Monday, September 24, 2012

Lego 4636 - Build and rebuild

We got this Lego 4636 for Adam, and it can make 9 items including buildings and vehicles if referring to the book

Today we made something different by using out imagination and just go with the flow.

Like what do you need to build building, base wall, roof, door and windows... :-)

Definitely worth it for RM39.90

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Friday, September 21, 2012

3 weeks Pre-schooler

It has been 3 weeks since we have to wake at 6:15am. Three weeks in Adam is in new school. We are still adjusting our schedule, with my study, J's work and travelling. But we slowly cope like everyone else.

Today, Adam is having fever. He had a "show and tell" where he needed to bring snack and toy. He was ok this morning until his school called at 11am. May be eating too much snack? We wonder what is going on with him, may be he is too tired with the early wake up, and hot weather, new bugs that we expect he is going to catch anytime. Hope he is recovering soon.

Anyway, since ever he is in his new school, we noticed a lot of changes.

He speaks with slang, kind of American, :-) Example; water he pronounces wa"d"er, Car he pronounces car"r". Luckily he has white daddy. Although J doesn't speak like that. Or else, local will call him "perasan"

He doesn't want us to carry him anymore when we send him to school. Sound teenager ehh... My friend told me wait until they don't want to be seen holding hand with parents... :-) So, we only kiss him kiss him in the car or outside school. Seems like he wants us to go away quickly after we send him... May be we felt this way because of we ourselves have the separation anxiety too.

He becomes more helpful. If you are my friend on Facebook you know how much my son loves to help me making dinner. Not only cooking now, he helps me washing dishes, help to put laundry in the washing machine, put the detergent and softener, and start the machine, (although he still needs help). I know he eventually will do by himself. Set table for lunch or dinner. So many too list, I just hope it will last forever :-)

He understands instruction by following the steps by steps picture. Lego picture instruction he can follow with little help.

One thing that we noticed, is how well Sophie and him are getting along. They play with little quarrel. We think because they go to different school and don't spend much time together, so in the evening they play together very well as much as they can.

That's about it for now... Just wish he is going to recover well tomorrow and we can have fun this weekend!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Making our own garam massala

Today, we made dhal curry in crockpot. It is good for freezing and a quick meal on weekdays with rice or roti chanai.

Kids helped me with making garam massala from scratch... Teaching them what kind of spices too :-)
We followed this recipe, if you have multi-grain grinder, it will make your work easier. LINK 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Car from scraps

Everyday, I scratch my head what to do with Adam after school, because he sleeps like 11 hours at night he doesn't want to have nap.

I prepare a few activity kits based on what he is learning at school. Example if he does a lot of communication, library and language then I will do arts or Maths.

So today we make a car from toilet paper cardboard tube.

Because he wants to play with his other toys, I had to use loytape.

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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Blogging from iPhone

I read again my blog posts and found that I made so many mistakes. Grammar, typo and unfinished sentences. A lot of the times I posted about my children and I wanted that moment to be written as soon as possible. I didn't bother to do read again... I need to spend my time to write properly next time.
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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

How do we make brown color?

Painting is one of my favourite thing to do with Adam. He loves to experiment with color. Today we made brown, orange and he curious if he mixed with this color and that color what it will turn to. I let him to figure out himself.
One of the item we had to color today is mermaid. So I asked him "what color should you do on hair?",
He thought, "mmm"
Then I suggested him "black?"
He answered, "sometimes you can color other color..."
I guess with "brown, yellow"
And when I said blonde, then he said YES!!
His view and my view is sodifferent compared to when I was young. :-)

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Adam is in big school now

Adam started his "big" school this week. This is the school that he will go until he is 11. Hopefully, if we can still afford.

He loves it there. First day when we picked him up he didn't want to leave. Same thing happened when he had his summer activity. This year in nursery he will go to school from 8am and finishes at 12:15pm.
The school doesn't have canteen which mean, we have to pack something for him.
It was only snack so, i just put some easy stuff like bread or biscuits, cheese, dried fruit
or real fruit (I follow this 1 of your 5 vege/fruit system), milo or milk. I try to put balance diet , and no junk to be put inside his lunch pack.
He is quite skinny compared to other kids at his school. So I don't want him to miss all good thing that will disturb growth. Wish him all the best an hope he continues to like it there.

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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sophie 22 months old

Sophie, I have to say I am quite impress with her. Recently, when I picked her up from kindy, put her in the car and drive home, she told me which way to take and where to turn from kindy to home.
Oh my goodness, where did she get that from? :-)
I have to say may be from me :-p
Feel that she is getting mature so quickly.
Her speech;
When she wants something, she will say..."I need ...."
Example today during dinner when we ate dessert she said
"I need sit down daddy knee"
Everything is "I need" but of course we correct her by asking her to say "please"
Definitely, speaks like us, when Adam is begging something from me, she then will answer on behalf of me, "not now Adam"
I love to go groceries shopping with her, she is very helpful to put the groceries item in the trolley, and loves to ask me.
"what's this mommy?"
"what's that mommy?"
Every night before sleeping. We read books. She understands now that she can't read all books. So what I do when we go into the room, I let her pick up 2 to 3 books, depending on the content. Sometimes, she negotiates with me to read one more book, she will say "last one mommy"
And her last book always Dora book.
Time flies, soon she will be 2. I still can't figure out how to do their birthday.
Will see...
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Drawing and spelling

Adam loves drawing. He draws anything based on his imagination.

I love seeing this imagination goes beyond our thinking. And now that he started reading I do spelling for him too, as he finishes drawing I wrote the letter for him and we spell it together.

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Monday, September 03, 2012

Cycling today

Since back from hari raya, today I got my bicycle out again. My knees felt damn tight.

Of course after a few round I felt better and refreshing. I am going to do this again and again. :-)

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