Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We have been doing new(old) things :-)

Sophie is big enough now to be on the bicycle with us. In our neighborhood, I think we had set up the trend how parents can enjoy cycle with their little children. We bought the child carrier on bicycle when Adam was 1 year old and we are still using it now. J and I changed our bicycle since his one is quite heavy and mine is getting old for RM350 bicycle.


With the support from J, I am upgrading my noisy sewing machine to Singer :-) It is like upgrading my proton to BMW to be honest... It is reasonable price of sewing machine I thought for the functions that it can do. There are almost 200 stitches which a lot for me to learn. I made a dress and a skirt for Sophie so far. Nothing fancy. I just wanted to test my sewing skill. I am glad that I paid attention during the SRT class at school, I am glad that my mom taught me this sewing skill. It didn't take me ages to get back on track what I used to like to do. I am loving this and I don't intent to make money (yet) but as of now this stays as my hobby... And I am going to update the sewing project on my craft blog..


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I started learning this yesterday.
I need to strengthen my tummy and leg muscle... For seiza...
When I was in Japan 12 years ago, I wondered why Japanese were so detail in serving tea. But now, I understand it.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I can sew

I have this sewing machine which I can't remember when did the last time I used it.
So today, after so long, I am using it again. And I made 2 things, which is still in WIP. One is Sophie's skirt from J's t-shirt, his company swag. And a little girl dress.
I am thrilled!!! Thanks to pinterest to inspire me what I used to like to do.
The machine is a bit rusty and need to be oiled, and it is unknown brand which I had even before met J.
I am going to have a visit to Carnavan road this week for sewing machine window shopping, and of course those textile shops. Singer or Brothers seem having good review...

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

My husband's Malay

I always test J and kids about their Malay. Adam are getting better with his Malay, word by word except he can't make sentences yet.
J, he knew most of words... but sometimes his answer is a bit funny...
When I asked him about farm animal...

Me: Chicken?
J: Ayam
Me: Goat?
J: Kambing
Me: Cow?
J: Daging...

Kes banyak sangat makan nasi kandar....

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Adele - 21

These are some of songs that my son wants to listen over and over whenever we are in the car. Especially "Rolling in the Deep"...I wonder why?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Kids love mirror. Adam had the same obsession when he was Sophie's age. Now is Sophie's turn.

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Water for Kitty and friends

This has become her routine before switching off the light for sleep.

Pitty Kitty has to drink from her nose. Hello Kitty doesn't have mouth. Do you know that?

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Making birthday card

Adam's cousin in Paraparaumu, is going to celebrate her 6th birthday soon. So I am helping Adam to make card for her.

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Friday, March 09, 2012

Paint and paint

I have to bribe my son with painting for him to come home... Thank goodness I don't have to bribe with games or iPad :-)

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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Bukan senang jadi parent

With the semangat membara to send my son to play football today. Although I felt nervous too, in case he is not behaving again. But, the football center is closed because of last week storm caused the damage on the roof and they need to repair, hopefully they will open next week.
My son reaction, screaming again because he wanted to play... is hard being mother. Damn, sometimes I feel like "Hey I quit job for you, but this is what you did to me..."
Just my feeling, although my kids don't understand yet. I am not asking for any reward from them, just want them to jadi orang yang berguna...

Tomorrow I have discussion at school...and hoping thing will finish I can spend time with my children soon!


J arrived his hotel and asked me where he is... He googled his hotel, couldn't find.

While his phone is charging I sent him this... Using find me apps...

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Getting tougher to put 2 kids to bed. The timing a bit
when J isn't around. I had to take twice much time for everything.
We had dinner at 6pm, then bath and they get to play a while.
At 7:45 I asked Adam to choose what he is going to ask me to read to him, then I bring Sophie to her room, so she can read her book. Dora book is a must.
She is quite weary by 8pm then into her cot. Kiss and say good night. Then to Adam to read to him, depending on how long the story, but I usually limit to 1 or 2 stories. This will usually end by 8:30pm...

Sometimes, things just don't follow as we plan. My neighbor told me that pretty much all kids have tantrum.

The timing, there will be one hour in a day, and there will be one day in a week. I find it is true to my kids.
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This week

J is out again this orweek, to Chong Qing. His work is getting busy day by day. His company is now setting up office in Singapore. Are we going to move there? We don't know yet. There is no reason he needs to be in the office all the time because his work's venue is everywhere. There will be 2 events this coming weekend for Adam... Got the ticket for one of the event. Hope he will behave.

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7 habits...

This morning, my good friend shared to me...about balance in life...

Physical – eg: eat healthy, exercise 3 times per week

Mental – continue learning, attend MBA, PHD..

Social/Emotional – having dinner with good friends

Spiritual – seeing green, listening to uplifting music.


Simple thing but turned out big and beautiful.... :-)

Making butterfly

Friday, March 02, 2012

Project Girl's room- Sophie's room Completed!

Hooray! We didn't spend as much as we spent in Adam's room. But we love it so much. So does Sophie. Butterfly and Hello Kitty :-)
We changed the curtain to pink black out curtain, the sheer remains the same. Feature wall is apple green and the remaining including ceiling is pink.

Bought 2 types of stickers, butterfly and Hello Kitty, both cost less than RM100.

Adam wanted to put more stickers, but think we will live it until she learns her potty.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

All Star


I am not a high heels person, although I have some..Not a very practical shoes. And this is my all time favorite shoes on earth...1 of is more than 12 years(the high cut)... Still good...