Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas this year

If you ask me about Christmas is all about presents in our home. It is the day we are spoiling our children. My kids were well behave towards Christmas.

My son wanted me to make ginger bread house, which we usually get the kit from cold storage. But this year they didn't have it, so I made this from scratch. :-) I am quite an artist. :P We made minced pies because it is the most delicious I have ever had and cheaper than buying ready made.

The deco

No chimney...courtyard will do for Santa

I wrapped 33 presents. (Gulp!!!)

That didn't include the stuffs in the socks. (GULP)

They are lucky kids.

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Big boy

Adam and his outfit ready to scoot. I shall write about his scooter that my mother in law (+us) got for Christmas.

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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Pretend play

It is so funny to listen to my kids pretend play with dollies at home.
Acting like mommy, teacher, doctor etc.

Adam and Sophie celebrating Kiliah's birthday (one of the Dolly's name is Kiliah... Manalah dia dapat nama)

Sophie fed medicine to a little girl.

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Few more days

It was about 3 weeks ago when J and I thought that we haven't bought anything for our kids. But out of sudden we felt that we over did it this year. SPOIL.

Today my friend came to deliver presents to them. So kids are going to be spoilt rotten this year. I have to agree that they have been good, most of the time. They deserve it.

We were panic last 3 weeks, but as finished packing and labeling last 2 days, my expression was WOW!!!!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012


At our resident playground. Adam was always afraid of go on swing by himself. Since ever he saw Soph on the swing by himself, he loves to try and loves helping Soph to swing.

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Saturday, December 08, 2012

Sophie and language

Sophie is 25 months plus today. So many things that I would like to write about her here, but let me just cut short of writing about her speaking skill.

I admit that daily early reading will help kids to speak faster and better. At this age, she has asked me "why", and even answer to the why questions.

Like when I asked her "why don't you want to poo in the toilet Soph?" Her answer is "because I don't like". One if the favorite asked question when I said she can't do something, "Is it because...?"

Seriously sometimes feel like speaking to adult.

When ask for something she will use "Can I have ...?" With or with our please occasionally. Proper English.

And can be playful too. Like one day when J asked her to sit down. Her answer is "sit down here or here or here?"

Interesting to see how is she progressing and many unexpected things are coming :-)

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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Food for gift

I always amaze at Japanese food culture. Of course I love Japanese food, on top of my experience living in Japan and my daily life being surrounded by Japanese friends. It is so "tekitou" (proper) in a lot of things they do, that what I like about Japan. As simple as the way the wrapped and packed their food for gift.
But, today my topic is not about the Japanese food or people. It is about this pineapple cake which is packed in this lovely packaging just like the way many of Japanese food for souvenir. That was my first thought as soon as I saw it during weekend market at Strait Quay Penang.

This pineapple cake made by Gartien and is so good. My English husband who is pineapple tart rated this as his most favorite pineapple cake.
For the size of nearly 3 times of many pineapple tart in the market, RM38 is not bad at all. Check out their website at, and they also have another branch in Australia.
This is definitely going to be our must have souvenirs from Penang. :-)
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Monday, December 03, 2012


When took out Christmas decoration from the store cupboard I found this tent that J bought from Giant for RM50.
It has been up since last Saturday for the kids.

At first we put in the courtyard, but we don't want it to get wet so we moved inside. As usual kids are terrorizing the house.

Saturday, December 01, 2012

The little shopper

When I was with Adam at swimming pool, J brought Sophie to shop :-)

Candy dough

One of the afternoon Adam and I made this. It disappeared quickly into kids tummy.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Swimming lesson

Adam has just started his swimming lesson. In his second lesson he can float and hold his breath up to 10 seconds under the water.

Finding the swimming instructor was a challenge for me. The most important thing is someone who can get along with Adam very well and we are lucky for finding this guy who is from swimming club in USM.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A lot of water colour paintings

Today we did a lot of water colour painting. First we started with a subject, The Gruffalo as this is what  Adam into, if you read many Julia Donaldson's book you know what I am talking about. At the same time, he learns about patterns in his school. He talks about patterns nowadays. Simple things that make kids wonder :-) So our second painting is all about patterns. Lastly, I asked him that he can surprise me with anything that he felt like to paint.

The Gruffalo




 When I called him to look at me for taking this photo 
he told me, "No mommy I am doing my work"


This is what he surprised me when I let him do free-painting.  
Can you see a trolley, a flower, a motorbike and a bee? 

Safety to all

This morning when sending Sophie to nursery. She insisted to bring her baby.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Home away

We were away for a week. The trip route was Penang-KL-JB-Kluang-KL-Penang. Driving with 2 little kids can be challenging so that's why we broke the journey in the middle-KL.

It was a fun trip. Opened our eyes to the other side of Malaysia that we seldom visit. The trip made us realize how lucky we are for living in Penang :-) It made us appreciate what we have now. We always look if there is any new place that we can settle down other than Penang. For now, it is too risky to make a move.

Anyway I shall write more about what this new place that we visited in JB and for sure people with kids will love it.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

Lego oh Lego

I blogged about used Lego. So, this is the nearly half of the Lego that Adam made so far. He can follow the 5+ instruction without help.

The way he play he plays with Lego is quite interesting too. He checks every length of lego pieces before fixing it. Either by counting the dots on Lego or compare the length of the Lego with the other.

He gets familiar with the parts that he has been played with. He used good reader on IPad to read the instruction that he doesn't have, and also there is Lego app on apple store.

He has difficulties to break apart same size of Lego. Even adult has the same problem.

Next week we are heading to Legoland :-) I can imagine how excited he is going to be.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Gruffalo

Every weekday, after lunch Adam will spend time with me either reading, art activity or playing. He loves to get himself busy, including helping me cooking, gardening and cleaning our house. A week before their birthday we made this gruffalo art work.

It was so simple, and didn't really use many supplies,  what we need are coloured papers, (I stock them a lot), glue and scissors. I think,  it is the process of making is important rather than the result. I love this moment when he does his work, I can ask many questions about what he learnt at school, his friends and what is going on that day.

As he made this, he told me the story. He remembered most of things in The Gruffalo and he can describe Gruffalo as what written in the book.
We read The Gruffalo over and over again, even Sophie can tell the story like Adam does, and of course with 2 years old talk.

...His eyes are orange, his tongue is black
He has purple prickles all over his back...


He can write too, with guidance. :-)


Busy Birthdays

Oops! It has been a while since my last update. So much things were going on, but the most important thing is my kids birthday, so I will start with that first. And our friend's kid's birthday too. So that last week, I blame all these cakes that cause my sugar level from "optimal" to "ideal". Still ideal but the fact that it is increased, worry me a little.

So what did we do... a few parties of course;

This is the first cake for Adam 4th years old birthday party.

J and I came to his school and celebrated
 together with him and his friends.


These are 2 cakes that for their nursery. 
I made Sophie's dairy free hello kitty cake after
 the bakery called me that they could not make it. 
Kids loved it.

Us, with unhappy Adam.

20121026_130324_BirthdayWeek 20121026_130537_BirthdayWeek
The Gruffalo Cupcake.
This is another dairy free cupcake, I am suck when come to decorating. 
I blamed Malaysia hot weather for ruining my cream to stay set. :-P

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend morning

This is how our weekend morning looks like, weekend is the day they can use iPad, and Adam always asks our permission to use it.

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Recycling toys

We get Eden handicap charity to come to our housing area every Thursday. (Northen of Penang Island). Of course please donate reusable and clean item. They take furnitures, toys, books, clean shoes, clothes and many more. These items are then sold in Eden warehouse in Bayan Lepas. The money will go to charity.

What you need to do to call Eden handicap then get the driver number.

Then send SMS to the driver with your address and what item will you be donating. From my experience we always have same person to pick up our item for donation.

I think toys are great thing to recycle and to donate. We have this box that we prepared for our kids to donate their toys. Adam knew that they will go to kids who can't afford to buy their own toys. This is one way to teach kids about giving...

In return we will get him new toys. We won't get a new toys every time. Like recently my husband purchase lots of used Lego weigh 2lbs which we think may worth at least RM5000, but we paid 20% of it.
We got from eBay seller called Bricksale; good review.

Even, my in law sent used Lego toys. They are still in good condition.

This is how much 20lbs used Lego. Too many... I will blog how to keep them organize, and at the same time it is easy for your kids to play. We know our kids will play this until they are teenager or even J and I are playing with them too.

So, go for recycling toys:-)

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Once a geek, always a geek :-)

As CS student I have to write my assignment in Latex instead of Word for one of the compulsory class I have to take. I only start to install it last week, and I made a fuss about it because I don't have any reference. My lecturer said just google to get the code :-P. I just finished writing my weekly assignment with Latex. I can understand now, why he loves Latex, and I started to like it too, I am a geek. But for social science students who are not familiar with compiling programming, it can be tedious... That's why Microsoft word is still the favourite tool to write assignment...Just my thought for today...

Friday, October 05, 2012

Look like


 We think she looks like my mother in law...

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Room for everyone

I have been busy recently, with my study, kids and my project in room upstairs. This room was used by me as study room only, but I feel that it is not worth it for  the space that we have. So since Adam started play with big boy lego, I made some changes on  the arrangement of the room. So the room now became room for me to do my study and craft work, room for kids to play with lego and do their craft, room for my husband to relax while watching kids playing and a guest room.

I have this ikea table that I used for my extended table for my craft work. It was in flat condition, standing in the cupboard under the stairs. So I thought why not build a table from it.  In Tesco, I bought 2 of 3 tier coloured shelves, and I stick them together back to back, then put the ikea table on the top of the base 3 tier shelves.

To make the table permanently secured without getting slide from the base while my children use it, I used 4 adhesive velcro that I bought from Daiso RM5 shop. By using velcro I can disassemble whenever I need. Especially, when we have guest. The shelves cost RM49.90 each, and the ikea table is existing table. I am happy when I can recycle and recreate something.  

The lego and craft table for my children.                                 


Skinny Adam.... on his chair focus on Lego.
I am surprise how he can be so focus doing this kind of thing.


 Sofa bed. For us to be lazy when look after kids, and guest to sleep.


My study. Nothing change much here...


Monday, October 01, 2012

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

I prepared a few art and craft kits for my kids to keep them busy. Especially after school, Adam will be very bored and wants to play or watch TV. So instead playing and watching TV, I will spend at least 1 hour to do a constructive activity. Example, like painting, reading, building something etc. 

I prepared cucumber that I cut for circle shape, potato for oval and celery for free drawing brush.


He finished up the legs with painting brush


This is the end product... :-)