Thursday, December 29, 2011

Toilet Training - 2

We were out in KL and stayed in hotel for 3 nights. Adam's toilet training is getting better. He didn't need kid toilet seat there. He did it naturally, not much waiting. We told him, if he can't do, he can just walk and try again. No crying. Every time he does it, he will say that he is going to send to somebody's house. Granny's house (J's mom) or Nyayi's house (my mom).
After visited his cousin when we were in KL, then today he said he wanted to send to his cousin's house. Funny boy.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

The toilet training

I am not a mother who put my son on potty since he was baby. Never, and I wasn't really put so much effort on potty training Adam. As much as I hate poo I wouldn't want to deal with nappy changing, or potty training. :-) Bad mother. Also, I have a stubborn son!

But, at one point I knew I have to do it. Not just J, I have to get involve in this messy and dirty work. I bought 2 potties, the best kind according to the internet. Which mean the expensive kind, I thought he will love it. No! Hell No! He didn't like potty. He tried sat on there for a while and got bored. We gave up. We told ourselves if he wanted to do it, he will do it by himself.

No it didn't work for stubborn Adam just like that. Not that easy. But now he did it. How?

The pressure is towards us, when we went to his future school. The principal said toilet-training is one of the requirement. Oops! Are they going to reject him if he doesn't?

The wee part wasn't difficult. J did the work, one day he just put him on the toilet and tickled him until he wee-ed. Yes, TICKLE him! It was funny, but we made it. Adam saw the color change in the bowl. And since then he loves weeing in the toilet. Flush, wash hand and dry. He got sticker every time he did it. That encourage him to do again and again.

When come to poo part, he didn't do it as he his wee. He requested nappy... Even if I declined, he was so smart to go into the room to find the pull up and wore himself. I almost gave up. Again we told ourselves, it will eventually come as it is. But, no! Same thoughts. Adam is one stubborn little boy. I wonder where did he get this from :-)

Bribing didn't work for him. Cars, train, none work.

Until last weekend. I told myself today is the day. I was cruel, evil, pushy mother. :D The punishment way. I know this is bad and I read from one forum when at the point the child knew how to manipulate us with nappy or some other kind then you got to be cruel to be good.
For 3 hours I sat with my son in the toilet. I told him. No toys! No books! Of course he cried and he requested nappy. In every 5 minutes I asked him to walk. He then came back to me said he wanted nappy. I carried him to the toilet. For I don't know how many times I did it. Yes, in that 3 hours. I hold his hand that I am with him to help him. J came down 3 hours after putting Sophie to her nap. Then, 3 of us in the toilet. He cried and told us he was scared. Sitting down and walking... seems forever. Finally he did it in the toilet. We knew that we just need to make this first poo.

Same day, he made his second poo. Of course in between, there are some accident with his wee and poo. But he made it. Like today, he did by himself, no help. He just sat down and when he heard the splash he knew he is done :-) Just that, I have to witness his poo. He called me to see that he had done poo.

I don't know what is the best way or right way to do toilet-training. Different kid has different way of doing it. But I know a parents we just have to make him do it :-)



You know when you have a daughter you tend to buy a lot of pink stuffs. Not only that, one of big reason is to tell Adam that anything pink is belong to Soph. Pink is a big NO for him(guy in my house)

She wouldn't show any interest with the wrapped presents. When we opened it and show to her that it is pink. She will just grab it and say WOW.

So funny when seeing this 2 characters of our children.

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Chair that you grow with it.

When Sophie was born we decided to get another high chair for Adam, that she can use Adam's Chicco Polly. So we get him this Stokke Tripp Trapp.

I am seriously sucker when come to baby gadget. I love this chair because it made from wood, and it is not so much high chair like. Even myself can use it. We thought when they can sit on normal chair, we are going to move this chair for their studies. It is quite pricy but we know this kind of stuff that you will pass generation to generation. And he can even use it when he is old. The chair that can be used from baby to old.

That we love it so much, we got the same kind but pink color for Sophie. Just need to get baby accessories for it.

In Penang you can get it from Mothercare. Although, they are going to stop being a distributor, can still get in other baby shop like Mamours in KL.

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Stocking is up!

About time to bed. My boy has put up stocking under the Christmas tree in his room.

Just like Hari Raya, kids are more excited about celebrating it than the adult. I am not making any turkey as we will leave to KL soon.

I can't wait to see how excited he will be tomorrow. He deserved it, because he has done 2 big things that we were waiting him to do by himself. Toilet training, and sleeping by himself in his own room. I will blog more about it sooner.

J is taking whole week off and we are going to do more shoppings :-) It is year end sale everywhere.

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Friday, December 23, 2011

The ship or sh*t

Just because of our kids, we came back here again. First time we came we didn't like it, and second time we came still don't like it.

Adam loves the whole ship tough and he ate 2 and half packets of anchor butter.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Minced Pie

Ok! We are still having 2 more days to christmas. We still have ginger bread to make with Adam. Let's leave it tomorrow.

Today, I made minced pie. I still think this is the best minced pie I have ever had. (MODEST)
Not my original recipe, it is from BBC good food. Here is the recipe.

We have been making this every year since we moved in.

I should try make the minced meat from scratch. May be next time.

This is the jarred minced meat which I found doesn't contain alcohol if you don't drink.

Wonder how long these pies will last :-)

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Monday, December 19, 2011

Food allergen

20111207_121910_Japan by AziBam
20111207_121910_Japan, a photo by AziBam on Flickr.

My grocery time is longer than ever nowadays. When buying foods I have to really read the ingredient to make sure if it is contains any milk or not.

Thing is getting worse, not only milk. You thought to rely on soy milk. Same reaction she is having. As long as this dairy product and soy isn't main ingredient is still ok. She will still show some red reaction on her face. Like eating popcorn, butter is in it but not much reaction as when she had cheese crackers. I had to rush to pharmacy and thanks to google translator to translate anti-histamine to Japanese. I am not a med student so I have never learned.

It is going to be a lot of miss for her, like when her school is going to have ice-cream day, birthday cake (creamy cake) etc. Poor Sophie. Also, no mac & cheese for her (Adam's favorite).

How serious is this food allergen can be? One can get anaphylaxis shock if eating something that they are allergic to. And when this happen, it can cause swollen in their breathing system and may have difficulty to breath. That is when it gets so serious.

We plan to go run test this week to see what other allergen she might be having.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Card Making

My son is on his way to post the Christmas card to friends and relatives. We hope it will arrive on time. I totally forgot that we hadn't done any card yet.

With Adam help I made super simple card. He helped to glue, stamp and put sticker on.

At the same time also he wanted to play with his trains.
The most important thing is the fun that we had in making cards from scratch :-)

You can easily get the supply in local book store Popular or MPH, and for some card making fanatic like me, we usually get from specialize craft supply shop. In Penang we can get in Smidapaper. I bought online a lot, and this is my favorite online shop; Scrap and Crop.

If you down in KL, 1Utama has a few craft shop, they had renovation when I was down there in September. So I don't know how many left. And even if you are in The Curve, you can swing by into Papier.

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Home where is the heart belong

During my recent trip to Japan I met my friend who I haven't seen since 1997. Even when I was in Japan I din't meet him at all. I think he is the one in my batch who choose to stay in Japan after graduated. And at the same time also I met another friend who is furthering her PHD studies.

It was very short meeting with them, so there is nothing I can't say much or judge from the short meeting how is other people life. I have been reading this blog just to know how other Malay's perspective who chose to live in other country for good. I kind of agree what he wrote in this blog but some of the things just you have to experience it then you will know and you can say.

A few Malays who live in other country always want to know about how is Malay in Malaysia are doing, well or not. :-)
"Tak melayu kalau tak jaga tepi kain orang :-D"

I wonder if white in Malaysia wants to know the same thing in UK or US? Or Chinese in Malaysia who wants to know about their people in their own country. Other than watching BBC or CNN. I definitely need to ask my husband if he is not busy... (He has been so busy since we back from Tokyo, too many backlog ;-))

Anyway, everyone has their own choice where they want to stay and how they want to continue their life. My friend whom I knew since I was 13, we went to study abroad together, joined the same company at the same day. He decided to move to Australia sooner. The Hijrah for good.

Where is my home? I don't think Johor is a place for me that I can call home, I called it my parents house. Even in KL where my sister and my brother stay isn't somewhere I want to call home. England, definitely not my home. Even my husband say the same thing.

Penang is our home...

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ergo baby carrier

We bought this since ever Adam time, but we didn't really use much with Adam. May be because I worked and most of the time if we were out we put him in the stroller.

When we had Sophie, we had been trying to use a lot of carrier. And really need carrier when you have 2 little children and close age. Baby bjorn was the best from newborn until she was one year old. We got the Baby Bjorn Synergy, which is suitable for Malaysia tropical weather.

She is getting heavier now. And Baby Bjorn just doesn't do well for her and me. So during recent trip we thought why not just use Ergo Baby.

We bought it Australia. In penang you can get it from this shop in Bullfrog and Butterfly in Tanjung Bungah.

I love it, and so did she at this winter season. It kept each other warm. And amazingly it is everywhere in Japan. With fancy design. Most of parents with little kids have it. We can either wear it in the front or at the back. I haven't tried with Sophie yet at the back, tried with Adam.

This company just recently bought Orbit company the most expensive stroller that I knew. (well may be classic silvercross)

Other thing what I love about it, the weight will be felt around the waist instead of shoulder. I am looking for other cool design of they do in Malaysia.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

Light up

Adam and I are having flu at the moment, since yesterday. We both no appetite. Although, beransur pulih.

Not the good time to fall sick. We are leaving for Tokyo for long planned vacation.

Yesterday, the christmas tree near home finally is lighting up. I like see Christmas tree and feel very Christmas in Malaysia since I was born.

Got people sang Christmas carol and some lady distributed a paper for the lyric, hehehe... I wasn't interested in that and sorry I am not christian :-)

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Friday, December 02, 2011

Our home

20111119_111150_Home by AziBam
20111119_111150_Home, a photo by AziBam on Flickr.

I always remind myself to be thankful for what we are having. This place is just 1-2 minutes walk from our home. It is not as big as Sydney harbor, or as big as Singapore Esplanade, but it is a nice refreshing view from our daily works and stress. We don't own any of the unit here or even the shop, or any boat. KInd of regret for not buying when the price was low.

This is home to our children, this is what Adam and Sophie are going to grow up with. Marina, boats and sea...
We both didn't grow up in this kind of places, so every time we come here we feel very very grateful. And we always say to each other..."Look babe, this is where we live"