Saturday, June 30, 2012


I learnt this word from my son :-) When we were in Thomasland yesterday.

Glimpse of Thomas.

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

We safely arrived

We started our journey from 4AM Malaysia time, and arrived in London around 11:20 PM Malaysia time. Because of so many delays in car rental, we only arrived at in law's house around 3AM the next day.
How much things we had to bring along together with 2 kids, 2 luggages, 2 car seats, 2 hand carry, stroller and Adam's luggage.
These will grow larger and more when we go home in 2 weeks time :-)

This is me for only slept may be 10 or 15 minutes in the nearly 13 hours flight.

By the time I slept it was 6AM Malaysia time. And woke up at 11:30 AM Malaysia time which is 4:30AM UK time.... We are bloody jet lag....

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Monday, June 25, 2012

World Map

Just finished putting together this map puzzle with Adam. He wanted to know where are we going this Wednesday.

I am quite surprised how he knew a lot of things, like where is our neighbor living now. About Hong Kong and Tokyo where he saw Mickey. Definitely remember a lot of things.

I think the earliest memory I remember when I was 4 when we all move to where my parents live now.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Thursday's say....

My sewing projects are growing. I am happy about it. I made trousers, skirts, dress and a lot more. I just didn't manage to take any photos... I find my skills are improving. I want to make apron for Sophie soon... Can't decide what style yet. (Does apron need a style?)

My school, I am suppose to write ~ 50,000 words for my thesis. When I spend time in a day, I can write about 1000-2000 words per day, when I don't write it will be zero.. :-P. That doesn't include the time I have to put on research yet. I can't believe I am actually enjoying it.

My kids, Adam was being naughty, and he knew it and is behaving well this 2 days. He needs to be well behave before this UK trip. Or we will leave home. Hahaha... I had never left my kids because I want to go for vacation, one thing I don't understand when some of my close friends do this. We made so much art work in a day, which I sometimes lack of idea.  This website is useful. KIDS ACTIVITY IDEA.  

Sophie, is getting more chatty. Strong character. Say "No" more than "Yes". She follows what Adam does. In some of the things she is more advance than Adam, and some Adam is more advance than her. She is my inspiration to sew more :-)

My darling, works so hard. But never forget to reward ourselves for something good. I am a grateful wife. Although he has so many travels, he always tries to come home as soon as his work finishes. Still do crazy thing together. Last 2 nights, we both slept at 2AM, for listening those 70's 80's and 90's song.... I couldn't believe myself I can still sing NKOTB, Backstreet Boy and N'Sync..hehehe We watch a lot of TV series we are into Person of Interest. He has his favorite TV shows that I don't watch and I do have mine one, which I usually watch when he is not around. I think finding  a  common thing to do together is important in relationship. Too long to write about relationship.

I better go back to my thesis now... hehehhe

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Reading, Writing & Spelling

I don't know what syllabus or any teaching methods, I teach my children what I think they should learn.
School will do the education part, think as parents we do the how to survive part.

Things like this I can do, TOY & BOY & JOY; MAN & VAN & CAN.

Teaching his name to write in Adam instead of ADAM.

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To smack or not to smack

Adam has been naughty these few days. He didn't want to eat when eating time, instead he wanted to play. We are not sure what is wrong with him. At a level we had to smack him. We don't do that often. We talked to him first, and sometimes yell at him. I use the count down method a lot, if he doesn't do certain thing I ask him to do within 1, 2, 3 counts, I will either put his toys away or time out. Which is in naughty corner. But if none of the above works we will definitely smack.
So today morning, we sent him to school with red marks on his bum. As parents we feel sad, but we got no choice. I don't think when I was kid we had option. We obeyed to our parents and we turned out ok. I told school about what we did, and they commented at this age kids are like that. When they are teenager we will have to deal with another challenge.
I know it is only these few days. But I don't want it to be continued everyday. He will better behave or else we will send him away. ^o^ just kidding.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Town City

This is what I made with Adam today. All of the available items are at home.
He helped on glueing, cutting the paper to make windows and door, drew the road line, drew the train tracks and of course playing with it.

What you need

  • Boxes, (Don't throw away your milk carton or cookies box, they are useful. I keep them for kids to play grocery)
  • Papers to cover the boxes (A4 white paper)
  • Colored papers to make windows, road, trees.
  • Crayon to make road line
  • Scissors (Let your kids do the cutting of window and door, always supervise) 
  • Marker to draw line of windows and doors. And Railway tracks. (this one Adam's idea, he just took the marker and drew himself)
  • Glue
  • Adhesive tape, as you need something stronger when putting the boxes. 
  • Anything you want to add more it is up to your kids and your imaginations.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Drink from cup

As I took this photo, this is Sophie's third cup. It took Adam until 2 and 1/2 years old to drink from cup. Even so, he spilt the water from his mouth when drinking. But Sophie is fine, only a few drop spilt. Soon out of milk bottle :-) I hope so.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012


Sophie has this habit, when finished reading to her she will sit down and read (look) at the book again.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rush Rush

J is traveling again. :-( Which mean I have to be a single parent again. I was doing my research this morning, and the curtain installation came in. And about 11:30 I got text from school that I need to install software into my PC, for 2 days statistic workshop tomorrow. 1:30 I need to pick up my son.

I don't know how many building I went to install the app, there were changes in Uni department and locations, and finally nearly 12:45pm, I went to School of Maths. Which is in the same building of school of computer science... I almost missed the technician. He was in the middle of lunch. It was 12:45 only... I told him... I negotiated. He was fine to install for me at 1. By 1:20 it finished installing.
I arrived at Adam school around 1:38pm from Uni to Tanjung Tokong. This is the time I know when every minutes is count. I wish I have longer time, but it doesn't work as what we want.

I haven't even checked if the app is running properly. For now I got both version Mac and parallel.

I only took lunch at 2, and had my afternoon walk watching dogs in cages with my nearly 4 years old son.

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Ice cream at home

We have been making our own ice cream, because Sophie is dairy-free diet. We experimented vanilla ice cream with soy cream and milk, coconut milk and yesterday J and Adam made frozen yogurt of course the dairy version. Really taste like frozen yogurt from Fruuze.

This is soy vanilla ice cream.

Adam as usual wants to help us cooking.

Very easy to make frozen yogurt. Need Greek style yogurt, sugar and vanilla.

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There is this art shop on the level B1 in Gurney Plaza, which I pay a visit at least once a week. Adam loves it. He made art sand and glass sticker there. I bought a few kit that he can do at home. So today, we painted batik.

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Friday, June 08, 2012

Leaving and left behind

I am looking forward to go home, but at the same time leaving the old folks behind is difficult. During this trip I learnt that as much as I can spend time with my children, I will do. When they are bigger and have their own responsibility, we can't expect them to visit us all the time.
My MIL has been involved a lot in charity. I think this is something that we can do to keep us busy when we are old.

J, MIL and kids are off to charity shop as I a writing this post. I just finished vacuumed the floor and wiped the table and area where my kids are playing a lot. Everythings seems quite now, and she will the same as we are leaving soon.

I hope we can return sooner, but the airfares are killing us. We had to book our ticket like 6 months to 1 year in advance to enjoy cheap fair. I am looking forward to this Raya, to visit my family. Although I don't like the idea my brother live with parents, now I feel it is good for them. If my bro's wife has TI be posted to other region, they have to go too. My another brother is planning to buy house near my parents, which is I feel relief for my parents.

I can understand how my husband's feeling for being son, he has responsibility to his mom and his own family. Can we leave in England? It is not easy as some of colleagues think I can follow my husband. Not easy.
Hopefully things get better for everyone.

Thursday, June 07, 2012

Reading with Daddy

When J is on business trip, my kids are usually well behave. I believe because they only have me:-)

But as soon as daddy steps into the house, the whining, crying and quarreling are uncontrolable. The attention is to daddy, which I am fine with as it will give some rest :-)

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Kind hearted vs Cruel

It has been raining for the past few days. My house has been attacking by millipedes or centipede I don't know what is it exactly in English (I think it is ulat gonggok in Malay) They are probably thousands in my little space of land for gardening.
Sometimes they move to our balcony and just dying. Either we accidentally step on them or it was too hot and they just die.
My kids, Adam is so kind hearted keeps reminding us to watch out when we are walking so we won't step on those millipedes. He even amazed with the babies millipedes, and said, " centipede"
But when come to Sophie, hahahaha she is so cruel and mean girl. When she sees millipedes, she will purposely step on it and kill it, not only millipedes, any insects! So funny when seeing these 2 different characters of little person.

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Kid's calendar for better organizing

Every day, I  struggle on what activity to do with my kids. I am lack of idea and focus since my school activity are getting busy. I need to be better organized. The easiest way to do to bring him to art school or art shop to do the art activity. But I still prefer things that we do together at home, kids are more relax that way.

So this was happened last 2 nights. I started to organize my kids toys. The toys are not growing so much, but the education activities are growing. Books, coloring book, those art kits, and plenty which I don't want to know how I am getting to this level when come to. We may a little bit spoiling our kids, which I have to admit. ;-)

Anyway, while organizing kids book, this is what activity which I can do at home with my kids based on what I bought without even thinking. See, I am a neat freak! I have things like this for kids...we did most of these activities together but I didn't really track which one I do more and less. Right now, Adam is into reading and spelling. He can pick up a lot of simple reading especially 3 little words. like man, van, zoo, the etc....

Sophie  is very chatty, she copies everything what Adam did. She can say "I want xxxxx" when she is asking for something. I am not pushing all these activities to my kids. I usually ask them what they want to do today, I give them options. But I always feel if I keep track everything I know what I have done with them and this will balance their activities not just focusing on art, or maths, or something...

After doing this activities of course they can play with their toys.

What other activity we can do together at home with our kids?

1. Activity book- Stickers
2. Activity book - Maths
3. Activity book - English/Read
4. Activity book - coloring
5. Puzzle
6. Art sand
7. Art batik
8. Activity book - writing
9. Art - glass sticker
10. Music
11. Art - brush painting
12. Art - crayon 
13. Art - color pencil
14. Language - Malay
15. Language - Japanese
16. Language - Jawi
17. Craft Making
18. Activity book - wipe clean

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