Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sometimes just have to wait

Everyday I pick up Adam around 1pm, I will be struggling to bring him home. He either in tears or whining or screaming begging for not wanting to go home. He wants to continue playing with his friends. Same situation in the morning, he doesn't want to go to school want to stay at home. So everyday I have to promise him to do activity after school so he wants to go home. Sometimes it doesn't work with promising. Unless it goes shopping...

Anyway, today I brought him to see kids playing soccer. I thought I want him to play together with other kids after watching. He doesn't want to go when we arrived there, and when we were about to leave he said he wanted to play. So I brought him to the entrance, but he didn't want to play. How I feel during that time, only god knows. So we both just sat down and watched. But sitting down for him just didn't work, he kept saying he wanted to play but he didn't go in. Instead whining and screaming during the whole sitting. It was quite embarrassing. When everyone finished he wanted to play. And continue crying because everyone else stopped playing.

He is 3 years and 4 months old. I know it may be still early.
But this isn't first time I brought him to this kind of thing, I brought him to music class, even in other kids birthday party he will act the same. I wonder if he is sort jealousy with other kid's party. Or having low self esteem to mix with other kids. Or he is the loner type... like to do thing by himself instead of in group, even adult also has preference.

Other than this, I think he is a normal pre-schooler. Sounds like I am desperate mother eh? I am not being kiasu for my child to play soccer. But the social skills is important, I just don't want him to become sombong or whatsoever. Pushing him hard, may be.

And I have been reading this, so I thought I am sharing with the the other mommy. I will try again next week for the soccer class. Let's see if he wants to mix with other kids... ^~^ I won't give up!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baju Kurung Malaysia

Picture from

I browsed through Net A Porter. And I found this. Pretty nice dress, but first thing in my mind. if wearing with long skirt (kain) it will become baju kurung Malaysia... :-) Look at the detailing with embroidery. I wonder what had inspired the designer...

project - Sophie's Room

I have been asking around about painting job. Our usual painter seems getting good project and dumped us...hahaha, that's what my husband said, a lot of people start small did our place and now they become rich... :-)
Anyway, I finally got this guy today after calling so many people for recommendation. The curtain is ready, but I have to hold curtain company, because the room still hasn't been painted... Nothing fancy, just pink black out curtain. Pink and apple green is for her room. And I plan to put wall sticker with lots of butterfly... Can't wait.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Are you in Pinterest? I love it so much! Real addiction. Just like you flip through the magazine which full of images, if you have the iPad version. For me it is about idea and being creative, and why not sharing? There are bunch of idea, from fashions, home, food and many more.

Scary Woody and Buzz

Sophie is scared whenever we put this on. May be one way to teach her when she is being naughty.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Out of Gas!

I was in the middle of cooking dinner for my children. And damn the gas ran out. I was boiling pasta for them. So I improvised their dinner by put in half-cooked pasta, baby bakchoi, ready made vegetable stocks, shredded chicken from left over lunch, little salt and pepper. Ding into microwave. I don't really like using microwave to cook, but I got no choice.

Thank goodness, makan licin.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wii back in business

These are Miis that we created 4 years ago. Look similar? I am into this Disney Sing It. But everytime I sing, Adam asked me to stop :D

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


My 16months daughter, Sophie has her usual routine before went to bed. Reading this book. She brings this book to me and tells me "Titititi... Dowa."

And I can't skip a page. She will notice.
This is picture book, that to teach ABC, counting, what is this?, where is...?, animals etc...
Once finished reading this, then she will switch off the light, I pat her for few minutes then move her to cot, kisses and hugs, and say good night.

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Why Why

This morning when sending Adam to school. We were talking about wipers.
Then he asked me, why motorbike doesn't have wipers.


I told him, motorbike shouldn't be ridden during raining. That's why motorbike doesn't even need wipers.

But... I am sure one day he is going to ask me, "why is that man riding motorbike in the rain"
Until then...
Sometimes, the accurate answer just didn't come out when he asked me

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cooking for family & friends

I cook a lot, sometimes they are from existing recipe on the net, sometimes they are new recipe that I invent. My husband thinks I am quite good because when I have only little ingredient I still can make something good. Hahaha... my husband pandai ambil hati.
Anyway, when I created a new recipe, I usually forget what I have made. Then, the next time I will cook a similar one with different flavor.
So I started to jot down my recipe in a book as my nCheck Spellingote. The old way of experiment :-) And especially for the dairy-free recipe. A few of my friends have been asking how did I get the dairy-free ingredient and so on. Then I decided to come out with this new blog just dedicate for my cooking and where to find the ingredient in Penang. "The Busiest Kitchen"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Doc Martin

Have you ever watched Doc Martin. The British TV series? I love it, and watched all of these 5 series. Quite strong English drama I thought, with thick English accent. The drama was done in Cornwall. A countryside/ We are planning to go there this year, hopefully. For me, the real England is country side. Where you got to see how people live their life. London is fine but, just like other big city, it doesn't portrait the country by just visiting the capital city.
Still in planning, perhaps when I have my semester break, and Adam still not in school yet. And this will be first trip for Soph to England. The 12 hours flight ....haiiihhhh...this is sometimes how I wish our parents live nearby. :-)

Penalty Goal!

I made this today with my son.
He loves it.

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Saturday, February 18, 2012


J is away again this weekend. Which mean kids and I only. Tough? Well, I just have to go through with it. My mom had 5. And J's mom had 4 and only her raised the kids. So if our parents can do it. Why can't we. No complain. Just occasionally I had to call my husband to calm my kids down :-)

I put kids to bed as usual, Sophie first then Adam. Reading books to Adam is a must. Last book he read, there were dogs and a mouse in it. He told me he took the 2 dogs and a mouse from the book to cuddle and now those animal are sleeping with him. He even asked me to say good night to the dogs and the mouse before I left his room. This is not his first time being like this. Sometimes he has dinner with Thomas and Friends. Then, he will talk to them. (himself). So we just let him do that. It is quite funny when he is his world...Imaginary friend...

Wonder what actually in his mind...

Friday, February 17, 2012

Scholarship to further master degrees and PHD for Malaysian

Yesterday when paying school fee at Uni I met my ex-company employee who was queuing up to pay. He mentioned to me about scholarship that he applied through government. As of now I forked out from my own pocket money. When do research the cost are more expensive comparing to full time course. For computer science case is about 2X more than full time student.

He mentioned to me about "MyMaster". I might try this one, it won't cover my total cost. But at least some. On the other hand there are other financial assistance which you can refer by going to IPS USM website and look under financial assistance. Great thing, when you see our country is providing this kind of facilities but we are not using them. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you are Malay, or chinese or Indian or other races, you can still apply. As long as you are Malaysian. The guy who shared to me is chinese. :-)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Boom Boom

Hari ini dalam sejarah.
I built a machine gun for my son :O

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring Cleaning again...

I am in the mood of spring cleaning again. Look for update from my used item website.
Baby goods, bag, and some furniture...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Relax now

Kids are on the bed, house is cleaned, laundry is in the dryer, and what should I do now? Long day.

I feel bad that I had to get angry at Adam right before his bed time. He wanted me to find his toy and I don't know which one, and he wanted to continue playing while it has already past his bed time. He knew when I get angry, he has to stop doing what he was doing. I can be a nasty mother. His father isn't around so there is no one for him to go to when I scolded him. Most of the time he is much more behaving when one of us not with him.

Sophie on the hand loves to play Adam's toys and that make him angry too whenever she touches his toys. Sophie is still too young to play together with Adam. Even Adam doesn't play much together with his own age. Well, I guess that what make a character of one person who becomes shy or friendly.

Anyway, today whole day just 3 of us. I had finished 2 activity books with Adam. That's serious brain drain job... Adam is quite perfectionist, he was not happy when what he wrote wasn't the same on what it should be. Example letter E, he got frustrated if he made mistake. Or simple thing like I drew flower for him, he made almost the same drawing, but not quite. He is frustrated and told me it wasn't a flower. Of course as mother, I continue encouraging him to do better. I kept saying to him, it took me 35 years to master drawing that flower. He is only three, and he can try again.

Also, we went to the botanical garden and 3 of us rode on the tram, then walked and ran on the field. That's what I like about Penang. It is quite well maintain here. There are a lot of people jogged and walked to. Adam is into short distance running nowadays, after one day I taught him about "On your mark, get set, go". It wasn't difficult just tell them to touch a tree or something nearby, and then they will comeback. Sophie followed almost everything what her brother did.

Last, this is the airplane drawing that Adam made himself without my help. I am impressed. :-)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Kids Craft - Birthday card

I told Adam that we are going to make birthday card for his daddy. This is not meant to share to J until 13th Feb, but the impatient boy can't resist not to share to his daddy when we face time.

I am happy to share how to make simple but fun birthday card. I made this with my 3 years old son. So he needs a lot of help. If you kids are older and independence, let them do most of the jobs.

What you need;
1. A4 manila paper
2. A4 color printer paper. You can use many color as you like I used 2 colors yellow and orange.
3. A pair of scissors
4. Glue
5. Pencil
6. Decoration (Anything like crayon, water color, sticker etc..) I used glitter glue

I made triangle banner here, so fold the color printer paper to 8 folds. As I want 8 pieces of banner. You can make balloons, people. The key is to draw from one end to another end. So it is connected. Let your child do the cutting. If it is too thick for them let them do the straight line, and you can do the corner or curve cutting.

Before you unfold, ask your child if he wants to see magic. I am sure they will say "WOW" as soon as you unfold. They will amaze with from that one drawing you can make long banner. :-)
Let them do the glueing...


Paste onto the A4 manila paper.
Now, time to decorate, you can use pattern paper, or you can use crayon to make any decorations. Depends on your creativity how fancy you want the card is.

From the same concept of folding paper, you can make stars just like what I made here, by pasting the star scattered on the A4 manila paper.
And here is the birthday card for daddy.



I bought this activity book for my son. One of the page was about festival. I asked my son what festival he celebrates.

He told me he does Hari raya at Atuk's house. He celebrates Christmas at home. He celebrates CNY at school.

He pointed at Deepavali and said he celebrates with his cousin!

So he circled everything. By right he meant to color the photo...

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We used to have a helper who come occasionally when J is away or when I need help to do spring cleaning. She works for the maid agency. But she is now back in Indonesia. What I like about her is she is good to children and speaks some English and not wait to be asked to do work.

After she left I called other part time helper and most of them just ok when come to work. My son will tell me if he likes the helper or not.

J and I talked about somebody regular when I get busy with school and he is busy with travel. We think we found her. One day, this lady named Ros came and cleaned the house. I don't have to tell her what to do. You know you get a good part time helper when you can hear your toilet floor is being scrubbed, your ceiling fan is being wiped. I didn't ask her to do that.

One morning when she came, my son immediately told me she likes this kakak. The price is not cheap, comparing to live in helper. I paid RM12/hour. I now called her twice. Tuesday and Friday for four hours. Therefore, my house is consistently cleaned. I will do the detail work like organizing here and there, laundry, ironing, and daily mopping in the kitchen and dining area.

The good things about having part time helper you are not committed to provide food and clothes. Most of expats in Penang gets Indian Amah or Phinoy because they can converse English very well. Some of Phinoys are having degree, just that they don't have job in their country. But more expensive compare to Indonesian, whom all of them worked in my house speak Bahasa very well.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Bantal Busuk

I put Sophie to bed, then Adam. He told me he misses his daddy and wants to hug his daddy. So I gave him his daddy's pillow... :D He seems settled with that.

Cooked teddy bear

I found this teddy bear fish cake in the market after I saw them in Sakae sushi. My children like it.

I managed to cremate them as well yesterday. A few of them, and was able to save them to swim into spinach soup.

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I love DIY

J is out for biz trip until Sunday. So which mean I don't have a lunch buddy. (read: I don't have to cook for lunch). So this is my second post. I want to share this website which I thought is useful. Ikea Hackers. It gives you so much Idea what to do with some of furniture. I thought doll house is a good idea for my daughter. I may try to make it by myself. Let's see :)

what die means?

My children's school is opposite chinese cemetery. So my son always asks me what are "those" thing? All this while I told him, those are special place for people who are having very long sleep. They can't wake up anymore.

But, yesterday morning when we had breakfast, he asked us "What die means?" I think he understands now about die when seeing some dead ants that we poisoned, dead "cicak" caught by our cat, or dead fly that we zapped with electric tennis racket. I guess there is no right or wrong answer about it. Baby center seems has everything. Here you go when your child starts to ask you about death.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Ananda Bahwan

If you are in Penang don't forget to drop by at Ananda Bahwan. My favourite branch is in Tg. Bungah.

You can get cheap northern Indian food.

My son loves the rotichanai. I like chicken butter masala, dry chili sotong, banana leaf rice, biryani and in the morning there are always nasi lemak :-)

If you come with little one you can order rice with chicken clear soup.

Yum Yum!

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30 minutes clutter-free

This is for busy people. I used 30 minutes clutter-free method when cleaning up my house. You don't have to do spring cleaning. Find 30 minutes to do daily to tidy up or organizing.

1. Start with simple thing, tidy up TV rack that full of CD/DVD. Or tangled wires under your tv rack.

2. Organizing shoe-racks, this may take just 5 minutes. I learn this from Japanese to always put your shoes together when you go inside your house.

3. Being ruthless of what you have. I told my husband this method when he wanted to tidy up his office. I learnt this from Oprah. Create 4 boxes. 1. To Keep. 2. To Donate(find charity home)3. To Sale(use online selling, garage sales) 4. To throw (you can use plastic garbage).

You don't have to do everything in one day. Set up a time when you want to get things done. At least, if you don't do everything, you did a little. Something is better than nothing.

4. Label! - I used
this for most of my stuff. Spend some money for nice label printing. Dymo costed less than RM100 for its machine. The label costs like RM10-30 depending of the type, like paper, cloth, plastic etc. They are useful, like labeling your kids clothes when they go to daycare.

This is another way of doing it, if you buy flour from box or plastic. Cut the box and paste in on the jar or tup. Or even cookies box. At the same time don't forget to include expiry date :)

5. And the list goes on...

Like pepatah melayu, sedikit sedikit lama-lama jadi bukit. :-) By the end of the month, your house will be clutter-free. What ever is it always be positive once, you house is clutter-free you will be very happy:)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Without the boys

We had fun! And I was being lazy so we ate outside most of the time.

Last night dinner at Precinct10.

Breakfast at home.

Walked at strait quay.

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Friday, February 03, 2012

Stencil-It for kids

I made something cool today! Check it out from my craft blog.


Before we got children, this cupboard was quite minimalistic, with candle only. Now we have everything here. Including my son artwork, which he thinks should stay together with our family photo.

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Boys outing

J is going to KL to pick up his Indian visa. This time he brought Adam along. This is my third time for being away. First when I was in hospital when Sophie was born, second when he had his nose surgery, and I was at home looking after Sophie so J went with Adam.

I miss them, but of course it is nice I got free afternoon :-) And tonight just girls' night.

Just finished FaceTime with my boys.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012

What shape?

We have given away a lot of infant toys to friends and relatives, just because our daughter isn't interested with them and she prefer to play with her brother's.

I anticipate to see how is my daughter character. At this age we wouldn't know yet.
This is the time when Adam is upstairs with his daddy, so she got to play by herself without being disturb.

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Is Tomato a Fruit or a Vegetable?

We played "grocery at market" today. I was a market lady. I made this small letter label because I thought in reality we are dealing with small letter more than capital letter. Adam still not recognize some of small letters.

But, when I start to put those toys into their category I found that it wasn't easy. Will you teach 3 years old that tomato is vegetable or fruit? And how about pineapple? What make a fruit is a fruit. The definition of fruit is any seeded plant. So, tomato, cucumber and pumpkin should be fruit. OK, how about pineapple, it doesn't have any seed... Hehehehe challenging isn't it?