Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our cheap dinner today

I didn't cook today, so we tapau-ed following...

3 portion of white rices
2 portion of cabbage
3 daging hitam
2 eggs
1 salted egg (only eat this)
2 bags of papadom
1 bag of kuah(Free)

Total - RM14.70

One orange juice dinosaur! - RM7...
Plus 2 portion of left over KFC chicken budget meal...
4 of us kenyang :-)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kid's sleep

Adam has started to sleep in his own room since 1st. Jan 2011. He is still sleeping in his own room until today. After read him book(s), we had to camp in together in his room for sometimes up to 2 hours to make sure that he fall asleep. That's so time consuming. So, after our trip to Japan, we decided to make him sleep by himself.

So on the day1, after reading J patted him for 5 minutes and told him that he needed to work, to find money, in his office. He cried at first, but we came to his room and tell him that we needed to work. It worked until today! The only thing we don't have to tell him that we need to work anymore.

Sophie's case, since she was born. I will put her to bed while she is still weary, not fully asleep, kiss good night and put her in cot. She will wake up 12 hours later.

If nothing screwed their schedule in a day, the kids usually in bed by 8. Which mean, their dinner, bath, little of play and reading start as early as 5:30pm. Yep, our dinner now is 5:30pm.
I am happy the way we do now. J and I watch so many movies that we wanted to watch... for so long.

I just recently watched Transformer...hehehe

Friday, January 27, 2012

Pretend Play

Adam is 3 years 3 months now. He can drive me crazy sometimes nagging to do any things with him. Anything!!!

Ok, now that he has sister we decided to get them kitchen. We found one wooden kitchen at reasonable price from Ikea. Most of the wooden kitchen toy can cost up to RM1k. Actually Christmas present from their granny and their uncle :-)

I think pretend play is important, just to create their imagination. When we were young we used to play masak-masak, so this is the same thing.

It doesn't have to be expensive toys. I recycled our cereal, cookies box and used for their toy shop.

Now that Adam is slowly picking up reading, I labeled simple word on the box and on the tools. I thought it is a good way for him learn reading. I am amazed how he can recognize word just by looking at it.

Money. This is something that Adam and I did together, we printed out money from Internet. Then, we cut and glued. Now, he started to recognize 'notes'. It was fun when we play shop. Still not understand the concept of money, but eventually I think he will.

Just one thing, don't forget to tell them this is not real money. Although he kept asking me why he can't use the money outside.

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Potato Gratin

One of daily agenda for Adam is helping me cooking. Today is a bit French, potato gratin.

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card Pro X2

I love to take photos and blog about it. The problem that I am having is that to do it efficiently uploading photo into my computer. I told my husband isn't it nice if we can easily upload photo. So, my gadget lover husband found this memory card that work over Wi-Fi.

Today it arrived, and I love it so so so much. After doing simple installation, then took photo and every time it get uploaded into my PC immediately as long as my camera is on and it is within wi-fi range. It is suitable for SDHC digital camera. It is worth it, time and wireless. No more card reader for me :-)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Spouse Visa in Malaysia – Part 6

J travels so much that his passport page always run so quickly less than 5 years. Most of the time 2-3 years. So wonder if there is a way for him to transfer his long term visa to his new passport. I tried to call visa immigration office. Let me be honest, I don't think I have ever get through once. What I always end up to call other department and someone will tell me what to do.

I think most of the immigration officers work on rotation base. Because Penang is so small, you start to everyone. The lady who worked in Georgetown office who processed Adam's passport also worked in the airport. She remembered that she processed Adam's passport when we went through for immigration check through one day. :-)

So I just called the Bayan Lepas immigration office and luckily one of the lady can advise me what to do.

-There are 2 forms that we need to fill.
-Form 12, you can download on the imi website with photo.
-The other one will be given in immigration office. According to J very easy form to fill up. Can't remember what it was.
-Don't forget to bring your old and new passport.

Transfer process took less than 2 hours for him and FOC. So don't forget your "i" device while you are there. Or you can always pop into nearby "mamak" while waiting. :-)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jejak Kasih

I just finished mopping the floor and now indulging myself with the raspberry sorbet that I bought for my daughter which she is also showing allergic reaction. May be raspberry.
J is now in KL for his China Visa. Luckily my kids are well behave and on the bed by 8.

Very productive day I should say today is. A lot of errands.

J used to volunteer in St. Nicholas 20 years ago. Back then he made many friends and shared to me who they are from the photo album. Since then, he only managed to contact one person. So today, I met another person while I was in my uni. One lady is head of one department there. J mentioned about her a few times to me, so today that I was here why not I just meet her.

She is very friendly lady and god knows that we probably meet each other and she only lives nearby our place. When I first introduce myself, I asked her if she knew James from St. Nicholas and when I said J's full name she immediately remembered. J was the first batch from UK did this kind of volunteer, and today only I knew it :-) We surely will meet up again.

Child labor

This photo was taken when I washed my car at my regular car wash. I am sure boy with the cap is under age to work.
If I stop going to this car wash he may be jobless, and he probably will not be able to support himself or his family. Life is not fair for him that at this age he has to do this kind of job. All children deserve to be at school or home to play.

This is my son and our neighbour's son a day before they left this country. :-)

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Nicole Debab

LOL, I was at university clinic today, the person in charge clinical zone told me that I look Nicole David. I think he is rabun. I said, "Huh, Nicole Debab adalah":D

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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girls stuff

She loves to play in her own room. :-)

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

A lot of paintings

Everyday, I pick Adam at 1 pm, and then we do things together. One of his favorite activity is painting. Really a lot, I seriously need to sharpen up my art skill.

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Sophie's room

It is a time for us to start thinking of how to decorate Sophie's room. She has been sleeping in her room since she was about 3 months, but we haven't done anything much. We have started buying some stuff, now that she has her own toys. I love hello kitty stuff, I think Hello Kitty things are something that girls can still wear or have although they are adult :-) We know she loves Dora so much, up to the level she didn't want to take off her Dora PJ, and kept saying 't...t...t... Dowa' Funny girl... That "I" like hello kitty, so we got her this parklon mat. I love it so much, and wish this is my room :D She absolutely loves it. Everytime she comes to her room she will dance on the hello kitty parklon mat. Painting and curtain hasn't been done yet. May engage all those after Chinese new year because I just don't want to rush them.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How did our cat get her name - LAUREN (WOWO)

One day I had conversation in a car with by husband. I asked him how to pronounce Yves Saint Laurent. The french way. So he told me how. But you know, curious me I went to you tube and found this. "How to pronounce Yves Saint Laurent"
My husband said it is totally wrong. I found out there are more funny pronunciation from this guy on the other video. All that day, I had this joke with husband.
I made Adam to pronounce it as well. He pronounce as the guy in the video. (PELAT)
So, we decided we had to name our cat Lauren. But, till today we call her Wowo :-)

Today we sent Wowo for spaying. When we left, we waved at her and say bye bye Wowo. See you later. I think the Vet must be thinking where is Wowo. Because in the book, her name is Lauren.

I hope she will be fine when we pick her up later.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Say Properly

Adam started to pick up some bad English. Mixing with his schoolmate I am sure where he picked that from. For example, he will say "d" for already, and "so" for also.
You wouldn't believe what was his answer when we corrected him.
"My friend said 'SO'..."
We told him, next time if your friends say "SO" or "OSO" tell them that the right word is "ALSO"

Ok, he speaks properly then, and even said it out loud to make us notice that he said the right word.

Anyway, one day I had this negotiation thing went on with him.
Like he asked something from me, I couldn't remember exactly what was it.
So, I told him, "NO"
Then, he asked me, "Why, mom?'
I answered him, "Because I said SO"
Being smart *ss he tried to correct me, "Mom it is not SO, it is ALSO, say properly"

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


My son is into train so much that he would rather just ride on the train when we were in Tokyo than went to Disney park. Tell me which kid doesn't like Disney.

His obsession about train is partly our influence as well. I don't blame him :-) Started with Chuggington, then Thomas and friends and real train. Real train are like bullet train, commuter and old steam engine.
I lost count how many Chungginton characters he has, I think almost every die cast in the Toy R Us. He even remembers every train name, who and what are they doing. Including track for him to clickety clack.

And recently he is into this Takara Tomy, which he started with bullet train and commuter. But somehow he has been a good boy, Santa got him more trains and expending to Thomas and Friends for Takara Tomy collection.

This is 2/3 of the collections, which I spent my afternoon building with him. He understand that when I asked him to fix which track to which track.

J said, this is mommy's toys :D
It was really fun. I am looking forward to build elevated tracks for him more and more. I should have changed my profession to work in toy shop.

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Evening walk

One evening

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Monday, January 02, 2012


Happy New Year Everyone! We have done a lot of great thing in 2011. I can't think of any resolution this year. What I know I just have to enjoy my day. I know there will be more challenging for me to do sooner. I have school myself. My son is going to new school in September, this is going to be exciting for us. J with his projected travel will be coming soon, although he had spent long day and look after the kids when he is home. Sophie and her allergy challenging which make us more caution. More home cook which I love to do. No travel plan yet for 2012, or may be to in law house in early summer.

Hope everyone is going to have wonderful 2012, and always enjoy your day!