Thursday, August 30, 2012

Husband and wife

On my recent birthday, my husband gave me the card.

After reading this, I said to him"Other people are just like us" LOL. "We are normal couple :-)"

There is actually a card like we are. That's why he chose this card. Because it is so us.

As husband and wife, it is up and down, fun to talk and argue, and always be each shoulder to cry on :-)

We usually talk about what we were arguing about and sometimes can be super silly things :D and made us laugh after that.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hair Cut

Cutting hair with Adam is always nightmare for us. There always a lot of screaming, shouting, crying and always ended up stress us so much. He hates the sound of clippers and scissors nearing his ear.
So we found this way that worked very well to us yesterday. Before we cut his hair, we let him cut J's hair with hair clippers.

Did I tell that I am not only a mother and a wife. I am a everything else too. :-P This is my note, because I have always being asked about the setting for hair clippers.

I am quite impress with my skill cutting Adam's hair. This with his school uniform.

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Growing pain

Adam occasionally wakes up in the middle at night and complains about his leg is pain. I was wondering what was that. When I gave him massages he will be fine and go back to sleep. Sometimes, take longer to cool him down. Apparently, it is quite normal for some kids. I had never experiences this when I was kid. But then J said he had this when he was about Adam's age.

When he can't bare the pain so much we will give him ibuprofen. If you kid's have the same problem, and still pain after massage or medicine, it is better to see doctor. This is more about growing pain.

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Cooking for busy mom

I am not a perfect mother when cooking for my kids, I will try to cook at least once/day. Either for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

When kids are growing fast, and financial priority to their education then, frequent eating outside isn't a luxury for us. Adam and Sophie doesn't share food, for one reason they are allergic concern. So we sometimes, end up with a lot of meals when eating outside.

The best way for me is to cook at home.I have been daily even when I was working. I want to share my essential items when cooking during busy time.

Food processor. I don't do a lot of chopping with knives. I have been using this for 5 years. It does wonder, chopping, slicing, julienne etc.

It is a bit pricy tool. I got mine for RM200++, for what it does I won't complain.

This is what I learn from my OZ neighbour. Cook in bulk and freeze some. Freezing if doing it correctly is easy to do. Meal like sambal, curry for Malay cooking can be done. Cook a lot of sambal, and when you want to eat it defrost and add in the meat.

Another method, is slowcooker. Cook meat in low for 10hours, by the time you home that cheap and gooey Indian beef is so tender. What I did, when my kids are sleeping, I prepare all the ingredients and keep in fridge. The next day, I will just put into the crockpot and heat it up. Same thing over the weekend, we loves to go out during day time, and we home we will have something ready for dinner. Then just either cook rice, boil pasta or with bread.

For less than RM100 we can get a good brand of crockpot.

What do I usually cook in crockpot? These are great meal that you can cook in bulk and freeze them.

Bolognese, (the best bolognese always cooked on yesterday). It can either go to your lasagna or just eat with pasta.

Curry/korma (beef, chicken, etc)

Dhal ( best with frozen roti chanai)

Stew (I usually make beef and vege stew)

Chicken and vegetables stock (I made my own, best time when we want to make quick soup)

These are another one that I usually make with crockpot but I don't freeze.

Roast chicken

Roast vege

Bakes potato

Sup Ayam

Bubur nasi

Oats porridge

There are actually many more ways to do. And this is what I do and I always tell myself, there is no excuse for me not to cook.

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My Uni-mates


oldpic_033 oldpic_032 oldpic_037

I have been looking my uni-mates when I was in Japan. I finally got in touch with one of them. 
There are 6 girls of us. Me, Megumi, Ne-san, Za-san, Mura-san and Sadako. Total students were 59, and my student ID in the class was 1. Computer Science was under engineering department in my Uni. We studied a little bit different than Malaysian students. I would say we had a lot of cross subjects with electric and electronics students.

We seriously looked nerd when I looked at this photos again. So funny!!! And we also looked damn stress hahahaha, may be because we studied so hard. A lot of this photos were taken during winter, taht we had nabe together. Kept ourselves warm under the kotatsu. 

That was 11 years ago since I met them. I am sure a lot of changes. 4 of us are married and 3 are with kids. 

Many unforgettable memories when I was in school. I still remember there was a japanese student gave me surat cinta bawah meja. And he is now married with kid... Of course I buat dunno during that time. 

I hope this is the start that I can get in touch with all of them again, and who knows one day when ada rezeki and we can go to Japan again and have gathering. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hari Raya 2012

This raya was my 35th birthday too. Wooh!!! My mum asked me how old am I? Not that she doesn't know she just want to make sure. And when I said 35 she was shocked. I asked her if I look that old?

At her age, she had my sister in sekolah menengah already, but I still with toddlers running around. :-)

Anyway, every Hari Raya, we find opportunity to look at new place that we potentially will move to. Just looked around, nothing decided yet.

And this Hari raya I was stupid for not charging my GF1 battery, both batteries and worst thing I brought a wrong charger! J didn't say much he just rolled his eyes and I knew what he meant by that. So, we had to rely on my poor iPhone picture and J Samsung S3.

For this raya and my parents anniversary we bought my mom a washing machine. Looks like her old one need to retire soon. Hopefully she will like it when it delivered.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hen and chicks

I made this with Adam last week.
One of the chick he put the eyes quite apart from each other. And he said it is a bit silly. What is perfect and beauty in young human pretty similar to adult eh...

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Main tanah

I wonder if many kids nowadays are still main tanah...
Things we used to do...

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Persiapan Hari Raya

J is down to Singapore this morning for the last minute request. So my schedule is a bit chaos.
We have tones things to do still.
But I am going to take it easy.
Last night I packed kid's clothes except Sophie's dress that I need to finish sewing the seam. This morning I went to bank, and exchange some ringgits. The VVIP Ang Pau is easy, just get from ATM but the extended family are so many. So definitely need to change to smaller notes, or else pokai :-p
I changed in Hong Leong Bank today. And they gave me Upin and Ipin Ang Pau. Adam and Sophie started to watch this cartoon, love the part when they teach doa, I think my kids learn better that way. At the same
time, they pick up some Malay
language. Betui, betui, betui Don't you think that 2 characters are cute. I am impressed with the animation.

I hope my kids are behaving well today, so I can finish all the pending sewing project for Raya.

Kuih Raya, I bought from one place, Sunflower cake shop. They have a few branches in Komtar and Tanjung Bungah, and famous with their kek lapis.
The pineapple tart, I think is the best after handmade by me :-p
(fact: my family thinks I made the best pineapple tart)

Anyway, I am still yet to buy the kek lapis, thinking to bring to Johor but the 8 hours journey might spoil the cake. Sunflower makes other type of cakes as well. That's where we get our kid's birthday cake when come to fresh cream.
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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Loft Bed Review

Our hunting to find loft bed / bunk bed with staircase in Malaysia finally ended here.... Phew.. Nearly a year.

We found this loft bed / bunk bed in a furniture shop called N.REM Sleeping Solution in Bayan Baru, Penang. The shop is located in The Piazza shop lots where many other furniture shops too. They sell other furnitures like sofa, coffee table etc.

Some of their product are manufactured by ELK a company in Klang that I will recommend to anyone who is looking for furniture. ELK supplies products to Harvey Norman, Mekio and many other furniture shop. If you live in Klang Valley, buy straight from them, it will definitely cheaper than buying in other shop.

Back to the loft bed. This bed is supplied by a company in Taiwan called Yang Long to N.REM. However, this bed was made in Vietnam. The material is solid pine wood. What come together with this loft bed?

A single bed space ( mattress is not included). The side bar is quite high, but to be safe we added the side guard, for kid sleeping. We bought 7 inches mattress because of I think spring is better for kid's posture. But there are other mattress like made by foam, or coconut, or rubber with lesser inches of height, this is individual preference.

A book shelf. A lot of spaces to put toys and books.

A cupboard. This is very deep cupboard with clothes hanging bar and shelves. 

If you can see in the bottom picture, the cupboard is very deep.

The stairs, which are also 4 different size of drawers. More spaces to put toys :-)

And a study table. 

We put the table outside of the bed area so Adam can go under the loft bed and make that area as his reading nook. He has already put his activity book there. 

We just need to find a chair, so he can do his painting here.

For RM5000, it is a bit pricy, but I think for what are included and the solid pine wood, we knew it is worth it. I have done research and even for the same kind of loft bed with MDF wood material, will cost up to RM3000. And when come to think about this is something that he can use until he is big, who know it will last until he is out of this house :-)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Loft bed transition

The loft bed installation finished at 7:30 pm. Tonight is transition for Adam to his loft bed, or bunk bed what the shop called it. He was excited with the whole thing until he was feeling hungry right before went to bed. J gave him Tiger biscuit and water then left him there. He is now sleeping.
Anyway, I found this union jack bed sheet on sale, about RM70 king size when we were in UK. I think it was a bargain, and I like anything union jack. I cut and sew it to single bed duvet cover. I am still thinking what to do with the remaining, may be a reading nook :-) Until then.

Because this is a loft bed, there is cupboard, book case and study table under it. He insisted me to put all his clothes from our master bedroom into the cupboard as soon as possible. I told him I am so tired today and will do tomorrow. To make him happy, I just put his school uniform and about 5 books on the shelves. And told him we will do together tomorrow.

I will take more pictures once we move all of his stuff into his room.
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Loft bed

We finally found a loft bed that we are looking for Adam. The technician is installing it and it took 3 hours to do it.

I captured this photos from our house camera.

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Friday, August 10, 2012

Bijin Craft

I finally get a chance to update some of the sewing projects that I have been making this year. Still plenty, but I am glad that I can do this, while I am being stay at home mom/student :-P
My favourite projects is alteration. The cheapest way of getting a new clothes :-)

It takes a village to raise a kid

Once my former neighbour taught me how to make our kids sleep in their room by themselves. It has been nearly 2 years since Adam and Sophie sleep by themselves in their own room.
Last Monday, my neighbour and I and our kids went to buy the school uniforms together. After shopping for uniforms, we had our kids to play together in my house. My neighbour had been struggling to make their kid to sleep by themselves. I told her what I learnt from our other neighbour. She visited Adam's room to see what we had done.
Yesterday, we met at the playground, and good news that her son now is sleeping in his own bed by himself. I am glad that we taught her. Adam and her son are going to same school and even same class. They both will grow up together as good friends I hope.

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Little helper and Wowo

We change cat litter every 10 days. We used to do ourselves, either J or me. But, nowadays, our kids insist to help. They are very good at drying the tray after we washed it.

Talking about our cat. Wowo she is the cool or should I say strange cat. She likes to follow us during our evening walk. And she understands when we crossed the big road, she has to wait until we come back.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Playing kite

This evening, we played kite. It wasn't that windy today. So our kite didn't fly so high. Adam is kind of understand how to handle it. Run and pull. But at the same time he managed to make the kite stuck in between the trees.

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

My birthday soon

My birthday is coming soon, J asked me what do I want? Errrrr... I can't think of any. He told me if I don't know what I want he is going to get me a vacuum cleaner :-p

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Saturday, August 04, 2012


While doing my research today, but I realized I don't have many papers lying around. I remember when I was studying 12 years ago I must have files, that A4 note book (Kertas kajang) and pen. Sometimes I used highlight pen. Today, I will lose them if I have books or paper journal. My books and journals  are iPad (Kindle and Good Reader), I take notes on Notes. Everything are syncing, thanks to cloud technology and all these gadgets. And of course thanks to my husband for loving gadgets, that I get to use these hand-down items.

Having bad perception towards people who are gadget freak, shouldn't be exist anymore. Gadgets are essential items for us to get information. Should a recruiting company hire an experienced generation X or enthusiastic about their work of generation Y. Sometimes make me thing, IT shouldn't be a course anymore in University. IT should be like science and maths. A subject in  a classroom since primary school.

Ok I better

3 years old with homework

I had a chat with a lady from Adam and Sophie's kindergarten. She said that some of the kindergartens that emphasise academic give homework to students who are as early as 3 years old. I was like, is this a joke? 

Anyway, it is up to parents to send their kids to any kindergarten. As far as I know my kids go to kindergarten to play. The other house for them to play because we don't have relatives nearby. And I know their future school won't give homework until they are 7 years old. Remember when we were kids, we hardly have homework at standard 1. 

I want them to play as much as they can, learning from playing. I want them to be imaginative, I want them to enjoy the time of being kids. Go out, play sand, play water, play in the puddle and get dirt. Jump, climb, run, cycle and be happy. Didn't we use to this kind of things when we were kids?

Friday, August 03, 2012

lunch boxes

Bento is what it is called in Japanese. I have started keep piling my pinterest board with lunch box. Why? Because there will be no canteen/cafeteria in Adam's new school. Although we can cater, from caterer I don't think Adam will eat so much at the beginning of his school years. May be when he is a bit older or when I have to go back to work.

Most important thing is healthy food for our kids, as much as we can reduce not to eat processed food, please try to do so.

 I have been browsing around his lunch bag. This is my favourite so far, but I don't think they are selling anywhere in Malaysia. The company is So Young, It is insulated, what I like most about it.

Also, I wonder tin lunch box will be suitable for Adam. I am looking forward to this  adventurous of my kid starts school. Fun eh?

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Old toys

When we were in UK, my MIL gave a task to J to clear his toys from the loft. Yes, J's toy. Toys that he had been playing when he was kid.
They are now in our home, and Adam has been playing with them.

All of these toys are still in good condition. Made from die-cast metal in England. Some of them were made when I wasn't even born yet. Even the plastics are still intact.
But, one thing the safety, wasn't the concern back then. These toys could kill, and can cut your foot when you step on it. Adam was given a task to clear his toys every time he plays.
Hopefully he obeys.

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Quite moment...

Another day, that J had to travel again. I buka puasa with Ribena and dates, while reading to my kids before they go to bed. By the time I left their room, it was about 8:15pm. I didn't feel like to eat big. Only had my meal at 9, after cleaning up and laundry. That was me moment. :-) Very quiet. Just with a cat.

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