren. Feel clean....

Friday, November 04, 2011

KK with kids

I am not very good in writing any travel log, (in fact I think myself is suck in writing :-P).
There is a thing that I would like to share why I like about KK, that made us want to come back again and again. This is my second time here, and the last one was in November 2006. (God! That was 5 years ago)

That this time we went with our kids, we really look at all those kids friendly places. We stayed at Shangri-La Tanjung Aru, a bit pricy, but if book earlier we will always get very good deal! And even so, there are a lot of other hotels in KK that offer very reasonable price.

I love the sand in South East Asia Sea. Unlike Penang the sand is very soft, white and smooth. I wish I have this piece of land back in Penang. With kids this time we didn't do any tour to Sepilok, or Tuaran or other area. We just stayed in KK with our kids.

Shangri-La Tanjung Aru is definitely kids friendly hotel with big water play area, large swimming pool and a few area for kids to spash, and even Sophie can walk around everywhere safely. Another high light is the playroom, really large playroom for kids to play from baby like Sophie to bigger kids. And they even have a lot of activities managed by the hotel. The hotel was quite busy when we visited. A lot of people came with their kids.

I think there are a lot of things to do in KK, instead of Langkawi. Even for couple to honeymoon or with family and kids. We managed to see orang utan, watched the North Borneo Railway with British style steamed engine came back from their 2 times trip in a week. It will take us 4 hours to do the trip, so we decided to do it next time when Sophie is a bit bigger.

Some photos that we took during our trip.

He did it!

J and I had been struggle with Adam's stubbornness to do potty training. Yes, we were seriously stressed with him who didn't want to go to potty. He asked us for nappy when he wanted wee wee. Although, his school teacher told us not to be worried.
But recently, he had been doing good in wee wee, I mean this one week. No potty, straight to toilet, he can wee wee.

Finally! This is what I keep saying to J. When he wants to do it, he will do it. Like today, he said he wanted to poo, so he sat on the toilet. Although, nothing came out. Yes finally he wants to sit on toilet.

The secret, he likes to see water's color change in the toilet bowl :D

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