Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mountain lion

I am writing my blog today using the dictation. I don't really like this function it doesn't really understand my voice. But as I am writing this blog it seems to reading my voice very well. Anyway my overall experience about  this mountain lion, kind of like it. 

I think sometimes the dictation make people lazy. but anyway I will try to continue using dictation because I think this is a  good feature for lazy people. 


I'm using a lot of notes for my research in University. Now that it is located all in notes application in stead of email I think it is better organising.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Sophie has been ill since yesterday. Fever, cough and runny nose. I think this is the worst since she was born. She looked very weak and wanted to lie down all the time. She didn't have any good appetite today, what I remember only 3 bottles of milk and breast milk at night, before sleeping. I hope she will recover soon.

Get well soon Soph...

The role model

We had to fill up the feedback for Adam's school holiday program. We need to answer together with our child.
One of the question, "What has been the best thing about holiday program?"
Adam answered, "Paddling pool, playing sand and PLAYING WITH NEW FRIENDS"

We were surprised with his answer for a boy who is not 4 years old yet. Well done boy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hong Kong Typhoon

J is stranded in Hong Kong now due to typhoon. Hopefully the typhoon will go away sooner. Kids are a bit sad when I told them that daddy can't be home yet. I had to show them the Hong Kong typhoon video on YouTube, explaining that airplane can't take off and landing properly in the bad weather, thank goodness Adam is big enough to understand that.

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Making his own lunch

As it is fasting month, Adam's mother is a bit lazy. So he had to make his own lunch. Grilled cheese sandwich. I just put bread, butter, cheese and chicken cut on the counter , he knew how to butter, assemble and put in the grill.

I just had to help him put in the toaster.

Since last UK visit, I had never bought a toaster in my life. I had been using bonus link free gift toaster. But as we are growing bigger (macamlah ramai sangat) I thought it is best to have 4 slices toaster. I couldn't find anywhere in Malaysia. There are many model of 4 slices toaster, and towards the end of the trip we found affordable Dualit 4 slices toaster. Love it! I used to put my toaster away from the kitchen counter because it was a bit ugly. But this one definitely something we can leave on the counter. :-D showing off.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Good Job Mommy!

I showed Sophie how to run Baa Baa Black Sheep games on iPad. As I managed to find the bell, she praised me; "Good Job Mommy!"
She had been talking a lot since we were in UK. Starting to ask what's that mommy; what's this mommy. I think this is about the same development as Adam asking this and that at his age. Sometimes, she asked why, after I said something. But I think it is because she listens to what Adam speaks. 

She understands most of what I say and she had been helping a lot nowadays. Like putting the plastic plates and cutlery on the table during lunch or dinner. Wiping using wet cloth after the dinner, although is not good as Adam, because Adam is very thorough in cleaning. 
They both are fighting to wipe, which make my life easy. I just had to prepare 2 cloth for them. 
That's what I want them to learn to be independent and help around in the house. 

Character wise, we think Sophie is more stubborn than Adam. Another word bossy! Whenever J calls she wants to be the only one talk to J. But Alhamdulillah; as long as I talk nicely to her she will co-operate. 
She is 21 months now, nearly 2 soon. The terrible two is coming soon? 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Nearly 4 years old boy

Today is 8th day since J is gone to China. It had been up and down. With Adam who was being naughty that I had to lock myself up instead of locking him up. Or another word I was ignoring him. Many times he was a good boy, and many times also he was a naughty boy. I started to have this garbage bag handy on the table. If he is naughty, toys are going in there and he won't see it again until he changed, or stop whining or crying. I give him timeline, if not it will go to garbage truck. 

And I told him garbage truck comes on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. He better be good if he wants to see his toy again. Am I cruel? Is it a right parenting? I don't know. 

In UK, whacking or smacking is prohibited, it is child abuse. I can't imagine we live in UK for not whacking our kids. Ahhh... and if kid like Adam he will threaten us for knowing that we can't beat him. "What are you going to do now, mommy? Beat me? They will catch you!!!" I am sure this can come out from Adam's mouth. 

We always talk about sharing our things. Today, when we were in the car, he told me; "I will give Sophie 1 car and I can have the rest of cars". I told him; "Sharing means you get things equally. If there are 2 cars, you get one car and Sophie will get 1 car, and if there 4 cars you get 2 cars Sophie gets 2". 
I didn't want to go even number, because he will drag with his WHY and WHY and WHY and WHY questions. 
Then around 4 o'clock we Skyped J. We talked again about sharing. Then, we asked him about if there are 10 cars how many should you get. He was kind of thinking and answered, "5". J and I both were like unbelievable,  "Smart *ss".

He is not even 4 yet, but he can joke, he can manipulate us, he thinks and talks like an adult. He corrected me a lot of things. He alerts with sounds, noise and every time there is tiny plane on the air he can see that which I usually ignores. And he always wonder. He always asks WHY question and the HOW questions are developing. It can be brain drain and tiring to me. Like, when we walked near the marina the other day. God helps me with my vocabulary, please! How do I know what kind of boats, and why there are small raft. But, he can tell which one is fishing boat and sailing boat. Not only that, he knew what is the rope for, what is the anchor for and endless list. 

The other day, he explained to my sister in law about propeller on the helicopter. She was surprise with him, when he was playing with 8 years old Lego. He handled the tiny parts well that what she said.

His interest, is to train, airplanes and transportation. He is having very good memory for remembering all the characters from what he watched and played with, types of vehicles like bob cat, type of airplanes like jumbo jet... errr... when I was young when we talked about tractor, everything was Bajak to me...

My mother in law made J to take a look at his old toys. There are plenty of die cast airplanes and we brought all home. They are 40 years old toys. Still in good condition and made in England. Die cast toys if they are left on the floor and you step on it...believe me you feel like to shoot your husband for bring this kind of toys to your kids :-P 

Should I be proud of my son? Of course I do. 

But, when he is naughty he is still like other 3 years old kid that need to be told what he had done wrong.

Bertuah punya anak...

These are some " Don't take my picture" photos; so one day when he read my blog, we can tell him how strange he was..


Thursday, July 19, 2012

UK 2012

Finally, after a week I managed to put up all the photos. May be all except from J's iPhone. I feel this trip is a bit special than other trip, one thing because I got to know more about UK. We used to spend time shopping and shopping when we were there. But, now that we seems have nothing to buy anymore (although we had additional luggage back home), we went down to Cornwall. My mother in law is so nice to treat us with the accommodation in Lostwhitiel, Cornwall.

We didn't go to every corner or ceruk of Cornwall. Instead we were very selective to only do kids friendly places. Imagine after traveling 15 hours with 2 and 4 years old. But, I would say, it got easier after countless airplane trip with them. Am I and expert ? No no. But I can give some advise about how to deal. Every airport has different way when dealing with foreigner. So don't expect if you carry 2 kids the immigration will give you priority. Some airport do, some not.

Back to UK trip, I don't know how many times I asked my husband. Why there is not much jungle in England. Everywhere seems flat, without trees. The most we can get are woods. It is unlike tropical where you get tall tree in the jungle. I know sounds stupid question, but I was just curious.
My son, kept asking why England always rains. We got may he one afternoon summer when we were in Mevagissey. I think among all those places that I have visited when we were in England, Mevagissey would be the place to live.

On the way to Cornwall, we dropped by for lunch at River Cottage canteen. Among many celebrity chef, I like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstal 's cooking style. Especially if you are into real food vs processed food. The way I was brought up.  My parents planted almost every vegetables for us to eat . And they still do. No pesticide, can I say organic Mak? Long bean, gourd, chillies and many more, eat free range chicken and eggs, although nowadays becoming pets rather than to eat :-)

For kids, all about trains, farm animals, beach and play. They did have fun. Granny really spoilt them. Both of them really wanted to have granny attention. Where my in laws live is, Cheltenham. I like it so much, but one thing. We can't afford :-) May be we can for small apartment or house , but to stay like where my in law stay is a dream.

Anyway these are the photos and too many of them.

Paddling pool

It was drizzling outside. Adam and Sophie couldn't play outside. So I thought why not just get wet in paddling pool. So I didn't have to give them full bath, just rinsed with warm water. They were on the bed by 7:45pm... :-)

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Collage apps testing

I have been playing with this collage apps for iPad/iPhone. Seems easy to use.

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Training for me too

Adam is attending holiday program this 2 weeks in his new school. Our schedule changed for the time being. He attends every school day from 9am to 11am, which mean he spends a lot more time with me in the day time. I took Sophie a bit earlier nowadays for the fact that she had to wake up early as us. At the same time I want they both spend time more together in the afternoon.

Day 1, Adam was a bit clingy at the beginning, which I believe because we came in very early and he got bored of waiting. He wanted me to come into his class which I did and he became better after that. When I picked him up, he didn't want to go home. He told me, he didn't do this and that at school. Feeling not enough time for him to play.

Day 2, in the car he told me to be at school for 4 minutes! I wonder why 4 minutes. I told him I can't as I got things to do, he was a bit sad and his teacher had to lift him up into the classroom. Anyway, when I picked him up today, he was cheerful boy. The highlight was "Playing Sand"
He told me his teacher had rules how to play sand, which I quite like to hear from him. I thought a good steps of listening to rules and instruction.

We had incident, that the school lost his tumbler. It was totally my mistake, I had to admit, which is I didn't label it. I just finished label his snack box and tumbler. I used this Dymo, but it was quite pricy, and these are the labels that I have ages in inventory which I didn't use. I can't find any better way of labeling the clothes, and swimming clothes except using marker. Any tips to share? Anyone know how to get the embroidery label?

My routine and schedule are totally changed now. I had to wake up early, prepare his snack box and get him ready to shower, and dress up. He showers and dresses up by himself, but I need to make sure that he does it correctly. I want him to be independence but, at the same time I don't want him to be "Terbiar" I used to be a bit slack sending my kids to kindy at  very late time, as it was flexible. But this time for serious :-)

Now I wonder, how did my parents did it with 5 kids. And J's mother alone with 4 kids. Respect them....

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Holiday program

J is away for 10 days. Tough? Hmm kind of use to it. Anyway, Adam will start his school in September. His school is having holiday program this summer, and the september nursery intake can join to. I wish J is around, but he has responsibility to do. 

There are many things I need to do which I haven't done for Adam's school. Although it is nursery, this is the school that he is going to go until he is 11. I need to look for tailor that selling the uniform and buying his shoes. Because kids at this age are growing so quickly, I will try to look around if anyone can sell second hand uniform. 

Adam is quite average for his age, but he has broad frame, so a lot of his pants (underwear) for 3-4 are so tight. I feel that he grows so quickly nowadays. This is his picture with his 10 years old cousin. Hopefully he will enjoy the program tomorrow and play well with other kids. 

Super organize

I found this thread organizer in Hobby Craft in UK. Love it!

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Saturday, July 14, 2012


I had a chat with my Japanese neighbour, who helped to look after our plants while we were out. She told me she felt coming back to HOME after their holiday in Japan.

My husband has been feeling the same thing since ever we moved here. I always think Penang is my home. Holiday made me realize how should I appreciate what I have at home.

Kids are now playing in splashing pool while I am writing this.

How much we missed Malaysia food when we were in England. So we had this for tea time.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 more days

By Thursday morning we will be at home. It had been nice trip but, we really miss home. I wish England is nearer to Penang :-)

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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Hungry kids

Think my kids ate a lot here, snacks and big meal. It is summer here but we are with coat and boots.

Macam anak burung to get worm

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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Cornwall England

Our journey since Monday;
Lostwhitiel-Port Isaac-Newquay-Bodmin-St. Austell-Mevagissey-Fowey
A lot of walking, a lot of animals, a lot of fish and chips, and a lot of raining :-) The British summer.
Today was the best, we had sunny day.
Tomorrow, we will go back Cheltenham.

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