Saturday, April 28, 2012

Malay Rhymes

Adam can sing Burung Kakak Tua very well, although he doesn't understand the whole meaning of the song. But he knew Burung Kakak Tua is parrot. Sophie called Kakak for parrot and she doesn't even know parrot yet. 
But today I taught them, "Jong Jong Inai' Song...they were just none stop giggling. The song is too funny to them. 
I don't even know what is the meaning of Jong only today I googled I found this. There are more Malay song that we can teach our kids, quite easy to find online. Adam learnt Rasa Sayang song, but when come to the pantun part he couldn't follow it. Strange word to him. 

Wriggle and Roar

Do you like to read to your kids rhymes wording books. This is one of them. I love anything Julia Donaldson. This time illustrated by Nick Sharratt.

It took me about 45minutes to read this with Adam.

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Yellow Saturday

I didn't go. I had better things to do to look after my kids. J in Colombo. We went to post office, then market, and drove through MacDonald. Because I was being lazy, naughty mummy for giving 2 meals of mcD in a week. But they will have nice home cook dinner soon.
I wish my husband is here this weekend, which he should. But somehow he just got to go to Colombo. Anyway, he will home this Monday.
Adam told me he wanted me to work, so daddy can stay at home.... :-) wonder what in his mind about me as housewife and daddy is working...

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Raining in the weekend

Best thing to do... Sleeping

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Friday, April 27, 2012

While waiting for daddy

J came home for almost 24 hours, before flew to Colombo.

Adam was with his winter sweater. He always feels cold!!! But not at home when we turn on the aircond most of the time.

It was about dinner time so I had to drive through Mc Donald for them.
They were so happy to see their daddy at airport. We had quite audience when J arrived at departure hall, mini drama.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Drawing Cats

This is drawn by Adam today....
I got feedback from his teacher that he doesn't like to write ABC, but he loves drawing. I don't have any complain about it. He just loves draw anything. But when he is a bit bigger may be I will focus a bit more academic in him. Let him enjoy first.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Mini bag for Bertha

This is my next project... Stay tune!

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Chadou Lesson .... Ura-senkei

Today, in my tea ceremony class I learnt something new. I just got to know that all these while, what my friend taught me  from different school of tea ceremony to what I learnt today. Quite complex eh... My friend who is tea sensei is coming from the school called Omote-Senkei, while the one that I learnt today from different school called Ura-Senkei. There are 3 schools, the third one is Mushanokouji Senkei. Why there are three, simply because of family history which you can find the story if you google the tea ceremony school.

Anyway, the basics are still the same. The differences are, when it comes to the details. How to prepare the tea, how to pass the tea to the guest etc. But one thing I find quite interesting compared to what I learnt in Omote-senkei is , in Ura-Senkei school there is a method called suikiri when drinking the tea. Which is, when finished drinking the tea, there is still some remaining foam, that we had to suck the foam and make sound when sucking it. 

That is something that I feel a bit strange at first. But this is culture that sometimes you have to just accept it. Practically the best way to clear the foam is to lick it...but practical and culture can't be mixed. Naughty me... 

Besides that, today I also learnt how to prepare tea while sitting on the table. So next time, if my friends come to my house I can prepare them green tea in traditional way :-)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

J is out again this to 2 cities. Seoul and Colombo this time. Adam looked a bit sad this morning when he came into my room that J wasn't there. He allowed to be sad but he is understand the situation now that his daddy got to work.
So today, the whole day me with 2 kids. We didn't go anywhere except playing at the back of the house twice. They played, read books, ate, showered, cried and nap...Their usual routine. By the time I am writing this, I am pretty exhausted myself :-)

Anyway tomorrow, I will be having tea ceremony again. But with bigger group. I still have my thesis to do, house core to finish, but all these housewives just want to get together to learn. Looking forward for tomorrow. Anyway, I made a wristlet to fill my items for the tea ceremony. It is not anything fancy..but this is the first handmade wristlet by me.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sand Art

We have been passing this sand art shop on Gurney Plaza whenever I am doing groceries. Adam always asked us that he wanted to try to do. Finally, yesterday I brought him staight after school so he had the whole evening to do :-)

The location of this art sand place is on the B1 floor, next to escalator. We paid RM6 for the size of sand picture that we chose.

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Nori anyone

Sophie practically eats anything. So sad for someone who loves food has a food allergy... Hopefully she will grow out of dairy allergy when she is bigger

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Leaves are different

We went outside pluck a few leaves from trees.

Then paint the top side of tge leave with water color, and stamp it on the drawing paper.

Make sure the color are all over the leaves then you can get a nice pattern.
Talk to your children about each pattern :-)

Though Adam was being honest to me by saying some of the leaves weren't pretty.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

Cycling for fun...

When I was studying in Japan, my main transportation was bicycle. I went to school, groceries shopping, visiting local friends by my bicycle. As I remembered, I had 2 bicycle in my whole stay in Japan. One was the mountain bike, first week I arrived in Maebashi, Gunma. Then my bike got stollen, so I bought a fold bike as a replacement in my 4th year in Japan.
Back then cycling was fun, for some people riding a bike is a fashion.

When back to Malaysia, in a hot and sticky weather here, make us feel inconvenience to cycle. I don't know about others, among people whom I know have this perception about cycling in Malaysia. Either you are into sports with lycra sporty clothing or you are Bangladesh. :-) Nasty eh...hahahaha Wasn't me who made the statement about Bangladesh though.

I live in the housing area where cycling is convenient. So when Adam was 1 year old, J and I bought 2 bicycle.

So, where can you get the carrier to put the kids on the bicycle.

I blogged about it 2 years ago. In my previous entry about bicycle, I mentioned about how to cycle with little kids. There are 2 types you can get.

1. One that you put in the front of the cyclist.

For kids less than 2 years old.We got ours online from It costed RM298, it may sound pricy, but this will last 2 kids for us, and you can always resale as 2nd hand item as long as it is still in good condition.My review of this: this is safer and you are having better communication with your kid.


2. The one that you put at the back of the cyclist.

This type you can get in most of bicycle shop. But the earliest you can use with your kids is when they are 2 years and half. I wouldn't recommend if your kids are below three and average size.

So how can you make cycle fun in Malaysia.
-Do together as family activity. My kids love it. As soon as we put Sophie on the wee ride she knew we are going to bring her around. Find any park nearby that provide bike lane. We don't have official area with bike lane in Penang. But surrounding my area are sufficient enough to do. We can ride around for about 3km distance.
-Join any cycling activity with others by official event, try with short distance if you are going with your family. Refer this website for event. This is the time when we get to ride on Malaysia road safely. Usually, there will be police and St. John Ambulance to guard as well to look after incase emergency. This picture are us, in recent bike event. And we won lucky draw buffet dinner in Rasa Sayang Hotel. :-)
-Get the bike that you like! J got a cruiser bike when we first got our bike. It was nice looking and fashionable but very heavy and wide. It was cheap bike, like RM500. So recently he rewarded himself with nice sporty bike which I think suit better for him. I used to have this RM350 bike which has fallen apart. So J donated his bike to the gardener and mine is somewhere with garbage pick up worker :-)
-Make a cycling as a fun fashion. I love my current bike. I have a rattan basket in my bike's basket that I can carry around. It was awkward at first, but I find it functions well nowadays. Sometimes I just want to get loaf of bread, so I took my bike and off to nearby bakery. Remember, riding bike not only for exercise, it should become alternative transportation to move around.
-Think about your safety. Always wear helmet when you are on the main road, and at the same time it set a good example to our kids about safety.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today's lesson

I started learning Japanese tea ceremony. It wasn't formal, but it is done by tea sensei, who is my friend's friend. I am lucky to know these people. We learnt different method of serving today, the basic is still the same. I shall write about it when I can do better. This is my revision for myself as well. I found this website is quite details explaining in English.
Last 2 weeks I learnt serving from kettle and today we learnt serving from pot. So which mean I had to scoop the water into the cup, (chawan)... more s
teps to do but I didn't have to lift up the heavy pot like kettle. Need tummy muscle...:-)
I respect what they were doing, every steps are meaningful, it is about being social, respecting other people, science like making sure the temperature is optimum and making myself to be more discipline.
After the class I felt very tired, but I enjoyed learning every steps.
It wasn't just tea. My sensei included the Japanese sweet treat (wagashi) and I got to learn what she used in making them. I feel bad that she has to make the wagashi at night for us to learn...that's not easy.
We hope one day we will learn how to make wagashi from her, then next time can bring ourselves. Today she served mochi that she designed rabbit on it for easter :-). J loves ichigo daifuku. May be this is my first wagashi to learn...kana :-)

I am happy that my sensei told me I made very good tea. She can tell by the tea foam(awa). She asked if I always whisk in making something using hand. Hahaha I used machine to whisk when I bake.

Yuki and I didn't wear kimono like our sensei when we learnt the tea lesson, so every time I had to bring obi, socks and she gave us this paper(kaishi) to be used when eating the wagashi.
I shall sew a pouch/small bag so I can keep all these things :-)

This picture is kaishi, don't you think it is cute.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


We were about to go out to Botanical Garden, and I felt earthquake. It went on and on. My heart was pumping faster than usual. We then off to Botanical Garden. Hoping nothing happen.

On the way back, we saw many cars on the road towards Georgetown, out of where we live. Pack. We stopped by at Subaidah and had dinner. I texted Yuki what was she going to do. Her husband was still at 28th floor in the office. She was going to stay at home.
I went home and gave shower to kids. Put them to bed in our level 2 floor. Before 9pm I get the upstairs level 3 with duvet and foods ready incase we will have to be stranded there.

I have all the possibility in my mind in case anything happen. J is not here.

Alhamdulillah, nothing happened. Hope there will be nothing in the future too.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

Clear Soup

I made pumpkin soup today for my kids. It wasn't a hit. For them soup should be clear...alahai

Sunday, April 08, 2012

I want to buy some Bosan....

Hahaha what a title. I looked at my friend's facebook status, quite number of people put their status, "Bored, Bosan, Borring etc"
I wish I have that option to write that and I can buy Bosan from these people... Another thing, some of my friends asked me if I can be bored for being housewife. rasa nak sepak muka orang yang tanya tu
Anyway, either we work or not work, we have to continue learning new thing. I am housewife so when I went to market, I saw many of my ex-company who are retire and do nothing, lepaking at kopitiam. I approached them and asked how are they doing. Look bored.
Penang is so little of land. Unlike people from mainland like my dad, he can do gardening and still working on his farm that earning more than my last pay check. Simple life... Still working never been bored, he is 61...

Just menyampah orang orang yang boring ni especially Melayu....

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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Thank You Mom!

Nowadays, my son says "Thank You Mom!", every time he looks at dining table when I serve him lunch or dinner, and sometimes after finishes the meal... *BLISS*


I just put Adam to bed. We always say good night to the grandparents before sleep.
And I had this conversation with him about who are grandparents to us...
Me: Adam, do you know who is Atok to me?
Adam: Who?
Me: He is my daddy..And Nyayi is my mommy.
Me: And Granny is daddy's mommy.
Adam: Grandpa John?
Me: He is daddy's stepfather...
Adam: Stepfather?
Me: Daddy's daddy is Grandpa Bob. Robert. He passed away long time ago, and Granny Pru remarried to Grandpa John..
Adam: Dead? Why?
Me: He wasn't feeling well.
(the truth is, he wasn't sick, he passed away of heart attack after cycling...I can't tell that story to Adam until he is big enough to understand)
Adam then told me he wanted to talk to his daddy.
And J was in the middle of the show, so he couldn't talk.
I feel so guilty. I wonder what was in Adam's mind.
We read him so many fairy tales, like Cinderella and stepmother.
I wonder if he thinks Grandpa John is like typical stepparents...
Haiiihhh.... I can't wait J to come home....complicated eh?
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Thursday, April 05, 2012

Some of Adam recent drawing

Mommy and daddy, can guess which one is J?

Family photo,

And below is me. He said it will be nice if I do my hair like that with rubber band.

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The Young Chef

My 3 and half year old boy, Adam always helps me cooking. He knew what to do most of the thing except measuring. Still a lot of reading to learn :-)

Yesterday, we made dried fruit muffin. Raisin, apricot and cranberries. But, yesterday was different. He came out with idea. He told me, "It will be nice if we put strawberry jam".
Seriously, and he can speak with full sentence nowadays.

I bet he paid attention when I watched one of cooking show on BBC..

And here you young chef. I am a proud mother :-)

I taught him to use extra spoon or spatula, when the jam didn't want to slide down on the muffin. And he even told Sophie what he put inside the muffin, because this muffin is dairy free. And this is one of the best muffin that we have ever made...